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You Have A Choice!

You have a choice when it comes to the national, sick-care system. Just say, “Yes!”

“Yes!” is your best defense because it puts you in control of your health and your future. “Yes!” is the most efficient way to survive and prosper under the perverse medical system now in place.

Depending on the sick-care system is like swimming without a swim suit at high tide. When the tide goes out, those swimming without a suit will find themselves naked and vulnerable! Here is a better alternative.

By joining the Young Again Club, you are saying: “I will take care of myself! I don’t need to get in the line because I am healthy! I don’t want to rely on the sick-care system no matter who pays for it!”

Young Again Club provides a way to invigorate your body, reverse aging and enjoy good health so you don’t have to become a sick-care statistic!

Good health solves 99% of health problems before they occur. Good health is how you avoid future health challenges. Good health is how survive and prosper.

I am not speaking of emergency room and trauma events. But I am suggesting you take control of your life so you can avoid involvement in the sick-care system.

Good health should be the norm! Aging and dis-ease are anomalies that your body can avoid and remedy if allowed to do so. Aging and dis-ease are also default conditions for failure to make correct choices.

Aging and dis-ease have nothing to do with your genes and everything to do diet, digestion, bowels, exercise, stress, sleep, water, lifestyle and systemic inflammation.

Health and illness are flip sides of the same coin. The choices you make dictates what you get!

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It Is Easier Than You Think

Poor circulation is perhaps the SINGLE BIGGEST factor driving poor health and premature aging. Accumulation of waste in the tissues is the product of compromised circulation. Dynamic Circulation Therapy™ dramatically increases circulation and everyone should be using it.

Begin by eating healthy, nutritious food instead of non-food. Next, learn the secret to complete digestion of the food you eat. Then, clear your body of toxic waste and regenerate your liver. Lastly, address systemic inflammation by understanding the nature of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™.

The Autoimmune Attack Cycle is a cumulative Cycle. It is also relentless! This cycle determines how fast you age, your general state of health and your ability or inability to regenerate. Learning how to manage the Cycle is the key to a healthy life and ridding yourself of food cravings!

Food cravings are a self-perpetuating problem; they are also signals from your ‘terrain’. The more you eat, the more want. Hunger drives the Autoimmune Attack Cycle. Inability to fully digest food and malnourishment are why people eat all the time. Sweets and junk food add gasoline to the fire. Eat more fats and digest your food and you will eat less food, less often and avoid food cravings.

New discoveries have been made regarding total digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and reduction of body’s reactions to dietary triggers like; sweets, drugs, alcohol and food allergens. Freeing yourself of food cravings is absolutely crucial to stopping the Autoimmune Attack Cycle from ruining your life and health. For assistance, click here.

Stress and emotional anxiety complicate how the body responds to the Autoimmune Attack Cycle and how the reactions manifest in different people. Emotional patterns play a huge part in aging and dis-ease because they destroy the lining of the small intestine where your immune system is located! For solutions, click here

Probiotic bacteria cannot repair the intestinal wall. The primary purpose of friendly bacteria is to act as middlemen between the intestinal wall and the food being processed. The body can repair a damaged intestinal wall, but it must be provided with the raw materials needed to do the job. Probiotics are wonderful, but they do not have the ability to regenerate the gut wall.

Digestion, Inflammation & Symptoms

Incomplete digestion triggers autoimmune attacks on the system. Food allergies and systemic inflammation are classic examples of the inability to process food, rather than the food itself. Furthermore, you can’t have pain, suffering and premature aging without inflammation in your system.

Inflammation is an autoimmune response that expresses itself in a endless variety of ways. That is why the medical system has an endless supply of labels, such as; ABC syndrome, MNO disorder and XYZ disease. The label is not important. What you do to avoid or remedy the problem is very important. Aging and suffering are confirmation that you are inflamed!

As for things like; excess body fat, dry skin, gray and thin hair, ringing ears, vision issues and Alzheimer’s along with asthma, irritable bowel, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc., these symptoms are not what they appear and the doctor’s diagnosis is not what haunts you! The name is just the sticker applied to your particular list of symptoms. Symptoms are always autoimmune in nature.

If you accept the label, you own the problem! Whatever your symptoms or diagnosis, know that your very own immune system is attacking you! Regardless of how your label reads or how it manifests, ultimately your condition is autoimmune driven. You have become your own enemy.

That is why the medical system classifies syndromes, disorders and disease ‘autoimmune’. Meaning, cause unknown; etiology unknown! Even when the experts say they know the cause, they don’t know. Their model is faulty. What they call ‘cure’ is only a temporary fix.

Alleviation of signs and symptoms is not a cure. Trading one symptom for five new ones is a poor exchange. Care for your body and it will care for you. Create the opportunity and your body will solve its own problems by itself. For solutions, click here for a personal reply.

Suffering and misery is your body’s way of telling you to pay attention and change your ways!

To enjoy good health, you must change your thinking and take personal responsibility for your life.

A Better Way

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours.  Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life.

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John Thomas, Age 70

To Good Health,
John Thomas, Author
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