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Food costs are skyrocketing, and the possibility of famine is real.  And while choice of food and supplements matter, how your body processes them matters more!  Digestion and pH determine how much nourishment food and supplements can deliver.  To learn more, read on.

The best way to stretch your budget and make certain that your food and supplements contribute to health is to monitor your terrain pH and MAKE SURE your digestion is that of a healthy, young person.

Failure to fully digest food and supplements triggers an avalanche of issues.  For example, poorly digested food spikes terrain acidity and floods the body with by-products of putrefaction [indoles, skatoles, and phenols], while unprocessed foreign proteins that leak into the bloodstream set-off what is mistakenly referred to as allergy and autoimmune responses when they are neither.

[Young Again Club and Special Insights is about understanding body physiology and resolving symptomatic dis-ease.  Key words used herein are linked to glossary and protocol tabs of website.  To assist understanding, click on the blue, underlined words.]

Food & Energy Production

If you are going to eat good food and take supplements, digestive efficiency is key!  Maldigestion of food and supplements wastes money and deprives the body of nourishment and energy.

Maldigested food causes terrain acidity to rise!  Poorly digested food LOADS the body with unburned hydrogen that is stored in the tissues and joints as acid waste that fuels low-grade inflammation; waste that CANNOT BE MEASURED with a pH test strip because tissue-bound waste does NOT circulate.  For example, arthritis and stiffness are effects of acid waste accumulation.

Food and water are LOADED with hydrogen!  pH stands for potential hydrogen.  Digestion releases food-bound hydrogen for energy production, while maldigestion sabotages energy production. 

Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are MORE valuable for their hydrogen potential than for the calories they contain.  Hydrogen powers the Sun and if hydrogen in food and water are fully metabolized, they provide humans with boundless energy.  Young people process hydrogen more efficiently; people over age fifty lose the ability to process hydrogen due to maldigestion of food.

Food Cravings & Satiety

Eating more often than every six hours turns the terrain acidic.  Eating often causes the body to become insulin/leptin-resistant.  Maldigestion [lack of nourishment] causes people to snack and graze and overeat and get fat and lose muscle and grow old!  Overeating says failure to achieve satiety.

Insulin-resistance is known by names like prediabetic/diabetic.  Insulin-resistance is a pH/maldigestion issue that often drags-on for decades. [A1c is a misleading insulin metric; do not rely on it!]  Insulin/leptin-resistance foreruns and is the common denominator of CANCER, ARTHRITIS, CARDIOVASCULAR and DIABETES!  Said plainly, dis-ease is a pH and insulin/leptin-resistance issue.  Translation: if you suffer these, Insulin/leptin-resistance is your problem.  Please read again!

The ONLY food that does not sabotage leptin physiology and cause the pancreas to make insulin is FAT, and the best dietary fat is coconut fat.  Fat curbs appetite, boosts energy and makes hormones. 

When cravings strike, take a spoonful of coconut fat with water and sea sulfate ions.  Coconut is called oil, but it’s a FAT!  Oils are not fats, but fats and oils are lipids.  Fats don’t trigger insulin production while other foods set-off the pancreas.  Now you know why snacking and grazing ALWAYS lead to insulin/leptin-resistance, and why it is the physiology of 99% of the population young and old alike.


How your body processes food is as important as what you choose to eat!  Poorly digested ‘healthy’ food acidifies pH and sabotages metabolism.  Maldigested food burdens the body with excess unburned hydrogen that is highly acidic.  But the good news is that both issues are easily managed.

[Note: by age 24, maldigestion is in-progress.  By age 35, weight and waistlines grow.  By age 50, digestive efficiency is half of age 24 and aging is in full swing.  After age 50, digestion DROPS BY HALF every five years!  By age 70, digestion falls below 3% of age 24 and degenerative dis-ease is in full-swing.]

Dietary Malnourishment

The DIGESTION TRIO offers metabolic benefits that people over age 50 are missing!  Proof is aging bodies that suffer symptoms of both dis-ease and disease [they are not the same].

Instead of WASTING MONEY on ordinary digestive aids and suffering malnourishment, use the DIGESTIVE TRIO to get control of your metabolism. Prebiotics and probiotics are NOT digestive products despite what mis-informed experts claim, and they DO NOT address maldigestion of food.

The DIGESTIVE TRIO is composed of three distinct formulations that are taken immediately BEFORE meals.  Each formulation has a specific footprint and purpose and cannot be combined into one pill.

For those who want the benefit of dietary fat, BEGIN your meals with a spoonful of coconut fat and sea mineral sulfates along with the Digestive Trio.  [Note: the body needs large amounts of bioactive, magnesium ions and a transport to move the ions across cell membranes where they are used to convert potential hydrogen into usable energy and help the liver to make steroid-based hormones.]

Limit food intake to two meals/day with six hours between meals and 12-18 hours without any food between evening meal and next day’s first meal.  Long periods WITHOUT food settles the pancreas and is critical for reversing the worst of all metabolic curses: insulin/leptin-resistance.

Maintain your energy and curb cravings with coconut fat.  For those who do not like the taste, texture, or inconvenience of spooned coconut fat, use ReSet [lauric acid and coconut fat] capsules.

Also, use anecdotal, small [FOOD] molecules [Vironxx] for immunity, nucleic acids [UltraBlue] to boost metabolism, ReVive to boost liver function, and the Terrain pH Protocol to deacidify the terrain.


NOURISHMENT AND AVOIDANCE OF MALDIGESTION manage health in times of plenty and in times of famine.  Aging is disguised famine for inability to process food and supplements.  Believe it! 

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