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The A1c Insulin & Leptin Sugar-Trap

Superb Health Without Diabetes

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Blood sugar and insulin/leptin issues affect everyone sooner or later!  This report is about helping yourself and avoiding the A1c sugar-trap.  Avoid involvement in sick-care medicine and you will have a better life.  To learn more, read on.

Your author is aware that this report may be challenging to readers.  Every effort has been made to help readers understand.  Please study this report, carefully; your future depends on it.

There are many things you can do to improve health; things that cost little or nothing.  To avoid the racket called sick-care, readers will need guidance in physiology.  To benefit from this free service, read carefully and ask for guidance.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of website to assist understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them for more information.

The Dilemma: Insulin, Diabetes & A1c

Few comprehend the physiology of diabetes, insulin and A1c test scores, including practitioners who ought to know better but don’t for lack of knowledge.  Proof is everywhere!  Half the populace is diabetic and the balance of the populace is pre-diabetic.   [You want to avoid both!]

To avoid the insulin/leptin A1c sugar-trap, you will need a realistic understanding of human physiology, what drives blood-sugar issues, why diabetes-type symptoms are engulfing the populace, and why ALL DEGENERATIVE DIS-EASE involves some degree of ongoing pre-diabetes and insulin/leptin-resistance [explained below].  Please read it again!

Fact is pre-diabetes and insulin dysfunction precedes cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  The myth that dis-ease is caused by genetics and pathogens is a BALD-FACED MEDICAL LIE erected on the fraudulent Germ Theory of Disease.  Ditto for virology and Corona vaxx mania.

Diet, terrain and lifestyle give birth to diabetes-related symptoms with the exception of vaxx-driven assault on children that ends in diabetes type I [more later].  Type II diabetes and prediabetes are predictably, common and 100% avoidable and reversible with guidance and cooperation.

Avoid insulin-related dis-ease and you avoid giving birth to slow-motion misery and prominent killers like cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  Readers already caught-up in the insulin, A1c sugar-trap and those who hope to avoid suffering and premature aging will need to change their thinking, enbrace new ideas and be willing to walk-away from sick-care medicine.

Diabetes [as defined and treated] is a shameful experiment with a 100-year history strangely similar to the current Corona [vaxx] Crisis.  Both involve dysfunctional metabolism!  Dis-ease is NOT about rogue microbes or genes.  It’s about physiology and terrain! 

The following comorbidities are blood-sugar-related symptoms of dis-ease: renal issues, abdominal fat, high serum triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, excess weight [10 pounds or more], obesity, blood pressure above 120/80], diabetes/pre-diabetes and low HDL cholesterol.  Please note, these symptoms go with steatosis [non-alcoholic fatty liver dis-ease].  Read it again!

Insulin Discovery, Misuse & Abuse

Insulin was discovered in 1921 and became the band-aid of choice for diabetes mellitus type II.  Then, when children’s vaxxes were imposed type 1 diabetes exploded.  Once again, insulin was used to deflect blame and hide the guilty.  [FYI: vaxxes cripple islet cells of the pancreas that make insulin.  It is possible to return these cells to normal function.]

Supplemental insulin reduces blood sugar levels, but it fuels insulin-resistance.  So does overproduction of natural insulin.  Type 1 diabetics suffer from systemic inflammation and die young.  [Your author lost four classmates to it, compliments of medical arrogance and bogus protocols.]

Diabetes Mellitus [type II] is very common and was once called sugar diabetes.  Type II diabetes is diagnosed when blood glucose is 140 and above.  Sick-care medicine thinks diabetes is a blood-sugar condition that justifies use of drugs when the actual problem is insulin/leptin-resistance and dysfunctional cellular mitochondria [more below].

Type III diabetes [diabetes of the brain] is a historically-recent phenomenon that medicine refuses to acknowledge.  Instead, they diagnosis it dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Behind the unfolding neurologic epidemic is prediabetes, insulin-resistance, statin drugs, monoclonal antibody medications and ferritin iron.  Neurologic degeneration is NOT what it appears and misdiagnoses are based on bogus medical theory in-lieu-of the missing diagnosis!

Prediabetes: is diagnosed when blood glucose is between 130 and 140.  In reality, prediabetes is low-grade insulin resistance and ongoing blood glucose is above 90.  Prediabetes affects that half of the populace who are not officially, diabetic!  [Note: insulin resistance drives arthritic inflammation that haunts many so-called, healthy people.]  Read it again!

Diabetic neuropathy, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are parallel examples of metabolic distress similar to insulin/leptin-resistance.  [FYI: thyroid drugs do NOT restore thyroid function and supplemental insulin does NOT cure diabetes.]

Once upon a time, it was insulin by needle.  Now it’s insulin by pill.  The blood sugar racket grows exponentially and practitioners and the public hasn’t a clue!  Blood sugar and insulin-related issues background degenerative dis-ease worldwide.  Second in line is latent tuberculosis

Latent TB [tuberculosis] is almost universal in the population but poses no risk UNTIL age, metabolic stress and glyphosate residues trigger virulence.  Because doctors get very little training in mycology, fungal infections get misdiagnosed as influenza-like symptoms and pneumonia.  Next comes secondary bacterial infection, and finally, proclamation of sepsis and death, but never latent TB. 

Medical intervention with steroids and antibiotics is counterproductive because they promote fungal takeover of the respiratory system and terrain.  Tuberculosis is THE historical killer in Italy and China, NOT pneumonia.   Latent TB turns virulent in the presence of insulin resistance, excess ferritin iron and meddling doctors with cocktails from pharma’s pantry.  Sepsis is blamed as cause of death instead of medical blunder.  [Guidance BEFORE crisis and Plan B avoids the dilemma.]

Practitioners and patients seldom question diabetes theory, it’s causes, symptoms or protocols.  Patients with ongoing insulin-resistance pay with their lives, but the official cause of death is given names like cancer, cardiovascular dis-ease or whatever.  Behind the blood-sugar, insulin scam is carefully-crafted medical theory and Big-Pharma.

Medical understanding of diabetes and insulin physiology has NOT changed in 100 years!  Truth be told, diabetes is a very profitable racket buried deep within the bowels of the Standard of Care.  [Translation: you are responsible for yourself]. 

[Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being.] 

Diabetes, A1c & Urine pH

Diabetes [type II]: is declared when blood sugar exceeds 140 with robotic calls for insulin supplementation.  Realistic definition: a condition of insulin resistance when glucose between 90 and 130 [except for short periods following meals].  Sugar between 90-130 is confirmation of low-grade insulin-resistance NOT diabetes!  The misnomer diabetes should be called what it actually is: insulin-resistance.  Please read it again!

A1c [glycated hemoglobin]: a reliable blood-sugar metric with an A1c between 5.5 and 7.0, desirable.  Corrected definition: a misleading blood-sugar/diabetes metric, but a good indicator of ONGOING insulin-resistance.  An A1c score of 5.5 – 7.0 says insulin/leptin-resistance are in-play.  A target A1c score of < 7.0 is false security!  Cancer and cardiovascular dis-ease is preceded by ongoing insulin/leptin-resistance over many, years!  Don’t ignore it! 

Observations:  practitioners [and patients] think an A1c score under 7.0 is great.  It’s called the, “Oh!” experience.  “Oh, my foot!”  A1c is a measure of red blood corpuscle glycation, and if accurately explained patients would avoid early-onset diabetes of the brain [aka: type III diabetes].  A healthy A1c score DOES NOT PROTECT healthy people from memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  [Practitioners don’t understand insulin/leptin physiology any more than patients.  Sadly, doctors are bound by the Standard of Care and its limitations, the patient be damned!]

Observations:  insulin and A1c blood-sugar symptoms parallel problems CREATED by statin drugs and monoclonal antibodies, both of which are used for artificial reduction of serum cholesterol.  These dangerous drugs STARVE your [90% cholesterol] brain!  

Patients who make the mistake of using cholesterol drugs earn a FREE PASS to la-la land complements of doctor and pharma.  Some patients are waking-up and refusing statin drugs.  So instead, practitioners push monoclonal antibodies to reduce cholesterol.  Meanwhile, your [90% cholesterol] brain begins to SHRINK!  [No matter; no need for a brain in la-la landGo figure!]

Red Blood Corpuscles [RBCs] are blood cells without a nucleus.  RBCs live about 120 days.  A1c is a 90-day lookback at glycation [sugar glazing of RBCs].  Glycation and insulin/leptin-resistance are TWIN issues.  Glycation REDUCES blood oxygen levels!  [Can you say, cardiovascular dis-ease?]  

Misplaced trust and an A1c score < 7.0 is a recipe for disaster!  Insulin/leptin-resistance and elevated glucose FEEDS low-grade inflammation and systemic arthritis and premature degeneration of eyes, liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, lungs and connective tissues.  Read it again!

The greater insulin resistance and the higher sugar levels the MORE acid the terrain and the lower urine pH.  Ideal blood sugar is 75-90, ideal urine is pH is 7.0-8.0.  Check-out this free remedy .

[Translation: the lower pH and the higher sugar levels the quicker the body ages and the more systemic inflammation and the faster joints, bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage, deteriorate.  [To restore your connective tissues, click here].

Goofy Medicine & Sick-care Flip-Flops

Medical schools teach goofy blood-sugar/insulin physiology and lab tests reinforce it.  The former   feeds paranoia and the latter promotes misdiagnosis.  Physiology is biologically, dynamic!  Sick-care is goofy medicine because The Germ Theory of Disease is goofy medicine.  Never forget it!

Symptoms are NOT cause.  Association is NOT causation.  Palliative reduction of signs and symptoms via drugs and surgery is NOT health.  They are insanity!

Leptin offsets insulin just as progesterone offsets estrogen.  Practitioners don’t realize glycated brain receptors don’t respond to the regulatory hormone, leptin and therefore, CANNOT regulate  insulin production and eventually pancreatic burn-out or onset of diabetes types I & II.  Leptin shuts-down insulin production.  Faulty leptin metabolism leads to insulin/leptin-resistance.  Prediabetes and resistance are TWIN issues.  If you have one, you have the other.  Don’t forget it!

Diabetes, Mitochondria & Metabolic Syndrome

Diabetes mellitus patients [type II] use insulin for sugar control but are not dependent on it.

Insulin dependent diabetics require insulin because the pancreas does not make enough of it. 

Prediabetics don’t need insulin; they get-along for DECADES in an ongoing state of insulin and leptin resistance until the pancreas finally, gives-out.

Type I diabetics are in a class by themselves!  Most are young and the RESULT of vaxx madness. 

Type I & II diabetics suffer from exocrine and/or endocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Type II insulin dependent diabetics result from vaxxes, medical abuse and diet/lifestyle issues. 

Type I diabetes  in children is 100% MEDICALLY INDUCED, AVOIDABLE and sometimes reversible. 

Mitochondrial dis-ease is NOT disease; it’s what medicine WRONGLY calls, diabetes!  When mitochondria say no more sugar, cells refuse to admit blood sugars REGARDLESS OF INSULIN LEVELS!  Diabetes is cellular, mitochondrial dis-ease NOT lack-of insulin or excess sugar.  Diabetes says mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular inflammation and insulin/leptin-resistance.  Read it again!

Dysfunctional insulin metabolism PRECEDES onset of cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  Degenerative dis-ease is undiagnosed Metabolic Syndrome NOT, disease!   They are not the same!

Pre-diabetes and elevated blood sugar are the stuff of low-grade inflammation.  Dysfunctional leptin metabolism fuels insulin-related dis-ease.  Glycated red blood corpuscles and brain receptors fuels insulin/leptin-resistance and pancreatic burn-out.  Clinical Metabolic Syndrome eventually, follows.

Said plainly, diabetes is misdiagnosed mitochondrial dis-ease at the cell level.  Practitioners DO NOT understand mitochondrial physiology.  It’s why they can’t explain or correct the metabolic phenomenon called, diabetes.  [Sick-care medicine is a metabolic, disaster!]  Ask for guidance.

Essential Elements: without them it is impossible to correct insulin-related dis-ease, restore mitochondrial function or protect yourself from vaxx assault [think: recombinant DNA, heavy metals, biologic antagonists and adjuvants] that cripple cellular mitochondria and accelerate, aging.  [Now you know why Corona and other vaxxes are destructive and long-term deadly].

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence!  People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma and licensing boards.  Virtual medicine is faceless and it is turning sick-care medicine ever more sterile.

Essential Elements & The Digestion Connection

Insulin-related dis-ease accelerates in the 40’s as metabolism slows.  Insulin-related issues are NOT coincidence and they are NOT caused by menopause and andropause, but they make things, worse! 

Aging accelerates as digestive efficiency collapses beyond age fifty.  Poor digestion exacerbates red blood corpuscle glycation, insulin/leptin-resistance and low-grade inflammation.  Poor digestion means we extract less nutrients from food and suffer depletion of Essential Elements that our vital organs need to function.  [See Digestion Trio, here!]  Read it again!

Digestion is CRITICAL for healthy physiology!  Poor digestion is progressive and ongoing beginning in the early thirties.  Symptoms are sluggish bowels [less than three bowel movements/day], gas/bloat, deteriorating skin, shrinking muscles, loss of figure, slowing sex-drive, weight gain [belly fat] are UNDENIABLE SYMPTOMS of Metabolic Syndrome in progress!

Essential Element depletion and poor digestion is TWIN issues!  Deteriorating vision, dental problems and gum recession are dependable indicators.  Unless elements are replenished, premature aging and poor health become everyone’s new reality.  [Click here for solutions].

Practitioners concern themselves with elevated triglycerides, hypertension, A1c, kidney function and cancer when they should be equally concerned about EARLY-STAGE Metabolic Syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver dis-ease.  [FYI: sweets and alcohol deplete Essential Elements.  Wine is the worst with horrible, long-term side effects on female physiology!]

Poor digestion and loss of essential elements leads to metabolic distress, loss of hair color, dull eyes, fatigue, low endurance, poor sleep, sexual dysfunction, slowing metabolism, toxicity, insulin/leptin-resistance and eventually, clinical-level Metabolic Syndrome.  Don’t ignore these symptoms!

Final Thoughts

Aging and dis-ease are avoidable and reversible with effort and guidance.  Aging and dis-ease are slow-motion effects of Insulin/leptin-resistance and the A1c sugar-trap that is in-progress.

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