How Iron ToxicityAffects Your Health Iron’s Disruptive Influence On Metabolism

Iron’s Disruptive Influence On Metabolism

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Part 1

Recent mailings urged readers to obtain their ferritin iron test score.  Today’s report explains WHY so much depends on the ‘interpretation’ of your blood iron test score.

Part 1 is about so-called ‘normal’ blood iron levelsand why your ferritin iron level affects every aspect of health, cognition, hormones, inflammation and aging.

Unhealthy levels of ferritin (blood iron) are common because iron accumulates in the body.  It is vitally important to understand why and howiron accumulates in blood (and tissues) of healthy, normal people—and what can be done to clear excess iron from the body.

The terms: iron toxicity, elevated ferritin iron and iron overloadare used interchangeably in this report to describe the phenomenon of unhealthy accumulation of excess iron in blood.

In this issue:

Overview: When ‘Normal’ Blood Is Not Healthy Blood

Claudius Galen & the Four Humors

Making Sense of Your Ferritin Blood Iron Score

Anemia: The Other Side of The Story

Iron’s Many Costumes & Multiple Personalities

Symptoms & Side Effects of Iron Overload & Iron Poisoning

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth always prevails and readers deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

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Overview: When ‘Normal’ Blood Is Not Healthy Blood

If you wish to dodge the BIG FIVE [cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney issues and degenerative arthritis] your ferritin blood iron levelsshould be kept VERY LOW

When blood iron levels rise and remain elevated over many years, metabolism is disrupted and suffering becomes a way of life.  Iron overload is everyone’s problem—sooner or later.

This special report spotlights the troubles that flawed interpretation of ferritin test scores cause, and the problems iron toxicity creates for millions of unsuspecting people. 

Iron toxicity haunts the entire human population, rich and poor, male and female—along with our dog and cat animal friends. 

Unrecognized iron overload is perhaps the greatest blunder of current medical thinking! 

Claudius Galen & The Four Humors

For 1600 years (+ -), the teachings of Greek physician, Cladius Galen dominated medical thinking.  Galen believed four ‘humors’ [four types of body fluids] were responsible for four personality types and four ‘states’ of illness: melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine and choleric. 

Galen’s ‘humorism’ became the central tenet of medical belief.  Looking back, it should have been obvious to students and teachers alike that Galen’s theories were, preposterous!

Yet, for 1600 years Galen’s illusions were medical dogma perpetuated by experts who were more concerned about ego and social standing than, medical truth. 

INSERT: [In 1947, as a three year old child, I remember the ice cream truck plying my neighborhood while playing musical tunes to let people know the truck was coming their way.  The driver was known as The Good Humor Man!  Meaning, the sweet ‘humors’ he sold replaced our bad humors—at least until the sugar wracked our metabolism.]

Louis Pasteur advanced the Germ Theory of Disease in the middle 1800s, replacing Galen’s preposterous ideas.  Unfortunately, the Germ Theory was equally faulty—but truth had nothing to do with Pasteur’s new theory.  Medicine needed a new boogeyman: GERMS!

The Germ Theory is today’s ‘standard’ despite solid evidence that the theory ‘IS’ wrong!  Bechamp said, “The terrain controls; the microbes, they are nothing.” —and he was correct.

The Germ Theory continues to confound medical theory, along with the anomaly of flawed interpretation of ferritin blood iron test scores.

Making Sense of Your Ferritin Blood-Iron Score

The normal range of ferritin blood iron is 11 to 450 ng/ml.  Such a wide range should strike the reader as very, very odd.  Something is wrong here!

Question: How can normal be anywhere between 11 & 450?”  Answer:  “It can’t! Lab interpretation of normal is the equivalent of Galen’s ‘four humors!’  Normal does not mean what people think it means, or what they are told it means.  Normal is not normal!

The ideal ferritin iron level is ‘11’.   So, if your score is 77, you are seven times high.  If your score is 220, you are 20 times high, and so on.  It is common to see test results between 200 and 450.  The higher the score, the greater your risk of poor health, disease and premature death.

Ferritin level rises with age, and with it, chronic inflammation.  Ferritin level is central to all disease—including CANCER!

Cancer, bacteria and viruses require iron to grow, and the iron they need is supplied from excess ferritin iron circulating in the blood!  In other words, infection is made possible by excess iron in the system, making iron a critical element of terrain management.

Know this: the terrain controls your genes and DNA through the epigenome which is a reflection of diet and lifestyle.  The epigenome, not your genes and DNA, determine offspring inheritance, instead of vise-versa, and iron overload affects and distorts the terrain.

Terrain management is central to Young Again Club’s message of good health and longevity, and your blood iron level is a very effective way of managing the body’s terrain. 

Anemia: The Other Side of The Story

Anemia is a condition of low hemoglobin, not low ferritin iron.  If you have low red blood cell count, you will have low hemoglobin, low energy and limited ability to transport oxygen. 

Unfortunately, most professionals are confused about ‘normal’ blood iron levels.  Often, they blame low energy on low iron, when exactly the opposite is true.  Television ads further confuse the public with the words, ‘iron deficiency anemia’.  The result: everyone is CONFUSED!

‘Normal’ blood ferritin is the range seen among a population; nothing more.  Anemia has little to do with iron poor blood and EVERYTHING to do with why people [and pets] suffer and age. 

The problem with the ‘iron deficiency model’ is this:  consuming ‘iron’ does not improve hemoglobin.  For example, iron fortified food is a VERY BAD IDEA that drives-up ferritin levels and inflammation while doing nothing for anemia.  And, the higher your ferritin level, the faster you will age. 

Scary! A very bad idea and a new trend in ‘coaching’ is ‘iron loading’ promoted under the grossly mistaken idea that more iron = more energy, oxygen, endurance and speed.  Athletes [young and old] taking iron supplements will reap a bitter harvest from this misguided practice.

Tip: For low hemoglobin [or so-called, anemia], use liquid chlorophyll to boost hemoglobin formation and oxygen levels.  Chlorophyll is to plants what hemoglobin is to humans.  Chlorophyll so resembles human blood, it can be substituted when blood is unavailable. 

Iron’s Many Costumes & Multiple Personalities

Heme iron is a healthy form of dietary iron, as is iron from fresh green vegetables.   Healthyiron is NOT free [elemental] iron—and it is NOT excess ferritin iron, either! 

Heme iron is a hemoprotein that the human and animal body creates so blood can transport oxygen.  Dietary heme iron derives from healthy, red meat and is very different than fortified [elemental] iron in the food supply that is overloading everyone’s body.

Ferritin iron is a different hemoprotein.  Ferritin’s job is that of an iron storage molecule the body makes to LOCK-DOWN incoming fortified elemental iron to minimize its reactive nature. 

Elemental fortified iron in food plays havoc with children’s health and it accumulates in males over age 19 and menopausal females [or those with hysterectomy].  Women enjoy a 25 year advantage over men because of menstrual blood loss which keeps down ferritin iron.

Ferritin prevents elemental iron from oxidizing and making free radicals that damage the body.  Note: ferritin levels rise with age because the body must store more and more incoming iron.

Think of free [elemental] iron as rust on your car.  Iron is poisonous!  Yet, by law, the food supply is heavilylacedwith it!  So much so, that it is impossible to avoid fortified, dietary iron.

Your ferritin score measures ‘bound’ iron circulating in your blood.  Think of ferritin as a damage control molecule!  However, as ferritin levels rise, the greater the risk to the body’s terrain.

The solution to the iron dilemma is obvious: REDUCE your ferritin iron level.

Symptoms & Side Effects of Iron Overload & Iron Poisoning

Iron overload is a BIG FACTOR in the formation of brain plaques; iron definitely drives cognitive and neurological disorders of the old—and not so old.  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, brain-fog and memory loss all involve progressive iron toxicity.

Lung issues such as, COPD, pneumonia and mesothelioma are inflammatory, autoimmune responses made possible and made worse by the condition of iron overload.

Wrinkled skin is a sign of iron poisoning.  The body stores iron beneath skin when the is no other place to store it and keep it far away from the vital organs.  Aging skin and iron toxicity belong in the same sentence. 

Skin cancer is not the product of sun exposure.  Iron stored beneath the skin sets the stage and insulin/leptin resistance and chronic inflammation trigger the process.  If skin cancer is your concern, think TERRAIN—and ask for guidance.

Elevated liver enzymes and fatty liver are confirmations of degraded iron metabolism and insulin/leptin resistance.  Know this: the TERRAIN controls all things ‘liver’!  To restore your liver, see the Tissue & Liver Protocol

Fluoride and iron are both oxidizers!  Avoid anything containing fluoride, including many medications.  Fluoride and iron are ubiquitous; they drive premature aging and endless suffering.  To get rid of fluoride already resident in your body, ask for guidance.

Prostate and bladder infections occur due to elevated ferritin, elevated blood sugar and chronic inflammation.  Yeast REQUIRES iron and sugar to grow.  So-called, ‘normal’ blood sugar levels are 20-50 points high; meaning, those not yet diabetic, are pre-diabetic.

Migraine headaches involve iron overload, insulin/leptin resistance, sluggish bowel, and a compromised intestinal tract.  Migraines are a symptom, never a cause.

Vision problems such as: glaucoma and macular degeneration, plus hearing loss and ringing ears—are made worse by elevated ferritin iron, insulin/leptin resistance and chronic inflammation.  These problems are terrain issues and iron is in the middle of all of them!

Low ATP output by dysfunctionalmitochondria involves iron poisoning of the terrain.  Excess iron shortens DNA telomeres that control how many times cells divide before they die.  Deal with iron overload instead of fretting over your telomeres issues makes more sense!

Fatty tumors (lipomas) precede cancer; do NOT ignore them!  Lipoma formation REQUIRES iron, a compromised liver and insulin/leptin resistance [pre-diabetes].  Fatty tumors are red flags of a TERRAIN in serious trouble.  For guidance, ask.

More iron maladies: iron overload affects cataracts, fibromyalgia, adrenal burn-out, unbalanced female and male sexual hormones, loss of eyebrows/hair color and fungal overgrowth, as well as, chronic fatigue, cellulite, gluten intolerance and obesity.

The list of health challenges related to iron toxicity is endless and the solution blatantly obvious: REDUCE YOUR FERRITIN IRON! 

The conclusion of How Iron Toxicity Affects Your Health” follow next week.  Here is the link for PART 2

Here are topics of discussion in PART 2:

People, Pets & Confusion Regarding Iron Toxicity

Who Benefits From Adding Iron To The Food Supply?

Why People Are Unaware of Iron Poisoning?

The Fire Element & The Iron Cycle

A Cost FREE Solution For Solving Your Iron Problem

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