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New Bones For Old Bones

Bye, Bye Osteoporosis!  Hello, New Skeleton!

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When you grow new bones you change the game!  Now you can renew your bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and skeleton by naturally reversing the effects of osteoporosis as never before.

Avoiding osteoporosis and the suffering that comes with it should be everyone’s TOP PRIORITY!  Healthy connective tissues helps you enjoy life while ADDING YEARS to Social Security. 

Did you know the average age of death [for all the people who paid-into Social Security, but never collected a penny] is age 67?  Living long wins the Social Security game, living healthy wins the Medicare game and healthy bones helps win the cancer game, too!  It’s as simple as that!

This report is about renewing bones, tendon and ligaments without SABOTAGING yourself with bone-density drugs and sick-care medicine AFTER your bones shatter and your tendons tear!

Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is a bio-active bone-building compound, NOT another collagen formula.  Use it to solve the age-old problem called old bones!  Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is a game changer!

FREE THREE-MONTH SUPPLY: To get your free three-month supply of Mycro-Crystalline Matrix and experience younger bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and cartilage, read on.

Aging Bones, Ligaments, Tendon, Cartilage

Loss of integrity of bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage begins by age 24, but goes unnoticed by females until age 35 and by males age 45, unless trouble erupts following injury, surgery or delayed effects of sports and exercise coming home to roost!

Bone degeneration involves many factors.  For example, acidification of the terrain, inability to digest food [pancreatic burn-out, stomach acid deficit, bile deficit], depletion of Essential Elements, fatty-liver, bowel irregularities, latent pre-diabetes [glucose over 90], failure to drink enough healthy water, sleep deficit, junk diet and an ongoing deficit of bioactive, bone-building compounds needed for skeletal renewal of your connective tissue.

Contrary to medical myth, skeletal degeneration has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with lack of dietary calcium.  Fact is calcium and calcium supplements fuel low-grade inflammationAvoid calcium supplements!  Did you know there is a natural way to dissolve excess calcium and ease low-grade inflammation associated with arthritis?  [Ask for guidance.]

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence!  People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma and licensing boards.  Virtual medicine is faceless and it is turning sick-care medicine ever more, sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of website to assist understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them for more information.

Progressive Skeletal Degeneration

Bone Turnover Rate [BTR] is the rate in years that it takes for new bones to replace old bones.  The BTR for a twenty-year old is seven years.  By age forty BTR is 12 years; age fifty, 15 years and by age sixty 20 years and by age seventy, 20+  years.  Skeletal degeneration and compromised digestion are TWIN ISSUES that appear together about ages 24, 35, 50, 60, 70 and beyond.  [Don’t forget it!]

For example, by age fifty your digestive efficiency is half of what it was at age 24 and for each five years thereafter, efficiency falls 50%.  By age seventy efficiency is less than 3% and as digestion dips, low-grade inflammation and autoimmune complaints increase! 

BTR [Bone Turnover Rate] slows as your metabolic rate slows as your digestion slows.  Interestingly, even people with high metabolic rates who exercise regularly and vigorously suffer connective tissue degeneration and bone loss.  So do health enthusiasts.  No one is exempt!

Inflammation plays a big role in skeletal and connective tissue degeneration; so does obesity and overweight.  The more body fat you have the higher your estrogen, insulin and inflammation levels, all of which fuel low-grade inflammation in bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage.  Loss of flexibility and inflamed joints are indicative of an inflamed terrain.  [Read it again!]

Two metrics of low-grade inflammation are ferritin iron and CRP [C-reactive protein].  These metrics  usually fly below medical radar.  Ferritin should be less than 20 and CRP -0-.  Elevated levels of either accelerates aging but are generally ignored by practitioners.  Ditto for calcium invasion of the cardiovascular system and progressive development of metabolic syndrome.

Osteoporosis is a condition of systemic low-grade inflammation and acidity, NOT disease!  Osteopenia is a fabricated statistical anomaly that does NOT exist and both are exaggerations for which practitioners have zero solutions.  [Translation: learn to care for yourself.]

As the body ages and growth rate slows, the body steals critical elemental ions from bone to maintain homeostasis and neutralize accumulation of acid waste.  By age 35, depletion of elemental reserves affects every aspect of body physiology.  [The Essential Elements Protocol provides bioactive, elemental ions not available from food or pilled supplements.] 

Diagnosis of osteoporosis is misdiagnosis and misinformation.

Premature aging is confirmation of FAILURE TO REGENERATE.  If you are age 45 or beyond, please recognize that your bones are not what they once were.  Ultimately, an aging skeleton is the price we pay for neglect and abuse rather than for the years we lived on terra firma. 

Bone density is a misleading, bogus medical metric!  Did you know as bone density increases your risk of breast cancer goes up by 300%?  You do NOT want dense bones!  [Medications and over-the-counter drugs for bone density are slow-motion suicide. Avoid them!].  [Read it again!]

Bone and liver tissue are the only two tissues with the ability to REGROW vs. maintain, only!  Bone is one of the body’s seven connective tissues.  The other six are: cartilage, muscle, ligament, tendon, gums and skin.  [They are discussed in other Special Insights and live with John Thomas.]

Connective tissues age together!  Meaning, if there are issues with one you can ASSUME there are issues with the others regardless if symptoms are present or not.  Connective tissue degeneration is premature aging.  Fact is all degenerative dis-ease is pre-mature aging and all of it is reversible.

Connective tissue breakdown accelerates in the forties.  Symptoms present in joints, ligaments, tendon, cartilage, cardiovascular system, diabetes, vision, hearing, hair and skin.  Loss of physical height is a HUGE RED FLAG of ongoing bone and spinal disc deterioration.  [Don’t ignore it!]

Menopause affects women’s bones earlier than andropause affects men’s bones.  Women wrongly assume it’s hormones when they should be thinking metabolic syndrome, faulty digestion, liver and bowels.  [FYI: your aging rate DOUBLES each five years after age fifty.  [Ask for guidance.]

Skeletal Misinformation & Disinformation

Clinical symptoms of osteoporosis are diminished of bone density, failure to heal and brittle bones, all of which are symptoms NOT causes!  Medicine and Big-Pharma wrongly blame osteoporosis on lack of calcium when the problem is INABILITY TO RENEW YOUR BONES.  They are not the same!

Skeletal misdiagnosis is common because the medical model is based on the FRAUDULENT Germ Theory of Disease, and so is Corona Mania.  Physiology as taught is a problem; reliance on medications is another.  Practitioners only know what they are taught and Standard of Care Rules put patients in harms-way.  Fact is, 98% of all doctor diagnoses ignore the missing diagnosis.

Osteoporosis is the failure to grow healthy new bone faster than

you are losing unhealthy old bone.  Don’t forget it!

Four avoidable dis-eases are diabetes, cardiovascular, breast/prostate cancer and osteoporosis.  Medicine and pharma inflated these dis-eases into diseases with radiation, chemotherapy and statins drugs.  [Medications for bone density [bisphosphonates] cripple body’s physiology. Worse, cancer therapies [all of them] DEVESTATE teeth, bone and bone marrow.  The healthier your bones the less damage done and the better the outcome at all stages of treatment.  [Don’t forget it!

Another example is mycology [the study of molds/fungi].  Mycology was REMOVED from medical curriculums in 1950 just in time for antibiotics, synthetic hormones and BC pills that SET-THE-STAGE for the War On Cancer in the sixties and seventies.  Now it’s the Corona Crisis for which forward thinking people have Plan B in place to avoid self-imposed misery and death from vaxx mania.

Degenerative disease is medical malarky.  Instead, think dis-ease with a [-] hyphen.

Modest loss of bone density is normal with age, but pharma and medicine stoked FEAR OF OSTEOPOROSIS by telling women and elderly of impending threat!  Pharma purposely coordinated introduction of fluoride in [+ -] 70% of medications, 99% of tooth-pastes, 50% of city water supplies, and they recruited lying, money-hungry dentists to push fluoride.  [Fluoride and bromide [used in hot tubs] accelerates bone degeneration and shuts-down adrenal and thyroid functions].  

Fluoride and bromide makes bones hard and brittle, turn the brain’s pineal gland to stone and mess with sexual and regulatory hormones.  Worse, these neurotoxins DUMB-DOWN COGNITIVE FUNCTION and set-the-stage for the epidemic degenerative brain-dis-eases that followed.  Add calcium supplementation by patients, practitioners and media shills and you have SICK-CARE 2021!

The epidemic of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia parallels skeletal dis-eases that followed the promotion and use of STATIN DRUGS to quell the cholesterol non-crisis!  Did you know it only takes three years on statin drugs for early admittance to La-la-land [the world of the living dead].  Statins are behind the holes and tangles in brain tissue.  Avoid medications for a better life!

Lifestyle Factors That Drive Bone Degeneration

The body needs biologically-active, bone-building compounds to grow healthy connective tissue.  If denied the body robs existing bone to buy time and meet physiologic demand.  [Read it again!]

ACIDIFICATION: terrain acidity [pH] < 7.0 erodes bone and connective tissue.  Acidification accelerates in the thirties and compounds in the forties, fifties and beyond.   Failure to properly digest food fuels terrain acidity and bone/joint degeneration.  The older you are the worse your digestion and the more acidic your body.  [Old skin and receding gums says terrain acidification.]

DIGESTION: is everyone’s problem regardless if you eat healthy or not!  Poor digestion affects all things related to gut, bowel, liver and hormones and promotes onset of thyroid/adrenal issues, excess body fat, cardiovascular dis-ease, prostate/low-T issues, female problems and bones and connective tissues.  [Translation: if you have health issues, perhaps it’s time for a conversation?]

The Young Again Club Digestive Protocol addresses dysfunctional digestion like no other.   The goal is more energy from LESS FOOD [proteins, fats and carbohydrates] vs. overeating, belly fat, acidic waste build-up and reduction of autoimmune assaults on body physiology.

Dietary fats are the basis of hormones.  Fat metabolism is a challenge as you age, particularly for females and men over age 50.  The reason: dysfunctional liver!  Hormone issues are CONFIRMATION of faulty fat metabolism.  Belly-fat, gas/bloat, sluggish bowel and adrenal/thyroid issues are symptoms of poor digestion and metabolic dysfunction in the making.  [Read it again!]

Popular digestive supplements DO NOT correct digestive insufficiencies.  Poor health, colon cancer, polyps and premature aging are proof!  If you have health issues and/or autoimmune issues, know that your digestion is compromised regardless if you enjoy bowel regularity.  [Read it again!]

ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: bone degenerates and aging accelerates as essential elements go into deficit.  To be truly effective, elements MUST be in racemized free-form, NOT in bound pill-form.  Without the elements, vital organ function slows and old age comes home to roost.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain meaningful quantities of biologically-active essential elements from food.  Soils are severely depleted and growing methods limit plant uptake of bio-active ions.  [Read it again!]

Pilled elements are biologically, meaningless!  Pilled absorption is pathetic and assimilation is shameful.  Instead of wasting money and depriving your body of critically needed ions, use racemized, liquid, drop-form Essential Elements from YAC to restore your health, avoid entrapment in the sick-care system and by-pass assault by Corona vaxx mania.  [Read about Plan B here.]

LIVERyour liver is central to healthy metabolism and everyone’s liver is partially compromised.  Cancer is a surrogate term for L-I-V-E-RWithout a healthy liver, you are toast!  Medications POISON the liver and KILL patients who listen to practitioners who prescribe them.  Medications cripple skeletal growth and the liver can only  REGENERATE is if given the opportunity.  [Learn more here.]

BOWEL: your colon is the final six-feet of your intestine.  One of the colon’s jobs is to make vitamins naturally through fermentation of food.  Dysfunctional colon is EPIDEMIC and explains why colon cancer is #1!  Seventy-five percent [75%] of the populace has bowel issues.  Polyps are fungal growths that kill over 10,000 people a year who bleed to death when polyps are clipped.  Or course, cause of death is misreported just like the FAKE Corona Crisis.  [Icelandic Magic is a better solution].

PRE-DIABETES: is latent metabolic syndrome in the making and elevated blood glucose and A1c are degenerative twin issues!  Fact is people who are not diabetic are pre-diabetic regardless of what practitioners and labs diagnose.  Approximately 50% of the populace is full diabetic and the balance are pre-diabetic.  Sugar glycation drives arthritis, cardiovascular dis-ease, cancer and autoimmune everything!  Dozens of factors are in-play.  [Be open and focused when asking for guidance.]

SLEEP: healing and regeneration occur during sleep NOT when you are awake!  Getting-by on 5-6 hours of sleep sabotages regeneration and turns the body, acidic.  FYI: acidic saliva drives teeth,  gum and periodontal dis-ease.  Receding gums says: BONE LOSS!  [Dental issues are terrain issues!].

Inability to sleep long and deep [8-10 hours] feeds low-grade inflammation.  Your mattress and pillow are NOT to blame; your problem is an inflamed body!  [Healthy babies sleep deeply anywhere because their bodies [unlike adults] are NOT inflamed.  John Thomas sleeps on a one-inch pad on a hardwood floor without discomfort or soreness of any kind.  To sleep like a baby ask for guidance.]

WATER & JUNK FOOD: water is your primary source of hydrogen and energy!  Drink 3 quarts/day with racemized sea ions to settle your system, sleep deeply, remove waste and fuel energy.  Junk food is NOT food!  Weaning yourself off junk, sweets and alcohol requires guidance.  [Ask for help.]

New Bones & Healthy New Skeleton, Now!

Mycro-Crystalline Matrix supplies biologically-active, bone-building compounds that are unique and effective if given the time to naturally rebuild the skeletal system.  Healthy bones are the stuff of agelessness and well worth the effort it takes to restore and keep them.  [Read it again!]

Bone is composed of a collagen cage into which the body deposits MYCRO-CRYSTALLINE COMPOUNDS.  Crystalline Matrix is a bone-building compound NOT another collagen-type product.  Healthy bones are strong and flexible; old bones are brittle and weak.  Remember, broken hip bones precede the fall and healthy hip bones prevent the fall! It’s as simple as that!

To get your FREE THREE-MONTH SUPPLY of Mycro-Crystalline Matrix, call or email.

Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is about Bone Turnover Rate and creation of new of bones, ligaments,  tendons and cartilage.  Just two caps/day is sufficient unless you are in a hurry.  What say you? or 509 465-4154

Final Thoughts

New bones and new connective tissue change the game and Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is a game changer!  John Thomas offers guidance without cost.  Questions are encouraged.

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