A New Year’s Gift For All

A New Year’s Gift For All

This holiday season readers get a double!  A very valuable gift plus valuable real-life lessons to help readers avoid suffering and unnecessary entrapment in the sick-care medical system. 

The lessons offered are but a few days old.  Learn how John Thomas solved a major health issue that brewed for 6 years; an issue that affects at least half the adult population over 50 years of age.  Can you say, “Medical disaster in the making?”  To learn more, read on.

Background Information

I have written much on the Essential Elements; how they direct aging, how they restore depleted bodies and how they naturally boost a dysfunctional immune system. 

However, I did not see the PLAN-DEMIC coming nor did I realize the Essential Elements would become key to managing the Corona and associated risk that vaxxes impose.  [Meaning, keeping your receptor sites LOADED to block recombinant manipulation of DNA by the new mRNA vaxxes.]

Originally, I introduced twelve new Essential Elements.  Three new elements are available; they are BADLY NEEDED and will help readers cope with life’s daily stresses, assist memory and boost cognitive decline common to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, vascular dementia and premature aging.

Details on the THREE NEW ELEMENT is provided, below.  Information on the other twelve Elements is on the YAC website, here.  Each bottle of the new elements lasts for 10 months [+ -].

Your FREE New Year’s Gift

This holiday season, readers can select one of three new elements for FREE [shipping applies]. The other two elements, if ordered at the same time, are available at 50% off the regular price.  [The three elements are offered as a trio because they work together as you will read below.]

All Essential Elements are unique, and EACH IS ONLY available, individually.  They simply cannot be combined in concentrated form because they are charged, active molecules. 

All of the elements are liquid, racemized formats that are taken together in a single glass of water.  Ion ASSIMILATION occurs at cellular and mitochondrial levels.  Assimilation is of critical importance!

FYI: common, pill-forms of essential elements are generally, worthless!  If you are using pill forms, you are wasting money because absorption and assimilation is pathetic.  Youth and vitality depend on a daily supply of available elemental ions.  So, if you are going to supplement, make it count!  The best form is the least expensive form; you get so much more for  your money!

Six of the Essential Elements are critical for healthy physiology.  The other elements are for restoring vital organ function, reloading depleted tissues and reversing premature old age.  Oh! And never forget that all aging is PREMATURE AGING!

Three New Essential Elements

Vanadium [Va]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, critical for stimulation of blood sugar oxidation, transport and glycogen synthesis in liver and muscle; supports liver gluconeogenesis [conversion of excess body fat to burnable energy] and inhibition of belly fat formation because of glucose absorption from the gut, as well as symptoms of metabolic syndrome that haunts 75% of the populace, young and old, alike.

PLEASE NOTE: fifty-percent [50%] of the adults are unrecognized diabetics.  The other 50% are pre-diabetics and Vanadium is central to the overweight/obesity story.  Know that diabetes and pre-diabetes PRECEDES medical diagnosis of cancer, degenerative arthritis and/or cardio-vascular dis-ease.  Vanadium offers great promise for dealing with elevated blood sugar and A1c issues, as well as metabolic dis-ease that comes along with biologic dysfunction.  [Read it, again!]

Vanadium deficiency and metabolic syndrome are twin issues.  Symptoms include cardiovascular issues, diabetes, kidney dysfunction, abdominal obesity, high serum triglycerides, elevated blood pressure (hypertension) and low HDL cholesterol.  Read it again!

Vanadium enhances insulin’s effect on DNA synthesis and boosts resistance to recombinant mRNA vaxxes that ASSAULT and PROVOKE abnormal immune response.  [The Corona vaxx is NOT a vaxx at all, but biotech invasion of human DNA that eventually takes the form of autoimmune disorders and low-grade inflammation of the brain and nervous system.  [Think Bell’s Palsy, brain dysfunction and destruction of innate immunity.  Herd immunity is a complete, FARSE!  Read it again!]

People who suffer from depletion of Essential Elements are FAR MORE VULNERABLE to recombinant vaxxes in every way.  Without elements, the immune system overreacts and often collapses when confronted by mRNA vaxx assault[s].  There is a never-ending chain of vaxxes coming.  Essential Elements help block DNA modification; the hallmark of recombinant destruction of human DNA.

Bio-active Vanadium normalizes glucose metabolism in diabetic rats, and physiologically speaking, humans are two-legged mammals.  Normalize glucose metabolism and you BOOST immune response and REDUCE low-grade inflammationJurassic Carbon has similar effects on wi-fi and 5G.

Vanadium has everything to do with elevated A1c glycated, hemoglobin blood sugar levels and pre-diabetes.  Vanadium is associated with decreased plasma cholesterol and reduction of mineralized, aortic plaque deposits [cholesterol + calcium] and atherosclerosis that drives heart/brain aneurisms and thrombus [clot] release associated with stroke and heart attack.  Read it again!

Vanadium strengthens heart muscle contraction that is called the ion-trophic effect.  Note, Vanadium has ANTI-CARCINOGENIC properties and assists in BLOCKING mammary tumor growth.  Health-minded people, and those at-risk and looking for a natural way to tackle the big ‘C’ and buffer the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, should pay attention.  Read it again!

Vanadium works like insulin by altering cell-membrane electrical charge for better ion transport.  It also helps glucose-tolerance and insulin-resistance common to hypoglycemia, hyper-insulinemia and types 1, 2 and 3 diabetes.  Vanadium makes insulin receptors more sensitive, which eases the burden on pancreatic b-cells responsible for making insulin.  Read it again!

Symptoms of Clinical Vanadium Deficiency are slow growth, elevated infant mortality, infertility, excess cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, hyper-insulinemia, types 1, 2 & 3 diabetes, cardiovascular dis-ease and obesity [ten or more pounds overweight].

Lithium [Li]: widespread deficiency in humans that manifests as reproductive failure, infertility, reduced growth, poor repair metabolism, shortened life expectancy and serious behavioral problems such as manic and clinical depression, bi-polar Jekyll/Hyde personality, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD and autism which are classic hallmarks of Lithium deficiency.

Clinically, HEALTHY people show 400 times more Lithium in hair samples and live substantially happier, drama-free lives, that is, until they enter their last twenty years and simply run-out-of-Essential Elements.  Lithium supplementation benefits overall body physiology and is associated with youthfulness and vitality; the exact opposite of people who age prematurely.

Common supplemental forms of Lithium are all but worthless, while pharmaceutical versions are toxic!  Bio-active Lithium removes toxic heavy metals such as aluminum [Al], Iron [Fe], lead [Pb], Cadmium [Cd], arsenic [As] and copper [Co].  Increases of heavy metals in hair samples confirms metals are EXITING THE BRAIN.  Dementia and poor memory are classic symptoms of overload.

Nerve disorders have MUCH in common with heavy metal accumulation; a problem that progressively affects people over fifty years of age.  Did you know that the head receives 40% of the blood exiting the heart each time it pumps.  Dementia knows no boundaries and statin drugs are your FREE ADMISSION to la-la land.  Read it again!

Bio-active Lithium chelates and speeds removal of heavy-metals from all parts of the body; it ELEVATES serum B-12 levels far better than pill and needle forms. BTW: serum B-12 is key to healthy folate metabolism.

Molybdenum [Mo]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms as a constituent of metalloenzymes critical for healthy physiology.  Molybdenum is integral to the enzymes xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase.  Molybdenum promotes healthy metabolism when supplied in bio-active, racemized form.

True Confessions & Real Solutions

John Thomas has a confession to make.  “I have been haunted by old-man-veins in my right leg since 2015 and I was NOT happy about it!”  Engorged leg veins DO NOT go-away on their own, and they haunt men more because males suffer ongoing, systemic low-grade inflammation after age forty.  John Thomas needed a solution and he got it, too!  Here are the details of his story. 

Physical movement was the only thing that kept my let problem in-check, that is, until December 8 [my 76th birthday] when all hell let loose!

Every dog has its day, and that day while writing Special Insights, the inside of my right calf suffered burning pain, followed by blood blemish on the skin.  These issues persisted until December 20 when my right foot and calf suddenly SWELLED with fluid and turned rock-hard.

Knowing I was in trouble but UNWILLING to go to the ER or get involved in sick-care medicine, I called my deep-tissue massage Rolfer to assist with what seemed to be a severely knotted calf muscle and inflamed tendons in the knee and ankle.  Wrong!  But wait, there is more!

After the session, I applied ice therapy to the swollen leg with a block of  REAL ICE [not a cold pack] for 30 minutes, 3x/day until December 23.  [During this time, I cleared heavy snow and put my root-cellar to bed; vigorous activity for a guy with a dysfunctional leg.]

From the time the problem erupted, I loaded with PLAQUE FORMULA [dissolves fatty plaques] and applied liquid magnesium with boron followed by liquid DMSO.  [DMSO does what no other substance can do.  It supplies oxygen, boosts circulation, reduces inflammation and supplies bio-active sulfur and methyl molecules to angry tissue.]   I also took 1 tsp. of DMSO in water 3x/day and followed the YAC terrain pH protocol.

Also, I loaded my body with bio-active magnesium ions at the rate of 1,000 mg/day.  I am speaking of bio-active magnesium ions that are 100% assimilated by cells and mitochondria, NOT pill-bottle numbers on a label that provide 3-12% absorption near zero, assimilation.  Assimilation is key.

On December 23 I began using my rebounder [mini-trampoline] for 20 minutes 3x/day; gentle up/down motion with feet on the matt [never any running or jumping].  Finally, my leg responded!

On December 26, the pain and swelling in my leg eased by 90 %.  The calf softened and, miracle of miracles, the old-man-varicose-vein on the shin bone DISAPPEARED for the first time in six years.  The next day the leg started itching [a sign of healing and blood/nerve innervation].

TODAY is December 28th and my leg problem resolved itself.  People said, “Oh! You have a blood clot, get to the ER before you die!”  I said, “Baloney!”  Others said, “Get on aspirin, Aleve and/or ibuprofen immediately to ease the pain, reduce inflammation and thin your blood!”  I said, “No way!”

Lessons For Year 2021 & Beyond

Lesson One: The body heals itself if provided the means to make it happen.  Guidance in the face of crisis is better than panic exposure to emergency room and sick-care medicine and their Godless drugs, not to mention vaxxes forced upon ignorant, vulnerable patients.  [Imagine when patients get jabbed with the new mRNA vaxxes and they never bothered to prepare with ‘Plan B’?]

Lesson Two: my six-year stint with old-man varicose veins on my right shin is over!  The problem was NOT defective/damaged valves!  I did NOT need surgery!  I did NOT need pharma’s drugs!  The issue was sitting too much and NOT walking or getting on the rebounder every few hours. 

Lesson Three: blood-clots dissolve, poor circulation corrects, and mineralized deposits can be resorbed without medical intervention.  Ongoing maintenance is an obvious requirement.

Lesson Four: the ruptured blood vessel in my calf needed time to heal.  Alternate blood vessels needed to grow before damaged tissues could heal and excess fluid could drain.   

Lesson Five: symptoms are NOT disease; they are manifestations of dis-ease.  Resolve metabolic issues and healing occurs followed by DISAPPEARANCE of symptoms.  Intervention by sick-care busybodies peddling fear opens the wrong doors.  Medications kill; they do not heal!  Avoid them!

Lesson SIx: bio-active magnesium ions dissolve mineralized plaque deposits no matter where they occur.  RESORPTION of mineralized plaques is how you renew your cardiovascular system and eliminate low-grade inflammation that slowly destroys healthy metabolism. 

FYI: If your C-Reactive Protein [CRP score) score is above ZERO, low-grade inflammation is aging your body.  Practitioners and labs who tell patients that a CRP score of 0-1.0 is normal are fundamentally dishonest and ignorant.  DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!  [John Thomas’ CRP score is ZERO.  In 2012, when he almost died, his CRP score was 3.5.  His recent leg issue is symptomatic of old sins that were never addressed, physiologically speaking.  Chickens came home to roost!]

Lesson Seven: You can heal your body, you can dissolve mineralized plaque, rid yourself of diabetes, restore heart function, regain brain function, grow healthy, new bone, restore vision, build muscle, improve hearing and rid yourself of dis-ease.  Fact is, there is not much your body cannot do.  Guidance and willingness to act before becoming entrapped by sick-care medicine is the key.] 

Lesson Eight: avoid vaxxes [especially mRNA vaxxes] and institute ‘Plan B’ for when you can’t!  Adjuvants such as PEG provoke anaphylactic reactions and autoimmune symptoms over time.

Your FREE New Year’s Gift

YOUR CHOICE of one new essential element for FREE!  To save more, you can get other TWO NEW ELEMENTS for 50% off the regular price.  [Shipping applies.]. Each element last 10 months [+-].

Call or email for assistance.  You will be glad you did. 

The choices we make determine when the grim-reaper, knocks!  Choose wisely. 

Have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. 

Guidance is available without cost. 

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence!  People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by rules of standard of care; they are held-hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine is faceless and is turning sick-care medicine ever more, sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of YoungAgainClub.com website to assist understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them for more information.

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