The Misdiagnosis Called: Lyme Disease The Untold Story Of A Medical Hoax

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are misdiagnosed with Lyme disease.  Unfortunately, this so-called, disease is based on assumptions, misconceptions and meaningless lab tests.  To learn more, read on.

WHERE ARE all of the new cases of Lyme disease coming from?  What if the deer tick hypothesis of Lyme disease is bogus?  WHAT IF alternative medicine’s obsession with this mysterious illness is the equivalent of allopathic medicine’s 80-year blunder over the cause of stomach and duodenal ulcers?  WHAT IF alternative medicine was hijacked and Lyme disease is medical COVER for powerful interests hiding a public health disaster?

Is it possible, alternative medicine was hood-winked into embracing the Lyme [tick] disease hypothesis?  How did Lyme disease grow from NOTHING and become alternative medicine’s cash cow?  What if the Lyme story is a complete and total fiction and patients are the patsies?  WHAT IF the fiction called, Lyme was purposely linked to another very misunderstood malady called, syphilis?  Don’t be too quick to dismiss these questions. 

After all, conventional medicine has perpetuated the myth that CANCER is a genetic disease, when we have known since 1931 that cancer is a [reversible] metabolic disorder and genetics has NOTHING to do with it!  So, if the charade called CANCER can be perpetuated, why not the charade called, Lyme disease? 

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock the sick-care system because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and virtual medicine [medicine devoid of the human factor] is now the standard of care!  Medicine is rigged against the patient and corruption rules!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines lengthen and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

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A Short History Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease got its name in 1975 when school children in Lyme, Connecticut suffered from a [mysterious?] arthritis involving nausea, fatigue, headache and malaise.  Please note, the crisis began with SCHOOL CHILDREN; later, adults followed.  Both groups were PREDICTABLY VULNERABLE for reasons you will soon discover!

The crisis, as reported, was mysterious!  Experts were, perplexed!  They had no answers and the media had people, on edge!  Medical authorities NEEDED A VILLAIN to blame, and the lowly, deer tick came to the rescue.  Ticks were the perfect boogeymen to villainize.  People hate ticks!

Experts could not explain the etiology of the strange, new illness, but it did not matter!  Rumor, fear and ticks were a perfect story, and the media went, nuts!  Outbreaks were widely reported and soon, reports of the mysterious illness were, nationwide.  A crisis was developing, people wanted answers, and answers they got!

In 1981, disease EXPERTS announced that the missing link had been found.  The causative agent: Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium supposedly carried by ticks and passed to humans when bitten.  Development of diagnostic tests and protocols were fast-tracked, based on the tick/bacteria hypothesis. 

The announcement solidified the OFFICIAL Lyme story.  Science saved the day!  Identification and treatment protocols were made available to unsuspecting practitioners.  The science of Lyme was, settled!  BUT WAS IT?

The problem, then and the problem, today is the same.  Lyme is NOT a disease, ticks are NOT the vector, and diagnostic tests are NOT accurate.  The tick/bacterium hypothesis of Lyme disease has gone unchallenged for 38 years, while the disease called, Lyme has exploded!  Something is wrong with the OFFICIAL story!

In the early days of the Lyme crisis, alternative medicine was the maligned stepchild of allopathic medicine.  It got no respect and it needed a CRISIS to establish credibility.  For alternative practitioners, Lyme was made-to-order, and the timing could not have been better.  However, Lyme was NOT a chance occurrence!

The Lyme crisis [and the science behind it] were bogus from the start.  The story OFFICIAL passed off on alternative practitioners and the public served as POLITICAL COVER for high level health officials, and THEATER for an immune-challenged populace.  The arrival of Lyme disease in 1975 was a SEEDED crisis!

Mysterious Disorders & Diseases

Symptoms alone do not make a disease!  However, when symptoms are given a NAME and supported by LAB TESTS, status and credibility are conferred and mysterious illnesses like Lyme, achieve official, disease status.

Lyme disease and deer ticks gave alternative medicine a PLATFORM, a VILLIAN and the BOOST it needed for credibility among a population who was suffering from dozens of mysterious illnesses.  In the early days, diagnostic flimflam, rumor and fear fueled the crisis.  Later, lab tests provided frosting for the cake called, Lyme!

Diseases are defined by specific signs and symptoms, etiology, mode of transmission and changes in the structure and function of an organ or organism.  Two things that accompany diseases and autoimmune disorders are low-grade inflammation and dysfunctional immunity.  Lyme had both, but so did HUNDREDS OF OTHER MYSTERIOUS, NEW HEALTH DISORDERS that debuted about the SAME TIME as the Lyme crisis. 

In the medical world, autoimmune SYMPTOMS are viewed differently than autoimmune DISEASES.  Generally, medicine ignores autoimmune symptoms, UNLESS THEY ARE MEDICALLY RECOGNIZED, in which case, autoimmune symptoms take on DISEASE STATUS, even though the disease is idiopathic [of unknown cause]. 

If Big Pharma makes medications to treat symptoms of certain idiopathic disorders, those disorders are categorized as DISEASES, so medicine can make money, save face and justify use of risky medications.  Then, If the symptoms ease or abate, medicine can claim a cure even though they have NO IDEA of the cause. 

Lyme is alternative medicine’s version of a make-believe DISEASE, except practitioners think they know the cause and, therefore, can crow that they have a solution.  However, LYME IS NOT A DISEASE!  It’ a collage of autoimmune symptoms operating below diagnostic radar.  Symptoms disease-like, but NOT disease.

The four so called, MAJOR DISEASES [cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and arthritis] share a common element.  All four symptoms are of metabolic origin, not genetic origin.  However, medicine plays along because Big Pharma makes a killing [pun intended!] selling iatrogenic drugs to TREAT DISEASES THAT ARE NOT DISEASES!

A diagnosis of Lyme is based on an unproven hypothesis, worthless labs and disease-like symptoms that are COMMON TO IMMUNE-COMPROMISED POPULATIONS, like those in the USA since, 1950 [when antibiotics and steroids set the cancer devil, loose!]  Lyme disease became alternative medicine’s, cash cow, for exactly the same reasons cancer became allopathic medicine’s, cash cow.  AND BOTH ARE MEDICALLY, FRAUDULENT!

Mysterious symptoms and misinterpreted labs convince sick patients to embrace diagnosis and treatment for diseases THEY DO NOT HAVE!  Lyme disease achieved super star status in the alternative arena because the general population [of all ages] suffers from progressively dysfunctional, immunity.

So, is Lyme disease, real?  Of the hundreds of thousands of people diagnosed with Lyme disease, few [IF ANY] were bitten by ticks! Yet, if you visit a Lyme disease specialist, you will likely be diagnosed with Lyme [tick] disease.  Q. How can patients have Lyme disease when NO SUCH DISEASE EXISTS and tick are not to blame?

Same Symptoms, New Culprits & Same Old Enemy

Eventually, experts were confronted by the fact that the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi was NOT the infectious agent they said it was.  So, the industry

[with help from authorities]

did a bait-and-switch, upgraded their story, and proclaimed Bartonella bacteria and Babesia parasites as the new, causative agents of Lyme disease. 

IMPORTANT! Borrelia, Bartonella and Babesia [and their biologic markers] are COMMON to the human microbiota, microbiome and epigenome.  So is Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Klebsiella, Campylobactor, E. Coli, C. difficile, and other pathogenic organisms.  Their presence and markers are NOT PROOF of infection and DO NOT justify treatment for a disease YOU DON’T HAVE!  Antibiotics do NOT work against, Lyme symptoms.  Antibiotics can ONLY be justified for life and death events when virulence is involved. 

Many factors must converge to trigger a health crisis.  Factors such as: stress, drugs, alcohol, poor diet, toxic terrain, mental and physical trauma, lack of sleep, and of course, medications and antibiotics.  Anything that weakens the body’s terrain and immune system, automatically sets the stage for health crises in the form of autoimmune symptoms and MISDIAGNOSIS by practitioners of both alternative and allopathic disciplines.

When a health crisis strikes, it’s your terrain and immune system that DETERMINE your symptoms.  If a biologic trigger is involved, [such as insect stings, tick bites, food allergies, chemical exposure, etc.], responses are TERRAIN AND IMMUNE driven.  Biologics can trigger immune reactions, but they are NEVER the cause!

Tick bites are NOT A PREREQUISITE of symptoms associated with Lyme.  Symptoms, such as malaise, achiness, sore joints, headache, neck stiffness, brain fog, skin rash, eczema, acne, irritable bowel and tinnitus are VERY COMMON in the population and have NOTHING to do with Lyme!  Autoimmune symptoms are easily mistaken for disease, especially when diagnosis is justified by misleading, lab tests.  Don’t forget it!

Instead of trying to cure Lyme [or whatever so-called, disease you think you have], why not restore your terrain and immune system so symptoms will go away?  Symptoms are REAL, but the disease called Lyme is NOT REAL!

IMPORTANT!  How & From Where The Lyme Crisis Originated:

Symptoms associated with Lyme disease are NEITHER bacterial, parasitic, or viral.  Rather, they are side-effects of mold and fungal infestation, low-grade, systemic inflammation and dysfunctional immunity.  The process begins YEARS BEFORE onset of acute symptoms and appearance of the mysterious, bullseye.

When the body CAN NO LONGER COPE with terrain misuse and abuse, autoimmune symptoms intensify. It is ONLY AFTER fungal infestation has inflamed the terrain, hijacked hormones and compromised immunity that viruses and pathogenic bacteria assert themselves and take control of the system.    

Bacterial takeover becomes official when low-risk organisms MORPH into virulent forms.  This phenomenon causes practitioners of every breed to MISINTERPRET symptoms and labs, and issue their misdiagnoses

NOW, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!  As went cancer in the allopathic arena, so goes Lyme disease in the alternative arena.  The Cancer story and the Lyme story are BOTH medical myths!  Practitioners are IGNORANT of cancer, what it is and what causes it.  They think cancer is a genetic disease, when it’s a [reversible] metabolic disorder

The Lyme crisis was crafted by powerful interests who needed a MEDICAL SCAPEGOAT!  It was CREATED and ORCHESTRATED TO AVOID PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF CONTAMINATED POLIO [AND OTHER] VACCINES used on millions of innocent people in the 1950s & 60s.  The INCUBATION PERIOD following inoculation is 10-20 years.  By 1975, dysfunctional immunity and mysterious symptoms were epidemic!  The Lyme crisis supposedly began with vaccinated children.  Deer ticks provided, cover.  Mission, accomplished!  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Know, Vaccinations and antibiotics set the stage for systemic, low-grade inflammation, immune dysfunction and invasion by fungal yeast.  Vaccinations DO NOT give immunity, they do compromise metabolism and load the brain with heavy metals.  Vaccinations help fungal yeast make mycotoxins that manipulate metabolism, hormones and immunity.  VACCINATIONS ARE WEAPONIZED, TOXIC MEDICINE.  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Go to a conventional doctor and who knows what you will be diagnosed with?  Go to an alternative practitioner and you will likely be diagnosed with Lyme disease, especially if interpreted lab tests IMPLY, past exposure.

Don’t be too quick to take ownership of Lyme [or any other autoimmune disorder] just because some credentialed expert gives you a diagnostic opinion based on lab tests.  As for the red bullseye, it’s a trigger response, co-incidental to immune challenges.  The bullseye is NOT SPECIFIC to Lyme or tick bites.  Instead, think toxic terrain, poor liver function, intestinal dysbacteriosis and dysfunctional immunity.

Know, poor diet, stress, bowel issues and hormone imbalances [along with accumulation of acidic waste in the tissues] provides a breeding ground for infection and biofilm formation.  [See Terrain pH Protocol, here.]

Know, pathogenic life-forms FEED on mercury, lead and aluminum, and they require IRON to MORPH to virulence and mount infection, assaults.  Heavy metal overload is extremely common in the general population.

Know, the food chain is awash in glyphosate [RoundUp], and every BODY is loaded with the stuff.  You can’t avoid it, but you can remove the residues from your body, and prevent further accumulation.  

Know, antibiotics seriously damage the body’s, terrain.  One-round of antibiotics will haunt you for life, unless you take action, intervene and reverse the damage.  [Probiotics are useless, despite rumor to the contrary!]

Know, everyone gets their daily dose of antibiotics from food.  You can’t avoid them!  Therefore, maintenance of Primal Immunity requires eternal vigilance.  [Read about the YAC Immune Protocol, here.]

Know, glyphosate [RoundUp] speeds bacterial drug resistance by 100,000 times!  Should you develop a serious infection, such as MRSA or C-diff, things get real ugly, real quick due to glyphosate residues in your body.

Know, all medications are a DISASTER IN THE MAKING!  They do NOT cure anything, but they do destroy the body and weaken the immune system!  Why do you think Big Pharma WARNS US with disclaimers in their ads and drug enclosures?  You don’t die of disease, but you do die from drug toxicity.  Don’t forget it!

Observations & Musings

If you get a diagnosis for Lyme or any other so-called, disease, play your God Card and remove yourself before you are goaded into treatment for a DISEASE YOU DON’T HAVE OR ONE THAT DOES NOT EXIST.  Seriously!

Alternative medicine is losing direction and purpose.  It is following FAST in the footsteps of allopathic medicine.    Practitioners are now required to adhere to STANDARD OF CARE RULES that put the patient’s best interests, second.  If disease is diagnosed or suspected, alternative practitioners MUST REFER patients to physicians or specialists in the sick-care system.  Alternative medicine is failing its patients, and fast!

Know, when a health-related crisis occurs, diet, exercise and common food supplements are NOT enough to restore your terrain or immune system.  Primal immunity must be reestablished.  Guidance will be needed.

Readers may wish to read Special Insights, Confused, Desperate or Both?  There, I make the case that people don’t realize what they are up against when they become entangled in the sick-care system!  Another Special Insight entitled, Symptoms, Labels & Delusions offers additional perspective. 

Misdiagnosis Crisis

MISDIAGNOSIS IS A BIG PROBLEM, AND IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY!  Don’t allow diagnostic flimflam and inconclusive lab tests to sound your alarm.  Allow it, and you will be disarmed, you will embrace risky medications, and you will become subject to fictions such as, CANCER and LYME DISEASE.

Know, practitioners are CAPTIVE AGENTS of the sick-care system, and the game is RIGGED against the patient!  Be on guard, and be ready to play your GOD CARD before diagnostic fear seizes control and clouds your thinking.  For your own good, upon diagnosis, REMOVE YOURSELF, so you have time to think and pray.

In many ways, the internet is the WORSE THING that ever happened to people because of information overload.  Seriously!  It’s a VERY BIG problem and I hear it every day!  People are overwhelmed with misinformation and disinformation with no way to accurately assess their situation.  You can change that.

With KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND GUIDANCE, you can separate medical facts from medical fictions, avoid internet information-overload and get control of your health.  A word to the wise.

Conclusions & Solutions

Whatever your health issues, Lyme disease is NOT one of them.  If you have health issues, know your terrain needs tending. 

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  Why tolerate it?  Ask for guidance.

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