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[Regenerate Your Bones BEFORE Trouble Knocks]

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Bone and connective-tissue deterioration are 100% predictable unless people make the effort to reverse the aging process!  Two symptoms are osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass. 

Osteoporosis is not what people think it is, and osteopenia is a fabricated, medical farce!  Fact is both conditions are mischaracterizations of Applied [human] Physiology and both involve ONGOING ACIDIFICATION OF THE TERRAIN.  Oddly, neither one has anything to do with loss of bone density.

[FYI: osteopenia is a statistical anomaly and a fake diagnostic created by Big-Pharma to instill fear so women will embrace the osteoporosis/bone-density model.  Osteopenia only exists in the minds of bone-headed practitioners who were taught that osteoporosis and loss of bone density are related.

Grow NEW bone and connective tissue and you can forget structural degeneration.  Fact is the body can grow new bone and connective tissue regardless of chronologic age.  All that is needed is guidance, understanding of Applied [human] Physiology, and a daily ration of Microcrystalline Matrix.

Brittle bones and fractured hips are predominately female disorders!  Men suffer skeletal issues but not like women do.  Hormone challenges are real, but hormones are NOT why women lose bone in their thirties and develop connective tissue disorders in their forties and beyond.  To learn more, read on.


Patients and practitioners mistakenly define osteoporosis as loss of bone density when the problem is FAILURE TO GROW NEW BONE AND NEW CONNECTIVE TISSUE.  Bone Turnover Rate [BTR] is the number of years it takes for bones to replace themselves.  Seven years is a youthful turnover rate and 15 years is common for people over age fifty.  This report is about speeding-up your BTRPlease read again!

Bone is a reservoir of elements for buffering terrain acidity.  Deplete body reserves of Essential Elements and your ligaments, tendons, muscle, and cartilage will fall apart, followed by loss of bone and receding gums.  Driving these disorders is terrain acidity and ongoing, systemic, low-grade inflammation.

For example, the femur breaks and then you fall!  Broken-hip is incorrect!  Other symptoms of skeletal degeneration are arthritis, stiff joints, loss of flexibility, neuropathy, worn-out cartilage, and receding gums and teeth [teeth are bones held in place by periodontal ligaments].  These symptoms are indicative of premature aging, NOT disease!  DIs-ease is different than disease.

Readers who ask for guidance and play-along, can avoid becoming stiff, brittle, and old, and instead can become limber and youthful!  [John Thomas is 78 years of age.  He has suffered nine death calls and has been able to regenerate his body after each crisis.  Every individual suffers some level of dysfunctional metabolism.  Regenerate your worn-out body before trouble knocks!  Regeneration is the game!]

Skeletal-Related Challenges

Beyond age 35, terrain chemistry automatically turns acidic, forcing the body TO STEAL MINERALS FROM BONE to offset acidity.  At the same time, the body automatically experiences varying levels of ongoing insulin/leptin-resistance and progressive depletion of essential elements that causes the vital organs to slowly fail and eventually shut-down.  Let’s review some basic concepts:

Deacidification: terrain acidity accelerates around age fifty due to ONGOING, age-related maldigestion.  Acidity is measured by urine pH and represents the accumulation of hydrogen waste in tissues and organs.  Contrary to popular myth, you do NOT want to be alkaline, and you do NOT want to maintain urine pH at 7.0.  [The Terrain pH Protocol is the simplest way to manage acidity and restore terrain pH.  The protocol is an ONGOING process.  Best of all, the protocol is FREE!  Check it out.]

pH: urine pH measures the level of circulating hydrogen waste in urine.  Hydrogen bound to carbonate exists in the body as carbamide [hydrogen + carbonate].  Baking soda is sodium bi-carbonate; it is LOADED with bicarbonates for transporting waste from the body.  pH is a moving target; a measure of waste existing the body in urine!  [pH stands for potential hydrogen!]  Read more here.

Insulin/leptin-resistance: foreruns cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and arthritis and is the driver of acidification resulting from age-related maldigestion, which causes the body to turn acidic and steal mineral reserves from bone and attack connective tissue.  Read more here.

Essential Elements: the body requires a continual supply of bioactive, essential elements for bone and connective tissue formation, and stimulation of the vital organs [liver, heart, brain, kidneys, pancreas, spleen].  Biologic Glandulars are a fantastic source of glandular support; check them out.  [FYI: women need greater supplies of essential elements than men because of hormone challenges. 

Remedies For Age-Related Skeletal Challenges

Mycro-Crystaline Bone Matrix:  the ultimate bioactive bone matrix for generation of NEW BONE and support of ligaments, tendons, nails/hair, gums, and cartilage.  Read more here and here

BoneMagic: stimulates bone metabolism and regeneration of connective tissues.  Read more here.

SulfurMagic: provides sulfur for growth and repair of bone, ligaments, tendon, hair/nails, gums, and cartilage.  SulphurMagic is biologically-active sulfur with a biocatalyst.  Read more here.

Terrain pH Protocol: manages tissue acidity and damps low-grade inflammation associated with structural degeneration and loss of vital organ function.  Read more here.

Magnesium Ion Insufficiency: the dominant challenge behind female bone and connective-tissue loss; keeps men from growing old and suffering inflamed prostate.  Read more here.

Digestion Trio: stop acid waste production caused by age-related maldigestion which is a problem for everyone over 35 years of age and especially for people over fifty.  Read more here.

Biologic Saponins: useful for degreasing the liver/gallbladder sludge and untangling symptoms related to dysfunctional metabolism and Metabolic SyndromeRead more here.

Biologic Glandulars: glyphosate-free, bioactive, organ tissues for boosting lifeforce and restoring vital organ function.  Read more here.

Enema Protocol: an effective way to ease suffering and slow and reverse aging; neutralize symptoms associated with degenerative dis-ease.  Read more here.


Why suffer the misery of premature aging and loss of bone and connective tissue? 

Why allow insulin/leptin-resistance to inflame your body, steal your health and destroy your life? 

Remember, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, or cardiovascular are CLASSIC examples of slow-motion degeneration fueled by ongoing terrain acidity.  Fact is these major dis-eases have NOTHING to do with genes or heredity and everything to do with lifestyle. 

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Guidance is available without cost!

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