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Terrain Management & Your Health!

Your terrain determines your health, how you age, how you suffer and when you die. Terrain management is the exact opposite of disease management. To learn more, read on.

Terrain management is a core Young Again Club concept central to all aspects of health and longevity. Manage your terrain and you need not care about your genes or the microorganisms.

Pasteur vs. Bechamp

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) is said to have validated the Germ Theory of Disease which says, illness and dis-ease are the products of invading microorganisms that (somehow?) take control of the body. Pasteur said, “The microbe is everything!” Pasteur was wrong.

Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) was Pasteur’s nemesis. Bechamp fathered the concept of terrain management as the controlling element of health and dis-ease. Bechamp said, “The microbe is nothing; the terrain is everything!”

Pasteur “officially” won the debate. The medical establishment adopted Pasteur’s teachings. Bechamp’s observations were ignored. The medical monopoly was desperate for a new model after 1600 years of perpetuating Galen’s idiotic teachings. They needed a distraction.

Specifically, the cartel needed boogey-men to confound the public. Pasteur provided the model. Bacteria were perfect boogey-men; they were invisible and validated the Germ Theory of Disease. Bechamp, like Semmelweiss, was laughed at by the establishment.

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Basics of Terrain Management

The terrain is everything!” Control your ‘terrain’ and you can heal yourself. Healing is a natural process when the body is given the opportunity to correct. The following points are discussed in greater detail in archived issues of Special Insights and in glossary and protocols.

  1. The terrain of the bio-electric body includes all organs, fluids and tissues.
  1. Diet and complete digestion of food dramatically influences the terrain.
  1. Water is the primary terrain solvent and the basis of blood and lymphatic tissue fluids.
  1. Sleep provides the window during which the terrain repairs and grows.
  1. Exercise circulates tissue waste out of the body’s terrain; cardio aspects are secondary.
  1. Overeating destroys the terrain. Two meals a day is better than three meals.
  1. Food cravings are confirmation of hunger and inflammation of the terrain.
  1. Dietary fats can provide 80% of total energy needs if you can assimilate them.
  1. A healthy liver and plenty of bile goes with a youthful terrain.
  1. Bile is necessary for fat assimilation and terrain maintenance.
  1. Undigested food pollutes the terrain and denies the body needed nutrients.
  1. Polluted bodies are controlled by yeast, viruses and pathogenic
  1. Excess weight and bloating are terrain symptoms of incomplete digestion of food.
  1. Health issues and aging are confirmation of a poor liver and sluggish bowels.
  1. Aging is failure to regenerate; suffering and dis-ease are side effects of a sick terrain.
  1. Symptoms are not dis-ease, but they do reflect the condition of your terrain.
  1. Medications are problematic; they treat symptoms and destroy the terrain.
  1. Cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney problems are terrain issues, not dis-eases.
  1. Sugar, sweets and fruit inflame the terrain and drive systemic, low-grade
  1. Inflammation of the tissues and joints is a symptom of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™.
  1. Body odor and poor skin is confirmation of excess waste within the terrain.
  1. Aging, sickness and premature death are side effects of systemic inflammation.
  1. The Autoimmune Attack Cycle becomes active when the terrain is stressed.
  1. The liver controls the terrain; it is the only vital organ capable of regeneration.
  1. The effects of good terrain management are health, vitality and regeneration.

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