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Valentine’s Day All Year Long

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful custom with ruinous overtones for those who celebrate the occasion with sweets. To help your Valentine to be happy and healthy, read on.

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The official sugar season begins on Halloween, continues unabated through Christmas and New Year’s Day, then comes Valentine’s Day with the grand finale on Easter Day. The other six months are the unofficial season for grazing on sugar in all its many forms.

Diabetes, was once known as ‘sugar’ diabetes because people ate too much sugar and their blood sugar levels were dangerously high. These days, 20% or more of the population are diabetics with an additional 20-40% on the margin.

When you think sweets, think of carbohydrates like: sugar, candy, agave, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, fruit, fruit syrup, fruit juices, pasta and of course, wine and alcohol.

Sweet Valentines

People associate sweets with fun, satisfaction, love and memories. Unfortunately, sweets are degenerative to the body and cause us to be moody and cranky!

Valentine’s Day and chocolate are associated with love. Good chocolate has lots of good fats and fats are the basis of our hormones. But the sugar part of chocolate creates food cravings.

Sucrose (table sugar) temporarily boosts energy, but most sweets are fructose based. The body removes fructose from blood and converts it to body fat. Sweets inflame the entire body.

Fructose does not provide the body with usable energy and it severely disrupts the matrix of the gut microbiome. Yeast outbreaks are a ‘classic’ response. Please see Fruit Sugar Blues.

The population is hooked on carbohydrates. People have ‘trained’ their bodies to burn carbohydrates as their primary energy source instead of fats. Dietary fats can supply up to 80% of the body’s total energy needs without compromising health like carbohydrates do.

Protein & Fat Metabolism

Healthy fats are the most useful food you can eat to break dependence on carbohydrates. Moreover, fats stop food cravings! To convert fats to energy, you need bio-active bile.

Contrary to medical myth about fats and the absurd ‘food pyramid’ dieticians and ‘food experts’ love to crow about, fats are everyone’s ticket for good health and longevity. See, Eat Fats to Be Healthy & Happy.

Proteins present a serious dilemma for all of us because you need high stomach acidity to break them down ‘before’ they enter the small intestine. Incomplete protein digestion affects young and old alike. Allergies and food sensitivities are protein driven inflammatory responses.

Undigested proteins are ‘foreign’ invaders that do not belong in the intestinal track or blood. Foreign proteins trigger immune system reactions known as the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™.

For example, gluten intolerance is CONFIRMATION of failure to digest wheat protein. It’s also confirmation of an inflamed and porous small intestinal wall and unrestricted admission of foreign wheat protein into the blood.

Gluten intolerance is a real problem for millions of people. Sadly, the label focuses on the effect rather than the cause. The cause is not consumption of wheat protein! The cause is undigested, ‘foreign’ (wheat) protein in blood where it should never be!

Regardless whether your protein source is animal or plant derived, if you have allergies, gluten issues or autoimmune disorders in general, please ask for guidance by clicking, here.

Poor circulation is a HUGE factor drive cravings for sweets. Accumulation of waste in the tissues is the product of compromised circulation. Dynamic Circulation Therapy™ dramatically increases circulation and helps de-acidify the terrain.

People who suffer with gluten intolerance MUST avoid foods containing gluten until they have regenerated their small intestinal wall and restored their gut microbiome. The Autoimmune Attack Cycle is a dilemma with serious implications for everyone.

People recognize the Autoimmune Attack Cycle by names like: fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, bowels, yeast, gout, rosacea, acne, brain fog, allergy, thyroid, tinnitus (ringing in ears), eye problems, Alzheimer’s, etc. These ‘conditions’ are classic autoimmune attacks by the body against the body. Sweets and incomplete protein digestion drive these conditions! Stress and emotional anxiety also play a major role.

A New Valentine’s Day Tradition

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go ‘sweet free’ and end systemic, low-grade inflammation that destroys people’s health and lives.

It takes two weeks for sugar to leave the body after consumption ceases. During the weaning period, food cravings increase, but systemic inflammation decreases.

Dietary fats are the key to managing cravings and hunger pangs. After 60 days of following Young Again Club Protocols, the transition from carbohydrate dependence to a diet based on healthy fats is complete. ‘Bio-active’ lipids and bile from Young Again Club help the transition process.

Healthy fats are a fantastic source of energy that also promote ‘deep’ sleep! Fats, and the ability to ‘burn’ them, are the keys to good health and regeneration of the bio-electric body.

Flowers for Your Sweetie

Flowers on Valentine’s Day avoids the sugar ‘blues’. Flowers do not gray hair or fog the brain or create gas and bloat. Sweets drive; depression, cravings, poor sleep, yeast outbreaks, bladder infections, prostate flare-ups, neck and back tension and bowel irregularities, just to name a few.

Sweets do great harm to your health. They confuse the immune system and weaken the body.

Sweets are no way to ‘treat’ your Sweetie or yourself.

A Better Way

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