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Let’s Play Medical Leapfrog!

The Game Of Leapfrog Medicine

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Treatment for a condition you don’t have is far worse than misdiagnosis, and both are common.  This report will help you keep your name OFF the sick-care roster.  To learn more, read on.

Most of what is believed about things medical is NOT settled science, so the more you understand about human physiology the easier it is to avoid becoming entangled in the sick-care system. 

Eleven misunderstoodhealth conditions are dissected below.  Every reader knows [or will know] at least one of them.  As for sniffles, chills, cough, fatigue, smell and taste, fever and headache, these are symptoms of a compromised terrain NOT disease.  Disease is medical theater!

Leapfrog Medicine!  Association is NOT causation!  When it comes to diagnosis, cause and effect are seldom what they appear or what tests indicate.  Just because ‘A’ is associated with ‘B’ doesn’t mean ‘B’ caused ‘A’ regardless of expert consensus and lab reports to the contrary.

Disease medicine is medical theater and so is mis-interpretation of symptoms used to justify medical intervention.  The current Corona Crisis is real-time medical theater and a take-down, too!  Nothing real about Corona unless you add the word disease and misleading tests.  That’s when medical witchery assumes disease status.  Instead, think dis-ease and understand the difference.

Medical Fictions & Blunders

History is rife with medical fictions and blunders.  For example scurvy, Germ Theory, pellagra, AIDS, cancer, smallpox, diabetes , rickets, beriberi and plague.  As for Corona, no one can prove it exists AND they can’t SATISFY THE GOLDEN RULE OF DISEASE CLASSIFICATION called Koch’s Postulates

The problem with virus theory is viruses are NOT organisms and cannot transmit disease.  NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN A LIVING VIRUS AND NO ONE HAS PROVEN VIRUSES EXIST!  The reason?  They don’t exist!  Virus theory is recycled Germ Theory and both are fraudulent science!   

Claims by experts that viruses are pathogenic agents is miasmic witchery!  The vaxx is fast becoming both the vector and the agent.  To be valid science, Koch’s Postulates MUST BE SATISFIED! 

Q.  Why did the so-called influenza season brake-rank with 5,000 years of history and up and decide to disappear when Corona magically appeared?  Q.  Why do experts pretend Corona is real?  A.  Because they are educated beyond their intelligence and can’t admit that they are fools who sold their souls to pharma.  Read on to learn why leapfrog  medicine is the future of medicine.

1600 Years Of Medical Baloney

The Germ Theory of Disease is the foundation of modern medical theory.  It’s also proof of medical witchery that has plagued practitioner thinking since the late 1800’s when theorized by the grandaddy of medical frauds, Louis Pasteur.  [Germ Theory is code for miasma; click to understand.]

Prior to Pasteur, Claudius Galen’s absurd theories of anatomy and physiology RULED MEDICINE FOR 1600 YEARS!  These days the gifted debate virus theory and boogeyman germs that unexplainably jump specie barriers for the first time in biologic history.  Absent from the discussion is pharma’s evil influence.  [People testing for COVID can get vaxxed without their knowledge.]

The so-called 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic had NOTHING to do with influenza or the Spanish.  It has long been established that the outbreak was latent tuberculosis (TB) triggered by incineration of SICK animals near Fr. Riley, Kansas.  Like the bubonic plague/flea myth, the term influenza was INVENTED to explain miasmatic phenomena and shape public perception of dis-ease.

Q.  Why all the fuss over Corona virus when OVER 400,000 PEOPLE DIE EVERY YEAR from iatrogenic [medically caused] complications of misdiagnosis and drugsQ. What excuse will officials divine to explain depopulation of those primed by the vaxx so their immune systems will overreact to man-made variants, and for those who got vaxxed without Plan B in place.  A. Excuses don’t matter!

Did you know Wuhan, China has SEVEN incinerators spewing sewage and animal prions into the air?  Ditto at Fr. Riley preceding the so-called 1918 extravaganza.  Did you know tuberculosis has been the #1 killer in China, Italy and worldwide for centuries?  Can you say influenza & pneumonia-like symptoms and respiratory distress?  Can you say 5-G radiationCan you say sepsis?

In 1918, solders and citizens were RIPE FOR EPIDEMIC!  Overuse of aspirin weakened people’s livers and the vaxx and incineration of purulent animals triggered an avalanche.  Today’s recipe is accumulated glyphosate residues topped with Dr. Fauci sauce.  EPIDEMICS ALWAYS FOLLOW chemical and electronic pollution, malnourishment and medical witchery.  [Clear glyphosate now!]

Did you know humans carry latent TB spores; spores that morph to virulence under conditions of stress and immune assault?  Did you know glyphosate [Round-Up]and ferritin iron are vectors for pandemics like CoronaDid you know there is NO SUCH THING as a virus?  Do you care?

The 1918 flu epidemic helped allopathic medicine solidify power and close hundreds of homeopathic schools simultaneous to state licensing of doctors and legislation crafted by FRONT ORGANIZATIONS in the name of public healthDo you care?

Rumor has it life insurance companies are denying benefits because Corona vaxxes are experimental!  ADE [Antibody Dependent Enhancement]/VED [Vaxx Enhanced Disease] causes the vaxxed to OVERREACT when re-exposed; a circuitous cycle, where the more people vaxxed the higher the death rate, where the vaxxed are asymptomatic, Typhoid Mary’s and recombinant vectors and the not vaxxed are attacked by peers, politicians and medical scoundrels.

A compliant populace is fertile ground for scheming officials ever ready to pimp a crisis for pharma.  Just wait until depopulation becomes undeniable!  To avoid the racket called sick-care, you must become functionally knowledgeable in human physiology, but not what is taught at university!  To accelerate the learning process, read Special Insights and ask for [SPECIAL] guidance.

Eleven Medical Fictions & Eleven Medical Mis-diagnoses

ELEVEN MEDICAL FICTIONS ARE CRITIQUED BELOW.  Study them carefully and ask for guidance on things not understood.  Q. How do you know your understanding is lacking?  A.  If you suffer from dis-ease or chronic aging, your understanding is compromised.  [Ask for guidance].

Medical textbooks and curriculums are awash with faulty physiology.  Meaning, the body functions differently than what is taught and believed.  Like it or not, you are responsible for yourself.  Question medical witchery and avoid mis-diagnoses like the fictions critiqued below!  Becoming functionally knowledgeable in physiology is how you outsmart the racket called sick-care!

Strange Symbol [≠]

When you see this symbol [≠] ask yourself the following questions:

  • If association is not causation, what unidentified factors are at-play in my story?
  • If I really understood my health issues, could I by-pass the sick-care racket?
  • If medical theories behind my health challenges are false, am I the patsy?

[≠] Heart Attack & Cardiovascular Dis-ease

Heart attack is NOT about thrombosis, ischemia oxygen or blood flow, but it is about elemental ion load and the electrical charge of heart muscle cells.  When you hear the words heart attack, think ion-deficient heart cells, electrical melt-down and charley-horse of the heart muscle itself.

Fact is more than HALF of diagnosed cardiovascular events are subclinical gallbladder and liver attacks that spike certain blood proteins doctors and labs falsely report as heart attack when NO SUCH THING ever happened!  By-pass survivors and their family believe in medical fictions and the myth perpetuates.  Fact is MOST heart attacks occur for lack of bio-available ions heart-muscle cells require for mitochondria to make the energy molecule ATP that fuels the heart muscle.  Ditto for arrythmia, atrial fibrillation and hypertension.   Don’t forget it!

Heart attacks are seldom the result of occluded coronary arteries, low blood-oxygen, cholesterol or blood clots.  These medical myths are theater to keep the cattle lines full and to keep patients living in fear and ignorance.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is NOT about bone density, broken hips and bones that refuse to heal.  These are symptoms of premature aging.  Osteoporosis is about the inability to build healthy, new bone faster than old bone wears-out.  Breakdown of tendons, ligaments and cartilage is about loss of bone integrity and ongoing, systemic, low-grade inflammation of connective tissue attached to bone.

Did you know calcium supplements FUEL inflammation?  Did you know statin and monoclonal-antibody drugs raise breast cancer risk by 300%?  To restore your tendons, ligaments and cartilage, you MUST dissolve scar tissue, deacidify your terrain, and accelerate your BTR [Bone Turnover Rate].  To learn more click hereASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Neurologic Disorders

Mental decline is NOT about memory, brain fog, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.  Medical explanations of neurologic dis-ease mislead and rob patients of the chance for recovery.

Memory loss and brain degeneration are MADE WORSE by statin and monoclonal-antibody drugs, elevated ferritin iron, lack of dietary fats, inability to make hormones [from fats] and poor blood flow.  Practitioners have little understanding of neurologic dis-ease. Misdiagnosis and reliance on medications occurs because of faulty medical training and bogus medical theories.  Beware! 

Loss of brain tissue forms holes and degenerating neurons form tangles in degenerating brains.  Confusion manifests when neurons are STARVED of cholesterol and essential elements.  Neurologic decline says Essential Element depletion, ferritin iron overload, acidic pH and failure to nourish your brain with cholesterol.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Respiration & Pneumonia

Pneumonia and respiratory issues are NOT about infection or disease.  Rather, they are about  metabolic distress and ongoing, low-grade inflammation.  Ditto for asthma and COPD.  Pneumonia and severe respiratory distress are symptoms of fungal invasion and takeover of the respiratory tract by morphed, virulent, latent-tuberculosis [TB] spores long-resident in the body.  Fungal takeover ALWAYS precedes collapse of respiratory function and onset of sepsis.

FYI: doctors have NOT been schooled in mycology [study of fungal molds] since 1950!  Big-Pharma saw-to-it practitioners ONLY think in terms of bacteria and viruses.  Bacteria do NOT cause pneumonia; they appear AFTER fungi have weakened immune function.  As for viruses, there is NO SUCH THING!  Virology is the unholy extension of Germy Theory that has dominated medical witchery since Pasteur.  [Herd immunity is the latest statistical scam of medical witchery.]  Beware!

FYI: you don’t catch pneumonia from others and it does NOT matter whether doctor classifies it as bacterial or viral.  So-called pneumonia is the after-effect of mycotoxin poisoning by fungal-molds.  Practitioners do NOT understand fungal pneumonia.  Steroids and antibiotics FUEL fungal growth and mycotoxin poisoning that ends in sepsisASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Dental & Periodontal Dis-ease

Dental dis-ease is NOT about cavities, fillings, root canals or infected gums.  These are reflections of your terrain and pH.  Dental infection fuels inflammation and assaults the heart muscle when toxic blood returns from an infected mouth.  Dental dis-ease is  about toxicity, acidic terrain and low saliva pH.  Diet, digestion and terrain issues control dental dis-ease as much as poor dental hygiene.  People with a CRP score  above -0- generally suffer from ongoing dental infection!  CRP stands for C-reactive proteinASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] The Cancer [Racket] Myth

Cancer is NOT about family history, genes, bacteria or viruses.  Cancer diagnosis [if valid?] is confirmation of fungal takeover, mycotoxin poisoning, ion insufficiency, dysfunctional cellular respiration and collapse of mitochondrial production of cellular ATPCancer is a terrain issue NOT a disease.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for PROVING cancer is a fungal condition.  Practitioners who claim it’s a viral condition are either outright liars or mal-educated fools.  Cancer is failing metabolism and FUNGUS!  Cancer is a bi-directional condition.  To reverse direction, ask for guidance and think like a recovering alcoholic!  CANCER IS NOT THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE!  Read it again!  Q.  Why do people allow medical charlatans to torture and strip them of their money and humanity under the pretense that chemotherapy and radiation kills cancer and saves lives?  A.  Because they are ignorant fools who believe-in the  sick-care medical model and do NOT understand physiology.

[≠] Diabetes, Kidneys & Eyes

Diabetes is NOT about elevated blood sugar and insulin.  It’s about dysfunctional metabolism, digestion insufficiency and insulin/leptin resistance at cell and brain receptor levels.

Half the populace is diabetic and the other half is pre-diabetic, NOT because of elevated sugar or lack of insulin but because of dysfunctional leptin metabolism.  Leptin regulates brain response and production of insulin.  Elevated sugar [over 90] says pre-diabetes and insulin-leptin resistance.  Diabetes follows!  [Beware if you are overweight by ten pounds or have belly flap.]  Don’t forget it!

Q. Why do practitioners ignore metabolic syndrome, fatty liver and leptin and talk A1c instead?  Why do they ignore dysfunctional metabolism and mislead patients?  A.  They are mal-trained.  Patients and practitioners obsess about keeping the A1c score under 7.0, when problems of insulin-leptin resistance, fatty liver and glucose over 90 are critical.  Diabetes, kidneys, deteriorating vision and hypertension are low-grade inflammation issues in disguise.  Practitioners don’t know these things, so you must learn to care for yourself.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Arthritis & Inflammation

Arthritis is NOT about inflamed joints and immobility.  Arthritis is about ongoing low-grade inflammation, pre-diabetes, autoimmune responses and insulin/leptin resistance.

Arthritis has NOTHING to do with genes, family history or advancing age.  Did you know you can dissolve calcium deposits and bone spurs with bioactive elemental ions and phospholipids?  Why kill yourself with pain-killers?  To get rid of arthritis, you MUST think like a recovering alcoholic!  Arthritis is about your terrain!   Seek guidance and do your part and arthritis goes away!  Arthritis is REVERSIBLE, so reverse it!  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is dis-ease in-progress but NOT disease!  Symptoms are: cardiovascular issues, diabetes, renal complications, abdominal fat [belly-flap], high triglycerides, obesity, hypertension and low LDL cholesterol.  Sound familiar?  Don’t ignore signs and symptoms that are reversible with knowledge and guidance.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Obesity & Overweight

Overweight is NOT disease, but it is a sign of Metabolic Syndrome in-progress.  Overweight by 10 pounds and belly flap says systemic inflammation, slowing metabolism, fatty liver, poor digestion and pre-diabetic insulin/leptin resistance.  Excess fat should burn-off as fast as it piled-on!  If it doesn’t, your metabolism is compromised.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATION.  Don’t forget it!

[≠] Gluten Intolerance: is NOT about gluten, but it is about INABILITY TO PROPERLY AND FULLY properly digest and ferment foodASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

Final Thoughts

Disease is NOT caused by lack of drugs!  The body heals itself, drugs sabotage.  Drugs are suicide!  Restore your terrain and YOU WILL HAVE NO NEED of drugs or practitioners.  The body is made to live; it dies because we kill it!   Ask for guidance. or 509 465-4154

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