Immune System Overview & EndoBiotica

Many readers asked for a simpler explanation of immune function and EndoBiotica’s role on immunity.  Below is my response.  I trust it will provide better understanding of this unique immune approach.

Restoration of your immune function is an AWAKENING PROCESS similar to emerging from a long comma.   As the process unfolds, the body self-assesses the condition of the terrain and responds accordingly.

EndoBiotica contains endospheres that initiate the immune awakening process.  These are strains of dormant, highly-specialized bacteria not available in the food chain or from common probiotic formulations.  Do not confuse endospheres with probiotics; endospheres replace probiotics and are superior in every way.

Misguided farming practices, sick soils, microwave pollution [cell phones, towers and routers], medications, vaccinations and antibiotics continue to destroy these unique organisms, altering human and animal immunity.  [FYI: EndoBiotica is used by itself or alongside other programs and protocols.].  Ask for guidance.

Master Bacteria

Endospheres are specialized, DORMANT, MASTER BACTERIA that traverse the stomach environment untouched in their naturally, protected form.  In the small intestine, they awaken, assume adult form and initiate immune recovery.  Endospheric bacteria promote recovery of depressed immune systems by orchestrating vibrational uniformity [resonance] among all OTHER bacteria [both good and bad] in the microbiome.

Bacteria communicate with each other and MASTER BACTERIA cause ordinary bacteria [even pathogenic ones] to adopt their signals and morph and vibrate in unison as a bacterial team and orchestra.

Coordinated immune response [vibrational resonance] corrects VIBRATIONAL CHAOS that dominates people’s immune systems.  Awakened immune systems identify immune dysfunction; then recovery commences.  The process unfolds over six to twelve months.  Just one capsule/day of EndoBiotica does the job.

Inflammation is central to all disease.  Autoimmune responses are abnormal inflammatory responses where the body attacks because of a dysfunctional intestinal tract.  Compromised intestinal environments are UNIVERSAL in the population; everyone suffers from dysfunctional immunity to some degree.  The condition has a name.

It is commonly called leaky-gut syndrome; a condition where undigested food and intestinal toxins access the blood stream igniting inflammation throughout the body.  Endotoxins [toxins made by bad bacteria, molds and yeast] seize control of metabolism creating chaos in the immune system.  Autoimmune disorders, such as psoriasis, eczema, itching, asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, diabetes and bowel disorders are examples.  EndoBiotica helps you regain control of your health and your life.  See last week’s  Announcement.

The Recovery Process

Everyone responds to EndoBiotica according to the condition of the body’s terrain and to the degree immune system is compromised, and everyone suffers from compromised immunity, that is why we age!

Those with moderately good immune systems may experience mild congestion in the head, fullness in the ears, mild brain fog, change in bowel patterns, discomfort in the joints, indigestion, etc.

Those with seriously compromised systems may experience temporary fatigue, sinus inflammation, buzzing in the ears, nausea, joint ache, bronchial congestion, brain fog, flue-like symptoms, diarrhea, gas, bloat, etc.

System adjustments take a few days to a week and ease as immune function adjusts.  These are normal and natural immune responses.  Welcome the correction process; your system is awakening.

Conclusions & Suggestions

EndoBiotica provides an edge in the ongoing battle for strong immunity and a biological shield from signal influence and destruction of immune function by cell phones, towers and routers.  It also provides strong defense against illness and a way to avoid influenza assaults.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to endure?

To learn more, contact John Thomas or (509) 465-4154.

To Good Health,

John Thomas, Author
Young Again!

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