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CoronaKarma 2020 Managing Health In Bad Times & Good ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Survival with your health intact is the name of the game no matter what the threat or epidemic!  And, if ever there was a time to embrace the Young Again! concept of terrain management, now is that time!  Good times are just around the corner and you will need good health to enjoy them.

The perfect defense against infectious organisms [viral, bacterial and fungal] is AVOIDANCE!  Bullet-proof your terrain and keep immune function strong and hostile organisms such as COVID-19 will pass you by.  Your terrain controls body response to hostile organisms, not exposure.  Never forget it!

If you are healthy, maintain the course.  If you have issues or are aging rapidly, you want to reverse course, immediately.  Reversal involves the exact same steps as prevention and avoidance.  But, count on it, you will need guidance.  Feel free to reach-out!

TO READERS OF SPECIAL INSIGHTSYour health and your future hinge on clear understanding of physiology and your willingness to implement the information contained, herein.  This report will challenge everything you thought you knew or understood about disease, dis-ease and infection.   CoronaKarma 2020 took months to assemble and write.  Hopefully, it will help everyone who reads it.

John Thomas encourages readers to PRINT THIS REPORT and read all of it.  Screen-reading results in 20% absorption and 10% comprehension.  Printed, you can achieve 80% absorption.  Comprehension will vary according to focus, time spent in study reviewing subject matter, background in the sciences, etc.  This is a complex document.  Give it the attention you deserve.  Your life depends on it!

FRIENDLY COMMENT: This resort is an indictment of sick-care medicine.  It’s not about individuals or categories of individuals, professional or lay.  Your author recognizes that good, decent physicians, naturopaths and chiropractors are on the front lines of street-level medicine and deserve, respect. Sick-care medicine, however, deserves our contempt because it is fraudulent!  Pointed remarks herein are utilized for emphasis and effect to ensure readers capture subtle ideas and important points.

In this issue:

Facts vs. Fear: Don’t Confuse Them!

Contagion & Pandemic

CoronaKarma, Latency & Misdiagnosis

Pneumonia & Influenza-like Symptoms

Medical Con & Coup d’é·tat

Coronavirus Bankruptcy Coup d’é·tat

A Pandemic For Our Own Good

Medical Flimflam, Germ Theory & Viruses

Lab Tests: Not What They Appear

Fairy Tales & Myths Of Plague

Ventilator Insanity Made Simple

Dis-ease Inside The Body vs. Disease Outside

Quarantine & Anti-Social Distancing

Slow-Motion ‘911’ [In Progress]

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Russian Proverb & Medicine’s Ugly History

1600 Years & Mr. Hughes In Dylan’s Shoes

Coronavirus Or CoronaKarma?

Medical Witchdoctors & Modern Miasmas

Pellagra, Coronavirus & Superstition

Physiology Made Simple

Can You Say [Occult] Tuberculosis

You Have Pneumonia!  [No, You Don’t!]

The Meaning Behind Chronic Pneumonia

Definitions For Better Comprehension

Pulmonary Mycobacterial Tuberculosis

Bullet-Proofing Your Terrain

Fungal-Yeast  Connection

Virulence, Blood & Oxygen

Unrealistic Expectations

The Riddle Called Dis-ease

Sepsis, Oxygen & COVID-19

Pharma To The Rescue

Graveyard & Off-Label Medications

Misdiagnoses & Recycled Bureaucrats

Towers, Cellphones & 5-G Micro-Radiation

Suggestions, Comments & Fundamentals

Rules One & Two

Rule #1:  When you find yourself in a hole with a shovel, stop digging!

Rule #2 :  Tend to your terrain and dis-ease will take care of itself.

Facts vs. Fear:  Don’t Confuse Them!

Those with compromised immune systems and toxic terrains are vulnerable to everything.  Those who embraced Young Again Club principles and protocols have nothing to fear.  [If you need guidance, John Thomas is available without a fee of any kind.]

FACTS!  Either you have coronavirus or you don’t!  Either the COVID-19 contagion is real or it’s not.  Either it’s communicable and virulent or it isn’t.  Either lab tests are accurate or they are not.  Either China is responsible for the coronavirus epidemic or it is not.  NONE OF THESE THINGS MATTER.  To discover WHAT DOES MATTER and prepare for the good times just around the corner, read on.

“Just around the corner there’s a rainbow in the sky, so let’s have another cup of coffee and let’s have another piece of pie!”  This Great Depression song is about hope, but it also about taking action, getting your head straight and creating a better future for yourself and those you care about.

Contagion & Pandemic

Historically, epidemics strike, spike, settle and SURGE again.  Translation: expect more, because it’s a’coming!  Coronavirus 2.0 will be here by Fall, 2020; plan on it and prepare now while you can.

Here’s the other half of the COVID-19 story!  This is an UNTOLD story, and a story you want to understand for your own well-being and that of family and friends.  Ignorance is bliss, until it’s not!

Contagion are ubiquitous and unavoidable and the very best way to PREDICT body response to contagion is to understand body physiology and the concept called the terrain.  Understand physiology and terrain, and you will avoid dis-ease and entrapment in the sick-care medical system.  Tend to your terrain and your body will tend to itself.

The terrain is home to trillions of organisms; some good and some bad.  The terrain orchestrates immunity and virulence by managing how organisms [ever-present in the body] respond to the internal workings of the terrain environment.  

Exposure to organisms outside the body does NOT pose a threat to the inner body if the terrain is in peak order and immune function is not compromised.  What does that say about people who are supposedly infected [and/or dying] from COVID-19?  Can you say, terrain?  Can you say, fake tests?

CoronaKarma, Latency & Misdiagnoses

Whatever COVID-19 turns out to be [if anything],your terrain dictates how your body responds to everything it is exposed to, including COVID-19 [assuming corona virus is actually, communicable]. 

Diet, lifestyle, thoughts and actions influence the body and all metabolic functions. 

Habits and actions influence what version of CoronaKarma 2020 you create for yourself and ultimately, harvest.  Dis-ease is not disease and neither are what they appear, medical opinions [and lab tests] to the contrary, notwithstanding.

Your diet is not only what you eat.  It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang-out with and the things you subject your mind and soul to.  Always be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically.”  Unknown

Latency: the biologic state where potentially virulent organisms coexist in harmony within the terrain and immune system.  Latency is about friendly organisms that morph to virulence and attack the body.  Autoimmune dis-ease are confirmation of low-level latency, compromised terrain and physiology. 

Autoimmune dis-ease is NOT the body attacking itself, as popularly believed and taught!  Rather, it’s a condition of ongoing, low-grade infection and inflammation of the terrain.  The gut, diet and digestion play major roles in autoimmune-type responses.  The gut is only one source of people’s symptoms.  The correct approach includes all aspects of terrain management and physiology.

Latency has EVERYTHING to do with COVID-19 and occult tuberculosis.  Fact is, latency sets the stage for manifestation of influenza-like symptoms that always accompany epidemics.  Fact is, people are not dying of pneumonia.  Rather, they are dying of systemic overload of toxins generated  by fungal-molds that ultimately express as, sepsis.

The present epidemic is wrongly blamed on coronavirus by incompetent medical authorities who don’t have a clue about much of anything.  They seem to know more than they are willing to talk about, and they seem to have an agenda that transcends COVID-19.

Questions.  If you are diagnosed [or misdiagnosed] with COVID-19, what are you going to do about it?  Take experimental drugs that burden an already compromised immune system?  Or get in line for [untested] vaccines spiked with RFID chips?  Or commit slow-motion suicide through self-inflicted fear?  All of these choices are deadly.  What’s it going to be, pilgrim?

Sound crazy?  Not really.  Chipping pets is common practice these days and chipping of humans is coming.  Spiked vaccinations have the number ‘666’ on them and will likely posit your name on Satan’s roster.  Chips that electronically transmit everything about us 24/7365 via 5-G, smart phones and meters that monitor vaccination status of every human being on the planet will have eternal consequences.  [This threat has already been resolved.]  But I digress…

What of  those fancy, high-tech devices people are wearing to monitor their brain, heart, kidneys and insulin?  Self-monitoring will have predictable consequences because people will be focused on what they don’t want!  Make changes in diet and lifestyle now and avoid fear, worry and medications later. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is conditioning with a medical twist!  It seems to be a test to gauge compliance and gullibility of the natives, but in preparation for what?   Medical scarecrows dot the horizon, but why?  Is the coronavirus pandemic a carefully crafted and orchestrated ploy?  And if it is, a distraction for what purpose?  Exactly what is COVID-19 the beginning of?  Or the end of?  To learn more, read on.

Pneumonia & influenza-like Symptoms

Pneumonia-like and influenza-like  symptoms have absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus.  Disease control centers  admit that the tests are NOT ACCURATE and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.  As for post-mortem examination, tests confirm whatever health bureaucrats want them to confirm.  Fake data manipulated to instill fear and anxiety among the natives? 

COVD-19 fake news is powerful theater for maximum effect!  Get used to it and learn to control fear, now!  Learn how take care for your own well-being without approval by higher authority.  I suggest reader’s begin by eliminating fear and changing perception.  “Take the red pill!”…boys and girls!

The official version of COVID-19 is a re-run of the Twin Towers event on ‘911’ [September 11, 2001].  BOTH stories are suspicious, but the coronavirus edition is 100% pervasive and it is sucking millions of people down a very, dark rabbit hole.  SAY NO TO FEAR OR YOU WILL SURVIVE!

Medical Con & Coup d’é·tat

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE COVID-19 STORY!  It just doesn’t make sense when you dissect and scrutinize the convoluted, official story.  People sense something else is going-on.  They are suspicious!

People’s instincts are smell a rat; follow your instincts!  But, is the pandemic a covert financial reset imposed by evil, powerful forces?  Or perhaps a controlled meltdown to avoid financial anarchy?  Or an effort to prevent transfer of power to bad people?  There is no way to know, but it’s something’s in-play!  Perhaps this is an orchestrated slowdown to avoid systemic collapse?  Time will tell.

Regardless of why the COVID-19 pandemic is happening, IT APPEARS TO BE A FAKE CRISIS [maybe] with a divine silver lining?  A blessing in disguise for Earth and humans in fulfillment of Mayan prophesies about 11:11 a.m. 12-21-12 [the shift from the age of Pieces to Aquarius]?  

Maybe coronavirus is just a way to keep a lid on things and a controlled demolition like the Twin Towers on ‘911’?  But, what if this pandemic ends-up being a turd sandwich?  For sure, you will need good health to survive this mess and you will need good health to enjoy the good times that are just around the corner.  Keep it simple!


Coronavirus Bankruptcy d’é·tat

The dollar is the world’s reserve currency.  As goes the dollar so goes the world which may explain why coronavirus went global, overnight!  Perhaps an orchestrated financial cleansing compliments of COVID-19 and bureaucratic busybodies with a fake, medical mandate?

COVID-19 smells financial to me!  At the same time, Big-Pharma and medical hobgoblins are hard at it, pillaging taxpayers and looting the national treasury, while tobacco companies are coincidentally developing a tobacco virus antigen for COVID-19 and pharma [with help from health bureaucrats] are resurrecting and peddling [graveyard] drugs to save humanity.  Smells fishy to me!


We just spent 2 TRILLION dollars [and lots more to come] without shame.  Why, we didn’t even need to sew,  fig leaves!  Looks like a financial coup d’é·tat by medical carpetbaggers and political scalawags!    Probably all of these things and more.  For sure,  life-as-we-know-it just changed, forever.

Bankruptcy is painful whether personal or national, and it looks to me like the boys and girls over at CID and NIH are providing theater and cover so the natives don’t smell rats and beat drums.  A national bankruptcy and de-facto coup d’é·tat under cover of a fake, worldwide, epidemic?  Perhaps a life and death struggle between good guys and bad guys compliments of sick-care medicine?  Take your pick!

For sure, a debt bomb just went-off with plenty of free money to resurrect America and zombie countries with zombie economies.  Looks to me like the money-printing-party is just beginning and uncle Sam [with help from medical boogeymen] filled and spiked the punchbowl, again!  It sure is interesting to watch leaders of every strip, grabbing free money and dawning halos to resurrect state and local economies.  Something isn’t right about the official COVID-19 story?

Maybe the bad guys got their hoard of illicit money taken away and bogus loans, called?  TRILLIONS of dollars have been stolen and used to create misery worldwide since 1913 when The Creature From Jekyl Island raised its ugly head from hades?

Evil forces have used the US dollar to create hell on earth for billions of people over the past 100 years, and the good guys know about it.  When the dust settles, life will better for people everywhere if we can get to the other side of the pandemic called, COVD-19. 

Money will be the least of people’s problems if they lose their health.  Let God settle the score and cleanse the world of evil.  For now, let’s focus on treating each other kindly, because ”just around the corner there’s a rainbow in the sky…”  

Never forget, we reap what we sow, what goes around comes around, chickens come home to roost and dogs return to their vomit.  [Thought you might enjoy some, metaphors.]

A Pandemic For Our Own Good?

COVID-19 could be cover for something wonderful if we can reach the other side with our health intact.  Things seem out of control, but if you care for your terrain [meaning body, mind and spirit] and avoid anger, hate and fear, things will settle and we will survive and prosper.  Blessings come in disguise.

I have been abnormally quiet about COVID-19; I needed time to dissect the propaganda.  But, something about the coronavirus story does not make sense!  Whatever is going-on behind the curtain, each of us create our own versions of CoronaKarma 2020.   So, create what you want by focusing on that rainbow in the sky that just around the corner…

Share this report with those you care about.  People need to understand that letting-go frees the spirit and allows creativity to flow and doors to open.  John Thomas encourages everyone to read, Letting Go by David Hawkins [Amazon].  [This book helped me unload 75 years of baggage and prepared me for this pivotal moment and avoid the fear that dominates.  It will help you survive and avoid fear, too!]

Life just became very difficult and you are going to need your faculties, unencumbered by hate, fear and anger, to survive and traverse the matrix taking form on planet Earth in Year, 2020.

Medical Flimflam, Germ Theory & Viruses

There is an overabundance of medical patsies [educated beyond their intelligence] playing God at this time.  These zombie creatures always magically appear during epidemics and pandemics.  You will find them in government, private and academic circles dutifully protecting the public with direction from pharma, of course.  Patsies with agendas; human robots!  Your welfare is of no concern to them!

Big-Pharma has seized control of robotic health officials, no-nothing politicians and wind-bag newscasters whose job is to TRUMPET medical flimflam and worn-out theories in support of the holy grail called, The Germ Theory of Disease.

Medical theories are WAGS [wild-ass guesses]!  WAGS are unproven and the public would be better served if they totally ignored pharma-flatulence emanating from the bowels of medicine on TV every 5 minutes 24/7/365 catchy end verbal implants, such as: “Ask your doctor if XXX is right for you?”  Or, “See if XXX is your kind of medicine?”  Can you say brainwashing and conditioning?

Question all things medical and turn off your TV!  COVID-19 is about, fear!  Question.  Where are all the dead bodies and violently sick patients?  I speak with doctors and workers across the North America who are on the front lines, and who work in hospitals and health facilities and they tell me there is no epidemic!  It’s business as usual for elderly and those who are sub-clinically compromised.

Know that today’s medical theories are tomorrow’s refuse.  Few medical theories deserve to be taught in colleges, allopathic, naturopathic or chiropractic.  Dogma muzzles truth and allows pharma to rig the numbers and rig the game.  Pharma is destroying America.  Here’s how pharma is doing it.

PCR Testing Protocol [polymerized chain reaction] is used to validate existence and spread of the [so-called] coronavirus epidemic.  PRC gives credibility to infections and diseases that don’t exist.  PCR is being used to amp epidemic to pandemic. PCR testing is medical fraud, but the public loves tests and attention from doctor and authorities, and especially medical smoke and mirrors.  Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Diagnostic tests for presence of the COVID-19 virus [assuming accurate?] DO NOT tell you HOW MUCH VIRUS is in the body.  Count, counts!  You need MILLIONS of viruses actively replicating to be of significance.  A positive test for presence of a virus [by itself] is meaningless and is not justification for meddling by social, medical or governmental busybodies with an agenda.

Questions.  What if COVID-19 data and news reports are fake?  What if a virus is not even in-play?  What if COVID-19 is not transmitted by contact, food or proximity?  What if fear, control and isolation of the human spirit is perpetuating this epidemic?  What if COVID-19 is a total fake-out and we are suckers? 

The Coronavirus Pandemic reminds me of the epidemic called, cancer!  Talk about an orchestrated scam that blames God and genetics instead of the real cause, which is dysfunctional metabolism and fungal takeover and of the terrain!  Genetics has NOTHING to do with cancer or the COVID-19, pandemic.

Cancer, stethoscopes and credentials advance pharma’s agenda and generate fat paychecks.  Why should the medical cartel settle for a piece of the pie when they can have it all?  Coronavirus provides total cover for a massive takedown of America.  Wake up, people!

Lab Tests: Not What They Appear

Lab tests are not definitive, but they are powerful tools of manipulation.  The COVVID-19 pandemic is a good example.  Fake tests and fake statistics and complete shut-down of the economy allows manipulation and intervention by pharma and health officials for use of experimental drugs and mandatory vaccination that destroy the mitochondria and accelerate slow-motion aging.

Lab tests are known for errors and they require practitioner interpretation.  False positives are common, but patients rarely challenge diagnosis.  Some seek second opinions, but in the end, people get in line.  Tests override human instinct and help sick-care medicine focus attention on imaginary boogeymen.

It’s human to want to know an enemy’s identity.  Tests make it easy to embrace doctor’s opinion, especially if a remedy is tendered and supported by studies, medications and vaccines and a stern smile.

Ignorance of things medical is understandable.  Few people have the interest, drive and aptitude to pursue advanced medical schooling and NONE of those that do avoid brainwashing that comes with it.  Street-level medicine requires course completion and regurgitation of theory and dogma.  That’s it!

PhD [piled high and deep!] level is where things are dissected, connected and translated, but very few discoveries trickles-down to street-level practitioners held hostage by pharma.   

Rarely are research scientists, practicing physicians.  Their world is research, not practice.  Patients assume practitioners know about important research.  Sorry, they don’t have time to keep up, much less pour over thousands of tomes and papers going back 100 years where the medical pearls are entombed.  [That’s what John Thomas does!  That’s why you are reading this report!  That’s why you are learning physiology here; things doctor does not know! 

Pharma sees-to-it that good doctors [and there are many] don’t follow their instincts and don’t make independent observations or pursue independent protocols.  Pharma police practitioners by enforcement of the rules of Standard of Care.

Pneumonia & Influenza-like Symptoms

Sick-care medicine exploits patient ignorance through fear, bogus testing  and misdiagnosis.  These are powerful tools for stampeding patients into pharma’s waiting arms.  This is the dark side of medical-science that is well documented and absolutely, undeniable.  Fear alone is sufficient to drive most, innocent souls over the cliff of ignorance.  Don’t allow it! 

The coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic is being orchestrated by the same breed of quacks that professionally murdered 60,000 to 150,000 innocents with the drug VIOXX! 

Practitioners maintained the VIOXX charade for twelve years with the blessings of regulatory agencies!   Few people remember VIOXX, but most people alive today know of [and use] STATIN DRUGS that guarantee admittance to the local dementia ward or Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s unit, providing the reaper doesn’t knock on your door, first!  [Decide what you want while you still have your marbles.]

Little has changed! The pharmaceutical racket continues non-stop.  P.T. Barnum said,  “Every second a sucker dies and for every one that dies, two are born to take his place!”  Good observation.

If you think COVID-19 is a threat to your life, just wait until millions of sub-clinically humans [with compromised immune systems] experiencefree, untested vaccines for coronavirus, compliments of pharma and public health agencies.

Vaccine madness is coming!  Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey for details of coming attractions.  Those with understanding will learn how to neutralize poisoned needles and the ‘666’ chips that will be implanted by those needles.   Vaccines are DESIGNED to make [and keep] people sub-clinically sick [and the weaker you are when you get jabbed, the worse the effects will be.]

Fairy Tales & Myths Of Plague

Readers MAY recall fairy tales about bubonic plague, fleas and rats and stories about sanitation fueling, plague?  These after-the-fact fabrications were created by pharma and sick-care medicine to garner support and public acceptance of The Germ Theory of Disease.  [Stay with me, reader or you will slide down the rabbit hole of denial.]


COVID-19 is not a disease and this is a fake epidemic!  Physical contact, proximity and sanitation are not transmission factors and just about everything we are being advised to do is counter-productive.  Such is the essence of fear and ignorance.  [Read on, you have a lot to learn.]

Ventilator Insanity Made Simple

For your information, reduce flow of fresh air, labored breathing, inability to fully expand the respiratory diaphragm and anti-social distancing are NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH and are medically, counterproductive. 

The same can be said for hand washing mania with harsh chemicals and obsession with hand wipes that DEESTROY your liver.  COVID-19 is best avoided by tending to your terrain and refusing, fear.


For your information, China and Italy have long histories of tuberculosis and [CAP] community-acquired pneumonia. Typically, pneumonia patients are treated with steroids [like prednisone] and super harsh antibiotics that cause tubercular organisms to revert to occult, latent form and hide-out in the body for decades while waiting for the opportunity to bolt to, virulence. 

During intervening years of latency, these patients suffer from sub-clinical pneumonia and that evades detection by labs and practitioners, which allows these host patients to spread OCCULT TUBERCULAR ORGANISMS to other humans [who may or may not express symptoms of community-acquired pneumonia] who will live their lives carrying latent, pulmonary mycobacterial tuberculosis.  This sets the stage for pestilence and epidemic.  Read it again!

Medical authorities world-wide are blaming coronavirus and pneumonia when the etiology of the problem is actually invasion and relentless weakening of the body and respiratory tract by fungal-molds. 

When conditions are right and the terrain and immune system are weak, occult organisms morph [change form] to virulence.  What medical-science diagnoses as CAP [community-acquired pneumonia] transforms into acute, pulmonary mycobacterial tuberculosis and respiratory sepsis because the problem was MISDIAGNOSED!  [Do you smell a rat?  You should!  To learn more, read on.]


Those who sicken and succumb to influenza-like and pneumonia-like disorders [such as COVID-19] are malnourished and sub-clinically sick human beings  [Germ Theory is medical fabrication and cover, and Pasteur was wrong!]

Ventilators and breathing machines are a miserable excuse for failure to properly diagnose what going on and shutting-down the take-over of America.   People are fearful and blatantly ignorant of the cause of influenza-like symptoms [and what they represent].  People must be taught the fundamentals of terrain management so they can neutralize risk of death or having to be put on breathing devices.

Not only is something wrong with the COVID-19 story, but something is very wrong with Big-Pharma’s near total control of America, the economy and once-free Americans.  Fear and ignorance have overtaken the country and people are needlessly dying, but Not of coronavirus.  America has been hi-jacked by Big-Parma and medical patsies in the swamp.  It’s obvious, once you shed the fear!

Why are we devoting billions of dollars for useless, unhealthy face masks and millions of ventilators, when we could NEUTRALIZE the so-called COVID-19 pandemic for pennies by teaching people how to live healthfully and teaching physicians what was never taught in medical school?

For your information, few patients who are put on ventilators leave the hospital alive.  COVID-19 is a back-door, medical-assault on America, Americans and taxpayers by Big-Pharma and their patsies at regulatory agencies and quasi-medical oversight institutions.  God help us if these devils are not stopped! 

Dis-ease Inside The Body vs. Disease Outside The Body

Dis-ease is an inside-the-body issue unrelated to exposure to outside life forms. Exposure does not determine if pathogenic agents grow, spread and infect following exposure. The state of the terrain is the deciding factor, not exposure.  [Even if an engineered, man-made bio-warfare agent is in-play, THE TERRAIN CONTROLS! Read it again.]

Pleomorphism: microbial transformation from non-virulence to virulence] manifests in terrains burdened by fear, toxicity and malnourishment, which is the precise state of the populace at-large [young and old] and the underlying reason for spread of what is called, COVID-19.   Note: when bacteria morph, they not only change status [latent/virulent], but they actually change specie i.e. streptococcus to staphylococcus, etc. according to the terrain.  For additional reading on this topic, read Biological Transmutations, by Kervran.


Older people are vulnerable because their terrains are toxic and their immune systems are dysfunctional, but as we are seeing, young people are going down too for the exact same reasons.  Think terrain!

Five reasons young people succumb to [so-called] COVID-19 are: antibiotics, vaccinations, malnourishment, medications [especially steroids] and compromised immunity.  These factors assault the integrity of the terrain and set-the-stage for suffering and premature death.  Don’t forget it!

Quarantine & Anti-Social Distancing


Hospitals are reservoirs of infection because they are toxic environments [chemically, electronically and emotionally].  Ditto for senior assisted-living centers.  These facilities are HOT SPOTS of infection and death because they are quasi-quarantined facilities that lack fresh air, sunshine and human connection.

Sunshine, exercise and fresh air are VITALLY IMPORTANT for avoidance of dis-ease.  Yet, brain-dead health officials via mayors and state governors have ordered face masks, lock-downs, sheltering-in and anti-social distancing based on medical myth, folklore-medicine and Germ Theory they learned in universities and pharma controlled, medical schools.  Can’t fix stupid!

Quarantine, face masks, hunkering-down, anti-social distancing and sheltering-in are mass delusions and examples of miasmic thinking that never stopped any epidemic, anywhere, at any time!  Claims to the contrary fall apart when urban legend and medical myth are analyzed in the absence of fear, medical arrogance and pharma bias are removed from the debate.  The terrain controls, Pasteur was wrong and medical-science [under Big-Pharma] is fraud.  [Stick around, the really good information is coming!]

Why are Americans tolerating loss of Constitutional Freedoms, lack of sunshine and fresh air, lock-downs, chemical overload, hand wipes and anti-social distancing?  Can you say, misinformation and disinformation backed by bureaucratic fiat and no-nothing medical patsies peddling, FEAR!  COVID-19 is a modern-day miasmic construct of superstition, fear and ignorance.

Slow-Motion ‘911’ [In Progress]

COVID-19 is slow-motion ‘911’ without planes, Twin Towers and razor blades!  Coronavirus is a facsimile lies and fabrications used to propagandize Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor; the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution [Vietnam war], the sinking of the Maine [Spanish American War], the Lusitania [WW I] and the so-called Civil War among US states [it was war of succession].  Nothing new, here!  Fake news bromides to bamboozle the ignorant and help the natives swallow bitter pills!  [You know, bromides wrapped in  patriotism, God, country, the flag, fear, hate and lots of innocent blood demanding, revenge.]

There are disparities with COVID-19 statistics and they are being used to justify intervention by government and pharma by bureaucratic busybodies.   Medical flimflammers working to flatten the curve of infection with quarantine and fear-based meddling.  [In the words of a 1967 Buffalo Springfield song, “There’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear.  There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware.”]

Figures lie and liars figure and mayors and governors, who have a hard time getting their underwear on, are now honorary health-scientists?  Incompetent, health officials are bad enough, but dumbbell politicians playing doctor and doing pharma’s bidding?  God save us all!

Isolation from family and friends and lack of sunshine and fresh air devastates immune function and feeds depression.  Yet, idiot politicians and health bureaucrats demand compliance ‘for our own good’ regardless of unintended consequences to Americans.  Save me!  You can’t fix stupid!  Destroy the wonderful body God gave you and Humpty Dumpty will never be the same again.

Here is what’s really going on in Italy

Coronavirus tests are not definitive; they do not mean what people think they mean.  Fake tests are designed to generate millions of misdiagnoses and false positives.  Tests feed fear, pandemic and pharma’s money machine.  If you believe the experts and media, I feel sorry for you.

Virus testing, social anti-distancing, facemasks and obsession with washing your hands are meaningless exercises and expressions of fear and ignorance to keep the natives distracted and divided.

COVID-19 is a fake crisis under cover of ‘health, safety and welfare.’  Mandatory testing and vaccination are where this is going.  FREE VACCINATIONS FOR SUCKERS!  Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey for details of coming attractions.  [Psss… don’t tell anyone!]

Soon, health officials will be parroting the call for serologic monitoring of the entire population as a tool to prevent future epidemics like COVID-19.  In other words, people who test positive but who are asymptomatic [no symptoms] will be categorized, profiled, isolated, controlled etc. to prevent them from spreading disease. 

Regardless of the outcome of the present coronavirus pandemic, big brother monitoring of the populace is where this is all going, and serologic testing and monitoring [with assistance of chip implants] is the only possible way to monitor BILLIONS of people.  Can you say, ‘666’?  Check-out this illuminating site for a dose of reality, if is still available. []

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Here is proof that COVID-19 and fake testing are being used to stampede America and the world into submission in preparation for vaccination against threats, real or imaginary.  Straight from the horse’s mouth at CDC, check it out.  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Real-time rRT-PCR …

What about people who are symptom asymptomatic [without symptoms] but who test positive for COVID-19?  Irrelevant!  A moot point!  Influenza-like symptoms is not coronavirus, but they are being mislabeled, pneumonia.  By the time they appear you are in trouble.  Doctor and hospital won’t be able to save your neck because they don’t realize what is happening to your terrain.  You must save, yourself!

Question. Why would any THINKING PERSON agree to experimental drugs and vaccines [tested or untested] when nothing is broken?  Answer.  Can you say, fear? 

Fear clouds human instinct!  Say, NO to involvement with sick-care medicine.  Emergency room medicine is NOT sick-care medicine.  ER doctors are battlefield hardened with freedom to follow their instincts; Standard of Care does not apply when it’s, life or death.    

When dealing with sick-care worker bees [nurses and doctors], your offensive weapon of choice is your God-Card.  Take it with you, keep it handy and don’t be afraid to use it!  Better yet, stay away!

The COVID-19 fear-frenzy reminds me of 1974 when I witnessed angry women picketing a supermarket with signs that read, ‘Whip Inflation Now!’ and wearing ‘WIN’ buttons.  Clearly, they had no understanding of inflation; they were just angry and ignorant.  COVID-19 is a repeat performance on a national scale.  Get the point?

Russian Proverb & Medicine’s Ugly History

“They pretend they are telling us the truth and we pretend we believe it.”

PCR testing [polymerized chain reaction] is the gold standard of MISDIAGNOSIS!  It is used to misdiagnose thousands of non-existent infections and dis-eases and keep the cattle lines full. 

Practitioners and academics dare not expose the PCR testing scam.  Fact is, most believe it!  Germ theory is all they know.  They don’t understand the terrain concept and pride won’t allow them to reject accepted medical theory and admit they are fools.  Mostly, they are afraid of losing social standing and experience real anti-social distancing by their esteemed, peers.

Testing it a powerful tool of control.  Testing conditions the masses; a precursor for mandatory and voluntary free vaccinations!  Fact is, the public wants their dose of poison and you had better not stand in their way!  ‘The torture will continue until the morale improves!’

Fake tests, medications and vaccines spew from the revolving doors of CDC [Centers For Disease Control] and NIH [National Institutes of Health].  Both entities are heavily funded by Big-Pharma and tax dollars.  Both suffer from inflated egos.  Both entities are run by washed-out medical wind-bags whose job is to scheme and promote DISEASE!  Coronavirus is the disease de jure!  Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey

1600 Years & Mr. Hughes In Dylan’s Shoes

Did you know Claudius Galen’s absurd theories totally dominated medical thinking for 1600 MISERABLE, YEARS?  Modern medicine began about after 1930 and [real] science-based medicine after WW II.

Few people know of the whole history of pre-1930 medicine, and it’s not pretty!  Medical science was hi-jacked by Big-Pharma following WW II.  [Read Dr. Mary’s Monkey.  It’s a thriller, and readers have lived the details of this book, literally!  It spotlights EXACTLY what’s going-on with the COVID-19 pandemic and push for chipped [‘666’] vaccinations.  Winston Churchill nailed it!

“A study of Disease—of Pestilences methodically prepared and deliberately launched upon man and beast—is certainly being pursued in the laboratories of more than one great country. Blight to destroy crops, Anthrax to slay horses and cattle, Plague to poison not armies but whole districts—such are the lines along which military science is remorselessly advancing.”  — Winston Churchill

Medicine lost credibility to homeopathy in the years before the 1918 Flu Epidemic.  Powerful interests responded with state licensing of practitioners, accreditation of school curriculums and punitive [peer-reviewed] disciplinary boards to stifle alternative thinking doctors.  Today’s velvet bludgeon is called, Standard of Care and every doctor is controlled by it.  [Self-care is the way around the trap.]

Back to Galen! Sixteen-hundred years of Galen idiocy was displaced by Pasteur’s flimflam known as, The Germ Theory of Disease in the late 1800s.  Germ Theory was perfect because it fueled public superstition and belief in miasmas, but with a scientific-like name: germs! 

The public was taught that germs are invisible microbial agents that cause dis-ease and death, and medical tests identify rogue germs doctor can eliminate with toxic drugs!  Sound familiar?

Medicine defines cure as alleviation of signs and symptoms.  Medicine does not care about the actual cause because a medical cure requires use of  pharma’s drug agenda.  [Want to learn how to, self-cure?  Ask John Thomas for a free consultation.]

Coronavirus Or CoronaKarma?

In February/March, 2020 a novel, fear-driven medical diversion called coronavirus descended upon the world.  Those with toxic terrains and compromised immune systems are most at-risk, followed by those who use pharma’s medications, live on junk food and fail to drink enough non-toxic water.

Poor understanding of physiology and the sciences limits people’s ability to assess risk and make informed choices.  Asking health authorities and sick-care professionals for guidance add to the confusion.  Question.  If physicians [who are highly intelligent people] are falling sucker to COVID-19, average people don’t stand a chance.  Translation: you must learn and practice, self-care!

Bogus medical theories and outdated medical curriculums would not exist if pharma wasn’t controlling what medical students are forced to regurgitate and public health officials, parrot.

We don’t have accurate data and medical-science has become a racket!  Pharma and patsy health officials created a viral miasma and inflated it into a full-blown pandemic!

This author would remind readers that the very same breed of medical ding-dongs running the show back in 1933 are the same breed of medical ding-dongs that are running the show today.  In 1933 they blamed Pellagra on an unidentified, miasma. 

Today, [with the help of fake news] they created an artificial crisis and gave the miasma the name, COVID-19.  [A miasma is defined as noxious exhalations from the bowels of Earth that transmit poisonous effluvia or germs to the atmosphere. In other words, superstition!

PELLAGRA KILLED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE EVERY YEAR IN THE USA FOR 50 YEARS!  Pellagra is a deficiency dis-ease not unlike another sub-clinical dis-ease called scurvy that presently haunts millions of people worldwide, and medical science says not a word.  Do you get the message?

Medical Witchdoctors & Modern Miasmas

Today, the same breed of witchdoctors and health officials are blaming influenza-like symptoms on a boogeyman called coronavirus and the public believes it!  [P. T. Barnum nailed it!] 

Practitioners before 1933 practiced according to Galen’s idiotic thinking that humors overwhelmed the body causing disease and doctors needed to purge them from the body for healing to occur. 

Medical-science, today teaches cancer is a genetic disorder when they know damned well cancer is a fungal condition!  Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize in Science in 1931 for proving it!  Can you say, money, ego, bias, greed, evil and miasma?

Medical-science sacrifices millions of trusting, ignorant souls on their altar of lies with rituals and incantations provided courtesy of Big-Pharma.  Practitioners will never admit that they are modern-day witchdoctors, but they are.  It’s called, sick-care medicine.  Avoid it!

Medical-science defers to miasmas and humors to explain degenerative disorders for which they have no answers.  Galen taught that four bad humors were responsible for dis-ease and death.  Their names: melancholy, choleric, sanguine and phlegmatic. 

Medical-science uses technology to disguise their belief in Galen’s superstitious teachings.  Degenerative disorders such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular are examples of medical ignorance and miasmic insanity that dominates sick-care medicine.  [Galen, humors and Germ Theory are discussed in detail in my book, Young Again! which is free on website.]

Medical experts promoted bleeding of bad humors into the 1800s.  Bleeding people was standard witchdoctor practice.  George Washington was bled to death at the hand of a PHYSICIAN OF STANDING WITH HIGH CREDENTIALS.  [Actually, Washington died of sepsis, preceded by pneumonia-like symptoms [coronavirus?] that unmasked, turned virulent and ended in, sepsis.]

People say, “I am going to Cleveland Clinic/MD Anderson because they are the best and have doctors with the best credentials!”  Really?  A fancy casket is no better than a plain casket.  Think!

Miasmic thinking is very common and popular, too!  Medical-science has an endless supply of miasmic diagnoses awaiting divination by medical witchdoctors.  Insurance companies and Medicare pay for miasmic care are rackets designed to keep the money flowing.  Self-care avoids filing a claim.

Germ Theory and miasmas are flip sides of the same coin and both are efficient at separating people from their money.  Fear of things unknown [ignorance] and things unseen [germs] fuels superstition.

Sick-care medicine [and patients] view cancer with miasmic superstition. Doctor uses witchdoctor verbiage and potions [chemotherapy and radiation] to cast spells and drive-out evil spirits.  ‘We have located the problem, now we need to go in and kill the enemy [cancer!]” 

The problem is cancer is NOT the enemy and doctor, patient and pharma act as if cancer is a miasma!  Cancer is NOTHING MORE than confirmation of a polluted terrain and dysfunctional immune system overrun by and under-the-control-of fungal-molds!   

Illness and dis-ease [as defined by Germ Theory] are medical miasmas in-costume.  They are not real, but their effects are very real.  Real health is the absence of dis-ease and little or no, aging.  COVID-19 is a miasma of medical exaggeration and superstition. 

The religious version of miasma blames God or the devil for our failures.  Some embrace religion to try and make sense of life.  Others resort to medications, alcohol and drugs.  However, BELIEFS ARE IRRELEVANT IF THEY CONFLICT WITH BODY PHYSIOLOGY. 

The reaper does not care what you believe, but your body does and the choices you make determines what version of CoronaKarma you harvest.  Choose wisely.

Pellagra, Coronavirus & Superstition

In the end, pellagra turned out to be nothing but than a deficiency condition for lack of vitamin B-3 [niacin].  Pellagra had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with humors and miasmas and coronavirus has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the pandemic called, COVID-19.

Orthodox medicine blindly followed Galen’s teachings for 1,600 YEARS, and medicine has been hiding behind the Germ Theory of Disease for the past 150 years.  And now, we are supposed to believe medical-science is speaking the truth about coronavirus COVID-19…give me a break! 

Medicine is a racket, but no one wants to admit it.  NEVER is too soon to embrace sick-care medicine and see a doctor!  The emergency room is the only justifiable exception and your, terrain is what determines if you survive, heal and regenerate.  Your body heal itself.  Medications do not heal; they kill!

[FYI: the only way to beat the games called insurance and Medicare is to never use them.  Social Security has a medical twist built into it.  The average age of death for Social Security recipients is age 67.  Millions pay-in and never collect a penny. 

The way to beat the game called Social Security is to live beyond age 67 and the way to do it to maintain health and vitality.  Health and vitality are how you avoid epidemics and miasmas, such as COVID-19.  When this pandemic is over, the only thing that will matter is GOOD HEALTH!  Don’t forget it!]

Physiology Made Simple

You have a body and a terrain and you are responsible for caring for it until it’s time to leave.  While you are here, you must practice terrain management and care for yourself according to the way the body actually works, rather than according to what sick-care medicine says.

Ignorance is bliss until it isn’t!  If you want to make your stay on terra firma pleasant, or you are unhappy with your present state of health, ask John Thomas for guidance and be willing to do your part.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be a takedown by criminal medical elements peddling flimflam laced with fear!  To emerge from this crisis in good health and enjoy the rainbow in the sky that’s just around the corner,  smarten-up, avoid sick-care medicine and ask for guidance.

In the link below, a man of science says COVID-19 is a pandemic of “well-meaning busybodies who are destroying  lives through fear.”

God help us if sick-care medicine is allowed to fabricate make-believe miasmas and impose them on innocent humans along with chipped [‘666’] vaccinations.  Use of unbridled power under pretense of health, safety and welfare is being used to destroy America and the health of its citizens. 

Avoid sick-care medicine and ALWAYS ASSUME MISDIAGNOSIS until proven otherwise.  Smooth talking health officials and credentialed, medical fools are not friends!  Pay them no attention.

Mission: “I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.”

Observation: Sick-care medicine is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is you only option.  Good doctors are shackled and they are in short supply!  The medical system is rigged and corrupt.  Long lines and virtual medicine are now, here and they will deprive you of your humanity.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well in our unknown future.

Forward Special Insights™ to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols Sections of the website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words.

Time out!

This portion of this report contains serious discussion of microbiology and biochemistry that readers need to understand so they are not vulnerable to medical malarkey.  This is critical information that is pertinent to any discussion of dis-ease or infection, including origin, spread and rise to virulence, and particularly when trying to understand epidemics and pandemics.

Your author has simplified the information that follows for the sake of the reader.  However, there is no way to have this discussion without some medical terminology and discussion and reference to basic medical concepts.  Readers must understand some medical ease and speak some of the lingo. 

Readers have two options. Please choose the one best for you.  [By the way: the powerful part of this report is just beginning.  Knowledge is how you eliminate, fear.]

Option One:  do the best you can and follow along.  Some of this information may appear to be beyond the reader’s comfort zone.  But, know this: stretching your brain causes it to expand.  Valuable definitions are provided for the reader’s comfort.  If you choose to not invest your time in this portion of this report, choose option two. 

Option Two: ask for guidance, but don’t ask unless you are willing to follow the yellow brick road and embrace guidance offered.  If the, reader chooses to skip-over this extremely valuable and enlightening part of this report, it’s okay with John Thomas, as long as you are willing to follow along, take direction and avoid endless conversation about things you could have learned, here. 

[Cost-free consultations and assessments are available for the asking.  Please be respectful and appreciative of the time you are given and be willing to do your part.  This is a time of great need.]

Can You Say [Occult] Tuberculosis?

CAUSE OF DEATH: Pneumonia.  Baloney!

Tuberculosis [TB] is a misleading diagnosis with an ugly history.  Few practitioners understand the etiology and physiology of TB, and next to none have clinical experience with occult, latent tuberculosis

Definitive research on TB was done during the middle of the last century by astute practitioners and researchers.  But thanks to Big-Pharma and the medical cartel, research findings never reached streel-level practitioners on the front lines and were never added to medical curriculums.

Pay attention to the diagnosis, pneumonia and instead think occult tuberculosis that is a killer condition masquerades below radar in the health-profiles of millions of people, waiting for terrain toxicity to spike and immune response to stumble.  When that moment arrives, virulence replaces latency!

Pneumonia is a medical phenomenon where lungs fill with pus and fluid and the patient drown for lack of cellular oxygen.  Pneumonia is a condition NOT a disease.  The term pneumonia is used loosely and in abject ignorance to describe a collection of respiratory challenges.  Pneumonia describes symptoms of dis-ease but is NOT, disease.  Pneumonia is an umbrella term and an umbrella diagnosis.

The term pneumonia has  much in common with the term cancer.  Neither are diseases but both are symptoms of dis-ease.  [Notice how a simple hyphen changes emphasis and meaning?] 

The term medical-science has little to do with medicine and next to nothing to do with science.  Medical-science is an oxymoron, so is health-official and health-care.

The Meaning Behind Chronic Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a general diagnosis and umbrella label.  We should be very concerned about non-specific, diagnostic labels because they mislead, especially if you don’t know the meanings of strange words medical people throw around to bamboozle patients, like the word, pneumonia.

Pneumonia hints of inflammation, fluid retention and inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tracts but fails to accurately describe exactly what is really going on.  Meaning, non-virulent infection by latent mycobacterial organisms in occult status, or formerly a latent mycobacterium that morphed to virulence [deadly form].  In other words, pleomorphism.

Definitions For Improved Comprehension

Latent, latency, occult, masked: hidden, below medical and laboratory radar, non-virulent, generally non-detectable, not active, terrain-friendly.

Unmasked: no longer in latent/occult form, virulent, aggressive and deadly.]

Myco: of mold and fungus, not a bacterium or virus.

Mycotoxin: Mycobacterial secretions used to control physiology and immune functions.

Mycobacterium, mycobacilli, mycoplasma: organisms that mimic and look-like bacterium but are actually fungal-molds. 

Pleomorphism: organisms with the ability to shift from latency to virulence and back according to conditions within the body’s terrain.

Chronic: constant, long-standing, severe, beyond subtle, low-grade]. 

Virulent: extreme pathogenicity, out-of-control, final stage, deadly. 

Sepsis: end-stage effects of fungal infection; mycotoxin overload of immune system; systemic assault and collapse of vital organ functions, beyond blood poisoning.

Bacterium/bacteria: singular/plural bacterial species.

Bacillus/bacilli: singular/plural for rod-shaped organism of the genus, bacillus; spore producing.

Pathogenic: an organism that presents during virulence but does not the cause infection or dis-ease.

When the respiratory tract is under assault by non-virulent mycobacilli, patients suffer low-grade infection, low-grade inflammation and low-grade congestion.  But once occult, non-virulent mycobacilli morph to virulent form, the patient’s condition is described as chronic! 

Mycobacterium differ in form, function and physiology from bacterial species because they are NOT bacterium.  Mycobacterium are hybrid-like creatures that look-like bacterium to the untrained eye; organisms change form according to the conditions of the terrain [meaning, latency to virulence and back].  The terrain determines if, when and how dis-ease expresses.  Exposure is irrelevant.

Fungal-molds play MAJOR ROLES in all respiratory disorders.  Fungal-molds control respiratory and immune functions by secreting mycotoxins that shut-down or limit production of the cellular energy molecule, Mg-ATP.  


Mycotoxins fuel production of pus, phlegm, mucous and fuel inflammation and infection in the upper and lower respiratory tracts.  Infectious waste causes patients to drown for lack of cellular oxygen and lack of the Mg-ATP energy the body needs to fight-off infection and mount sustained recovery. 

Elevate blood-oxygen and blood-flow and the body can recover from almost anything.  The body is meant to live, not die, but it needs blood-flow, nutrients and oxygen to sustain itself and regenerate.  

  1. Pneumonia is not what practitioners and patients have been taught. 
  2. People who are dying with influenza-like symptoms are NOT dying from coronavirus.
  3. Community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] is a symptom; you do not die from pneumonia.
  4. Death follows virulence; respiratory sepsis follows mycobacterial pulmonary tuberculosis.

Pulmonary Mycobacterial Tuberculosis [PTMB]

Clinicians [doctors/specialists] and labs technicians do not understand or appreciate mycoplasma takeover of the terrain.  Clinicians are schooled to think only in terms of Germ Theory and pathogenic bacteria; they do NOT understand viruses and they do NOT understand invasions and domination of the terrain by fungal-molds. 

Mycoplasma symptoms mimic bacterial infections.  They are totally misunderstood by medical-science. Readers need to understand the differences to avoid medical abuse and medical misdiagnosis.

The invasive nature and power of fungal-mold infection is plainly evident in respiratory disorders, but clinicians misdiagnose for lack of understanding of the terrain and mycology

For example, the general description of community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] may involve pneumococcal bacteria, but it can result from inhalation of coccidioidomycosis fungal cells that weaken immune function through low-grade infection and inflammation to the point that latent, occult mycobacteria morph to virulence, followed by sepsis and finally, death.  Read this again!

Patients are mistakenly being treated with antibiotics for bacterial infections when their bodies are infected with latent, occult, long-standing fungal infections that antibiotics and steroids, no only don’t touch but actually make worse by acting as gasoline on a fire. 


Mycobacilli are fungal-mold hybrid-like species that look-like bacteria but are NOT bacteria.  Antibiotics and steroids are useless against myco-organisms.  These drugs turn-on virulent personality aspects of these highly pleomorphic organisms causing them to attack the host!

Worse, medications deplete the body of critically-needed magnesium ions at the cellular, mitochondrial level.  Taking-care of yourself AVOIDS rescue effort medications.  Getting-off medications means implies understanding that cellular magnesium ion levels must be raised simultaneously. 

[Ask for guidance if you choose to get off medications [with your doctors blessing, of course; and doctor will take you off when body physiology returns to normal and can no longer justify keeping you on them!]

Mycobacilli are involved in many latent infections; virulent pulmonary tuberculosis is just one of them, but the most-deadly of all.  Virulence related to CHRONIC MYCOBACTERIAL TUBERCULOSIS express as SEPSIS days and hours before death occurs. 

Terrain management is about avoidance of virulence rather than trying to tame it [which is virtually impossible once you enter ICU and are put on respirator.]

Symptoms of COVID-19 infection and influenza-like bronchial/lung infections [such as COPD] are symptoms of UNDIAGNOSED and UNRECOGNIZED Pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis in occult/latent form expressing below medical and laboratory radar. 

Do not ignore influenza-like symptoms.  Time is of essence when dealing with symptoms of pre-virulence.  Tend to your terrain and immune system BEFORE trouble erupts!

When occult mycobacterium unmask and turn virulent, people die.  In between onset of occult illness and death, clinicians are misdiagnosing influenza-like symptoms as pneumonia which is tacit admission that they don’t understand the process.  The patient is on their own.  Learn to care for yourself.


Call To Action!

It’s of vitally important readers understand that occult tuberculosis is likely behind symptoms practitioners and medical authorities are calling influenza-like symptoms and coronavirus. 

Clinicians do not understand the fungal-mold infection cycle that begins with use of antibiotics, steroids and medications and progresses to multiple microbe virulence and finally, sepsis.  Sepsis is only a symptom and NOT the actual cause of death.

Staying ahead of the game means you automatically ASSUME you are carrying pathogenic organisms that are in latency!  It’s a valid assumption to make and a smart one, too!  IT DOES NOT MATTER what you may be infected with.  Latent organisms are only a threat when you neglect your terrain and allow immune function to deteriorate. 

Testing is a sham and it matters not what results show.  Limit risk by tending to terrain and  immune functions BEFORE trouble erupts.  If you follow John Thomas’ lead and guidance, you can STOP worrying about COVID-19, pneumonia and tuberculosis and shut-down fear and get a life. 

THE ISSUE IS TERRAIN, NOT INFECTION!  Many organisms revert to occult status following infections earlier in life, and co-exist in the body without symptoms for decades, until conditions in the terrain and immune system are just right.

All of the noise about COVID-19 testing is a complete and total sham!  Instead of focusing on respirators/ventilators, we should be focusing on AVOIDANCE and PREVENTION of microbial virulence by teaching people how to restore their terrains and boost immune function. 

Virulent, pulmonary tuberculosis moves extremely fast and death is always preceded by sepsis.  Sepsis says: game over!  If you are misdiagnosed and you wrongly treated with antibiotics and steroids you will have insufficient cellular energy to mount a sustained recovery.


Bullet-Proofing Your Terrain

Perhaps now readers understand that people are dying of COVID-19 and that they are actually dying of occult tuberculosis and fear!  What you do about both of them is crucial to survival.

Please realize, latent infections can exit latency and turn virulent in minutes and hours.  Time is on your side if you are not fighting for your life.  If you suffer from a respiratory condition, get serious before things spin out of control.  You have the power to create what version of CoronaKarma 2020 you want.  [Bullet-proof your health by embracing Young Again Club Principles and Protocols.]

Fungal-Mold Connection

Fungal-mold infections PRECEDE bacterial and viral infections.  By the time doctor pulls labs, clinicians always discover pleomorphic bacterial organisms.  The problem here is this: the bad bacteria arrived latency unmasked NOT before!  This is important. 

It’s the same phenomenon females experience when they undergo lab test for so-called, bladder infection [aka: UTI urinary tract infections] and men for prostate infection.  How about chickenpox and shingles infections that torments millions of people?  Guess what?  These infections are occult, latent infections of fungal-molds NOT bacterial origin.  Sound like what’s going on with COVID-19?

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a condition of EXTREME virulence that moves fast and produces pus in the alveolae [oxygen transfer tissues of the lungs] causing severe, oxygen deprivation to tissues and cells and SEVERE ACIDIFICATION OF THE TERRAIN which affects total body physiology.

Hospital admittance means forfeiture of the right to exercise self-care and vigilance over your body.  To limit virulent outbreaks, avoid medications.  Steroids, antifungals and antibiotics are counterproductive because they FUEL SPREAD AND GROWTH OF FUNGAL-MOLDS while depleting cells of magnesium ions mitochondria need for production of energy and by boosting blood-oxygen and blood volume levels.

Unrealistic Expectations

Blood and oxygen are powerful remedies for dis-ease and polluted terrains, and compromised immunity set-the-stage for potentially pathogenic organisms to unmask and morph to virulence. The biologic process is called, pleomorphism

Medical-science refuses to recognize pleomorphism and pharma does its best to crush heresy among practitioners.  Germ Theory dominate all things, medical.  Don’t expect doctor to acknowledge or go along with ideas and protocols outside medical norm.

Standard of Care requires practitioners to diagnose the patient, follow accepted protocols and only prescribe accepted medications.  Doctors who recommend or discuss alternative venues are held accountable and are vulnerable to litigation and disciplinary action by peers and license review boards.  Doctors are captive agents of pharma. 

Doctor may or may not be your friend, depending on which way the wind blows.  DON’T PUT DOCTOR IN A CORNER.  HEAR WHAT DOCTOR HAS TO SAY, PLAY YOUR GOD-CARD AND EXIT!

The Riddle Called Dis-ease

Medicine does not have remedies for dis-ease; they treat disease [which is not the same thing].  Young Again Club teaches self-care and restoration of vital organ function and terrain. 

For the benefit of patients, when influenza-like symptoms appear, PRACTITIONERS SHOULD ASSUME UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE that community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] is actually pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis [PMTB] exiting latency and on the verge of virulence.   

ASSUME lab tests [and lab clinicians who perform tests] have VERY SHALLOW training in mycology [study of fungal-molds].   Clinicians WILL NOT be able to definitively identify occult PMTB until after the organism, unmasks.  Mycobacterium [in occult form] are almost impossible for experienced clinicians to differentiate from other bacterial etiologies.  That is why medicine defers to non-specific, umbrella-type diagnostic labels like, pneumonia.


Practitioners and patients should error on the side of safety and NOT foul-the-nest with experimental drugs, like chloroquine & hydro-chloroquine, and biologics [like cipro] and steroids [like prednisone]. Antibiotics devastate immune function and set the stage for systemic takeover by fungal-molds. 

Drugs crush immune response, devastate liver function and fuel the microbial shift from latency to virulence to sepsis!  People who manage to survive fungal, metabolic takeover never fully recover.  If you use [or have used] medications and want to restore your VITALITY, ask John Thomas for guidance.

As an aside, pleomorphic organisms peacefully CO-HABIT THE BODY FOR DECADES without signs or symptoms of virulence.  But add fear, stress, toxicity and oxygen deprivation and microbial latency vanishes and virulence manifests.  Under crisis conditions, the entire process can morph from minor symptoms to virulent sepsis and death in a matter of hours and certainly days.  Don’t forget it! 

Patients suffering from chronic bronchial/lung disorders [COPD] do not deliver sufficient oxygen to cells and tissues.  Restoration of health and full recovery from life threating infections REQUIRES that the mitochondria make huge amounts of extra energy.   

Terrain defense and recovery REQUIRE EXTRA BLOOD-FLOW VOLUME AND INCREASE BLOOD-OXYGEN LEVELS.  When you increase blood flow and oxygen to the bronchioles and lungs, recovery follows as vital organs and tissues regenerate and mycobacterial and pathogenic organisms revert to latency.

The major challenge for accurate diagnosis of pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis [PMTB] is inability to differentiate PMTB from common etiologies of community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] and this is exactly what is going on with the so-called, COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sepsis is fungal-mold virulence in the form of blood poisoning and respiratory shut-down.  Sepsis is a fungal condition NOT a bacterial or viral manifestation.  Sepsis is the symptom! 

Sepsis, Oxygen & COVID-19

People on supplemental oxygen have a problem, but it’s not what the patient and doctor think it is.  The problem is INABILITY TO TRANSPORT OXYGEN which is a very different condition than lack of a supply of oxygen.  Supplemental oxygen is a band-aid approach that fails to address the real issue.

Those with respiratory disorders [including COVID-19, influenza-like symptoms, COPD and mesothelioma] suffer and die because of mycotoxins that are secreted by fungal-molds.  Medicine calls the symptom, SEPSIS!

Oxygen deprivation is a symptom of insufficient blood carbon dioxide [CO2], poor blood-flow volume and myco-toxic blood.  Do not expect doctor to agree or lab tests to confirm these conclusions.  Hemoglobin [in your blood] needs carbon dioxide[CO2] in order to transport oxygen to the cells. 

What I am describing in this report is exactly what is happening to millions of people who are supposedly dying from all types of respiratory disorders, including COVID-19.  People are dying of fungal mycotoxin infection that expressing as respiratory sepsis. 

The energy molecule [Mg-ATP] is made in the electron transport chain [within the Krebs cycle] of mitochondria of our cells.  If you don’t make enough Mg-ATP energy, you will suffer from ongoing, low-grade inflammation and you will age prematurely. 

Said plainly, without enough oxygen and Mg-ATP your body get-by but you will never function at peak level.  Healing and regeneration require a generous supply of energy that’s made in the mitochondria within the cells of the body.

Regardless if you suffer from influenza-like symptoms or another dis-ease-like symptom, increased blood-flow volume and elevated blood-oxygen are required for healing and regeneration.

Pneumonia and COVID-19 are timely examples of modern, medical ignorance.  Mycotoxin flooding of the terrain and pneumonia are forerunners of fungal dominance, mitochondrial dis-ease and metabolic syndrome.   Medications are useless against mycotoxin-driven disorders because the condition is a terrain issue NOT a bacterial infection based on the Germ Theory of Disease.

Readers will NEVER understand the biologic phenomenon called pleomorphism and shift from latency to virulence without understanding the Young Again! concept called, the terrain.

Sepsis and unmasked PMTB explains the systemic collapse and rapid death of patients who supposedly die of coronavirus.  COVID-19 will continue ad infinitum [under different names] for as long as people are locked in ignorance and health authorities are allowed to propagate false narratives and fraudulent medical miasmas under the name, medical-science.

It is the reader’s responsibility to care for yourself, tend to your terrain and maintain full-function of your vital organs.  You do it with the Essential Elements and support from John Thomas and  Young Again Club protocols and modalities.

Pharma To The Rescue

Question.  Why would a thinking person agree to drugs or to be vaccinated when the risk is KNOWN and the side-effects plainly spelled out?  Answer. Because people are more afraid of what might happen If they don’t use drugs and get vaccinated than if they do.  Translation: medical-science is my friend, doctor is a nice person and pharma has my best interests at heart.  Baloney!  Can you say, fear?

Medications DEPLETE the body of magnesium ions and shuts-down energy production and output of Mg-ATP.  Medications are slow-motion suicide!  When medications are used during systemic, metabolic attack, the side-effects rise exponentially and deterioration of the terrain accelerates. 

We die NOT for lack of drugs, but because of them!  Doctors [and health official] use of off-label medications such as hydro-chloroquine and chloroquine is insanity whether for COVID-19 or another imaginary disorder. 

Drugs destroy liver function and kill 200,000 people, yearly.  Drugs cripple the hepatocytes [the functional cells of your liver].  Liver dis-ease says, metabolic dysfunction and mitochondrial dis-ease says,  liver dis-ease.  Medications accelerate destruction of all vital organs. 

Much of the populace is in the state of early metabolic shut-down.  Those with advanced disorders/syndromes/dis-eases such as fatty liver, diabetes, lupus, Reynaud’s, cancer, cardiovascular, obesity, dementia, etc. are not served well by using medications, and would be better served by pursuing  guidance outside of the sick-care system. 

It is essential for those from degenerative dis-ease to first, decide if they want and make lifestyle-changes accordingly.   What version of CORONAKARMA 2020 do you want?

Graveyard & Off-Label Medications

Chloroquine and hydro-chloroquine are UGLY drugs, yet scared, ignorant people are scrambling to get on them for use against COVID-19 despite known side-effects. 

Resurrected [graveyard] and experimental drugs are promoted for PROPHYLACTIC USE by the same breed of shameless witchdoctors that prescribed the drug VIOXX that killed 60-100,000 innocents 20 years ago.  What do you want?

Prophylactic use of drugs is pure, insanity and is based on the ludicrous idea that we are born with drug deficiencies.  Did you know that 80% of adults over age 40 use drugs, such as: statins, blood thinners, beta-blockers, proton pump inhibitors and pain killers?  

Statin drugs, for example, guaranteed users a bed at the dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s ward!  What do YOU want in your future?  Medications cause dis-ease

Pharma’s latest additions are biologics, therapeutics and RNA [nucleic acid] inhibitors.  These drugs cripple mitochondria that make the energy you need to live, repair and regenerate.  Use drugs and you will pay with your life.  Stupid is as stupid does! 

For your  information, the misnomer, medical-science defines cancer as a DNA genetic disorder and coronavirus as an RNA viral disorder.  Guess what?  Pharma just happens to have drugs that supposedly fight DNA/RNA dis-eases.  Genetic disease is medical fraud and so is medical treatments of cancer!

Coronavirus justifies use of drugs for ignorant patients who are sitting ducks.  Cancer and COVID-19 are FUNGAL-MOLD conditions manifesting as [early-stage] pneumonia and [late stage] pulmonary mycobacterial tuberculosis, and they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your, genes.

Some things are worse than death and metabolic syndrome, compromised immunity and mitochondrial dis-ease are three of them.  All are slow-motion death with lots of unnecessary suffering in between.  These disorders affect MOST of the populace.  They seed the big four killers: cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  Translation: if you want to avoid [or reverse] these miserable maladies you have to clean-up your terrain and restore immune function NOW while time is on your side.

If you have or suffer from any type of so-called autoimmune or metabolic or degenerative disorder, it’s time you WAKE-UP and take control of your life.  Your body is meant to live [not die] and it is made to repair itself.  Give it a chance.  [Ask for guidance.]

Misdiagnosis & Recycled Bureaucrats

Medical misdiagnosis is rife!  So is belief in the goofyideathat microbes invade the body and cause disease.  Worse, is the insane idea that we are born with drug deficiencies and toxic medications resurrect health and save us from boogeyman diseases that don’t even exist!

MEDICATIONS SUPPRESS IMMUNE FUNCTION AND DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING.  Whether you suffer from degenerative dis-ease, influenza-like symptoms or a respiratory disorder, medications are counter-productive and BLOCK any realistic hope of long-term recovery.

At this very moment [March 29, 2020] medical wind-bags are popping-up like toadstools.  Resurrected experts are relentlessly blanketing America with lies and exaggerations about coronavirus, the same way they have badgered cancer patients for over 100 years. 

“Your immune system is overactive and is attacking your body!  Drug XXXXX is very promising and our new therapies are so much easier and better.  They will help your body get the upper hand and fight back!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain”  [Good luck with that one!] 

Sick-care medicine is like an insurance policy.  Ignore what’s covered and pay attention to the fine print, meaning, Exclusions, Limitations & Omissions.  If you NEVER see a doctor or file a claim, it’s too soon!

The body is designed to heal and your job is to help make it happen.  The best way to deal with medical bulldogs is to play your God-Card and exit doctor’s office before fear overrides your instincts. 

Destroy your body with medications and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will [make sure] Humpty Dumpty will never live the good life, again!

Steroids are particularly ugly drugs.  If doctors told patients of the long-term, destructive effects of steroids, no patient would use them.  Short-term relief is a poor trade for long-term misery. 

Steroids are used for disorders from vision problems to respiratory disorders and asthma because they ease inflammation and ease suffering.  At the same time, they SET-THE-STAGE for misery and premature death.  Steroids are cumulative and must cleared from the body for healing to occur.  [Ask for guidance.]

Steroids [and antibiotics] fuel growth of fungal-molds and SET-YOU-UP for fungal takeover of your terrain.  Influenza-like symptoms and pneumonia-like symptoms are early-stage, occult tuberculosis in masked form that practitioners mistakenly diagnose as pneumonia.  Steroids fuel the fire called, SEPSIS!

We have a problem, NASA!”  And, the problem is millions of sub-clinically sick people with compromised immune systems and toxic terrains who are using medications and getting vaccinated against things they don’t have and will NEVER get!  There are plenty of reasons for concern.  COVID-19 is not one of them!

Cellphones, Towers & 5-G Non-ionizing Radiation

I have written much about the insidious effects of non-ionizing, wi-fi radiation on vital organs, immune system and cellular mitochondria.  If you think 4-G radiation is bad, wait until 5-G wi-fi is implemented later this year. 

BTW: Wuhan, China, Milan, Italy and Seattle, WA were the first three cities to fully implement 5-G wi-fi and guess where illness and dis-ease in the form of COVID-19 first appeared?  Coincidence?

5-G electrical signals stimulate pneumonia-like and influenza-like symptoms and weaken immune function of the bioelectric body.  5-G causes micro-organisms in the body in latent form to morph into virulence.   For some, the effect is pronounced and immediate.  For others it’s a slow take-down.

Exposure to smart meters, cell phones, routers, computers, etc. should be minimized.  [The Essential Elements Protocol and activated sea mineral sulfates are John Thomas’ answer and solution to the effects of electronic pollution/depletion.  [Learn more, here.]

If your body, mind and spirit are bombarded with  to 5-G non-ionizing radiation your will pay with your health and your life.  Symptoms are endless and practitioners are NOT equipped or prepared to identify or deal with this very, real threat.

Terrain management makes sense, but few people listen.  Non-ionizing radiation triggers thousands of metabolic dysfunctions, such as Epstein-Barr and Guillain-barre, lupus, Reynaud’s, hormone imbalance, brain issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, memory, thyroid and adrenal issues, to name a few. 

Systemic, low-grade infections have much in common with non-ionizing radiation.  Translation: wi-fi radiation causes microbes to unmask and turn, virulent.  Mitochondrial dis-ease, metabolic dis-ease and autoimmune dis-ease are examples. 

Suggestions & Fundamentals

  1. Put terrain management near the top of your list of priorities.
  2. Tend to digestive capability to ensure good food actually benefits your body.
  3. Drink enough water [3 quarts daily] and urinate every 2 hours.
  4. Make sure your body is heavily supplied with sea mineral sulfates.
  5. Get as much sun exposure as possible [without sunscreen].
  6. Eat only healthy food; no junk, no dairy and no prepared food. 
  7. Eat a spoonful of coconut oil and/or real butter at the beginning of every meal.    
  8. Eat a maximum of two meals a day with six hours between them.    
  9. Eat fresh or frozen COOKED greens [such as kale] with vinegar and olive oil at every meal. 
  10. Avoid greens in raw form, as well as, green smoothies.
  11. Avoid alcohol.  Wine messes your liver and male and female hormones.
  12. Medications deplete the body’s stores of magnesium ions; avoid them!
  13. Use Essential Elements for more energy and to protect against wi-fi radiation.
  14. Do enemas multiple times daily and coffee enemas regularly.  
  15. Eat lots of healthy salt and avoid all soft drinks and juices.
  16. Do not eat food [or make/drink smoothies] before 10 am.  
  17. Walk daily and practice deep-breathing exercises. 
  18. Practice the Five Rites every day for renewed vigor and energy.
  19. Ventilate your home several times daily.
  20. Spend time in prayer and meditation daily.
  21. Read Letting Go, by David Hawkins.  Read it daily.  Practice it.
  22. Decide what version of CoronaKarma you want to harvest and act accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Y your terrain determines what your version of CoronaKarma 2020 is called and the symptoms you suffer.  The nice thing about karma is this: you can change it!

Few practitioners have clinical understanding of human physiology, microbiology, evolutionary biology and biochemistry .  Most practitioners are forced to adhere to orthodox thinking to comply with the rules of Standard of Care, regardless if doing so is in the patient’s best interest.

Patient and practitioner inability and unwillingness to think and function outside accepted medical theory is just one reason we have a population of sub-clinically sick people. 

Know that the real advances in medical-science occur on the margin and NOT in universities and hospitals, and most certainly, NOT in Big-Pharma laboratories that fill the devil’s pantry with drugs.

John Thomas trusts you learned much from this very lengthy, very detailed report, and hopes readers will STUDY IT and ask for help on topics not fully understood. 

Readers do not have 20 years to devote to try and learn why they are suffering and prematurely aging. 

Information contained in this report is sophisticated information written in non-sophisticated style.  If readers find this information difficult to process, imagine how difficult it was for John Thomas to research, compile and put it into street-level format?  [Not easy!]

Personalized protocols and guidance are provided by John Thomas without cost.  Take advantage of this unique, free service and create your own rainbow in the sky!  It’s just around the corner, you know!

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