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They tell us, “Blood sugar between 90 and 130 is normal and fine.”  Normal yes, fine, no!  Blood sugar over 90 is a pre-diabetic condition that you dare not ignore.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Pre-diabetes: When Normal Isn’t Normal

The state of pre-diabetes affects 65% of the population, from children to the aged!   And, 98% of the other 35% [officially and unofficially] suffer from adult onset, insulin resistant or insulin dependent, Type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Diet and lifestyle are useful tools for management of Type 2 diabetes, but, understand pre-diabetes and you hold the keys to a healthy future.

Type 1 diabetes is very different than Type 2 and is called early onset, childhood diabetes for a good reason; meaning, children are the, victims!  Type 1 has some of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus [insulin and pancreas issues], but far more severe!  Type 1 should NOT be called, diabetes because it is a very different disorder that occurs for totally different reasons.

Type 2 diabetes develops over many years, where Type 1 can present in minutes, days and weeks.  Type 1 is an ARTIFICIALLY CREATED autoimmune response that is avoidable if you understand the dilemma and think outside the box.  For now, know this: Type 1 diabetes is a severe over-response where the immune system attacks the host’s pancreas.  The attack is a self-inflicted AUTOIMMUNE STORM that can cripple and kill.  Most children die before age 20.

Then, there is diabetes Type 3, a condition unrecognized and vehemently denied by 99.9% of practitioners for the exact same reasons they deny fungal yeast invasion and takeover of the human body, DNA and metabolism.  Clinicians are taught very little about fungi in medical or naturopathic schools and patients suffer accordingly.

Symptoms of Type 3 are different.  Type 3 is known by clinical names such as, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia, all of which involve brain inflammation.   Normal blood sugar levels are behind diabetes Type 3.  Hormone imbalance and invasion by fungal toxins further intensifies the inflammation.  [Brain cancer, hearing and vision loss are also of the same origin!]

Type 3 diabetes should be called, diabetes of the brain because that is exactly what it is!  It develops slowly, over many years, right under the noses of the experts who think blood sugar levels between 90 and 130 is, normal!  [You do not want to be, normal!] 

Supposedly, normal blood sugar levels do not cause disease, but they do!  Subclinical sugar levels of 90-130 affects most the population, and long-term, is as degenerative as obesity, asthma, COPD, hepatitis, arthritis, neuropathy and cardiovascular symptoms, such as arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and elevated blood pressure.   [You will not hear any of this from, doctor!]

Premature Aging & Inflammation

Here’s the story!  Premature aging is the effect of pre-diabetes and low-grade, systemic inflammation that always accompanies it.

Fact is, inflammation is central to all degenerative disease.  So, when you, disorder, syndrome and disease, ignore the diagnostic description and instead think, INFLAMMATION!

Practitioners are well aware of inflammation and the burden it imposes on the body.  You can’t have pain, misery and loss of function without, inflammationIt’s obvious!

And, what do the experts, do?  First, they blame the patient’s troubles on, inflammation!  Then, they conjure a diagnostic name such as: arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, gout, cancer, neuropathy, fibrosis, polycystic ovaries, etc.

Next, they order a panel of tests to justify intervention.  Then they misinterpret the test results and render a faulty diagnosis in lieu of the Missing Diagnosis.  Finally, drugs are prescribed as required per insurance, Big-Pharma and sick-care system guidelines.  Sound, familiar?

And The Question Is?

Your symptoms are symptoms of, what? 

What if your symptoms have nothing to do with your, diagnosis?  What if the sick-care system is a sham and you are the patsy?  Sorry, just asking…question, withdrawn!  We continue…

Tens of thousands of people a year [usually women 10:1 over men] undergo gallbladder surgery because of false diagnosis based on misinterpreted symptoms and misleading tests only to suffer the same symptoms, after surgery.  And, what are gallbladder symptoms, a symptom of?

It is now common to blame people’s health issues on their genes and DNA.  But what if genetics just another, false diagnosis!  And, so-called genetic symptoms are a symptom of?

The latest medical boogey-man is, mitochondrial disease, but one should ask why their mitochondria are under assault?  And, mitochondria problems are the symptoms a symptom of?

How about obesity?  It is epidemic, but, why?  What is driving it?  And why the prevalence now, versus of 20 years ago?  And, why does obesity affect so many people, regardless of age, sex or social status?  And, obesity is the symptom of?

And the answer is… sub-clinical, elevated blood sugar [pre-diabetes] and systemic, inflammation from fungal infestation by mold, yeast, and their poisonous, mycotoxins.

Now you know!  But wait, there is more…

Hormone Resistance, Herpes & Shingles

Loss of muscle mass and obesity are effects of hormone resistance where food energy either goes to fat or is lost for inability to convert energy into muscle and bone.  Hormone resistance means the body does not recognize and cannot respond to the regulatory hormones insulin, leptin and adrenaline.  Resistance is everyone’s problem, sooner or later!

Hormone resistance and systemic inflammation drive, aging!  Osteoporosis is the skeletal version; loss of muscle mass is the soft tissue version.   It occurs in both the thin and obese, female and male.  Fungal infestation and mycotoxin control of hormones is one problem.  Add, pre-diabetes and you have a surefire recipe for aging and, disease!

Pre-diabetes and low-grade inflammation are shadow issues that morph into killers, such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Interestingly, cold sores (herpes simplex) and shingles are marker conditions of pre-diabetes and fungal control of hormones.

Those with histories of cold sores should take note; herpes simplex is closely associated with neurological disorders and is common in medical histories of neurological patients suffering from below radar levels of, inflammation.  It is epidemic; everyone suffers from, inflammation. 

Inflammation of the brain is a defining characteristic of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  [Pre-diabetes causes brain receptors to caramelize [think onions sauted in a skillet] and lose sensitivity to blood insulin and leptin levels and prevent exhaustion of the, pancreas.]

[These days, false diagnosis is usually accompanied by tests and biopsies that mislead and confuse patients [and clinicians, alike.  To protest yourself, pull and play your God Card!  Meaning, distance yourself from the medical wolves so you can think, in the absence of, fear!  [Never forget, the only thing worse than false diagnosis is treatment for false diagnosis! Got it?]

One day, shingles, the curse of the elderly, will be recognized for what it is: a pre-diabetic, low-grade, inflammatory condition instead of residual, chicken pox virus, which it is not.  Blaming the virus is backward thinking based on the equally backward, Germ Theory of Disease.  Triggers for shingles are: stress, peanut butter and chocolate.  These are effects, not causes.

And when that day arrives, I wonder what fairy tales the Bernie Madoffs of herpes and shingles vaccinations will conjure in defense of their pompous Germ Theory of Disease and the hell they imposed upon innocent patients who foolishly trusted them?  Do you understand?

Excess blood iron is highly, inflammatory.  Iron toxicity affects men over age 19 and women who are menopausal or who have undergone hysterectomy.  Iron is everyone’s problem.  Elemental iron toxicity is not the same as low hemoglobin, anemia, low energy, iron deficiency anemia, etc.  To learn how iron affects you and what you can do about it for FREE, click here.

Excess Body Fat Means Trouble [Sooner Or Later!]

Back to obesity.  Obesity is a marker condition.  Excess fat makes excess estrogen, and estrogen is jet fuel for mold and yeast.  Doctor knows excess body weight and diabetes go hand-in-hand.  Doctor also knows obesity foreruns metabolic syndrome, a serious disorder of upside down hormone metabolism and fungus infestation.  [Mold & Fungal Protocol is your solution.]

Doctor does not understand the link between so-called normal blood sugar and the slow-motion version of diabetes called, diabetes type 3 [diabetes of the brain].   Also, doctor does not understand the link between fungus infestation and mycotoxin dominance of regulatory hormones controlling the vital organs and the creation of cancer and cardiovascular dis-ease.

In fairness to doctor, Big-Pharma made sure mycology [the in-depth study of mold, fungus and yeast] was removed from medical curriculums in 1950, the very year antibiotics made their debut.  Doctor knows little or nothing about fungi.  [You, the reader, must care for yourself.]

Back to blood sugar.  Normal blood sugar levels [90-130] creates amyloid plaque and scar tissue in the head which reduces blood flow and increases inflammation.  Once understood, it is easy to understand why hearing, vision and cognitive problems develop, especially after age 35.

Musings Worth Your Consideration

The one thing in life that is unavoidable is, STRESS!  Stress disrupts blood sugar metabolism and tampers with regulatory hormones [thyroid, adrenaline, insulin and leptin.]  Stress corrupts sexual hormones [estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.]

Cravings sky rocket when yeast are hungry.  Alcohol and sweets cause yeast to bloom, flooding the body with their highly poisonous, mycotoxins.  Addictions are yeast driven; they are not diseases.  Yeast feeds behavioral issues and creates alcoholics, druggies and social derelicts.  If you wish to escape these problems, follow the Mold & Fungal Protocol.

Wine is a big problem, especially for females.  Eating before bed interferes with sleep and blood sugar metabolism.  Bladder issues, brain fog and water retention are side effects.

Hormone challenges are terrain issues in disguise, but not for lack of estrogen and testosterone, as popularly believed.  Fact is, if you load your system with supplemental hormones or herbs that stimulate hormone production, yeast will overrun your body and you will suffer!

Sub-clinical hypothyroidism affects 75-90% of women over age 35 and many younger women, as well.  Ditto for adrenal burn-out from stress and poor sleep.  These dysfunctions are autoimmune responses of an upside down metabolism.  [The Mold & Fungal Protocol is your answer.]

Body pH and acidity levels affect hormones.  [Check out the Terrain pH Protocol.  It is FREE!]

The Enema Protocol trains the body to release more waste.  Those who follow this protocol have more control over their health and digestion, and they sleep better, as well.

Whether overweight or underweight, you must:

Address your pre-diabetic state of being.

  1. Clear your body of fungal yeast and their poisonous, mycotoxins

Pain Does Not Care

Diabetics suffer diabetic nerve painPre-diabetics [and fungus infested people] suffer cancer, liver disease, asthma, joint problems, gout, sexual issues, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, neuropathy, Gullian-Barre and fibromyalgia.  Which one do you want? 

How you spell false diagnosis does not matter.  Premature aging and suffering make no sense!

Conclusions & Solutions

Reduce systemic inflammation with the Blood Iron Protocol, here.

Address carbohydrate dependence by training your body to burn dietary fat for its primary energy source instead of carbohydrates with the ReVive Protocol, here.

Correct fungus and hormone issues with the Mold & Fungus Protocol, here.

I trust the reader will take this message of well-being, seriously.

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