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Dietary fermentation and fermentable dietary fiber play preemptive roles in PREVENTING and dealing with cancer, but not for reasons readers might think.  Fermentation is a powerful natural strategy to keep your name off the cancer roster.  To learn more, read on.

Today’s Special Insight identifies the PRIMARY physiologic driver of cancer almost exactly 100 years after Otto Warburg did ground-breaking research on the METABOLISM OF CANCER.  

Warburg’s work got pigeonholed by pharma and the medical cartel to ensure cancer would be blamed on genetics and viruses so chemotherapy, radiation and drugs could be proffered as cures to waiting victims.  Universities and med schools continue to ignore Warburg’s observations.  Now, for the first time, readers get a fresh look at cancer as a METABOLIC DIS-EASE rather than a throw-of-dice.

This Special Report is loaded with powerful information to help readers avoid entanglements with the sick-care system.  Study this report carefully, your future depends on it.

Cancer & Physiology Of The Lower Abdomen

It’s no coincidence the bowels are the epicenter of dis-ease and all misery.  Supposedly, heart dis-ease is the number-one, but fact is the bowels orchestrate and mediate metabolic dis-ease and suffering.  Few people have any understanding of the connection between fermentation, fermentable fiber, and cancer.

As goes your colon, so goes the health of the lower-abdomen and pelvic regions of your body.  Lots of action going on in the lower abdomen; action that is closely associated with dysfunctional bowels. 

Here is a partial list: constipation/ sluggish bowel, diverticulitis, colitis, putrefaction, B-vitamins, reproduction, pregnancy, irritable bowel, leaky-gut, gas, bloat, cancer, polyps, babies, periods, uterus, ovaries, testicles, libido, hemorrhoids, yeast, UTI’s, prostate issues, and acidification of the terrain

Fiber is about more than ruffage and regularity, and graveyards give testimony to millions of innocents who failed to understand and failed to make the connection between fermentation, fiber, and cancer in the most complex sector of body physiology meaning, the bowel and pelvic regions.  The ignorance is shared by professionals and lay people equally.

Insulin, Hypothyroidism & Cancer

Insulin-resistance is what is fueling the exponential growth of cancer worldwide.  Other factors such as antibiotics, glyphosate, medications, birth control and environmental toxins contribute, but insulin/leptin-resistance sets the stage and triggers onset of the dis-ease and cancer.

Otto Warburg’s ground-breaking work 100 years ago discussed and outlined the physiologic symptoms of cancer, but he never was able to conclude that insulin-resistance was the causative factor, but he never fully identified insulin-resistance as the CAUSITIVE, METABOLIC FACTOR BEHIND CANCER.

[FYI: diabetes research 100 years ago was in its infancy and primitive at best.  Unfortunately for billions of people living today, medical understanding of blood sugar metabolism is still primitive, but then so is understanding of thyroid physiology, as evidenced by millions of women suffering from hypothyroidism.

Insulin-resistance, diabetes, and cancer of the bowel and pelvic regions are EPIDEMIC and affect over 95% of the population worldwide.  Fact is insulin-resistance is the number one factor in ALL MAJOR metabolic irregularities.  The connection is undeniable and numbers don’t lie.  Medical ignorance and arrogance about bowel and pelvic cancer is downright shameful. 

Consider the pathetic, idiotic advice practitioners give patients about bowel physiology: “Take Metamucil, or a laxative, or Milk of Magnesia and call it a day!  “Don’t worry, regular is as regular does.  “The body digests everything you eat, so digestion can’t be an issue.  “Water has nothing to do with your bowels.  “Never, ever do enemas or colonics, they are unnatural.  “Diet has nothing to do with your bowels.  “What you see in the toilet is proof you digested your food.  “Hemorrhoids are hereditary.  “Colon cancer is genetic.  “Get a colonoscopy regularly and catch things early.” 

Medical myths about the bowel and pelvic regions mislead and always end poorly.  Doctors and patients NEVER EVER have in-depth discussions of bowel physiology because neither party has any understanding of the link between maldigestion and insulin-resistance, or even considered the importance of dietary fermentation of food in prevention of cancer.

Medical professionals only learn the sick-care version of bowel/pelvic physiology at university and go on to suffer just like their patients.  Failure to understand Applied Physiology is why patients and practitioners robotically chase-after symptoms and never manage to connect the dots.

Connecting The Dots

Fermentation and fermentable fiber play a crucial role in cancer physiology.  Experts think fiber is merely a bulking agent that eases defecation.  Most fiber products are sawdust-type ruffage with no therapeutic value.  Meaning, reduction of acidity, clearing of toxins, production of B-vitamins, elimination of polyps, avoidance of colon cancer, and lifting metabolic stress from ovaries, uterus, bladder, colon, and prostate. 

Vegetables provide fiber, yet vegetarians and vegans die of cancer like meat-eaters do.  Muscle meat is high in fiber too, yet meat is blamed for causing cancer.  Something is missing from the fiber story. 

The missing link is FERMENTABLE FIBER and a colon that can [and does] FERMENT food each and every day!  Fiber Magic is composed of digestible and non-digestible oligosaccharide fiber colon bacteria use to make biologics that STOP putrefaction, polyp formation and hinder the development of cancer as a metabolic dis-ease. 

Cancer is about maldigestion of food, fatty-liver, sluggish bowels, and a terrain that is heavily burdened by acidic, hydrogen waste.  [pH stands for potential hydrogen.]

Eating fermented food is a useful dietary habit, but eating fermented food DOES NOT come close to the benefits derived from food that is fermented in the colon of your own body.  Not even close!

A compromised, acidic colon eventually becomes cancer-ridden!  Fiber Magic provides OLIGOSACCARIDE FERMENTABLE FIBER bacteria use as a substrate from which they can manufacture B-vitamins that alter the toxic environment of the colon/bowel and pelvic regions. 

Add Icelandic Magic to your routine and the benefits of FIBER MAGIC increases, dramatically!  Icelandic Magic [ICE] came from the inspiring story of Iceland and a dietary lifestyle that lasted for one-thousand years [800 A.D. to 1800 A.D.] in one of the harshest places on Earth.

Icelandic Magic promotes fermentation of food and making of B-vitamins in your very own colon.  Icelandic Magic and Fiber Magic are powerful deterrents to the cancer roster.  [See offer below.]

The Digestion Connection

Maldigestion is incomplete digestion, meaning failure to fully process food and water and failure to extract and burn hydrogen derived from food and water.  Failure to metabolize food-bound hydrogen FORCES the body to MAKE FAT to store unburned hydrogen energy.  Maldigestion is acid-based metabolism masquerading as sub-clinical inflammation and progressive bone loss.  Meaning, the more acidic your body, the more minerals that will exit bone and set-the-stage for premature aging and dis-ease.  [How to grow new bone.]

Maldigestion feeds undigested food proteins into blood where proteins do NOT belong!  Leakage of food proteins into blood [via a porous leaky-gut wall] causes immune system overresponse that is wrongly interpreted and wrongly classified as autoimmune reactionsAutoimmune and osteopenia are examples of medical fabrications.  Fabricated diseases are NOT real.  Fear-driven misdiagnosis is based on big-pharma propaganda so practitioners will sell drugs and stampede the ignorant. 

Maldigestion fuels acidification of the terrain.  Terrain acidity is confirmation of dysfunctional metabolism.  Terrain acidity, however, is NOT lack of alkalinity.  Acidity is the accumulation of hydrogen wastes.   Unlike pH lab chemistry taught in university, body chemistry is dynamic!  Don’t confuse them. 

As goes digestion, so goes the pH of your terrain.  Meaning, maldigestion feeds acidity.  By age 24, maldigestion of food is in-progress.  By age 35, weight and waistlines grow.  By age 50, digestive efficiency is half of age 24 and aging is in full swing.  After age 50, digestion DROPS BY HALF every five years and by age 70 digestion is < 3% of age 24, and degenerative dis-ease in full swing.

Maldigestion can be corrected by using the Digestion Trio at the beginning of meals.  The Trio is far superior to digestive formulations that try and accomplish the task with one pill.  Sorry, it take three completely different formulas to do the job.   [Details here.]

The Yeast Connection

Cancer loves acidity, but a pH test strip DOES NOT measure acidity in an acid-bound terrain; meaning, metabolic acids STORED in tissues that ARE NOT circulating.  pH is a measure of potential hydrogen in solution i.e. urine [not saliva, lymph or blood].  Please read again!

Fungal-yeast love acidity and perpetuate acidity by producing endless flows of metabolic acid waste.  FYI: yeasts are parasitic plants that produce toxins that fuel sub-clinical inflammation throughout the body.  People who suffer arthritis are examples of terrains OVERRUN by fungal-yeast.  Believe it!

Alkalinity and alkaline pH is meaningless because cancer FEEDS ON ACIDITY, making alkalinity moot.  You want both waste levels in the tissues and low levels of circulating acids.  YOU CANNOT MEASURE tissue-bound acid waste; pH only measures circulating hydrogen acids, as found in urine, for example.

The bowel and pelvic regions of the body are ideal for yeast overgrowth, partly due to waste accumulation and partly due to hormones.  Antibiotics trigger hormone-driven yeast blooms that can drag-on for a lifetime.  The ONLY justifiable use of antibiotics is life/situations.  [Read Jill’s Story here.]   

Arthritis and sub-clinical inflammation are flip-side issues.  Why DESTROY liver function with medications anti-inflammatory drugs?  Herbals do less damage, but anti-inflammatories IGNORE cause and NONE put-out-the-fire, by elimination of excess tissue acidity.  Instead, use the Terrain pH Protocol.  [It’s FREE!]

Inflammation of the lower abdomen and pelvic regions grows worse with age because of ONGOING insulin/leptin-resistance and terrain acidification.  In other words, aging is orchestrated by insulin-resistance and issues that flow from it.

If you suffer from arthritis, vaginal/scrotal itching, skin eruptions, brain-fog, shallow sleep, moodiness, menstrual issues, menopause complaints, prostate challenges, eye floaters, or ringing ears, know fungal-yeast have invaded your terrain and that your health would benefit GREATLY from using Fungal-Yeast Magic and following the Terrain pH Protocol.  [Ask for help!

The bowels process 90% of the bodily waste and they are the MOST toxic region of the body.  The bowels are where food putrefies, and toxins accumulate as they morph into powerful metabolic poisons.  The pelvic region in-and-around the appendix is very heavily populated by Peyer’s Patches that manage metabolic toxins.  The more sluggish your bowels, the more toxic the lower abdominal region. 

DO NOT ASSUME active bowels will save you from metabolic cancer, or the knife, or the graveyard.  Active bowels better than sluggish bowels, but they ARE NOT confirmation of dietary fermentation in the colon or B-vitamin production as described in this report.

Metabolic toxins fuel misery and suffering that sick-care medicine uses to conjure mis-diagnostic labels that usually indicate or end with the word disease or syndrome.  Dis-ease is NOT disease and woe unto anyone treated for something they don’t have!  Symptoms are NOT causation!   Misdiagnosis and medical exaggerations are very common, and every misdiagnosis is usually backed-up by compliant lab reports.  [Remember, a medical wild-goose is a wild-goose just the same!]

Physiology: A Two-Way Street

Physiology is bi-directional!  Meaning, the body is happy to reverse course if the owner will help.  There is NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON for bowel and pelvic anomalies [like those mentioned on page one] to progress to the point of sick-care intervention.  In other words, neglect is just another word for abuse! 

Bowel issues spin-off effects of maldigestion of food and compromised liver, and they grow progressively worse beyond age fifty as signs and symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome and insulin/leptin-resistance stampede the naïve into waiting arms of sick-care practitioners and surgeons.

The colon is where the body is supposed to make B-vitamins it needs to support healthy immune function and keep vital organ activity strong.  FYI: vitamins are co-factors that depend on essential, elemental ions to work.  Without essential elements, vital organs can’t do their job and vitamins don’t count.

Assume your colon is COMPROMISED because it likely is!  Why do you think doctors push colonoscopy every time a patient darkens their door?  Doctor knows 90% of patients over age 50 have either colon polyps or colon cancer.  To beat the cancer game, apply the lessons outlined herein.  Ask for help!

Sluggish Bowel

Sluggish bowels set the stage for everything bad.  Sluggish bowels [less than 3x/day] has EVERYTHING to do with maldigestion of food, failure to drink water, terrain acidity, magnesium ion insufficiency, inability to make B-vitamins, insulin/leptin-resistance, sub-clinical inflammation, poor sleep, non-fermentable fiber, junk diet, and eating or snacking more than 2x/day with less than six-hours between each event.

A SNACK IS A MEAL as far as your [insulin producing] pancreas is concerned.  Six-hours without food between meals is necessary to avoid pancreatic burn-out and insulin/leptin-resistance.  Malnourishment and maldigestion trigger food cravings and low energy. 

Begin every meal with a tablespoonful of coconut oil, but PLEASE REALIZE the body needs large amounts of bio-active magnesium ions to process fat, curb appetite, and make fat-based hormones.  Magnesium oxide, carbonate, malate, citrate, taurate, glycinate, and threonate DO NOT do the job!  Ask for help.

Contrary to urban myth, when it comes to interpretations of normal and regular, bowel activity is meaningless!  Sluggish bowels lead to an acid-waste, burdened body. 

Bowels that ferment food hold less acid-waste and present less risk of metabolic cancer.  [The Enema Protocol trains the body and the bowels to release acid waste.]

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Forgetting doctor’s name is not dementia; it’s a blessing for the office calls you never made.  And the only justifiable aspect of medical intervention is the emergency room.  The rest is neglect.

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