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Crisis, Survival & Recovery A Guide For Patients & Families

When crisis strikes, survival and recovery is determined partially by lifestyle prior to crisis and partially by what is done to guard against damage from medical intervention.  To learn more, read on. 

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and the medical system is rigged and corrupt!  Virtual medicine is coming soon and you are not going to like it.  In the near future, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.  Prepare to care for yourself and your loved ones.

Forward: Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols Sections of the website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words. 


Sooner or later, everyone is a patient.  When that time comes, you want to be in control of the unknown factors and not lose your autonomy or be forced to suffer the shortcomings of the sick-care system.

Crisis decisions are often identical to decisions that could have been [and should have been] made prior to onset of, crisis.  As this discussion unfolds, you will be given choices you can implement before crisis, strikes!  I trust you will choose wisely! 

Life, and all of a sudden…Crisis Happens!

Maybe, it is heart attack or stroke, an accident, a surgery gone wrong, paralysis, broken bones or infection.  If an emergency, seek emergency care; otherwise, recognize that most medical crises follow years of neglect and abuse.  When crisis strikes the question is, “What can the patient do to improve odds of survival and recovery during and following crisis?”

Young Again Club believes in caring for yourself daily to minimize the effects of a, crisis.  “A problem avoided is a problem solved!”  Health crises are usually preceded by signals from the body that things are not well.  When crisis occurs, you need a plan and understanding to go with it.  The plan should be: 

  1. Universal in application regardless of one’s age, sex or circumstance,
  2. Available for immediate implementation with ease of application.

When in crisis, choices are limited and damage control tactics should be implemented to MINIMIZE risk associated with medical intervention.  Patients must recognize that: 

  1. Whatever the challenge, medically speaking, the problem is not fully understood and
  2. The sick-care system is not designed to not meet their needs and
  3. Whatever form medical intervention assumes, there will be consequences.

Because medical intervention cuts both ways, patients MUST UNDERSTAND that their body is in a state of toxicity, that their terrain is acidic, that inflammation is systemic and immune function is compromised.  [These four factors control the body’s ability to respond, recover and regenerate.]

Drugs and surgery are not body friendly!  Emergency room medicine and surgery is a mix of antibiotics, stimulants, depressants, stabilizers, anti-inflammatory drugs and sometimes medical misdiagnosis.  Patients should assume doctor and staff are not interested in the concepts of terrain toxicity, acidic pH and compromised immunity [as a result of assault by fungal yeast and their mycotoxins.]

Emergencies require doctor to make judgement calls and rely on medications; there is no other choice.  But in non-emergencies patients have time to assess risk of those not-so-wonderful medications.


“The Patient Is On Their Own!”

What does, “The patient is on their own!” really mean?  It means the patient must:

  1. Be proactive and if possible, involved in each and every medical decision and
  2. Watch for signs and symptoms of inflammation, infection and sepsis and
  3. Be certain their bowels move XXX daily [especially, when hospitalized] and
  4. Assume staff and doctor are unprepared for fungal complications and
  5. Understand that doctor and staff have zero training in mycology, and lastly
  6. Know, up front, either the patient [or family] will need to play the God Card. 

> Pre-crisis:

Patients must realize that autoimmune problems, such as allergies, chronic illness, poor digestion, bowel disorders, pre-diabetes, chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance and leaky-gut syndrome are signals that all is not well; and that guidance for resolving these issues is available from Young Again Club.]

> Post crisis:

Patients should acknowledge that their immune system is damaged, that there is no need to seek approval to intervene on one’s own behalf, and that patient involvement is always in the patient’s best, interest.  [Intervention in a hospital or clinic settings can be problematic, but there are ways around this obstacle if you are quietly assertive, knowledgeable and willing to play your GOD CARD.]

[Note, avoidance of secondary infection and destruction of immune function by antibiotics, medications, stress and trauma [surgery] should be top priority.  Understand, yeast neutralize immune function so they can complete their lifecycle [within the body] without immune detection.  The MOLD & FUNGUS PROTOCOL is how you address these problems before, during and after crisis strikes.]

Infection, Antibiotics, Bacterial Resistance & Definitions

Mycotoxin dominance is the most challenging health issue facing, everyone.  Mycotoxins are potent poisons produced by fungus to control immune function, hormones and metabolism.  Please note, fungi are primary agents of disease and their mycotoxins produce symptoms of diseases.] 

Secondary infections follow weakening of the immune system by fungus, trauma, severe stress and surgery.  Examples: pneumonia, heart issues and stroke follow surgery; bladder and prostate infections follow stress, excess alcohol, heavy sugar consumption, late hours and insufficient sleep.

Facts Not Taught In Medical School

  1. Infection is a terrain condition and confirmation of immune dysfunction and
  2. Fungi are PRIMARY agents of inflammation, infection and disease and
  3. Bacteria and viruses are always SECONDARY agents of infection and
  4. Bacterial and viral infections follow fungal takeover of the body’s terrain and
  5. Inflammation is the effect of mycotoxin dominance; inflammation is NOT a cause and
  6. Symptoms of disease manifest in high stress, toxic, terrain environments and
  7. Antibiotics trigger the growth of yeast and fungi and fungal merging of DNAs and
  8. Antibiotics provoke bacterial resistance and mycotoxins control of immune response and
  9. Antibiotics and alcohol are fungal mycotoxins made by molds [think penicillin.]

Bacterial drug resistance is a problem worldwide, but neither patient nor practitioner know that resistance is the side-effect of dysfunctional immunity.  Bacterial resistance ENDS when mycotoxin dominance ENDS.  [Use the Mold & Fungus Protocol to stop cycles of ongoing infection.]

Antibiotics offer relief, but perpetuate the disease cycle,  destroy the microbiome and neutralize immune response.  For example, urinary tract infections [UTIs] are caused by candida, yeast.  Bacteria do not cause bladder infections, nor does poor hygiene.  Pathogenic bacteria, commonly identified by lab test are secondary effects of yeast and mycotoxin dominance and dysfunctional immunity. 

Use of antibiotics is borderline malpractice because they DESTROY immune function.   Doctor believes in them and patients demand them out of ignorance.  If you have infection [or a problem where cause is unknown] you will be given antibiotics.  If you undergo surgery, you will receive intravenous antibiotics.  In both situations, your immune system will be compromised, fungus will merge their DNA with your DNA and lastly, you will become a prisoner unto yourself.

Antibiotics and stress are particularly hard on females because they disrupt hormone balance and rhythm and fuel growth of yeast.  Women should never use antibiotics, but they have been trained to demand temporary relief from doctor without realizing what they are doing to themselves; and they suffer endless cycles of infection and inflammation accordingly.  [Better to break the cycle.] 

Antibiotics should ONLY be used in life or death situations.  But, if your situation is life or death, your problem is NOT bacterial, it’s fungal, and use of antibiotics allows fungi to overwhelm your already struggling immune system.  [If you have used antibiotics at any time in your life, the damage you have done to yourself can be reversed.  Only then, can your immune system resurrect itself.] 

To avoid fungal takeover when antibiotics cannot be avoided, simultaneously follow the Mold & Fungus Protocol.  The protocol does not conflict with medications and there is no need to ask permission. [Permission will NOT be granted!]  The protocol limits antibiotic damage far better than probiotics, which are good, but incapable of confronting immune dysfunction caused by fungal mycotoxins.

Nosocomial infections, such as MRSA and C. difficile [C-diff] often appear after discharge from hospital and after use of antibiotics.  These pleo-morphic organisms can switch from non-virulent to virulent lifeforms according to the status of the body’s terrain.  [Mycotoxins have the ability to control immune function, hormones and morphing of [non-threatening] bacteria into their virulent lifeforms.]

Leaky-gutfibromyalgia, gluten intolerance and autoimmune problems are examples of side-effects of fungal takeover of the intestinal gut by hypha.  [Fungal infections are always systemic, but they manifest as localized foci of inflammation [bladder, gut, liver, heart, lungs, joints, eyes, ears, etc.]

Why Secondary Infection Occurs: 

  1. Patient’s terrain is toxic and favorable for growth of pathogenic organisms and
  2. Patient’s terrain is loaded with waste; tissues are highly acidic and
  3. Patient’s immune system is severely compromised by fungal infestation and
  4. Patient’s metabolism, hormones and organs are under mycotoxin influence and
  5. Patient’s infection is fungus driven and outside current medical understanding.

[You do not want any type of infection, primary or secondary!  The Mold & Fungus Protocol is your very best defense against any and all infection, inflammation and immune dysfunctions.]

Acidity, Hygiene, pH & Invasion By Fungus

Assume your body is acidic, because it is!  Fungal mycotoxins are acidic poisons that drive the aging and disease cycle.  Stress also raises body, acidity, which is not the same as acid pH.  Know, an alkaline diet does NOT address, acidity, but bicarbonate does.  [Manage your body acidity with the Young Again Club Terrain pH Protocol.  It is FREE, easy to follow and a worthwhile lifelong practice.   The pH Terrain Protocol is done simultaneous with the Mold & Fungus Protocol and Ion Trio.]

Hygiene has little to do with yeast and mold invasion.  Fact is, it is impossible to avoid fungal, exposure.  Fungal dominance is a terrain issue and an immune response issue, NOT an exposure issue!  [It is wise to assume you are already infested by fungus, because you are!  Everyone is!  It’s the way things work!

Mold and fungus spores are in all foods, water and air, but they only become a threat when activated by ANTIBIOTICS in a toxic, acidic terrain where the immune system is dysfunctional.

Your terrain determines your body’s response when exposed to fungal spores.  If conditions are favorable, spores hatch and spread, affecting hormone and immune systems most. [Merger of human DNA with fungal DNA follows fungal invasion and mycotoxin dominance.]

[FYI: the body does not catch, infections, and vaccinations do not create, immunity!  Infection is the side-effect of mycotoxin dominance.  Vaccinations promote dysfunctional immunity, particularly when someone is sick and their immune system is already compromised.]

Vaccination, At The Worst Possible Moment

Did you know mandatory tetanus/flu shots for patients seeking medical care and routine check-ups is today’s reality!  The following information should flag your radar on risk of vaccine assault of patients who are already in crisis, as well as unsuspecting patients.  Here are the details:

  1. Vaccines [in theory] force the body to produce antibodies that [supposedly] create, humoral immunity. But, when vaccines are administered to patients who are already under siege and in a state of inflammation and pre-diabetes, the added burden triggers an immune system autoimmune revolt [over-reaction!]  Vaccines by their very nature are inflammatory drugs!
  2. Vaccines contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals such as: mercury, aluminum, fluoride and formaldehyde. [The Ion Trio blocks attachment to key receptors limiting over-reaction!]
  3. The last thing any patient needs is vaccination induced infection when their body is already compromised by fungal infestation and mycotoxin dominance.
  4. Sick-care providers are now required [under legal threat] to administer flu shots to all patients. Failure to vaccinate results in reduced or denied reimbursement.  [The system is rigged!]
  5. Elderly and children are always at risk! Imposing immune assault by vaccination on someone who is vulnerable with a compromised immune system is insane!
  6. Standards of care” require doctors and hospitals to comply with forced vaccination of patients. When admittance to a hospital or facility occurs, forced vaccination causes growth of yeast, increases inflammation levels and escalates production of poisonous fungal mycotoxins.
  7. Vaccinations are based on the mistaken theory that they create humoral immunity. They do not!
  8. If you believe in and trust vaccinations, get in-line! Just make sure to avoid getting jabbed during illness or medical crisis to minimize your risk of immune system over-reaction.
  9. Assume you WILL face forced immunization during a future medical crisis. [Your solution is: prepare now by clearing your system of fungal yeast and mycotoxin dominance and have protocol supplies on-hand and ready for self or family when a future crisis arises.]
  10. After 150 years [+ -] of vaccination lies and myths, all we have to justify this idiotic practice is boogey-man emotions and saving the children! Sadly, vaccination-induced immunity is the stuff of over-active imagination and fear of things   Vaccinations are medieval medicine!

The Germ Theory of Disease vs. Mycology

The Germ Theory of Disease is untrue and the public is misled, but it’s not their fault.  Practitioners have blindly followed Pasteur for 150 years [+ -] after they blindly followed Galen’s idiotic teachings for 1600, years!  [Doctor [like the rest of us] believes what is taught worse, doctor has zero schooling in mycology.]

Mycology [the in-depth study of molds and yeast] was removed on purpose from medical curriculums by Big Pharma in 1950; the same year antibiotics debuted.  Physicians and naturopaths are NOT schooled in, mycology and they dare NOT break rank with peers; they are captive agents of Big-Pharma.  Therefore, the patients best defense against medical abuse is to play the God Card!]

Avoidance of scar tissue is a tall order in the wake of trauma and surgery, and avoidance is next to impossible when the immune system over-reacts from assault by antibiotics.  Mycotoxin dominance dominates inflammatory response and formation of scar tissue.  Do you understand?

When the body can no longer endure neglect and abuse, symptoms appear, organ function falters and, the immune system, fails.  The words Missing Diagnosis describe the patient’s dilemma of false medical theory and fraudulent medical models operating in plain sight everywhere.

The Devil You Know vs. The Devil You Don’t Know?

Ask yourself.  “Why do people accept standard cancer treatment when the failure rate is 99% and alternative treatment is not much better?  Why do people bet against themselves?”  The answer is fear and false information, plus pressure from ignorant, but well-meaning family and friends.

The devil people fear most [cancer!] is nothing compared to treatment! If people understood cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, they would NEVER agree to treatment!   [And if you are fortunate enough to have survived treatment, now is the time to resurrect your immune system and get a life.]

Cancer treatment [cut, burn and poison!] has been a disaster for 70 years!  Patients blindly trust doctor when they should first run, and second, question!  CANCER DOES NOT GO AWAY; IT MERELY CHANGES, FORM!  The siren song of hope and technology sounds sweet, but it is genocidal.  Did you know there is no such thing as, cancer?  [Cancer is just what they call it!]

Cancer treatment as taught and practiced is medical fraud!  Cancer is a CONDITION of systemic takeover by, fungi.  Nothing more!  Tumors and masses are SYMPTOMS, not cause!  [You will NEVER see a cure for cancer because CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE.  People are confused and live in so much needless fear.]

When fungal dominance is total, the body dies; then, fungi attack the corpse!  They are already there, waiting for the soul to exit.  Readers must understand the saga of yeast invasion and immune system shut-down.  A vibrant immune system is fundamental for health and happiness!  Do you understand?

[Please read physician Suzanne Humphries illuminating accounts of medical practices she encountered as a physician, and later as a, nephrologist [kidney specialist.]  Rising From The Dead will improve your perspective and help you understand the power of the Young Again Club message.]

Self-Care, Lifestyle & Well-being 

  1. Do the MOLD & FUNGUS PROTOCOL now to boost immune function and well-being! Do not make the assumption you are fine.  You are not fine!  Everyone suffers from compromised immunity; no one escapes fungal infestation and takeover, and merger of human and fungal DNA is epidemic in the population.  People don’t realize they are living a HYBRID EXISTENCE [part human, part fungus.]  Big-Pharma made certain doctor is [and remains] ignorant of fungus as the primary cause of disease.  Fungal infestation drives 99% of all disease, including cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes and arthritis.
  2. Keep the Mold & Fungus Protocol on your shelf, ready for when you [or family] need it! Fungal issues always accompany crisis, stress and terrain acidity.  Clear your system of fungus now to avoid complications and improve your chances of survival when crisis strikes.
  3. Consume a big spoonful of coconut oil at beginning of every meal and between meals to curve appetite and cause the body to burn fat as its primary energy source, instead of carbohydrates and excess protein. [ReSet capsules contain lauric acid and coconut oil.  ReSet is convenient; carry them to curve cravings and for energy and weight reduction.]
  4. Blood sugar over ninety [90] promotes mycotoxin manipulation of insulin. Pre-diabetes precedes diabetes, vascular dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Ignore those worthless A1C numbers; they tell you where you have been, you should be concerned where you are going!  Few people understand; confusion reigns.
  5. Fungi love sweets, fruit and fructose [natural or synthetic]. Alcohol is pure mycotoxin and it messes with your hormones in a big way [especially wine!]  Disease and fungal manipulation of hormones is the same problem: FUNGUS!  Don’t forget it!

Wolves At Your Door

When wolves knock on your door, you must challenge your beliefs on all things medical.  How do I know wolves are coming to your door?  Because they always do!  Wolves track faulty perception and bad choices.  Wolves have visited my door many times and they will visit your door.  Expect them!

The medical arena [both allopathic and alternative] is based on a defective model and faulty medical theories.  Medicine is rife with falsehoods and spiked with wolves trumpeting technology and faulty science designed to confuse and overwhelm patients.  [Read, Rising From The Dead, by Humphries.]

Medicine totally denies that fungal mycotoxins subsume immune function.  Doctor is in total denial that fungus are primary agents of infection and disease.  Patients are confused; they do not know the thing they need to know.  [A good place to begin is to read the MOLD & FUNGUS PROTOCOL; then act!]

In a clinical setting, patients must know to pull and play the GOD CARD to distance themselves from credentialed, medical wolves [and ignorant family and friends] who beat vulnerable patients into, submission.  Practice playing your GOD CARD with family and friends before doctor confronts you.  Otherwise, medical wolves will drag you into their snare and fear and uncertainty will consume you!

Sick-care thrives because patients are ignorant and clinicians are captive agents for Big-Pharma.  Study this paper and share it freely.  I trust readers will implement the observations presented herein.

Conclusions & Solutions

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to endure?

If you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand that your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available for FREE!

Ask for guidance here.

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