Why We Suffer & Age Prematurely

[Physiology Of Dis-ease]

∙ Anecdotal Observations

Lots of confusion out there about dysfunctional metabolism, terrain acidity, maldigestion, and symptoms of dis-ease.  Patients and practitioners think they understand the genesis of symptoms and their diagnoses, but they understand little of the physiology involved!  Lab chemistry is different than the chemistry of living organisms.  To learn more, read on.

Test Yourself

Q. What happens when you neglect terrain pH and allow your body to turn acidic?  A. At first, the body compensates!  Then, it manifests signs and symptoms of dis-ease like arthritis, asthma, irritable bowel, fatty-liver, cancer, diabetes, dental, obesity, constipation, maldigestion, neuropathy, osteoporosis, tinnitus, vision issues, and cardiovascular.  [Dis-ease is NOT the same as disease.]

The BIG FOUR dis-eases are: diabetes, cardiovascular, arthritis and cancer.  And guess what?  Insulin-resistance and acidic pH control the chemistry and physiology behind both!  The remedy for dysfunctional pH chemistry is the Terrain pH Protocol.  Insulin-resistance requires serious effort and fungal/mold dominance is an ongoing battle for most everyone whether they realize it or not.

Common Denominators

Acidification controls body chemistry, inflammation, and general metabolism.  The DENOMINATOR for all metabolic disorders is insulin/leptin-resistance and the DENOMINATORS for insulin/leptin-resistance are maldigestion and depletion of Essential ElementsIt’s the way it is!

Insulin/leptin-resistance and maldigestion drag-on for decades and definitely worsen with age.  In the interim, doctor and patient focus on A1c and drugs to manage symptoms of dis-ease instead of focusing on dysfunctional metabolism.  Failure to understand Applied Physiology and embracing Germ Theory drives much suffering, and it’s why sick-care medicine dominates people’s thinking.


Diabetes, cardiovascular and arthritis are confirmation[s] of LONG-STANDING insulin/leptin-resistance!  Oddly, they are bogus diagnoses because the physiology behind them is not understood.

Insulin-resistance and acidity drive fatty-liver and Metabolic Syndrome, but neither practitioner nor patient understand what is occurring.  Practitioners think in terms of what is taught at university; they have zero understanding of terrain pH and why insulin/leptin-resistance precedes and accompanies SYMPTOMS OF DIS-EASE.  Worse, practitioners are forced to comply with the Standard of Care.

Diagnosis is comforting to patients because they THINK the enemy has been identified!  And, if its cancer, the focus shifts to KILL THE CANCER INSTEAD OF ADDRESSING CAUSE.  Cancer is not what people think it is.  Cancer is DYSFUNCTIONAL METABOLISM, not disease.  Don’t ever forget it!

Needless Suffering

Terrain acidification is manageable with the Terrain pH Protocol.  Best of all, the protocol is FREE!  Metabolic Syndrome, however, requires TOTAL COOPERATION because it’s long-standing dis-ease.

If you have health issues, you must be willing to accept guidance, and embrace principles of Applied Physiology, and take responsibility for yourself.  People must stay the course and realize that 90-days is only the beginning.  Terrain management is a LIFELONG CONCEPT!   Please read again!

It takes time to turn the train around and restore pH and healthy organ physiology.  Time is on your side if you embrace the challenge, but you will need guidance.  Reach out, consulting is FREE!

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