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Osteoporosis: The Untold Story Bones, Calcification & Inflammation

Osteoporosis is epidemic, and the reasons given for its prevalence are fiction, bordering on, lies!   Slow-motion aging adequately describes, osteoporosis.  Officially, it refers to loss of bone density, but bone loss is the effect, not the cause.   To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Osteoporosis is a condition, not a disease!  It is a self-imposed condition where the body is forced to steal minerals from bone to offset acidity and ease systemic, inflammation.

Bone density tests classify osteoporosis as either, severe or normal for your age.  Severe speaks for itself, and normal is medical speak for, not yet, severe.  Both are terrible; neither is desirable.

[Depletion of minerals from bone and failure to form bone are flip sides of the same problem.  First comes acidification, then low-grade inflammation.  Both conditions affect the entire population to some degree.  In women osteoporosis appears by age 35; in men by age, 50.]

You can prevent osteoporosis.  You can reverse osteoporosis.  Age and sex have little or nothing to do with either.  The limiting factor is failure to understand why osteoporosis, occurs.

Loss of bone density [the official definition for osteoporosis] is a past tense concept, meaning, the problem already happened.  Osteoporosis has nothing to do with lack of calcium and everything to do with abnormal body chemistry, systemic inflammation, low acidity and hijacking of hormones.  Behind all of these problems is takeover by mold, fungus and yeast.

Either Choose Or Your Body Will Choose, For You

The body steals minerals from bone to neutralize circulating acidic waste.  The word, corrosive describes the effect waste has on the body better than the word, acidic.  Regardless, waste slows bone formation and speeds bone degeneration.   [Osteoporosis is effect, not cause.]

Given no choice, the body stores acid waste it cannot dispose of through the bowels and kidneys.  Storage removes waste from circulation while increasing waste levels in tissue and organs.  Stored acid waste is what drives body acidity, which is not the same as, pH.   [Circulating waste [as measured by urine pH] hints at body acidity, but is not a measure of it.]

Tissue acidity cannot be measured, but urine pH is easy to measure and is a indicator of what is going on in the system.  Acidity is everybody’s problem sooner or later, regardless of how good you care for yourself.  [Premature aging and dis-ease are proof.]

Acidity and pH should not be ignored.  Manipulation of hormones is a big factor, and fungal mycotoxins control, both.

The body needs buffers [such as magnesium and bicarbonate] to neutralize and process acid waste.  Magnesium is an extremely important mineral element with buffer qualities.  However, as a buffer, it pales in comparison to bicarbonate.

Calcium and magnesium are both alkaline minerals, but in the body they function very, differently.  Calcium triggers muscle contraction, where magnesium relaxes muscle.  Charley horse is an example of insufficient magnesium to counter calcium overload.

The population is severely overloaded with excess calcium.  And, once calcium dominates, calcification of heart, arteries, soft tissues, organs and joints is 100%, predictable.  Add influence of fungus mycotoxins and you have the recipe for poor health.

Calcification means deposition of calcium where it does not belong.  For example, in artery walls, kidneys, joints, breasts and prostate.  Calcification is a marker condition!  It is always a factor in cancer, inflammation and pre-diabetes [blood sugar over 90].  Interestingly, magnesium [if you can get it into blood] reverses calcification of the body.  {Read more here.]

The Osteoporosis Puzzle 

Osteoporosis has everything to do with bodies that are acidic, and everyone’s body is acidic.  Acidity and aging are one in the same problem; the more acidic your terrain, the more you suffer.

Urine pH should rise and fall between 7.0-8.0, but no one maintains this range without personal intervention.  Meaning, monitoring of urine pH and use of bicarbonate.

As the body releases waste from the tissues pH falls.  Bicarbonate is used to push pH up.  It does this by neutralizing toxic acids for transport out of the body.  Release of acid waste slows progression of osteoporosis and encourages the body to make, new bone.

Bicarbonate is the key to waste release and reversal of osteoporosis.  Bicarbonate pushes pH up, so body will release more acid, which drives pH down.  Up and down!  If you have enough bicarbonate in your system, the process goes on forever.   [To learn more, click here.]

Diet affects pH.  Sweets, fruit, alcohol and carbohydrates drive pH down; so does meat, but mycotoxins made by yeast and fungus exaggerate the effects.  Oddly, raw apple cider vinegar [a natural, acid solvent dissolves tissue waste [lowers acidity], but raises urine pH.

Diets high in saturated fats [exactly opposite of what people are told] reduce body acidity and promote bone formation.  Dietary intake of fats should be 50-75% of total calories consumed.  [Read, Eat Fats To Be Healthy & Happy.]

Poor circulation promotes osteoporosis because it limits movement of acid waste.  So does intake of fluoride in any form, from drinking water to tooth paste, and especially, fluoroquinolone medications.  [Fluoride makes bone and teeth [teeth are bone] brittle and accelerates, aging.]

Antibiotics, Hormones, Fats and Fungus

There is nothing more debilitating to the body in general, and bone structure in particular, than antibiotics, regardless of when [during one’s life] they are used or the type of antibiotic, used.  [Click here to learn more.]

The Mold & Fungus Protocol is one of a kind and the number one program for reversing the effects of antibiotic use and abuse.  It is also the simplest and most natural approach to hormone management, from female and male hormones to thyroid and adrenals.  Hormone manipulation leads to mycotoxin dominance and promotes, osteoporosis.

Poor digestion plays a part in osteoporosis because inability to process, protein increases body acidity, as does the inability to process fat for lack of bile.  [Women need fats to make hormones and coconut oil [a fat!] is the top, choice.  [ReSet Capsules are an easy way to consume fat.]

Hormones [estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and adrenal] are primary targets of manipulation by yeast mycotoxins; that is how fungus controls the body.  Worse, merger of fungal and human DNA allows fungus to override the immune system and grow, unchecked.  [Read more here.]

Excess body fat is a classic side-effect of fungal infestation.  The more fat you carry, the more estrogen you make, and estrogen is jet fuel for growth of fungus and yeast which are the source of CANCER!  [Now you know why birth control pills are so dangerous for females.  [See Jill’s Story.]

Not only does excess calcium promote osteoporosis, but it also promotes, breast cancer.  Fact is, mammogram looks for calcium in breast tissue as an indicator of potential breast cancer.

After 20 years of subjecting women to medieval torture, experts now admit mammograms don’t prevent cancer and are as useless as pink ribbons!  Cancer is not disease, it is a condition of fungal takeover of the body and manipulation of the hormones by mycotoxins made by fungus.

Absence of magnesium ions in the blood promotes both osteoporosis and cancer [especially in the breast and uterus].  Add mycotoxin dominance and you have the perfect storm for cancer.  FYI: Cellulite is abnormal fat and an example of mycotoxin controlled female hormones.

Pain, Inflammation, Poor Sleep & Leaky-gut 

Osteoporosis involves, inflammation.  Pain and suffering are also symptoms of inflammation.  And, behind inflammation is fungal control of hormones and an acidic, terrain.  Add, intestinal inflammation from mold and yeast and you have, autoimmune challenges.  Inflammation is your body’s way of signaling you to, wake up and take action.

Pain killers such as, NSAIDS do serious damage to the gut wall.  Steroids are worse; they are hormone based jet fuel for Candida yeast and production of mycotoxins.  To reverse their effects, do the, Mold & Fungus Protocol.

The intestinal wall and microbiome are your immune system.  Once fungus sink their roots [hypha] into the wall, all things autoimmune come to life and you lose control of health and well-being.  It is fungal invasion of the intestine that is behind, leaky-gut syndrome {GIRD] as well as another huge problem called, gluten intolerance.  [Read more here.]

Poor sleep and osteoporosis are birds of a feather.   Deep sleep is key to detoxification of the tissues and without it, the soft tissues become inflamed.  Snoring, tossing and turning have more to do with fungal driven congestion and inflammation than people have any idea.

It is not your bed that is preventing deep sleep; it’s your fungus infested, inflamed body!  Better to figure out now and get deep sleep than resort to sleeping pills and sleep studies followed by CPAP machines.

Conclusion & Solutions

Osteoporosis and an acidic body are the side effects of fungal invasion and mycotoxin dominance.  To solve these problems, do the Mold & Fungus Protocol.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  What are you willing to tolerate?

Ask for guidance 

Woe unto patients who cannot discern between symptoms and cause.  Ignorance is the basis of fear, and understanding is the basis of health and happiness.


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