Powerful New Product ReSet™ Bio-Friendly Lauric Acid A Naturally Effective Health Food Booster

ReSet™ contains bio-active Lauric Acid from coconut oil that is useful for viral, bacterial and yeast related problems, such as:  colds, influenza, herpes, shingles, congestion and more.

Lauric Acid is great for bladder and prostate inflammation, mood swings, sinus/bronchial mucous and degenerative ‘dis-ease’.  Use it to maintain a healthy ‘terrain’ environment.

ReSet reduces reliance on antibiotics; promotes intestinal health; strengthens immune response; and improves digestion and absorption of food.

Use ReSet by itself or with companion product, ReStore™ to mediate autoimmune challenges related to the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™ (premature aging and inflammation).

  •  Lauric Acid promotes a hostile environment for viruses, yeast and bad bacteria.
  • Source of bio-active fats for renewed energy, hormones and weight control.
  • Reduces appetite and desire to overeat; curves hunger for junk food.
  • Useful for skin issues, such as: acne, eczema, elasticity and deep lines.
  • Sharpens memory; eases brain fog; promotes healthy eyes and ears.
  • Improves sleep; eases systemic inflammation, aches and pains.
  • Eases intestinal and bowel related challenges and improves digestion.
  • Lauric Acid rejuvenates the body and aids regeneration of connective tissue.
  • Easy to use; take two capsules with meals two times daily.
  • Manage inflammatory joint misery associated with yeast produced toxins.

Order your supply of ReSet™, today!  Ask about the introductory, special offer.

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To Good Health,

John Thomas, Author
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