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Yeast: The Culprit Few People Understand How Yeast Destroys Your Immune System

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Yeast is the most insidious of ALL health risks; nothing else, compares!   Everyone is affected by yeast, and every disease has a yeast, connection.  Age, sex and social standing exempt no one from neutralization of the immune function by yeast.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with, truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be mocked.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The medical system is rigged and corrupt; long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Yeast: Neither Bacteria Nor Virus

Yeast and bacteria have very little in common.  Both are life forms; but yeast are more plant than, animal.  Yeast DNA is almost a facsimile of human DNA.  In fact, it is so close, fungi can merge their DNA and create a hybrid creature with dysfunctional immunity, which is the focus of todays discussion.

Yeast is a mold, and yeast is also a fungus [plural: fungi].  All fungus are molds, but not all molds are yeast.  Bacteria are animal in nature [living organisms]; where viruses require a host and are therefore, parasitic.  Yeast are complex, a little bit of everything; and capable of trans-specie merger.

In this paper, the terms mold, fungus and yeast will be used interchangeably for ease of discussion.  Yes, organisms differ, but it is important readers recognize that ultimately, your terrain, controls.

Fungi are the lowest of all life forms and they are also the, hardiest.  Adult fungus are vegetative and their seed are called spores.  And, while you can kill adult fungi, their spores are practically, indestructible!  [Spores withstand, fire, drought, cold and millions of years.]  Adult, vegetative yeast release chemical poisons [called, mycotoxins] to control their environment and your body!

Spores enter the body by way of food, water and air; you cannot escape them.  Spores, however, are not a threat UNLESS the body is in in a toxic, high stress state; meaning: burdened with acidic waste,  biofilm, heavy metals, stress, exposure or use of antibiotics, hormone replacement [of any type], steroids and birth control pills.  Exposure to antibiotics activates dormant spores to come to life!

Medical Ignorance & The Germ Theory Of Disease

Contrary to medical myth, as taught in medical schools [allopathic and alternative], bacterial infections are secondary infections, never primary.  Meaning, first, yeast invade the system, then, they release mycotoxins that open the door for bacteria and viruses to morph into their pathogenic, forms.

MRSA infections and Lyme disease are good examples; so is strep, C-dif and klebsiella.  Once, fungal mycotoxins neutralize immune function, resident, non-virulent bacteria activate, turn pathogenic, and attack the host [see Germ Theory of Disease.]

When you hear of bacterial infection, think fungus instead; the problem is fungal, not bacterial!  The media and sick-care system take great pride in scaring people so they will, voluntarily, subsume to flu/tetanus shots, and anything else they can, peddle.  Problem is, it’s just a big, lie!  Vaccines weaken [not enhance] immune function; and, they do NOT provide humoral immunity as claimed.

[For your information, sick-care providers [hospitals and clinics] are now required, under legal threat, to administer flu shots regardless of patient wishes.  Failure to vaccinate results in reduced or denied reimbursement for providers.  Big-Pharma rigged the, system, but a solution is now available!]

Bacteria and viruses live on toxic, energy, where yeast make their own energy.  Yeast take control of metabolism by releasing, mycotoxins and they merge with human DNA to avoid immune detection.  Yeast and fungi operate as Trojan horses, invisible to our immune system due to their trans-specie profile.

The fungus dilemma is now, solved; and the solution is now, available.  The hellish trans-specie merger spawned by antibiotics [no matter when used during one’s life, including pre-birth] is now, reversible!  The story of Pandora that follows, provides the backdrop and details behind this incredible story.

Perhaps, now the reader understands what I mean when I say, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS, CANCER!  Cancer a fiction!  Don’t believe me?  Click here.  [Doctor knows little of what is written in this paper, but Big-Pharma knows only, too well.  Fact is, Pharma orchestrated all of it!  To learn more, read on.]

Pandora’s Box & The Perfect Medical, Storm!

Widespread acceptance of antibiotics in 1950 was followed by introduction of birth control pills in the early, 1960s.  The convergence of these events is what fueled takeover of the population by fungus.

It was no accident Big-Pharma removed mycology [the in-depth study of mold and fungus] from medical curriculums in 1950.  Pharma needed an BIG epidemic and cancer was the perfect boogey-man to unleash upon an unsuspecting, public.  And, yes, it was done on purpose!

Simultaneously, Pharma made sure young doctors were not schooled in mycology [and ignorant of fungus’ role in, disease.]  Pharma made sure the population was taken by storm.  By the 1960s, cancer had was a household word!  Most importantly, the public never knew what happened.

Next, Pharma [new name, Pandora] released birth control pills onto the female population.  Antibiotics set the stage for a medical dilemma, but the pill was nitroglycerin for explosive growth of fungal yeast in women.  Next, came the convergence of antibiotics and elevated hormones [that women experience during pregnancy].  Yeast invaded both mama and the unborn child, and this is where we are today.

When Pandora [Pharma} opened the box of evils, hell was unleashed upon born and unborn.  Cancer was Pharma’s perfect storm and mycotoxin destruction of immune function was the perfect cover.

Spread the word!  We now have a way to undue Pandora’s mistake and free ourselves and our children from the evil Big-Pharma released upon us almost 70 years, ago.  The solution is called the Mold & Fungus Protocol.  [Check it out.  It is worth your time.]

Antibiotics & Yeast: A Marriage From Hell

Antibiotics are the single, biggest risk facing patients, everywhere.   Not only do antibiotics destroy the microbiome, but they serve as jet fuel for fungal conquest of our hormones and metabolism.  Worst, yeast neutralize your immune defenses.  This is not an overstatement!

Once exposed to antibiotics [at any time in life, including pre-birth], yeast spores hatch, grow and establish colonies throughout the body and vital organs [heart, pancreas, liver, brain, breasts, etc.]

During the colonizing process, fungi sink their roots [called hypha] into the intestinal wall and create a condition called, Leaky-gut Syndrome.  Fungi produce mycotoxins and spores, perpetually.  Fungal invasion is about controlling the host’s body and hormones for completion of yeast’s, lifecycle.  [Slowly, you become a prisoner unto yourself, complete with a dysfunctional immune system.]

Disease involves three, aspects: 1. inflammation, 2. mycotoxin dominance [hormones], and 3. a dysfunctional immune system.  Unless the host [that’s you and me!] intervene, fungal invasion progresses relentlessly until, one day, we die.  Cause, counts!  The diagnosis does, not!

Costume Party, Tonight!

Said, one yeast to the other, “What costume are you wearing to the party, tonight?”  Response: “You know, we wear all costumes, well.  Anything will do; no one knows the difference!”

Yeast has many faces and presents in hundreds of costumes.  Yeast is natural to the body and serves useful purposes, unless it spreads and merges with human DNA.  Examples are: arthritis, ringing ears, macular degeneration and glaucoma and poor thyroid function.  These are symptoms of, yeast!

The object is not to kill, yeast; that is backwards thinking!   But, this is exactly what practitioners have been attempting to do for almost 70 years without, success.  [Yeast is a terrain problem, hormone problem, inflammation problem, mycotoxin problem, and finally, an antibiotic, problem, all in one!]

If you wish to STOP yeast dominance of your body, change your terrain and create an environment where yeast and fungi can neither invade nor, takeover.  Turn the odds in your favor, with the Mold & Fungus Protocol and the Terrain pH Protocol, here, here and here.  [It is, FREE!]

Here are a few more examples of yeast infestation: aching body, chronic fatigue, eye floaters, hearing loss, nail fungus, eczema, acne, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, runny nose, moodiness, chronic cough, COPD, volatile temper, low thyroid, menstrual dysfunction, diabetes, bowel issues, etc.

All autoimmune responses have a yeast, connection; ALL OF THEM, no exceptions!  Yeast make you miserable; they are opportunistic and they feed on sweets and toxic waste in the body.

In medical school, yeast infestation [aka candidiasis] is all but, ignored!  But, for the average person, yeast is a big problem forever in search of a solution.  Few people suspect yeast is responsible for their suffering and premature aging; fewer yet realize the Mold & Fungus Protocol can remedy the, problem.

Bladder Infections & Prostate Flare-ups

They call them, bladder infections, but there is more to the story.  Lab tests are used to confirm presence of bacteria that are supposedly behind the, infection, but doctor can’t explain why benign bacteria [normally present in the body] somehow suddenly turn virulent and attack the host. The concept is called, pleo-morphism and clinicians and patients, alike would do well to understand the, concept.

Bladder infection is an autoimmune response; so is vaginal yeast discharge.  Behind both is a compromised immune system and leaky-gut, intestinal wall.  Emotional stress and anxiety van ignite fungal flare-ups followed by so-called bacterial outbreaks, especially in, females.

Bladder infections, inflamed prostate, fibrocystic breasts and swollen testicles are the same problem in a different, costume.  And the problem is? Mycotoxin dominance!  Both sexes fall prey to mammograms and biopsies; they do not understand yeast or their, dilemma.  Ask for guidance, here. 

Important Steps For Improved Health

First, change your, terrain!  Meaning, reverse mycotoxin dominance of your body and drive yeast back into its [non-pathogenic], spore form.  Next, flush mycotoxins from your system.  The process is outlined in the Mold & fungus Protocol, here.  Next, return your thyroid to full function.  Lastly, restore immune function so your body can recognize invading fungus before they can merge with your, DNA.

Few people have heard of diabetes Type 3 [diabetes of the brain], but most have heard of pre-diabetes which is blood sugar over, 90.  Pre-diabetes affects the entire population, young and old, alike, but you will not hear this from, doctor.  Clinicians are taught blood sugar 90-130 is normal.  Normal is not as normal does.  Pre-diabetes precedes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and diabetes.  Understand?

Leptin and insulin resistance is a tell-tale symptom of mycotoxin dominance and pre-diabetes, and both are aspects of heart disease, liver disease, neuropathy, cancer and arthritis, just to name a few.

Learn about the Tissue & Liver Protocol to move tissue-bound waste out of your, body.  The protocol goes far beyond faddish, cleanses.  It is a Young Again Club original; nothing else like it!  Check it out.

Your gut is where your immune system is centered.  Probiotics help maintain the gut, but restoration of the gut wall requires use of long-chain polysaccharides and activated, lauric acid cofactors on a daily basis.   This ReVive Protocol eliminates, food cravings.  Free radicals are avoided with, PACs.

During the Mold & Fungus Protocol, sweets and carbohydrates should be eliminated and intake of healthy dietary fats, increased.  Food cravings are managed with ReSet or coconut oil [with and between meals] for energy, weight reduction and deep sleep.  Bio-active bile, available here, is crucial for assimilation of dietary fats, hormone production and metabolism.

Poor digestion is a problem affecting the entire, population.  If you eat good food [and avoid junk], make it count by using Young Again Club activated digestive supports.  Nothing else, compares.

Increase intake of magnesium to ease mycotoxin dominance and help, transition.  Oral, pill forms of magnesium are poorly, absorbed.  Instead, use R/MgO Skin Spray with boron for up to 95% absorption.

Let’s talk about, bowel activity.  If your bowels do not move after every meal, you are technically, constipated.  There is no such thing as, normal!  Behind constipation is a yeast infested bowel and leaky-gut.  [Polyps are fungal growths on a, tether, but you will NEVER, EVER hear that from, doctor!    See Enema Protocol.

Did you know, you can resurrect metabolism and thyroid function and simultaneously remove heavy metals from your receptors?  Click here to learn more.

Conclusions & Suggestions

Turn the odds in your favor with the Mold & Fungus Protocol and learn about the Terrain pH Protocol, here, here and here.  It is FREE and available, to all.

Call John Thomas for guidance.  There is no cost of any kind.

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