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Dietary fats are crucial for healthy metabolism, but oils are inflammatory!  Oils are lipids, but oils are NOT fats, and keto metabolism relies on dietary fats, bioactive magnesium ions, and copper ions. 

Coconut fat and lauric acid are useful when taken immediately before meals or in place of snacks.  The body needs fats MORE than proteins and carbohydrates.  Lack of fat limits healthy metabolism.

Fats slow insulin response to food, curb appetite, and satiate so we won’t overeat.  Fats are processed by the liver; fats are NOT digested in the stomach and gut.  Best of all, fats limit food cravings and the urge to eat more than often every six hours.  [Eating often burns-out your pancreas!]

Fats are energy-dense food that depends on efficient digestion.  Poor digestion drives aging and acidification of the terrain.  Digestion is about so much more than eating and pooping.  Digestion after age 50 is an ongoing problem for everyone, no matter how well you eat.  The liver needs fats to make steroid-based sexual/metabolic hormones, and for avoidance of disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, peripheral neuropathy, poor memory, and brain-fog.

Virgin coconut fat is a great source of dietary fats! TAKE A TABLESPOON IMMEDIATELY BEFORE MEALS.  The problem, however, is it’s difficult [and messy] to spoon coconut fat.  [Capsules are convenient!]

Snacking boosts insulin production, and leptin-resistance scrambles brain receptors that monitor blood sugar and keep-down insulin and avoid pancreatic burn-out!

Elevated insulin is called pre-diabetes [diabetes type 3] that sooner or later will morph into diabetes mellitus type 2.  Genes have nothing to do with it!  A1c is a useless metric!  Instead, protect your pancreas and brain by keeping down insulin by using Re-Set [coconut/lauric acid capsules].

Insulin/leptin-resistance affects 99% of the population, young and old alike.  Metabolic Syndrome is the side-effect of insulin-resistance and subclinical scurvy.  Both DRIVE premature aging and misery.  [Insulin-resistance and Metabolic Syndrome mess with women’s hormones and men’s prostate!]  

MAGNESIUM ION INSUFFICIENCY LIMITS FAT METABOLISM AND HELPS DRIVE DISORDERS SUCH AS CANCER, ARTHRITIS, DIABETES, AND CARDIOVASCULAR.  Genes have nothing to do with it!  [Note: the body needs a generous, ongoing supply of bioactive, magnesium ions and a transport molecule to move ions OUT OF BLOOD and across cell membranes where mitochondria use them to process hydrogen and make a never-ending supply of anabolic energy.  [ATP fuels the cells; hydrogen fuels metabolism.]

[DO NOT ASSUME your magnesium levels are fine because you take magnesium oxide, carbonate, malate, citrate, taurate, glycinate, and/or threonate.  These forms provide only about 5% ion absorption to blood and even less to cells (200 mgs provides about 10 mgs to blood).  How much bioactive magnesium does the body need daily?  [Can you say 800-1000 mgs. daily?] 

RE-SET is coconut fat and lauric acid in CAPSULE FORM.  Take two caps before meals, or when on the run to avoid over-eating, junking, drinking, and snacking.  Use RE-SET for weight reduction, muscle and bone formation, reduction of systemic inflammation, and for avoiding the curse of Metabolic Syndrome and insulin/leptin-resistance.  Re-Set is about healthy metabolism.

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