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Bladder Infections & Prostate Issues Misdiagnosed & Misunderstood

Bladder and prostate issues are common, but symptoms are not what they appear.  Here is the rest of the story.  Fasten your seat belt, please!  To learn more, read on.

In this issue: Signs & Symptoms, Misconceptions & Background, Women & Their Bladders, Men & Their Prostates and finally, Change The Game!

They call them bladder and prostate infections when they are not.  What the sick-care system and public fail to understand is this: first comes changes within the body’s terrain; then come so-called infections, not vice versa.

In other words, there comes a point when your body can NOT TOLERATE further neglect and abuse, and you must either suffer or embrace new thinking.

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Signs & Symptoms

Under conditions of stress, healthy bacteria morph, turn pathogenic and create signs and symptoms people associate with infection and dis-ease.  The process is called pleo-morphism and it has everything to do with the terrain and nothing to do with the Germ Theory of Disease.

Stress effects and is effected by emotion, hormone imbalance, restricted circulation. alcohol, diet, digestion, constipation, sleep and water.  Stress fuels insulin and leptin resistance and exasperates adrenaline and cortisol response causing the body to overreact, toxicity levels to rise and the intestinal gut wall to become inflamed and compromised.

The bio-electric body does not like stress.  Stress the terrain and the body turns acidic, not in the sense of pHl; rather in the sense of a corrosive, inflamed internal environment, an environment conducive to growth of pathogenic organisms like yeast, viruses and bacteria.

Under stress healthy energy morphs into unhealthy, negative energy.  The energy shift produces signs and symptoms people associate with bladder and prostate infections.

Misconceptions & Background

Managing the body’s terrain and managing your energy profile are central to health and longevity.  They are recurring themes of Young Again Club™ and its Protocols.  Read Special Insights, Cell Phones & Tissue Memory to learn more.

The Law of Conservation of energy says:  “Energy is never lost; it merely changes form.”  Bad energy alters the terrain; infection and inflammation are the effects.

For example, MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) is a nosocomial infection famous for sickening and killing thousands.  Supposedly, you ‘catch it’ in the hospital!  But, there is more.

Here is the MRSA story, explained in terms of your body’s TERRAIN.  People undergo surgery or are hospitalized following serious illness or injury.  Trauma and stress alter the terrain causing normally friendly bacteria, already present in the body, to morph and attack the host.

Staph aureus bacteria is naturally resident in the body in non-virulent form.  Add stress to a body that is hormonally out of rhythm and non-virulent staph aureus can morph into its virulent form called, methicillin resistant staph aureus or MRSA.

MRSA likes a toxic, hormone resistant, waste laden terrain under the influence of negative energy.  Antibiotics are generally useless against MRSA and they do serious damage to the gut microbiome triggering the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™.  MRSA occurs in sick-care facilities, but the problem is a TERRAIN issue, not invasion of an infectious bacterial agent.

Women & Their Bladders

The need to urinate often is a BIG RED FLAG that the body is systemically inflamed due stress and friction in the system.  Frequent urination says the system is OUT OF RHYTHM; a problem that is easily resolved with cooperation and guidance.

Bladder issues are confirmation of systemic FRICTION and RESISTANCE of the regulatory hormones: insulin, leptin and adrenaline.  This discussion is NOT about finding an alternative herbal to band-aid the problem.  Rather, it is about why bladder issues manifest.

Women handle stress differently than men.  Bladder infections follow periods of stress and consumption of sweets, alcohol and medications.  Antibiotic usage only makes matters worse!

Sweets (sugar and fruit) inflame and destroy the terrain and the effects of sweets are long-term cumulative!  (Read: Fruit Sugar Blues).  Sweets and stress trigger both the Autoimmune Attack Cycle and the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle.  Bladder infection is the effect.

Incomplete digestion of dietary proteins and a damaged gut wall trigger the assault on the bladder.  They also trigger gas and bloating problems.  Gluten intolerance is a good example of a TERRAIN problem; wheat is merely the trigger, but there are many other terrain triggers.

Poor sleep and sleep apnea burden the female terrain.  Add hormonal resistance, constipation, bowel disorders and sweets and you have the recipe for bladder inflammation.

Evening snacks and sweets guarantee nighttime urination issues.  Male sanitation and sex have little to do with female bladder infections.  Older women and women not sexually active suffer more than younger women!  Women who use antibiotics suffer perpetually.

Bladder leakage occurs in women earlier than in men, but sooner or later leakage becomes a problem for both.  Contrary to urban legend, bladder leakage has nothing to do with child bearing.  It is the direct consequence of hormone resistance and an inflamed, compromised gut.

Bladder leakage is the body’s way of SERVING NOTICE that the system is out of balance and that the problem will perpetuate until balance is restored to the system (terrain).

Central to bladder infections and leakage issues is RESTRICTED CIRCULATION; meaning, pelvic tissues are not receiving blood and oxygen as they did in earlier years.  Use Re-Store™, Re-Vive™ and ReSet to mediate all things pelvic.  Also check out Dynamic Circulation Therapy™.

Men & Their Prostates

For men, changes in physiology after age 40 ushers in bladder and prostate problems.  Prostate problems are a when, not if, proposition.  Men do not see the changes coming and when they arrive, they do not have a clue as to what to do about it!  Guidance is needed.

The male prostate gland is a small, walnut-sized organ immediately below the bladder through which the urinary tube (urethra) passes before entering the penis.  An inflamed prostate prevents release of urine.  The issue is inflammation, not psa.  PSA is a fraudulent metric.

Restricted circulation and systemic inflammation fuel prostate problems.  Evening snacks and sweets guarantee nighttime urination issues.  Next is insufficient intake of dietary fats and poor bile production.  Sweets are the worst!  Sluggish bowels play a big part.

Frequent or urgent need to urinate, at night or on the golf course, is CONFIRMATION of systemic inflammation and hormone resistance to insulin, leptin and adrenaline.

Inflammation and hormone resistance drive erectile dysfunction, cancer and cardiovascular issues.  If you are male and are over 40 years of age, your terrain needs tending!    Use Re-Store™, Re-Vive™ and ReSet to mediate all things prostate.  Also check out Dynamic Circulation Therapy™.

Show me a man with prostate/bladder problems and I will show you a man with a liver that is in trouble, a man with terrible digestion and a toxic terrain.  The Tissue & Liver Protocol™ is the premier method for correcting liver related prostate problems.  Click here to learn more.

Body odor and prostate issues are first cousins.  Body odor confirms accumulation of waste; and waste breaks-down connective tissue (cartilage, ligament, muscle, bone, skin and tendon) affecting male (and female!) physiology.  Waste hampers blood flow and inflames the prostate.

Waistline belly fat and cellulite are KEY INDICATORS of upside down metabolism driven by insulin and leptin resistance.  See Waistlines & Necklines.

Young Again Club Protocols™ help men restore sense of well-being and avoid prostate biopsy and surgery.  Men are sitting ducks; they simply do not know how to care for themselves!

Change The Game!

If you do not like the sick-care system, then CHANGE the game, CHANGE your lifestyle, CHANGE your thinking, FIND better answers and MAKE better choices.

The message of Young Again Club is: learn to care for yourself.

One purpose of Young Again Club is: reduce uncertainty of the sick-care system.

The body heals itself when given the opportunity.  Cause is behind every issue.  Past should not be prologue.  Learn how your body works and then, help it.

Conclusions & Solution

Women who wish to avoid and remedy bladder issues should ask for guidance by clicking here.

Men who wish to avoid and remedy prostate/bladder problems should click here.

YOU WILL NEED GUIDANCE and Young Again Club provides it without cost.  Every individual has different needs.  Inquire and learn; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  Like it or not, you are responsible for yourself.

A Better Way

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