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Blood Sugar, Cancer, Thyroid, Iron & Mold Inflammatory Issues Worth Your Attention ∙ Special Edition ∙

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SNAPSHOT: elemental iron is a big problem for men over 40 and women over 50.  It’s also a poorly understood marker of low-grade inflammation that doctors, ignore.  Did you know iron drives dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s!   To learn more, read on.

SNAPSHOT: viruses and bacteria can be problematic, but it’s fungal yeast that are behind development of arthritis, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease!  Understanding the role of fungal yeast in degenerative disease will help readers avoid suffering and premature aging.   To learn more, read on.

SNAPSHOT: understanding the meaning of insulin resistance and elevated, blood glucose helps manage estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol and adrenalin levels, improves digestion, restores thyroid function and addresses factors that influence your A1-c, blood glucose score. To learn more, read on.

SNAPSHOT:  low-grade inflammation is always a symptom, never the cause.  Inflammation is always trouble-in-the-making, and everyone has some, whether they know it or not.  To learn more, read on. 

AND THE GOOD NEWS IS: if you do your part, the body will resurrect your health and immune system, regardless of your age, or circumstance.  This paper was written to help readers understand how health problems come to be and how aging bodies and failing immune systems can be restored.  

Pieces Of Everyone’s Puzzle

Everyone’s immune system has been compromised by antibiotics and environmental poisons.  Glyphosate [think, RoundUp!] is the ultimate, high-risk, agricultural toxin to ever invade the food chain.  Antibiotics cripple the microbiota, microbiome and epigenome, and glyphosate opens the blood-brain barrier to heavy metal invasion, mycotoxin influence and growth of BRAIN TUMORS.

No one is exempt from dysfunctional immunity and low-grade inflammation.   It begins in childhood and progresses into the senior years.  The better you understand the factors fueling inflammation, the easier it is to avoid and reverse them.

Cancer experts refuse to admit that fungal yeasts traverse the intestinal wall and blood-brain barrier, inflame the brain and set-the-stage for growth of glioblastomas [brain cancers] and tangles seen in patients with neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s.

Brain fog and memory issues accompany neurological disorders!  The factors that cause them are: mycotoxin dominance, heavy metal accumulation, elevated blood glucose, insulin resistance, unbalanced hormones and excess, ferritin iron along with cell phone and EMF exposure.]

Hearing loss, tinnitus, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma are on the rise due to low-grade inflammation caused by fungal infestation and mycotoxin dominance.

High blood pressure, A-fib and arrhythmia, along with diabetes, cancer and arthritis should be viewed as confirmation of a fungal domination of the body’s, terrain.  Whatever your health challenge, fungal yeast play a part in your story, and the sooner the problem is addressed, the better.

Prudence dictates that patients should not accept a medical diagnosis, hastily.  Practitioners have a habit of mistaking fungal dominance for disease.  Instead, play your God card, seek guidance, think and pray.  [Treatment for something you don’t have is NEVER a good idea!]

Whatever the diagnosis, IT’S PROBABLY NOT WHAT YOU THINK!  Meaning, symptoms are signals of metabolic dysfunction that self-correct, given the opportunity.  In other words, health issues perpetuate until CA– USE is addressed.  And, medications are palliative.  They cure, nothing!]

Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the website for clearer understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words.  Feel free to forward Special Insights to people you care about! 

Mission: I write because what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock the sick-care system because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only, real option.  Good doctors are shackled by technology and the system, and virtual medicine is on its way.  Medicine is rigged against the patient, and the human element is fast disappearing!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines lengthen and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

Yeast, Bacteria & Viruses: What’s The Difference?

In this paper, the terms mold, fungus and yeast are used interchangeably.

Fungi are the lowest of life forms, and they are the hardiest, too!  Molds are vegetative organisms and their seeds are called, spores.  And while you can kill adult fungi, the spores are INDESTRUCTIBLE because they are DORMANT!  Mold release chemical poisons called, mycotoxins that they use to control metabolism and manipulate hormones for their own benefit.

Once, fungal yeast have a foothold in the body, they operate as Trojan horses undetectable by a compromised immune system.  They do it by merging with our DNA and by manipulating gene expression [which is NOT the same as gene mutation, as commonly believed.]

Mold spores enter the body by way of food, water and air.  You cannot escape them.  However, spores are not a threat UNLESS antibiotics are involved and the terrain is toxic; meaning, burdened with chemical  poisons, heavy metals, acidic waste, biofilm, elemental iron, medications and contraceptives. 

Emotional stress and physical trauma compound terrain weaknesses, but it’s antibiotics that trigger dormant mold spores to come-to-life and spread throughout the body and brain.  [Antibiotics cause otherwise, friendly bacteria to turn virulent and, attack.]

Fungal yeasts and molds are VERY different than other microorganisms.  Yeasts cells are vegetative, where bacterial cells are animal-like.  Fungi DO NOT develop antibiotic resistance because they have cell walls.  But once exposed to antibiotics, steroids and contraceptives, fungi grow, and spread and TURN PARASITIC, commandeering the body’s natural hormones [as well as synthetic and bio-identical hormones] and disrupt healthy metabolism and rhythm.

Yeast is a fungus which is also a mold.  All fungi are molds, but not all molds are yeasts.  Yeasts have cell walls instead of cell membranes, which allows them to evade antibiotic assault and prosper after drugs have wiped-out, competing organisms.  Yeasts are parasitic; meaning, they use the body to complete their lifecycle which perpetuates until we die, or the cycle is broken.  [Cancer is a fungus that has NOTHING to do with your, genes.]

Microbes, Germ Theory, Vaccines, Cancer & Thyroid

A bacterial cell is animal by design, with a membrane and nucleus, making them vulnerable to antibiotics.  Bacteria can live alone or with a host, they can be friendly or pathogenic and they can [and do!] MORPH according to terrain toxicity and the electrical state of the, terrain.  [BTW: so-called, bacterial infections are always preceded by fungus.  Sadly, doctor and labs diagnosis will wrongly blame, bacteria.] 

[At this time, our bodies are burdened by ongoing exposure to EMF [electromagnetic frequency] radiation from cell phones, Bluetooth, routers and microwave towers that emit signals that disrupt cellular metabolism at every level.  [Soon, YAC and Special Insights will offer a simple way to protect yourself and neutralize the negative impact of EMFs on the body and brain.]

Germ Theory blames infection on the presence of bacteria, but the theory is wrong.  Experts will not admit benign bacteria turn virulent and attack, according to the body’s, terrain!  Germ theory is believed by all students and practitioners, conventional and alternative, alike.  [Some practitioners claim to embrace Terrain Theory, but the way they practice medicine says, otherwise!] 

It was antibiotics, contaminated polio vaccines and elimination of mycology from medical school curriculums that created the cancer epidemic that emerged in the 1960s.  Big medicine blamed cancer on genetics, instead of pollution to hide their ignorance and feather their own, nests.  They WANTEDPEOPLE TO BELIEVE that God, and their bodies, FAILED THEM.  They did not!

The human body is not genetically, defective.  God did not, screw-up!  And, you can prove it to yourself by embracing truth and making better choices.  [Sadly, millions of people have been misled by medical lie that cancer is genetic, along with misconceptions about vaccination induced immunity.]

Did you know, over one MILLION innocent people were vaccinated with contaminated, monkey-virus, contaminated, polio vaccines in the fifties and sixties?  By 1975, strange new diseases appeared, everywhere.  It was NOT accidental!  It was orchestrated!  [BTW: aluminum and other heavy metals in vaccines cross the blood-brain barrier and settle in brain tissue.  Can you say, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia?]

The list of strange new diseases that followed Big Pharma’s orchestrated fiasco, such as Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue, Lyme, fibromyalgia and Gullien-Barre was just the beginning of the nightmare that later  morphed into thousands of autoimmune disorders we hear about, today.  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Fungal DNA is a close facsimile of human DNA.  So close in fact, that yeast, such as Candida albicans, which is a sac fungus, can merge with human DNA and create hybrid beings with dysfunctional immunity and messed up hormones, like we see around us, today.  [See Jill’s Story, here.]

Mycotoxin dominance explains why females are plagued by UTIs [urinary tract infections] and thyroid disorders.  These displays of dysfunctional metabolism are NOT what they appear.  Thyroid issues are closely associated with UTIs, GERD, breast cancer and deposition of excess calcium where it DOES NOT belong, as in joints, spine, heart and breasts.  Medical approaches to thyroid problems, guarantee drug dependence WITHOUT resolution.  Better choices are available.  [See Thyroid Protocol.]

Women are vulnerable to hormonal complications from antibiotic exposure, loss of primal immunity and contraceptives.  Women’s hormones change by age 35, and the SAME factors driving peri and menopause complaints parallel and drive younger women’s issues.  [Did you know that the stress hormones, adrenalin and cortisol, HEAVILY influence female hormones, regardless.  [Males suffer, too.] 

Invasion by fungal yeast precedes loss of sexual vitality, thyroid dysfunction and hormone issues in BOTH sexes.  Men take testosterone under the false notion that it is their problem, when blood flow and inflammation are what drive ED and prostate problems!  Women use hormone replacement [synthetic and bio-identical] based on misinterpreted and skewed lab reports influenced by fungal mycotoxins.  Is it any wonder we are frustrated?  [See Thyroid Protocol, here.]

Medicine classifies viruses as the smallest of non-life forms, but medicine is wrong.  Nanoviruses are far smaller, but it will be years before medicine acknowledges them and schools teach of them.  People can’t wait 20-50 years for medicine to catch up.  We need valid information, and we need it, now!

Viruses require a host, and, therefore, classified, PARASITIC.  Viruses penetrate the cell membrane, merge with nuclear DNA and skew gene expression.  However, viruses are of little concern UNTIL terrain and primal immunity are compromised.  [FYI: viruses, bacteria, parasites, protists, symbionts, prokaryots and eukaryots are all participants in the human microbiota, microbiome and epigenome.] 

Medical Mistruths

Contrary to medical myth as believed in allopathic and alternative medical circles, bacterial infections are ALWAYS secondary infections.  Bacteria are NEVER primary, agents of infection.  First, fungi invade and weaken the immune system with their mycotoxins, before bacteria that are already part of the microbiota, MORPH and display, virulence

Infections, such as MRSA, C-difficile, B. fragilis and klebsiella are examples of virulent infections that follow fungal disruption of immunity.  Emotional stress and trauma usually trigger, metamorphosis.

The media and sick-care folks love to peddle boogeyman stories, so people will voluntarily submit to FLU AND TETANUS SHOTS and whatever else the experts, conjure.  The problem is, their stories are bald-faced, lies!  Vaccines ASSAULT immune function and DO NOT bestow humoral immunity, as claimed.

[FYI: sick-care providers are under threat to administer flu and tetanus shots regardless of patient wishes.  Failure to vaccinate results in reduced reimbursement and disciplinary action by Pharma’s surrogates  disguised as health and safety agencies, such as: insurance companies, licensing boards, and peers.] 

Mandatory vaccinations for ADULTS and children are ON THE WAY, and there will be NO exemptions!  Interestingly, in the 2018 DOJ report, 67 of 85 injury and death settlements were for ‘flu’ shots.  [Wake up folks, and learn how to neutralize vaccine risk without drawing, attention.  A word to the wise!]

Fungal yeast disarm, immune function by merging with human DNA to AVOID DETECTION, creating hybrid humans with trans-species systems, both biologically and functionally. 

Readers are reminded that CANCER IS A FICTION and the ultimate betrayal along with, VACCINATIONS!  Don’t believe me?  Click here.  Practitioners know little of what is written here, and Big Pharma knows only too, well!  Pharma personally orchestrated the whole, mess!  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Pandora’s Box & Immune Dysfunction

The Greek story of Pandora provides an interesting frame of reference for so-called, modern medicine.

When Big Pharma [Pandora] opened the box of evils in 1950, hell was unleashed upon the born and unborn.  Cancerbecame Pharma’s venue and loss of primal immunity became the new reality.

Public acceptance and use of antibiotics [and steroids] in 1950 was followed by introduction of hormonal contraceptives in the early, sixties.  The convergence fueled takeover of human metabolism by fungus.

It was no accident that Big Pharma also had mycology [the in-depth study of mold and fungus] REMOVED from medical curriculums in 1950.  Pharma NEEDED AN EPIDEMIC, and cancer was the perfect venue to persuade a naïve populace who was starry-eyed over polio shots and ignorant of the truth.

Pharma made sure physicians were NOT SCHOOLED in mycology and GROSSLY IGNORANT of the role fungal yeast play in CANCER and disease, as documented by Otto Warburg in, 1931.  [Warburg received the Nobel prize in science and physiology for proving cancer is a FUNGUS!  Don’t forget it!]

Despite Warburg’s discovery, Pharma and allopathic medicine systematically conspired to perpetuate the LIE that cancer is genetic, which it is NOT!  By the early 1960s [10 years after introduction of antibiotics and steroids], compromised immunity was common and cancer became a household, word.

To make sure the cancer crisis took off, Pharma salted the scene by introduction of contaminated polio vaccines, during the 1950’s and 1960s.  [FYI: the incubation window for cancer and viral diseases from contaminated vaccines is 10-20 years.  By the mid 1970s, mysterious, new illnesses appeared throughout North America!  It DID NOT happen by accident!

Furthermore, in the early 1960s, Pandora [Big Pharma] unleashed hormonal contraceptives onto women.  Antibiotics had set the stage, and THEPILL FUELED THE GROWTH of fungal yeast in women. 

[In pregnancy, females are EXTREMELY hormonal.  Fungal yeast use hormones for fuel and cross the placental-barrier, infecting the unborn child.  It only took a few years for fungal yeast to takeover the female population and initiate interference with DNA gene expression in the population.] 

[The dilemma Big Pharma imposed on us almost 70 years ago [antibiotics, vaccinations and contraceptives] is reversible with proprietary protocols from Young Again Club.]

 Antibiotics & Yeast: A Marriage From Hell

Antibiotics and glyphosate are BIG RISKS facing humans, everywhere.   Both, compromise human immune function, and both encourage fungal conquest of human, metabolism. 

Once exposed to antibiotics [at any time, including pre-birth], fungal yeast actively set-up colonies throughout the body and vital organs [heart, pancreas, liver and brain.]  In the intestine, yeast grow filamentous roots [called hypha] that lead to leaky-gut syndrome,  celiac, Crohn’s and gluten intolerance.

Fungi produce and use mycotoxins to CONTROL the host’s terrain and hormones to PERPETUATE their lifecycle.  And once the process begins, we become prisoners unto ourselves, complete with dysfunctional immunity.  [John Thomas was taken-over as a child and suffered for over 70 years!]

Costume Party, Tonight!

Said, one fungus to the other, “What costume are you wearing to the party, tonight?” Response. “You know, we wear all costumes well, anything will do, no one knows the difference!”

Fungi have many faces and hundreds of symptomatic, costumes.  Yeast is natural to the human body and serves useful purposes, UNTIL encouraged to spread and takes over.   Side effects are: arthritis, neuropathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cardiovascular issues, cancer, diabetes and thyroid dysfunction.  More effects are: aching body, chronic fatigue, eye floaters, hearing loss, nail fungus, eczema, acne, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, cold body, sinus issues, moodiness, chronic cough, COPD, volatile temper, depression, dysfunctional thyroid, menstrual issues, diabetes and bowel problems.

Practitioners have tried to corral fungal yeast since the 1980s, WITHOUT SUCCESS because they have no training in, mycology.  Candidiasis is a terrain problem, a hormone problem, an inflammation problem, a mycotoxin problem and an antibiotic problem, all in one!  [Small intestinal fungal overgrowth [SIFO] and loss of primal immunity are fundamental to autoimmune disorders.]

One element of fungal containment is an acid-free environment where fungi can’t dominate.  This concept is different than having an alkaline, pH.  [The Terrain pH Protocol, here, here and here turns things in your favor and it’s, FREE!]

Autoimmune responses are displays of metabolic dysfunction caused by mycotoxin dominance by fungal organisms that operate, undetected outside of the immune system and undetected by inaccurate, lab tests.  [It’s better to assume you are compromised by fungus because odds are, you are!]

In medical school, yeast infestation is all but ignored, except for toe nail fungus and ringworm!  Yet, for the average person, fungal dominance and low-grade inflammation are problems FOREVERin search of a solution.  [Few people realize that fungal yeast is behind their health issues.  Fewer yet, realize that YAC Protocols can remedy their problems and make them, whole.

Bladder Infections & Prostate Flare-ups & Brain Tumors

They call them bladder infections, but there is way more to the story.  Lab tests are used to document the presence of pathogenic bacteria which is then blamed as the cause of urinary tract infections [UTIs].  Oddly, doctors have NO IDEA why benign bacteria, normally resident in the body, decide to turn virulent and attack the host. The concept is called, pleo-morphism.  [Readers should acquaint themselves with this concept to avoid falling prey to sick-care medicine.]

Bladder infection, sinusitis, eczema and psoriasis are fungal issues, plain and simple!  Behind them is a compromised gut, mucosa and microbiota.  Add, emotional stress, anxiety and trauma [accidents and surgeries] and it is easy to understand why fungal flare-ups lead to bacterial infection.

Inflamed prostate, fibrocystic breasts and inflamed ovaries and testicles appear in different costumes, but cause is the, same: mycotoxin dominance!  Women fall prey to mammograms and men fall prey to prostate biopsies because neither understand that cancer is NOT the problem.  [Ask for guidance.]

Action Steps For Improved Health

First, resurrect our primal immunity so your body can recognize immune assaults early-on, before things get out of hand.  Next, eliminate low-grade inflammation by ending mycotoxin dominance of your system with the Mold & Fungus protocol.  Lastly, restore thyroid function and balance your hormones.

Few people know of diabetes type 3 [aka: diabetes of the brain], but most people have heard of, pre-diabetes.  Pre-diabetes [blood sugar over, 90] affects the entire population.  Clinicians will tell you 90-130 blood glucose is normal, and I will tell you that YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE NORMAL.  Besides, people don’t understand their A1c score and find themselves chasing a worthless, misleading, medical metric!]

Pre-diabetes precedes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. Pre-diabetes is another name for insulin resistance which is another name for elevated, blood glucose.  Pre-diabetes is a BIG DEAL!  It trumpets hormone dysfunction, poor digestion, obesity, belly fat and thyroid issues in both sexes.  So does a fatty liver! Restore you liver with the Tissue & Liver Protocol.  It goes WAY BEYOND faddish, cleanses that DO NOT address, cause.  The protocol is a YAC original.  [Learn more here.]

Leptin resistance is another thyroid dysfunction marker connecting obesity and pre-diabetes.  Consider them tell-tale symptoms of slow-motion heart disease, neuropathy, cancer, arthritis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  [BTW: if you can’t take off excess weight as fast as you put-it-on, your metabolism is compromised and your terrain and metabolism have slowed and need, tending.]  [Ask for guidance.]

[Robust metabolism requires natural, biologic substrates that ANAEROBIC BACTERIA IN YOUR COLON can use to make short-chain fatty acids to repair and heal the body.  Icelandic Magic boosts SCFA metabolism associated with eating fermented foods, but much better, and, it’s much less expensive, too!  Look for the announcement, soon!

Your Elemental Iron Levels & Your Bowels

Did you know that acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome are symptoms of thyroid and liver dysfunction and NAFLD [non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] and irritable bowel disease?  Digestion DEMANDS high stomach acidity, the opposite of what people are told!  Contrary to urban myth, probiotics do not correct bowel issues, and they most certainly do not restore a dysfunctional microbiota, microbiome and epigenome.  [Here is, why.]

Your bowels should move after EVERY meal, and if they don’t, the acronym GERD [gastrointestinal reflux disease] will most likely be added to your vocabulary in the future.  People with GERD and colon cancer don’t make enough stomach acid and use of antacids and PPIs [proton pump inhibitors] only make matters, worse!  Yet, 50% of the populace use them.  Can you say cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular?  [Ask for guidance.]

[FYI: colon polyps ARE pre-cancerous fungal growths tethered to the color wall.  DO NOT REMOVE THEM!  Doing so leads to bigger problems, like 10,000 people a year who bleed to death from clipped polyps!  You will NOT hear of any of this from doctor or the sick-care folks, and certainly not from the, dead!  Colonoscopy and clipped polyps cause people to lower their guard and forget to ask WHY they have polyps in the first place?  Colon cancer is number one, and 100% AVOIDABLE!  [See Enema Protocol.]

Let’s discuss elemental iron [aka: ferritin iron] and aluminum.  Both metals are involved in dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Don’t confuse IRON with anemia.  Iron is an oxidizer!  It steals electrons from healthy tissue creating free radical, reactive oxygen species.  Hemoglobin, a blood-iron protein, uses heme iron to carry oxygen, but it’s NOT THE SAME as elemental iron.  Iron and aluminum are INFLAMMATORY, heavy metals.  Life-threatening, bacterial infections like sepsis and cytokine storms need elemental iron to get going!  Don’t forget it!  [Get rid of elemental iron.  It’s easy to do and, FREE!

Practitioners and Big Pharma want people over age 40 to take ELEMENTAL IRON to supposedly ‘prevent’ iron deficiency anemia.  Sounds nice!  But elemental iron has NOTHING to do with anemia.

Did you know, your brain loads-up with dietary iron, as well as lead, mercury and aluminum from vaccinations and flu shots?  Aluminum migration to the brain is measurable days after vaccines are administered.  Heavy metals are a deadly, serious problem for children and those over age 40.  [In a 2018 government report on settlements for vaccine related injury/death, 67 of 85 were ‘flu’ shot related.  Wake up and neutralize vaccine risk without drawing, attention.  A word to the wise!]

Heavy metals, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance. Have a part in development of neurologic disorders [dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s]. These disorders have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your, genetics.  Practitioner who say otherwise are either ignorant of the facts or just plain, mis-informed.

Conclusions & Suggestions

There is no justifiable excuse for anyone to suffer or die from any degenerative disorder.  Degeneration is not inevitable, and the body can reverse all things degenerative if it given the opportunity.

Your job, as the steward of your body, is to provide, opportunity.  Call John Thomas for guidance.  This is a cost-free service from Young Again Club.

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