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Toilet Paper Paranoia

Virus Insanity & Medical Superstitions

[One Square At A Time]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

This report was supposed to go to print back in June [2020], but it was determined to be premature and perhaps, unnecessary.  At that time, return to sanity was on the horizon and toilet paper mania appeared to be settling-down.  I was mistaken.  Paranoia and irrational behavior have intensified!

For example, hoarding of toilet paper!  People are wrongly associating bathroom activity with spread of THE VIRUS.  Behind such behavior is poor understanding of the relationship between germs, toilet paper, face masks, quarantine, anti-social distancing and hand washing.

Freedom from medical superstitions about dis-ease in general and viruses in particular requires us to challenge our beliefs and discard irrelevant fictions.  To learn more, read on.

Acceptance of germ theory by the public and practitioners created a

superstitious, germ-phobic society of victims.

Witness the paranoia over viruses that DO NOT exist!  Fabricated, bald-faced fictions based on the granddaddy of medical fictions known as the Germ Theory of Disease.

Germ theory entrapped public consciousness with fear and paranoia.  Instead of concern over malnourishment and terrain toxicity, parents, teachers, health officials, big pharma and medical practitioners perpetuated germ theory  fiction because it sounds credible and it’s all they know. 

Medicine refuses to admit the obvious; meaning, Germ Theory of Disease is FRAUD!  The problem is that Germ Theory is the basis of sick-care medicine.  It’s what’s taught in medical school by arrogant, confused professors.  Fear of ridicule and professional ego permeate Germ Theory. 

Galen’s idiotic ideas about HUMORS that circulated in body fluids and gave birth to dis-ease was central to the medical brotherhood.  Worse, there was dogmatic belief among practitioners that that miasmas rose from the bowels of Earth, spreading dis-ease and torment in the form of four human personality types: melancholy, choleric, sanguine and phlegmatic.

Medicine pathetically clung to Galen’s teachings for 1600 years only to embrace the equally fraudulent Germ Theory of Disease that is the basis of so-called, modern medicine.  [Go figure!]

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is a fraud and people need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine is faceless and is turning sick-care ever more, sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of website to assist the reader’s understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them as you desire.

Under-appreciated Tool Of Health & Longevity

Understandably, people everywhere avoid discussion of the most basic of human functions: bowel activity.  But oddly, the French popularized custom of bidet [bee-deh] has attained limited social status as a sanitary practice and as a way to conserve and avoid use of toilet paper. 

Enema has some commonalities with bidet, plus advantages.  Enema raises the bar by encouraging the body to release toxic waste from the terrain and at the same time managing symptoms of dis-ease.  [Reduced toilet paper consumption and sanitation are side benefits.] 

Therapeutic use of enema and colon therapy is a hallmark of the Young Again Club lifestyle for 27 years [and for John Thomas personally for 44 years].  FYI: John Thomas is now 76 years of age.  He has both survived and recovered from nine death-calls.  He personally knows the value of enemas and he has seen tens of thousands of people benefit from this simple practice.

Enemas help BIG TIME even in the face of manias like the so-called VIRUS pandemic now in progress.  Combined with the Terrain pH Protocol, enemas provide a simple, low-tech way to avoid dis-ease, improve health and buffer against paranoia and pandemic. 

Enemas BOOST metabolic efficiency of your vital organs, TRAIN THE BODY to release more toxic waste and RESTORE liver function.  Enemas are cleaner, faster and easier than normal toilet activity, and best of all, they are cost-free.  Nothing equals the benefits enema therapy offers, regardless of your age or circumstance.  [Here is the details of the YAC Enema Protocol.]

Facts & Fictions About Viruses, Dis-ease & Lab Tests

It DOES NOT MATTER whether the so-called virus is natural or man-made, or whether China created it overtly or clandestinely.  This report is about preserving your health and avoiding entrapment in the sick-care medical system.  [CoronaKarma 2020 offers readers much to ponder, and it is more prescient now than when it published in March, 2020.]

Fact is viruses are medical fictions; they do NOT exist and no one has ever seen one!  Experts coined the term, virion in the late 1800s to support Germ Theory and explain-away extracellular particles of unknown origin called, exosomes

Fact is, proclaiming discovery of viruses and proclaiming viruses to be pathogenic agents of disease is bogus science unless Koch’s Postulates [rules for identification of pathogenic agents of disease] are satisfied.  [Science has NOT proved a virus caused the pandemic.]

Fact is medical proclamations of patients cured of THE VIRUS are fraudulent and smack of  misdiagnosis.  Worse, medications used to treat virus CRIPPLE cellular mitochondria responsible for making and releasing immune, communication capsules called, exosomes.  [Translation: so-called viral particles [exosomes] are how cells communicate and direct the humoral immunity.]

Fact is Germ Theory practitioners [99.999%] and lab techs think/believe that viruses are real and wrongly prescribe high-risk, antiviral, biologic-type drugs to drop particle count and proclaim, cure! 

Fact is viruses are NOT living organisms, they are NOT pathogenic organisms and they DO NOT spread disease.  Crippling cellular mitochondria [so they will stop making and exporting exosomes] is medical insanity.  Reducing virus? particle count is NOT a cure; it’s  a recipe for biologic chaos [cytokine storms] and sepsis.  [Cripple of the mitochondria and you cripple the patient!]

Fact is so-called cures for pandemic VIRUS are short-lived.  Patients with compromised terrains often RELAPSE and die of fungal-induced septic shock!  [Sepsis is DEADLY and avoidable.  Diagnosis of THE VIRUS is medical fraud that is based on medical flim-flam.]

Fact is myco means, fungus.  Mycobacteria are neither viruses nor bacteria.  Fungal infestation says the terrain is compromised and action is needed.  The time-to-act is BEFORE your body is hi-jacked by resident  fungal organisms that force subservience to sick-care interference and loss of control.

Fact is death by THE VIRUS is actually death by latent, fungal, tuberculosis spores that morph into virulent, mycobacterial forms that deliver end-stage septic shock.  Organ failure, crippled mitochondria and dysfunctional physiology go with fungal takeover by mycobacteria.

Fact is incompetent lab technicians [and their physician counterparts] have little to no understanding or training in clinical mycology.  Misidentification of fungal organisms and misdiagnosis of pneumonia-like symptoms [of latent tuberculosis] are routinely mislabeled viral or bacterial instead of mycobacterial, making patients victims of triage.

Your terrain is your best defense against health challenges no matter the diagnosis.

Fact is people are dying, but they are NOT dying from THE VIRUS,  Death numbers are greatly exaggerated and cause-of-death certificates are meaningless.  People die because their vital organ functions are severely compromised and their terrains toxic in the extreme.

Fact is latent tuberculosis is  the big killer in China, Italy and around the world [second only to malaria] and at least 25% of people in the USA carry dormant, tuberculosis spores [latentcy] that morph into virulence when immune function is down and the body’s terrain is toxic and acidic.

Fact is dietary deficiencies are commonly mistaken for disease by practitioners.  Beriberi, pellagra and scurvy are three, flagrant examples of misguided science in the hands of medical ding-dongs educated beyond their intelligence

Fact is, when the dust settles, the current VIRUS PANDEMIC will evaporate and prove to be another exaggerated, medical hoax.  [In the meantime, your job is to stay alive and avoid  involvement in sick-care medicine].

Fact is people who die of THE VIRUS actually die with severe nutritional issues as a result of lifestyle co-morbidities in the form of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, oxygen deprivation, essential element depletion and respiratory dysfunction.  Mitochondrial compromise is always involved.

Q. Why do we need a vaccine for a virus that does not exist?

Fact is masks deprive the mitochondria of oxygen and limit production of the energy molecule, ATP.  Without energy and plenty of cellular oxygen,  health is impossible.  Slow-motion dis-ease is called aging.  The high-speed version is called sepsis!  [The body does not age; we kill it!]

Fact is humans are 1% human and 99% microbe; meaning, your terrain is about microbe management.  Terrain toxicity is one reason microbes morph to virulence and attack the host.  [The so-called VIRUS PANDEMIC is symptomatic of metabolic stress of the body’s terrain. 

Fact is cells COMMUNICATE by releasing extracellular capsules called exosomes; the same particles/capsules that are medical hot shots mistakenly call, viruses.  The pandemic is about latent mycobacterial tuberculosis and terrain management, not viruses.

Fact is practitioners treat lab tests, not patients. Lab tests and misdiagnosis have much in common.  So called, pneumonia-like symptoms  are symptoms of latent tuberculosis; the appear prior to outbreak of virulence and manifestation of sepsis

Fact is, mycology was REMOVED from medical curriculums in 1951 by organized medicine and pharma to create a FALSE MEDICAL MODEL that shifted blame for cancer from fungi to viruses.  [Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving cancer is a FUNGUS.  Big medicine made sue it was swept under the carpet of history.  [They needed a cancer crisis.]

Fact is fraudulent lab tests and MISREPRESENTED lab results encourages misdiagnosis.  [Symptoms and tests are NOT conclusive and association is NOT causation.]

The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits. [Einstein]

Fact is antiviral, biologic medications, steroids and antibiotics CRIPPLE cellular mitochondria and set-the-stage for major dis-ease, and in the case of THE VIRUS: sepsis, the deadliest medical condition.

Fact is sepsis is driven by fungal organisms with permeable membranes, instead of cell walls. Organisms that lab technicians and practitioners misidentify as bacteria and virus [they are neither]; they are MYCObacteria!

Fact is there is NO SUCH THING AS VIRUS!  Practitioners need a devil to blame and false testing o justifies intervention.  The time to beef-up your terrain is BEFORE misdiagnosis occurs, BEFORE fear takes control of your faculties and BEFORE you lose your option to seek guidance outside of the sick-care system.

Fact is dis-ease can ONLY spread to another if that person has a toxic terrain and weak immune system.  You CANNOT catch what someone else has unless your terrain is challenged and you are metabolically unbalanced.  Don’t forget it!

Fact is medications [all medications] weaken the terrain.  Medications band-aid symptoms in exchange for different symptoms while putting patients at great risk.  [Read the fine print!]

Inflammation, [Poor] Digestion, Aging & Dis-ease

Inflammation defines aging and misery.  Behind inflammation is POOR DIGESTION and it gets worse after age fifty.  EVERYTHING AUTO-IMMUNE is rooted in poor digestion. 

Consider: by age 50, your digestion is a mess; efficiency is HALF of what it was at age 24.  For each additional 5 years after fifty, digestive efficiency drops fifty percent <50%>.  By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of what it was at age fifty.  As digestion falls, inflammation rises.  Believe it!

Popular digestive supplements DO NOT CORRECT POOR DIGESTION in a meaningful way!  All are compromised and self-limiting.  You can do better, much better!   [Here is how.]

John Thomas, now age 76, recommends use of three very different formulas to meet your body’s digestive needs.  Absent potent, high-energy digestive formulas, digestion DEVOLVES into slow-motion-starvation, regardless of how good your diet may be.  Check out Digestion Trio, here.]

One example [and confirmation] of digestive shortfall comes from sewage workers who pump septic tanks and find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and supplements at the bottom of tanks.  [Nutrient depletion and medications accelerate aging. while poor digestion prevents utilization]

The older you are, the greater is your body’s nutritional needs!

Icelandic Magic can play a pivotal role in digestion and regeneration of sick and older bodies.  Use it to help your colon FERMENT THE FOOD YOU EAR SO YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN VITAMINS!  Fermentation is a natural way to avoid colon polyps, bowel disorders and by-pass the uglies associated with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and arthritis.  [Learn more here.

A critical aspect of regeneration  is restoration of your body’s reserves of Essential Elements.  Provide your body with these elements and youthful vigor and regeneration are yours. 

Depletion of elements is 100% predictable, and it begins to manifest in hundreds of subtle and not so subtle ways by no later than age 50 and accelerates fast thereafter.  [Click here to learn more.]

What Say You?

Your body is designed to live!  All aging is pre-mature aging.  [Poor] digestion fuels aging.  Neglect and abuse your body and it will die!  

Prescription drugs fix nothing.  All prescription drugs speed depletion of Essential Elements.

The choices we make determine when the reaper, knocks!  Choose wisely.

Guidance is available without cost. or 509 465-4154

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

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How [Poor] Digestion Destroys Health Why You Age & What You Can Do About it [Wake-Up Call For Those Over Age 50!]

. Anecdotal Observations .

Digestion affects everything, especially after 50 years of age. In many ways, digestion is more important than the food we choose to eat! To learn how digestion improved health, read on.
Misunderstood Symptoms of Poor Digestion

  • Inflammation and suffering that begin no later than age 35 worsen with age.
  • Sluggish or temperamental bowels that move less than three times/day.
  • Old skin [crepe, thin, tags, fatty tumors, age spots, eczema/ psoriasis, flab].
  • Thin hair, eye floaters, buzzing ears, poor hearing and deteriorating vision.
  • Loss of taste/smell; runny nose, sneezing, stoppy ear and sinus issues.
  • Cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, fatty liver and pre-diabetes.
  • Gas, bloat, acid reflux, poor sleep, brain fog, gum/teeth issues and fatigue.
  • Neuropathy, obesity, gout, twisted feet and toes, arthritis, loss of flexibility.
  • Irritable bowel, ED, bladder, diverticulitis, colitis, PCOS, polyps and hemorrhoids.
  • Cravings, drugs & alcohol, anger & depression, osteoporosis, muscle wasting.

Poor digestion has everything to do with poor health.
Food Related Facts

  • Your ability to process food and food supplements plummets after age 50.
  • Popular digestive aids have serious limitations and lack physiologic activity.  
  • Absorption and utilization of food nutrients and supplements is controlled by digestion.
  • Nutritionally depleted food cannot supply nutrients it does not contain.
  • Essential Elements are missing from the food chain; depleted calories do not nourish.
  • People grow old on full bellies and empty calories for lack of essential elements.
  • Overweight says: pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome in the making.
  • Overeating, cravings and snacking says: digestive compromise and nutritional starvation.
  • Two meals[that include fat, 6 hours apart] rests the pancreas and eases insulin metabolism. 
  • Food & food supplements need good digestive capacity to deliver their benefits. 

Nourishment is what is supposed to occur in between eating and pooping.Pre-mature Aging: Causes & Consequences

Hunger drives overeating and the urge to eat three meals/day. Behind hunger is malnourishment driven by inability to digest and process food and extract nutrients.  Poor digestion aggravates the liver, pancreas, bowels, leaky-gut, sex drive, female issues, ED, prostate, bladder, cardiovascular issues, brain/memory deterioration, autoimmune challenges, insulin, obesity and metabolic syndrome. The list of digestion-associated ailments is endless, and so is suffering that comes with it. Compromised digestion translates as, dis-ease.

Loss & Restoration Of Digestion Efficiency

Popular digestive supplements DO NOT GET THE JOB DONE! All are compromised. Because you cannot get everything needed in one supplement; three very different YAC formulas are required. Absent potent, full-spectrum formulas, the body suffers slow-motion-starvation on a full belly.  

NOTE: by age 50, digestive capacity is HALF of what it was at age 24. For each additional 5 years, digestive efficiency drops fifty percent <50%>. By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of age fifty. [NOTE: when sewage workers pump septic tanks, they find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and supplements. People over age fifty suffer from nutrient depletion and don’t even know it!]

The Young Again Club Digestive Protocol deals with, digestion and maintenance of vital organs [liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and brain]. Poorly functioning organs says, compromised digestion.  
Icelandic Magic helps your colon FERMENT FOOD so you can make your own vitamins and restore your terrain so you can avoid polyps, bowel disorders, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and arthritis. Fermentation is your body does ongoing, self-help maintenance. [Learn more here.]  

Depletion of your body’s reserves of Essential Elements cripples your ability to process food and maintain vigor. And regardless of your dietary habits, meaning meat, vegetarian, paleo, etc., digestion determines how you age, how you look and your score on the misery index.  

Modern-day food adds insult to injury! Non-organic food is problematic, while organic food lacks lifeforce, vitamins and mineral ions. To ensure an generous supply, you need the YAC Digestive Trio and racemized supplements with high-energy footprints. [Read more here.]

Dis-ease Is NOT The Same As Disease

Symptoms of digestion-driven, subclinical dis-ease manifest as allergy, gluten intolerance and dairy sensitivity, and 70% of the populace suffer accordingly. To end the misery, you MUST restore digestive efficiency and restore vibrational frequency to your cells and mitochondria.
Nutrient absorption is different than nutrient assimilation! Absorption gets nutrients into the blood stream; assimilation gets nutrient ions across cell and mitochondrial membranes. Ions that fail to traverse these critical membranes are useless! Eating well and taking supplements is futile when digestion is compromised….…and it is if you are over fifty years of age.

For example, magnesium ions fuel over one-thousand metabolic reactions. Popular magnesium supplements deliver approximately 10% absorption and 1% assimilation. And the higher your stress level, the greater your need for all fifteen essential ions [magnesium being just one of them].  

Young Again Club Sea Sulfates offer 100% absorption. Youth Formula assures ion assimilation across membranes. Assimilation at the cell/mitochondrial level boosts physiology and slows aging.  
The body needs bio-active ions and carbon to function and maintain homeostasis. Without all Essential Elements and Jurassic Carbon, vital organ function suffers and wi-fi and 5G electrical signals assault our cells. [Read, The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg.]

inability to metabolize food nutrient ions is the basis of pre-mature aging. 

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia are blatant examples of cholesterol starvation [statin drugs], poor circulation, element depletion and oxygen starvation. Add cellular waste and ferritin iron and you have the recipe for senility and neurologic decline affecting a majority of those over age 50. Dysfunctional bowels accelerates the process as terrain physiology gives way.  

Cardiovascular dis-ease [arrythmia, stroke, atrial fibrillation, aneurism (brain/aortic), blood pressure and plaque] are inexcusable and correctable. All are symptoms of poor digestion and loss of Essential Elements. Symptoms of dis-ease are about epigenetics not genes.  

What Say You?

The body is designed to live; neglect it and abuse it and it will die! Medications only treat symptoms. To be classified a medication, a drug must be able to kill you; supplements cannot kill you.

All aging is pre-mature aging, and all prescriptions and all drugs ACCELERATE AGING, destroy digestion and speed magnesium ion depletion. Our choices determine when the reaper, knocks!  

The Digestion Trio improves quality of life, regardless of your age. Q. Do you want to feel better? Q. Do you remember what it felt like to feel young? Q. Do you want to enjoy peak health? Are you willing to accept guidance? Guidance is available without cost.

Assistance for seniors and those in need is available. or 509 465-4154

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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Exciting Announcement! Jurassic MagicTM Nature’s Gift From Earth’s Primeval Past A Superior Pathway To 21st Century Health

. Anecdotal Observations .

Two-hundred million years ago, nature created a unique way to boost health, remove heavy metals, neutralize food contaminants [glyphosate] and protect against the corrosive effects of wi-fi radiation. 

The remedy for health challenges of the 21st Century come from earth’s geologic past, and it comes at a time people are severely burdened by stress, environmental pollution, and glyphosate contaminated food, including organic food.  Round-up is in everything.  To learn more about Jurassic Magic, read on.

Background Story

During the Jurassic Period, Earth was lush and plants grew to the sky.  Atmospheric carbon dioxide was high and earth’s crust was rich in mineral elements. For fifty-million years, life proliferated and dinosaurs roamed a pollution-free planet, setting-the-stage for the creation of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM).

During the Jurassic Era, plants extracted carbon from air and bonded it with mineral ions in Earth’s crust.  Additionally, earth’s magnetic field was strong, boosting the footprint of the carbon deposits that were forming.  Over eons, lifeforms died and contributed amino-acids to carbon deposits that are the basis of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM).  Lifeforce, long dormant in this unique carbon, is now available to everyone.

Overcoming Challenges & 27 Years

The first challenge for creation of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) was cleaving the bonds of the carbon/ion/amino-acid molecules of the deposits. The second challenge was stabilization of the energy footprint. The third challenge was amplification of the energy footprint necessary so healing and regeneration can occur.  The final challenge was preservation of binary terrahydrites that makeup the lifeforce and character of primal carbon.  JURASSIC MAGICä took 27 years to comprehend and create.

Bio-hydrolysisä cleaves Jurassic carbon bonds.  Creative  Vortexä stabilizes, amplifies and preserves the energy footprint.  Specific gravity and pH are addressed.  This breakthrough offering from is appropriately named, JURASSIC MAGIC (TM).

Just seven drops of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) in water or juice [twice daily] provides multiple benefits; long-term, cumulative benefits that are 100% natural to healthy, carbon-based, bodies.  JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) is also about reducing toxicity risk and boosting efficacy of food supplements and dietary protocols.

Carbon and Essential Element depletion drives premature aging, dis-ease and misery. Heavy metal accumulation [mercury, lead, aluminum and iron] antagonize and cripple vital organ function, and glyphosate accumulation devastates digestion [see Digestion Trio], and metabolism.  Medications, vaxxes, and food contain heavy metals.  Get them OUT of your body, now!  [BTW: Jurassic carbon has absolutely NOTHING to do with charcoal.  Charcoal is toxic; avoid it!]

Environmental pollution, heavy metals and wi-fi radiation are devasting people’s health, and they are not going away!  JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) protects and neutralizes the risks these modern-day uglies impose on body and mind!  The long-term benefits are amazing.  JURASSIC MAGIC (TM)comes in four-ounce, easy-to-use, dripper bottles;; add to water or juice and drink.

Jurassic Magic (TM) Introductory Offer

Order 2 Bottles and get a third bottle free: $279 or 509 465-4154

Personalize Your Program
Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.
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