Food Allergies & Gluten-Intolerance

Understanding Food-Driven Inflammation

Maldigestion: The Universal Scourge!

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Gluten-intolerance is not an autoimmune response, and so-called autoimmune disorders do not cause the body to attack itself!  Maldigestion is the downfall of patients and practitioners alike because they don’t understand the physiology of digestion.  To learn more, read on.

Maldigestion: Tip Of The Iceberg

Food [and the ability to digest it] influences dis-ease and health MORE than any other factor.  And for every person suffering from maldigestion, thousands more suffer non-gluten-related food reactions.   Maldigestion is a scourge and this report explains exactly what you can do about it.

Gluten & Food Intolerance (GFI): immune reactions to undigested proteins; bloodstream invasion of undigested food proteins; inability to process food proteins; allergic reactions to food proteins.

Avoiding hostile proteins is crucial if you react to them,but avoidance does not solve the problem.  Unrecognized symptoms of protein maldigestion are allergy, belly-fat, gas/bloating, asthma, eczema/psoriasis, fatty-liver, insulin-resistance, obesity, and cardiovascular/renal dis-ease.

Gluten issues are aboutUNDIGESTEDprotein in the bloodstream, not gluten/wheat!  Inabilityto digest protein triggers and perpetuates food-related immune reactions.  Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome and inability to ferment food and make B-vitamins compounds the maldigestion dilemma.

The riddle of ‘eat or die’ has become the riddle of ‘eat and die!  To solve both riddles, read on.

Setting The Stage

Antibiotics set-the-stage for gluten and food intolerances, but vaxxes and medications escalate the effects.  Antibiotics, vaxxes and meds assault the intestinal mucosa, and eventually lead to Leaky-gut Syndrome and fungal hypha imbedded in the intestinal wall.

Fungal-yeast invasion follows use of antibiotics and creates ongoing urinary tract infections in women and prostate issues in men.  Add maldigestion, junk diets, steroids, statins, NSAIDS and insulin/leptin-resistance and YOU HAVE THE RECIPE for a life of misery.

Gluten is a hostile protein for those with known digestion challenges and for those unaware they suffer from maldigestion [inability to fully process food to completion.]  Maldigestion accelerates around age 50, which is also the window that people robotically get-in-line for sick-care.  What they get instead is misdiagnosis AND a missing diagnosis.  They are not the same thing.

UNDIGESTED [food] protein in the blood sets-off violent immune responses and metabolic chaos similar-to what insect and animal venoms provoke [venoms are foreign proteins].  Gluten and food reactions are subtle compared to venom and the foreign spike-proteins in mRNA vaxxes.

Chimeric, spike proteins attack the endothelial cells  of the lungs, blood vessels and kidneys.  Hence, the pandemic surge of blood clots [Rouleau Effect], Chronic Fatigue, ED, myocarditis, ADE [Antibody-Dependent Enhancement] and VED [Vaxx Enhanced Dis-ease].  [Post vaxx Rouleau is real!  It was pictured and discussed in detail 27 years ago [1994] in my book, Young Again!

Note: when animal DNA merges with human DNA, chimera [hybrids with compromised immunity] are artificially created.  Spike-protein vaxxes are breathing synthetic life into Old Testament, promised-land curses not seen since the days of Moses, Aaron, Caleb, and Joshua!  [Remedies exist.]

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective and solutions on matters of health and longevity.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being.

Hydrogen, Food Metabolism & Lifeforce

Food counts, but the ability to digest food and burn hydrogen counts more!  Gluten sensitivity and food-reactions are effects maldigestion, inability to ferment food, and failure to make your own B-vitamins in your colon.

Digestion determines the amount of usable energy food yields.  Faulty food-to-energy conversion and faultyhydrogen metabolism are behind the obesity/overweight epidemic.  [Learn more here]. 

The proton hydrogen is your body’s primary source of energy.  Food and water are primary hydrogen donors, fats are the most energy dense foods.  Calories are an irrelevant metric.  Sugar [C12H22O12] contains 22 hydrogens; water [H2O] contains 2 hydrogens.  Hydrogen islifeforceThe body’s bio-electric energy comes from non-thermal burning and metabolism of hydrogen.  Hydrogen is what powers the sun.  ATP [adenosine-triphosphate] only powers cellular metabolism, and is a weak molecule compared to the hydrogen’s energy potential.  ‘p’ in pH stands for potential [hydrogen]!  Digestion releases covalent-bonded hydrogen in food and water.  Inability to digest food and free hydrogen is ‘the’ issue!  Failure to metabolize hydrogen turns body-fluid [urine] pH acidic.  Hydrogen and metabolic waste are acidicUrine pH is a measure of unburned hydrogen ions in circulation.  Urine pH rises and falls as hydrogen ion levels rise and fall.  The better digestion, the more energy available for growth and repair.  Dis-ease and aging are side-effects of faulty hydrogen metabolism and maldigestion. The Digestion Trio solves the maldigestion/hydrogen dilemma.  Ask for help.

Medical Messiahs & Bogus Medicine

Practitioners and knockoff academics are the new messiahs!  Their official job is to protect the masses from invading microbes and make-believe viruses.  The problem is, immunity is NOT a germ-killing, antibody system.  Dis-ease is neglect and abuse, not invasion by microbes and viruses.

Antibodies do NOT attack, and T-cells do not march!  Stimulus and response were never the basis of immunity, and health is NOT machine produced!  Germ Theory is a preposterous oversimplification that ignores the body’s God-given, innate intelligence.  Germ Theory is the gibberish of fools!  Germ Theory provides cover for misdiagnosis and medical abuse. [See fish cartoon here].

The basic state of the body is health and lifeforce.  When lifeforce flows, health flows.  The element hydrogen provides the energy behind the lifeforce phenomenon.  Lifeforce is individual expression, vitality, energy, and imagination. [Read about Hydrogen Magic here.]

Maldigestion & Inflammation

Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome is a collection of symptoms that includes compromised liver and bowels and the issues associated with Metabolic SyndromeMaldigestion throws many shadows.

Readers desiring peak health must understand that by age 50, digestive efficiency is HALF of what it was at age 24, and for each 5 years thereafter efficiency falls by half!  By age 70, digestive efficiency is less than 3% of age twenty-four. 

Family history and genes are artifacts of the sick-care medical system.  Medicine uses them to shift perception and avoid blaming dis-ease for what it is: self-imposed effects of neglect and abuse.    

Symptoms of so-called autoimmune disorders are the side-effects of maldigestion!  Protein invasion of the blood expresses as inflammation and the symptoms of dis-ease.  Things autoimmune have NOTHING TO DO with the preposterous idea that the body attacks itself.  Read it again! 

UNDIGESTED, food protein poisons blood, stresses the liver and eventually manifests as insulin-resistance and Metabolic Syndrome.  These disorders affect 95% of the populace young and old.  Shadow symptoms of maldigestion are: intestinal putrefaction, constipation [less than 3x/day], gas/bloating, poor sleep, diverticulitis, colitis, polyps/cancer and failure to make your own B-vitamins.  Applied Physiology is he Young Again solution to this 21st Century scourge.

Note: the combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, and measles among children up to age fifteen shows that 90 percent [90%] of the decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 occurred [before] introduction of antibiotics and immunization.  Improved nutrition and adequate food were responsible for reduction in mortality.  Advances in medicine, sanitation and housing had little to do with improvements in mortality.  Big pharma and medicine make sure that school curriculums only teach Germ Theory Medicine.  [Dis-ease is NOT disease!]

Maldigestion & Toxicity

The body is made to live, and when live food is fully processed and digested, lifeforce flows.  The Terrain pH Protocol promotes lifeforce by maintaining healthy pH.  Best of all, it’s free! 

CRP [C-reactive protein] measures low-grade inflammation, and contrary to medical myth the only acceptable CRP score is zero!  Above -0- says you have fire smoldering in your body, and where there is fire, you will find dis-ease.  Ask for help.

Maldigestion is failure digest and absorb nutrients from food, that is, assuming food and supplements contain viable nutrient ions.  Vitamins are useless without essential ions and vital organs lose their vitality without them.  Ion depletion haunts billions of people who labor under false medical diagnoses.  Ion depletion is starvation with a full belly!

Pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance are expressions of sub-clinical malnourishment, maldigestion, and essential ion depletion.  Probiotics are overrated; they DO NOT traverse the stomach.  Probiotics are NOT endospheres [master species of microbes that regulate functional immunity].

The practicable solution for maldigestion is to use the Young Again Digestive Trio.  The Immune Protocol restores functional immunity.  Long-term effects of both are simply, amazing!

Things Readers Should Know

Did you know pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance precede and accompany arthritis, cardiovascular dis-ease, and cancer?  Sick-care medicine does NOT understand Applied Physiology, especially in the occult stagePrediabetes is diabetes in-progress, doctor opinion and labs not-withstanding. 

Insulin/leptin-resistance is a sleeper condition that goes unrecognized by practitioners.  Instead, patients and practitioners focus on the misleading metric A1c.  Know that blood sugar between 90-120 leads to fungal-yeast takeover of the terrain and glycation of RBCs [red blood corpuscles].  [Eat only 2 meals/day, 6 hours apart, with no snacking of any kind, except for coconut fat.]

Food lacking essential ions is NOT food!  Soils containing glyphosate [Roundup] residues suffer ion gridlock that prevents plant uptake of soil ions through the microbe/root interface.  Ion depletion causes insects and microbes to attack crops and humans to suffer dis-ease!  Don’t forget it!

Glyphosate is ubiquitous and eating organic WILL NOT avoid glyphosate poisoning. Maldigestion, obesity and insulin-resistance are side-effects.  Worse, glyphosate compounds reactions to chimeric proteins in mRNA vaxxes.  Spike-proteins in mRNA vaxxes assault immune function.  It’s critical that readers clear glyphosate residues to protect themselves from shedding of spike-proteins by the vaxxed!  [BTW: monoclonal antibody drugs and protease inhibitors are traps!  Avoid them!]

Insulin/leptin-resistance is early-stage diabetes mellitus in an acidic body.  Low pH [6s, 5s & 4s] is dis-ease in-progressOsteoporosis and periodontal gum issues are examples.  Acidic pH drives false-positive COVID tests, too!  Read it again!  [Manage your body pH for FREE.]

Cribbing is the horse version of ion depletionCribbing refers to horses that eat their wooden stalls in desperate attempt to get essential ions.  In dogs the symptom is licking of paws.  In humans the problem is dis-ease.  Practitioners misdiagnose ion depletion and prescribe toxic medications to treat imaginary diseases.  It’s called sick-care medicine!  Don’t forget it!

Metabolic Syndrome, Food Supplements & Guillain-Barre

Metabolic Syndrome and ion depletion are dual issues.  If you have one, you have the other.  Recognized symptoms of both are cardiovascular dis-ease, insulin/leptin resistance, diabetes, kidney/pancreas dysfunction, fatty-liver, high serum triglycerides and excess weight [more than 10 lbs. over high school weight].  [Unrecognized symptoms are listed above.]

Food supplements are supposed to offset nutrient deficient food and junk diets.  Supplements lacking bio-active elemental ions are worthless and a waste of money, no matter the brand!

Millions of cases of fatty-liver, Metabolic Syndrome and kidney dysfunction go undiagnosed in the occult stage!  Millions of people suffer symptoms, and millions of people are ignored.  Flying below medical radar is a COMORBIDITY that accentuates reactions to chimeric proteins in vaxxes.  Shedding of spike-proteins by those vaxxed is a real problem!  Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is on the rise due to medical abuse and pandemic protocols.  Practitioners do NOT recognize or diagnose GBS.  Few survive!  [John Thomas has personal experience.  GBS almost killed him in year 2012.]

Bowels, Polyps, Cancer & The Vagus Nerve

Maldigestion affects brain function, mood, and emotions!  The vagus nerve is the largest nerve in the body and the primary bi-directional communication highway between the brain and vital organs.  The vagus is responsible for orchestrating immune functions of the gut/brain axis

By 35 years of age, maldigestion and dysfunctional bowels are givens!  People assume their digestion is “Just fine!” because they poop regularly, but they are mistaken!  Pooping is a volume-in/volume-out function that depends on complete digestion and the ability to ferment food and make B-vitamins [in your colon]. 

Fatty-liver dis-ease is epidemic because Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome and Metabolic Syndrome are epidemic!  Cancer of the bowel is #1 and faulty digestion is behind it!  [Here’s how to help yourself].

Know that your bowels should move three to five times/day and your waste should be free-flowing and resemble a cow-pie in the pasture.  Formed stools are neither desirable nor good, and contrary to urban myth, a free-flowing bowel is NOT diarrhea; that’s just how people refer to it.

Discussion of bowel habits is both a social and medical, taboo!  Practitioners and patients avoid the topic and most malign and attack the therapeutic enema.  Partially digested food in stool says digestion is a mess, but lack of undigested food is not confirmation that all is well.  Regularity is not indicative of digestive efficiency and cancer of the colon ends any debate!  Please read again!

Icelandic Magic is about fermentation of the food, the ability to make B-vitamins and healthy bowels.  Know that prostate and bladder troubles are spin-offs of toxic bowel and acidic terrain.

Mid-life slowdown has EVERYTHING to do with inability to process dietary fats like coconut and butter.  Oils are NOT fats!  Fat metabolism controls hormone/adrenal function, stress, and anxiety.  Estrogen/testosterone imbalance is symptomatic of faulty fat metabolism!  Please read again!

Solving The Gluten & Food-Intolerance Riddle

Popular digestive aids DO NOT have the energy profiles needed to correct faulty digestion, especially if you are over 50 years of age!  The Digestive Trio supports maximum assimilation of food nutrients and hydrogen protons [see Hydrogen, above].  All-in-one, single-pill digestive aids, regardless of brand, fail miserably.  The Digestive Trio resurrects digestion efficiency no matter your age, diet, or circumstance.  If you eat food, the Digestive Trio is an absolute, MUST!  Learn more here.

Sidebar!  Practitioners are smart people.  However, they do not understand the physiology of dis-ease.  University schooling is flawed and colored by Germ Theory.  And, if practitioners suffer from limited understanding, what makes regular people think they understand Applied Physiology with little or no academic foundation or exposure to clinical dis-ease and schooling in the sciences of inorganic, organic, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology and biology?  Academic schooling is NOT about understanding! Parroting of flawed theory perpetuated sick-care medicine.  The internet is information without understanding!  Better to use the ColorSmart Learning System and read Special Insights and acquire real understanding, develop foundation and rise above limitations inherent in academic schooling.  ColorSmart and Special Insights are physiology that bypasses the sick-care medicine trap.  Applied Physiology is practicable knowledge you can apply!


Peak health can be yours if you manage your digestion with the Digestive Trio and tend to your body’s levels of Essential Elements.  Both protocols are exclusive to Young Again Club! 

The body is made to live, and it knows how to renew itself, too!  Make it happen by getting out of the way and supporting your body with Applied PhysiologyAsk for help.

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