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Knowing my regular readers can handle more than one point in an article, I will open with this: 

As goes your body’s response to stress, so goes your health and your ability to cope with challenges big and small.  Neutralize body response to stress and you neutralized what stress does to your body, mind, and spirit.  This report is about stress and avoiding adrenal-overload.  To learn more, read on.


Fatigue makes cowards of all of us, and alcohol and medications make matters worse when cause is not addressed.  When your adrenal reserves are spent, you are done, there is nothing left to give, you are pushing on a string!  [FYI: one adrenal gland sits-atop each (renal) kidney.  Hence, the term ad-renal]

[Young Again Club and Special Insights is about understanding body physiology and resolving symptomatic dis-ease.  Key words used herein are linked to glossary and protocol tabs of website.  To assist understanding, click on blue, underlined words.]

Adrenal Health & Magnesium

Restoration of adrenal metabolism and adrenal reserves requires FOUR inputs: bioactive magnesium ions, a transport molecule, Essential Elements, and a broad-energy adrenal support formula. 

Stress and anxiety are very challenging, and the best way to cope is to neutralize the effects BEFORE damage is done.  Diet and traditional supplements are NOT sufficient to avoid adrenal draw-down. 

Magnesium depletion is central to stress and anxiety.  For example, 200 mgs of common magnesium supply only 20 mgs to blood circulation, but only one milligram traverses the cell membrane without a shuttle molecule to get magnesium into the cells where it’s needed and can be used.  Without transport shuttle-molecule, magnesium depletion becomes everyone’s reality.

Absorption is important, but a shuttle to move magnesium across cell membranes for effective assimilation is more important, because ninety-five percent [95%] of supplemental magnesium goes to waste without a transport, which is why magnesium deficiency is rampant in all age groups.

Absorption moves magnesium into blood; assimilation moves magnesium into cells where it is needed and can be used.   Common forms of supplemental magnesium such as oxide, carbonate, malate, citrate, taurate, glycinate, and threonate DO NOT supply enough usable magnesium to meet the body needs.

Acidity influences absorption and assimilation of nutrients.  The Terrain pH Protocol neutralizes acidity and the Digestion Trio halts flows of undigested proteins that drive-up acidity and trigger allergy and gluten symptoms.  Acidity fuels so-called osteoporosisAutoimmune reactions DO NOT cause the body to attack itself; the body is NOT stupid.  Medicine and Pharma hide behind the word autoimmune to obfuscate their deeds and ignorance.  Autoimmune is about protein invasion of blood.  Never forget it!

Ion Depletion & Adrenal Response

Adults need 800 mgs/day of available magnesium ions to catalyze 1,000+ reactions that directly influence adrenal response, hormonal balance, and the ability to achieve DEEP [coma-like] SLEEP.  Stress drives-up the body’s need for magnesium by TEN TIMES!  Please read again!

People wrongly assume they are getting enough usable magnesium from traditional supplemental forms.  Without high absorption and high assimilation, magnesium deficiency is the norm.  [BTW: magnesium blood tests are worthless!  So-called normal lab scores are as misleading as doctor’s opinion.]

Magnesium insufficiency limits use vitamins A, D3, E, and K2, as well as conversion of dietary fats into your very own steroid-based hormones [more below].  Magnesium ion deficiency promotes weight gain and belly fat and limits body response to the benefits of ketogenic, high fat diets.  Please read again!

Magnesium depletion ravage’s immune function and compounds misery associated with degenerative dis-ease, especially after age thirty-five.  Healthy adrenal glands and strong reserves are the basis of vitality, and so is DEEP [coma-like] SLEEP.

Hair Color, Digestion & Essential Elements

Aging and metabolic slowdown are NOT about your chronological age.  Both are effects of ongoing, adrenal overload and depletion of Essential Elements and magnesium.  Without the Essential Elements, vitality slips-away during the middle years and evaporates after age fifty. 

We go gray, we don’t grow gray!  Normally, loss of natural hair color is a usually a one-way street.  Lose it and it’s gone!  But now, you can get your natural hair color back.  John Thomas did it at age 45 and again at age 67 following a pure white hair, near-death event in 2012

Color disappears from the ends of hair strands to the roots.  Severe stress causes the body to withdraw essential elements from hair in support the vital organs. [Want your hair color back?  Ask for help.]

Slowing metabolism drives aging, but so does maldigestion, failure to ferment food and make B-vitamins, and accumulation of glyphosate [Roundup] residues from food [glyphosate residues are ubiquitous in food; organic food included.  Correct these issues with Icelandic Magic, the Digestion Trio, and efficient  burning of hydrogen in food and water.  Maldigestion burdens the body with highly acidic, unburned hydrogen.  Maldigestion accelerates dramatically after age 50.

Adrenal Draw-Down & Hormones

Draw-down of adrenal reserves blocks neutralization of the effects imposed by stress and anxiety.  Women’s hormones are forever linked to adrenal overload and depletion of essential ions [iodine, selenium, zinc, boron, vitamin B-12, chromium, copper, vanadium, and magnesium].  [Learn more here.]

Adrenal overload upsets the delicate balance between estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones.  Brain-fog and poor memory are symptomatic of compromised adrenals, dysfunctional thyroid, depletion of essential elements, terrain acidity, and magnesium depletion.

The adrenals impact every aspect of metabolism, including insulin-resistance and Metabolic-Syndrome.  Asthma, gluten-intolerance, and food allergies have a adrenal and maldigestion connection.  Leaky-gut Syndrome and compromised bowels compound symptoms of dis-ease and disease.  

Heart Irregularities & The Adrenals

Cardiovascular-dis-ease and cancer have roots in adrenal overload, terrain acidity, depletion of elements and magnesium insufficiency.  Magnesium mediates dementia and brain/heart electrical impulses.  Heart attack and by-pass surgery are NOT about cholesterol and clogged coronary arteries, but they are about depletion of magnesium ion reserves and Essential ElementsBelieve it!

Insulin-resistance and terrain pH DRIVE the onset of cancer, arthritis, and cardiovascular dis-ease which precedes onset by DECADES, long before medical diagnosis!  These killers are metabolic disorders, NOT family/gene disorders.  Dis-ease is metabolic, disease is Germ Theory.

Heart attack is an electrical event, a severe electrical charley horse of the heart muscle!  Magnesium is the missing electrolyte and adrenal draw-down is the trigger!  Did you know that drugs, stress, and medications STRIP the body of magnesium and burden the adrenals?  Examples are high blood pressure, A-fib, arrythmia, pulmonary/portal hypertension, heart attack, etc.  Believe it!

To avoid cardio-vascular dis-ease, your body needs a generous supply of magnesium ions and a transport to get ions INTO the vascular system!  Heart irregularities are NOT what they appear.  Did you know bio-available magnesium dissolves calcium in tumors/spurs and cardiovascular plaques?  Learn more here.]

Show me someone with heart irregularities and I will show you someone with compromised adrenals and thyroid, maldigestion, colon problems, burdened kidneys, Metabolic-Syndrome, fatty liver, prostate issues, restless-legs, and the beginnings of vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s

Sleep, Dysfunctional Thyroid & Inflammation

Sleep issues are common!  Know why?  Can you say, adrenal overload and magnesium depletion?  The adrenals regulate thyroid activity!  Shallow sleep is NOT about your mattress, pillow, or sheets!  Shallow sleep has EVERYTHING to do with the adrenals, digestion, bowels, cardiac issues, prostate, bladder, hormones, and an ACIDIFIED TERRAIN! 

Don’t confuse urine acidity with lab pH.  DE-ACIDIFICATION rids the body of acid waste; urine pH measures circulating hydrogen.  The fictional alkaline body is a myth!  Please read again!

Stressed adrenals limit thyroid function.  Common manifestations are hair and skin issues, brain-fog, low sex drive, poor memory, belly fat, anxiety, cold body, and low energy.  Thyroid metrics TSH, T4, and T3 are misunderstood; practitioners have been misdiagnosing female thyroid issues for 100 years!  Thyroid is not the problem and lab tests perpetuate confusion.   Ask for guidance.

DEEP [coma-like] SLEEP reduces acidity.  Shallow-sleep feeds acidity, antagonizes C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels, and promotes sub-clinical inflammation.  [FYI: the older you are the more sleep you need.  Getting-by on 4, 5, and 6 hours of sleep is dis-ease in the making!]

[Applied Physiology [as discussed herein] is NOT taught at university.  Practitioners have little or no understanding of it.  Instead, they chase symptoms and issue misdiagnoses based on Germ Theory and The Standard of Care.  For example, virology and COVID are germ-theory-knockoffs ofthe 1600 YEAR-FRAUD called The Germ Theory of Disease.  Correlation is not causation!Never forget it!

Maldigestion & Adrenal Resurrection

By age fifty, digestive efficiency is HALF of what it was at age 24, and for each five years thereafter, digestion falls 50%.  By age 70, digestive efficiency is < 3%.  Degenerative dis-ease is a PROCESS not an event, and maldigestion and depletion of Essential Elements slow metabolism and fuel acidification.

John Thomas uses Adrenal Magic to neutralize the effects of stress and anxiety and protect against adrenal burnout!  Adrenal Magic neutralizes stress BEFORE the effects can take their toll. 

At age 77, John Thomas continues to work 14 hours a day with boundless energy because he defends his adrenals and burns more hydrogen from the food and water he consumes.

Hydrogen is the energy of life and metabolism, where ATP fuels cellular activity.  Hydrogen is #1 on the Periodic Table for good reason!  Humans are hydrogen reactors that non-thermally burn hydrogen, just like the Sun.  [Read more here.] Boost your hydrogen metabolism and you boost your VITALITY! 

We are born body, mind, and spirit, but limited energy metabolism drags the body to the graveyard.  Maldigestion drives acidification of the terrain and drags-down mind and spirit.  Please read again!


The Young Again Club solution to adrenal overload and restoration of vitality is called Adrenal Magic.  Order two bottles of Adrenal Magic and get the third bottle FREE!  The benefits are many and the effects are wonderful.  Try it!

For even greater benefits, order magnesium sulphates [liquid or chewable tablets] at the same time as Adrenal Magic and receive a three-month supply of the magnesium transport [$299 value] for FREE!

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