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A Valentine’s Gift For Your Sweetie The Gift That Keeps On Giving ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Make your sweetie’s Valentine’s Day [and your own] the best ever with perpetual good health and resurrected immunity.  To learn how to make these things happen in your life, read on.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled and they are in short supply!  The medical system is rigged and corrupt; long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with, truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be, mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Forward: Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols Sections of the website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words.

‘Tis The Sick Season 24/7/365

The official sugar season begins on Halloween, continues unabated through Christmas and New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and finally, Easter.  But it doesn’t stop there!

The next six months of the year are the unofficial season for grazing on sugar, alcohol [including wine] and excess fruit.  Add assault by vaccination for anything and everything [real or imagined] and it’s no wonder people’s immune systems are upside-down and sweetie and yourself are suffering unnecessarily and aging prematurely.  For example…

Diabetes, was once called sugar diabetes because people who ate too many sweets saw their blood sugar levels rise to dangerous levels.  Today, 35% of the population is officially diabetic and the remaining 65% is pre-diabetic

Sweets definitely play a role in the aging process and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to understand why your sweetie [or yourself] are suffering the sugar blues even if none are eaten.

When you think sweets, think of carbohydrates, such as sugar, candy, fruit, agave, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, pasta and of course, wine and alcohol. 

Sweets fuel the growth of molds and yeast that destroy immune function with their potent mycotoxins, and it all begins with the innocent, one-time-exposure to antibiotics, use of birth control pills and steroidal medications.  [See Jill’s Story.] 

Consumption of sweets and endless cravings haunt the population and Valentine’s Day is no reason to celebrate with sweets.  Better to break the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle once and for all  Real change comes from following the Mold & Fungus Protocol and freeing the body of perpetual enslavement from merger of fungal DNA with your own human DNA.

Real health comes when the immune system resurrects itself with help from endospheric MASTER bacteria; dormant, specialized bacteria NOT available via the food chain or probiotics.  [Probiotics don’t survive the stomach; besides, they do NOT contain endospheres.]

Poisons made by bad bacteria are called endotoxins; poisons made by molds and yeast are called mycotoxins.  When absorbed by the intestinal tract, these systemic poisons cause 99.999% of people’s so-called autoimmune complaints from asthma and cardiovascular problems to cancer, diabetes and arthritis.  [Know, if you have health issues, your immune system is dysfunctional and your metabolism is under the control of molds and fungus.]


Sweet Valentines For Your Sweetie!

People associate sweets with fun, satisfaction and memories.  Nothing wrong with any of these things except that sweets are degenerative, a source of systemic inflammation, moodiness, premature aging because sweets fuel the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle.

Valentine’s Day and chocolate are associated with love.  Good chocolate contains fats that are the basis of women’s [and men’s] hormones, but the sugar aspect of chocolate is not so nice.

Sucrose (table sugar) is 50 % glucose which temporarily boosts energy.  The other 50% is fructose.  The body removes fructose from blood and converts it to body fat, especially at the waistline and cellulite on the thighs [which you can eliminate if you will ask for guidance.]

Excess fat building is controlled by fungal yeast and molds every bit as much as by diet and consumption.  See Special Insights, Belly Fat Phenomenon.

Fructose does not provide the body with usable energy and it severely disrupts the intestinal microbiome.  Yeast infections [women] and prostate issues and testicular swelling [men] are classic examples of mycotoxin dominance.  So is gout and cardiovascular disease.

The population is hooked on carbohydrates.  People have trained their bodies to burn carbohydrates as their primary energy source instead of fats.  [Dietary fats supply up to 80% of total energy needs without compromising health like carbohydrates do.]. For your information, excess protein over 6% of total calories consumed]drives-up blood sugar levels and creates the state of pre-diabetes and prevents people from losing weight.

Sweets, Allergies, Sensitivities & Fat Metabolism

Healthy fats such as coconut oil are very useful for breaking carbohydrate dependence.  Moreover, fats ease food cravings!  But to convert fats to energy, you need bio-active bile in the form of Pro-Ox which doubles to break-down toxins in the intestinal tract before they cause autoimmune responses along with gas and bloat.

Contrary to medical myths about fats [and the absurd food pyramid dieticians and food experts love to crow about] fats are every bit as critical for good health and longevity as green vegetables and whole plant foods.  See Eat Fats to Be Healthy & Happy.

Proteins present a serious dilemma for all of us because high stomach acidity is needed to breakdown proteins before they enter the intestinal tract.  Incomplete protein digestion and leaky-gut fuel inflammatory responses, such as allergies and food sensitivities because of hyphal invasion of the gut wall.  [These conditions are condition is epidemic and reversible!]

Undigested proteins do not belong in the intestinal track and NEVER in the blood stream.  Foreign proteins trigger immune system reactions described best as the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.  [FYI: insect bites and stings along with snake bite reactions are caused by foreign proteins.]

Gluten intolerance is CONFIRMATION of failure to digest wheat protein.  It’s also confirmation of an inflamed and porous small intestinal wall and unrestricted admission of foreign proteins into the blood stream. 

Gluten intolerance is a REAL problem for millions of people.  Sadly, the label misleads by focusing on the effect rather than the cause of this intestinal dilemma.  Many people are forced to rely on the GAPS diet to survive.  Gluten is a problem, but an inflamed, leaky-gut from systemic invasion by fungal hypha and the total absence of endospheric, master bacteria are at the center of suffering.  Better answers are available.  To learn more, click here.

People who suffer with intestinal issues [and gluten intolerance in particular] MUST avoid foods containing gluten until they have regenerated their small intestinal wall and resurrected their microbiome with EndoBiotica. 

The reader knows symptoms of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle by names such as  fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, irritable bowel, yeast, gout, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema, acne, brain fog, thyroid, tinnitus (ringing in ears), eye problems and Alzheimer’s.  These conditions are classic examples of autoimmune attacks by the body against the body.  Sweets, fungal invasion, mycotoxin dominance and incomplete protein digestion all play their part in these conditions.  

No discussion of sweets is complete without mention of the body’s regulatory hormones leptin, insulin and adrenaline.  A complete review of diabetes and insulin resistance is offered in Special Insights, Blood Sugar, Inflammation & Diabetes

A New Valentine’s Day Tradition & Flowers for Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go sweet-free, resurrect your immune system and escape the burden of fungal dominance of your body.  Guidance is provided FREE!

Flowers on Valentine’s Day avoids sugar blues.  Flowers do not gray hair or fog the brain or cause gas and bloat.  Flowers do not drive depression, cravings, poor sleep, yeast outbreaks, bladder infections, prostate flare-ups, neck and back tension and bowel irregularities.

Sweets confuse the immune system, weaken the body and inflame everything.  Give your Sweetie

the sweetest gift of all this Valentine’s Day.  GOOD HEALTH!

Solutions & Conclusions

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  Isn’t it time to give yourself and your sweetie the Valentine’s gift of good health?

If you have issues or  suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available for FREE!

Ask for guidance here.

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Ground Hog Season Is Upon Us! Grow Real Food The Easy Way ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Today, you will learn how to grow superior quality food; food you can’t buy; food that mocks the word, ‘organic’; food that incorporates the energetic principles and practices of biodynamic agriculture.

Ground Hog Season is the perfect time to emerge from your hole and realize that the food chain is severely compromised, and if you want vibrant food, you must grow it yourself.  Food is the most important factor of health and longevity and the simplest way to maintain and restore, well-being. 

People & Plants

Plants need the same things humans need: clean water, a healthy [root/terrain] environment, lots of cellular energy, biologically-active bacteria and an ongoing source of charged, mineral ions.   

Know that gardening books and magazines are written by authors with primitive comprehension of plant/soil physiology and zero understanding of biodynamic food production; the same type of institutional ignorance that dominates conventional and alternative medical thinking in year 2020.

Healthy plants and healthy people have healthy terrains.  Sick plants and sick bodies are confirmations of dysfunctional terrains and body physiologies that are unable to resurrect for lack of cellular ENERGY.

Garden Bucket Recipe

Most readers will choose to grow food in pots.  Simple, inexpensive, readily-available, five-gallon buckets from Lowes or Home Depot.  Some may choose to  garden in a flower bed or a dedicated garden plot.  For most, patio and deck gardening will be the practical choice. 

You want to grow non-hybrid plants in buckets from non-hybrid seeds, because they are superior to hybrid, root-bound and stressed nursery plants.  You want to grow Russian-red KALE with big, dark green leaves, NOT common varieties!  [Get your seeds from Amazon, seed catalogs or local suppliers.]

You will need a bag of composted, chicken manure,  a bag of common sand, a big bag of potting soil and some gypsum [these are available from local garden supply stores].  MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will need biologically charged, soil ion tablets if you want vibrant, disease-free plants bursting with life-force.  [GardenMagic ion soil tablets are available from John Thomas and Young Again Club.]

If you are growing food in flower beds or a dedicated, garden plot, dig 12” X 12” holes and back-fill them as outlined below with one additional step: place GardenMagic ion soil tablets in garden bed as you build it; place them 6” inches deep and 6-12” off-center where plants will be located. [For garlic, potatoes and bulbs, place half a soil ion tablet under each seed along with a teaspoon of bone meal and pinch of BioCarbon Complex.  Plant garlic cloves in Fall for Summer harvest.]


Russian-red kale and non-hybrid tomatoes are perfect choices.  It is near impossible to find biodynamically raised food at farmer’s markets or stores.  ‘Organic’ has little value because soils are depleted and biologically dysfunctional of the ions plants need to produce high energy, life-force food. 

This discussion focuses on the green leafy vegetable called, KALE, because kale is the easiest and most nutritious food you can grow [collards are next best].  [BTW: the correct way to eat greens is to gently cook them in water before adding vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper added.  Make sure and drink the juice!  Vinegar is CRITICAL to digestion of greens which should NEVER be eaten raw or made into smoothies!  Greens are loaded with oxalates!  Kale has the least oxalates and chard and spinach have the most oxalates.  Oxalates are difficult to digest and very inflammatory to the digestive tract [think gluten, leaky-gut, irritable bowel, celiac and Crohn’s].  Oxalates are just one reason that people who eat raw salads and greens suffer from low-grade, systemic inflammation!

Kale is FIVE TIMES better for you than other greens.  Kale fuels nitric oxide [NO] production by endothelial cells lining blood vessels and capillaries, resulting in superior blood and oxygen delivery to your heart and brain and restoration of compromised body physiology.  [There is nothing kale can’t cure!]

Russian-red kale is very hardy, prolific and easy to chop and freeze in small, portion-sized sandwich bags for winter-time use when your body needs kale the most.

How To Build Patio Buckets & Garden Beds

  1. Drill three 1/2“ holes in the outer perimeter of bucket bottoms.  Cover holes with old stocking or window screen so excess water can drain. 
  2. Fill bottom half of bucket with a blended mix of common, soil, potting preparation and sand, and add a few handfuls of composted, chicken manure compost at the half-full level.
  3. Fill bucket with soil mix, adding a handful of gypsum to the top 2” of soil.  Leave 2” of space above soil; don’t overfill.  Then, place three ion soil tablets just below soil surface and water bucket gently several times until water emerges from the bottom.
  4. Next, place six seeds on soil and cover lightly with potting mix.  [Do NOT water again until plants emerge; then water gently until plants gain some size and are well established.]. Thin plants to ONE PLANT PER BUCKET, using scissors to trim excess plants at soil level Do NOT pull plants and disturb soil bed.  Or, simply start plants and transplant them when they are ready.  [In the garden, seed a 12” square and transplant plants to pre-marked locations later for even spacing.]
  5. When final plant is well established [2” tall], scratch two handfuls of composted, chicken manure into topsoil along with some BioCarbon Complex and a teaspoon of table sugar to catalyze bacterial activity.  [Wear gloves and DO NOT breath dust]. Drainage indicates plant/soil hydration needs are adequate.  [You may need to improvise a catch-pan for drainage.]
  6. In Spring and during cool weather, give plants full sun and water daily.  In HOT weather, reduce sun exposure and flood water 2x/day.  WHEN GOING AWAY, bury an inverted liter water bottle with a ‘loose’ cap and excised bottom in each bucket; fill with water and allow water to slowly release into soil.  Dehydration stresses plants the same way it stresses the human body.
  7. Allow kale to grow big, full-sized leaves.  Over-harvesting and dehydration stifles growth and cause plants to bolt and become woody.  Plant multiple buckets for best harvests.  Kale is very, frost-hardy.
  8. Bugs and disease don’t bother Russian-red kale.  These plants are tough and sweeten with cold.
  9. When growing non-hybrid, heritage tomatoes, go easy on the chicken manure and put a support pole in bucket as you fill it to avoid doing damage to the plant’s roots later.  Tomatoes are best when picked full-red and allowed to ripen inside for a few days before eating.


Plants need ENERGY to transform sunlight into food-bound, life-force, just as humans need ENERGY to grow, heal and repair.  Inability to make enough cellular ENERGY is why we age and die.

Plants make ENERGY from essential ions mediated by symbiotic bacteria that enable ion traversal at the plant’s root-hair level.  Humans make cellular ENERGY from essential ions that traverse cell membranes so mitochondria orchestrate creation of our cellular energy molecule, Mg-ATP.

Biodynamically grown food is powerful food; nothing else compares.  [FYI: John Thomas, now age 75, works 40+ hours a week, six months a year besides his regular duties doing hard labor, without power equipment, in his one-acre garden and orchard.  Hard work keeps John Thomas in shape and powerful food keeps him healthy and nourished.]

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Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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