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Vironxx:  Nature’s Anecdote

Small [Food] Molecules To The Rescue

∙ Anecdotal Observations

THE COVID FIASCO IS NOT OVER; IT’S ONGOING!  And now readers have a way to minimize post-vaxx syndrome, false PCRs, boosters, and spike proteins, while managing the side-effects of wi-fi exposure.  Use anecdotal small [food] molecules to resurrect corrupted DNA and avoid side-effects of SHEDDING of variants

Vaxxed or not vaxxed readers must: remain vigilant, reduce risk, and neutralize wi-fi exposure.  And you can do it with anecdotal, small [food] molecules.  The specialized molecules in Vironxx are not available from healthy diet or common/ordinary supplements.  To learn more, read on.

Lifeforce Energy & Food

Food vibrates according to its lifeforce energy, how it was grown, nutrients/toxin levels, and the effects of wi-fi signal bombardment.  Sick [food] vibrates at low frequencies and promotes sub-clinical dis-ease, where enhanced [small] food molecules boost lifeforce energy.  Dis-ease is a symptom of maldigestion, insulin/leptin resistance, and failure to consume and metabolize small [food] molecules in quantity.

Anecdotal small [food] molecules in Vironxx restore sick frequencies resulting from 5G exposure, similar to how Essential Elements displace rogue [fluoride] ions from receptors in the pineal, thyroid, ovaries, testicles, breasts, and prostate.  Restore your receptors and dis-ease and suffering remedy themselves.

Wi-fi signal bombardment is a 24/7/365 problem that causes mitochondrial chaos at the cell level!  Vironxx corrects cellular chaos whether caused by wi-fi or vaxxes, and tey ease vaxx-related symptoms by boosting and protecting vital organ receptors and by preventing assault and capture by rogue heavy metal ions

Dis-ease and pre-mature aging are effects of bodies that are vibrating out-of-rhythm, meaning bodies that are burdened by dysfunctional metabolism.  For example, an acidic body is an out-of-sync body that can ONLY be restored by correcting pH physiology.  The pH protocol is FREE!  [See Terrain pH Protocol here.]

Epigenetics & Nutrient Size Matter

Size matters in the world of molecular, food nutrients.  Size, biologic activity, and energy footprint power molecules in Vironxx to work their magic.  Small [food] molecules are biologically-active nutrient transports that move lifeforce energy efficiently and traverse cell membranes for delivery of biologic payloads. 

Small [food] molecules influence epigenetics.  Epigenetics orchestrate organ activity and DNA function, where wi-fi signals interfere with gene and DNA metabolism and cell function.  Vironxx is about HEALTHY gene expression, stable DNA with the help of anecdotal small [food] molecules.

Bridging The Nutrition Gap

It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to obtain the benefits Vironxx provides from healthy diet, partly because food does not contain them, and partly because of dietary maldigestion.  [Vironxx is a here and now advancement, NOT a futuristic idea like Med-Beds that may never happen!  Two capsules/day does the job.]

Vironxx bridges known gaps in cellular nutrition and offers anecdotal support in less than 90 days.  Use Vironxx to denature the effects of wi-fi on tissues and organs, and avoid symptoms of metabolic dis-easeVironxx and companion product Ultra-Blue are biologically enhanced, anecdotal, food molecules.  Use Vironxx preemptively and anecdotally to minimize post-vaxx syndrome and neutralize wi-fi bombardment.

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