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Eat Fats To Be Healthy & Happy

Fats are a crucial element for a long and healthy life, where aging ceases and regeneration becomes possible. Fats are the most overlooked and maligned dietary issue of our time.

Discussions of dietary fats is a parade of noise and confusion, like: saturated vs. unsaturated, LDLs vs. HDLs; animal vs. vegetarian, etc. Here is the real story of fats and why you should care.

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 Fat Facts

Choice of dietary fats is crucial for good health. How much fat you consume and your ability to assimilate and ‘burn’ fats determines: your energy levels, the condition of your skin, how fast you age and your ability to maintain muscle mass and strong bones.

Fats control the waistline, regardless of your age. They also provide huge amounts of useful energy while putting an end to the food cravings that haunt millions of ‘hungry’ people.

Fats are lipids; oils are not. Fats are solid at 72 degrees F, while oils, like olive oil, remain liquid. The body uses natural plant and animal lipids to make its hormones while man-made fats, like margarine, clog the system creating an energy deficit and premature old age.

Oleo-margarine is synthesized, man-made fat that mimics butter, but cannot deliver the benefits of butter. Butter is a natural animal fat.   Coconut “oil” is a plant derived natural fat that is wrongly called, oil.

Raw tree nuts and sunflower kernels are loaded with quality fats. So is wild salmon. Olive oil is an excellent oil with many good qualities, but it is not a fat. The body needs fats: lots of them!

Babies, Sleep, & Brain Repair

Breast fed babies are an interesting study of the importance of fats. Breast milk contains large amounts of natural fats, but only small amounts of lactose and proteins.

Babies grow their body and their brain during the sleep cycle if a sufficient energy source is available. Fats provide babies—and adults—the premier energy source for growing and maintaining their body and their brain.

Baby formulas supply fats that are ‘different’ along with hyped carbohydrates that mimic real breast milk. Formulas stimulate growth, but quality of growth does not compare.

Adults face the exact same dilemma as babies on formula! Given no other choice, the adult body makes do by substituting carbohydrates for missing dietary fats. The result is sickly, weak bodies that injure easily, heal poorly and age prematurely.

Someday, dietary fats will be recognized for their ability to restore mental faculties and repair brain tissue. The brain and cell membranes are composed of fats and fatty acids derived from dietary fats. The body needs a steady supply of natural fats for maintenance and repair.

Food Cravings, Healthy Liver & Bile

People suffer ‘cravings’ and overeat because they are malnourished. They feel ‘hungry’ because they are malnourished and dependent on addictive foods. They need energy, and dietary fats supply enough energy for a body to easily function on two meals a day without food cravings.

Forty percent (40-80%) of an adult’s total caloric intake and energy output should come from dietary fats. The critical ‘link’ in the fat story is your ability to ‘assimilate’ and transport fats to your liver for transformation into useable energy and hormones. Bile is the key!

Healthy livers make lots of bile, and bile is essential for fat assimilation. After age 35, bile production diminishes, as does the ability to process dietary fats. And, the less bile available, the faster the body degenerates and the more your hormones will suffer. Bio-active bile is available here. To learn more about male and female hormone creation and management, click here.

Your body should be a fat burner, not a carbohydrate junkie! It takes about 90 days for the body to adjust and operate on fats as its primary energy source, but ONLY if you have enough bile. The body automatically consumes excess ‘body’ fat and builds muscle when bile is available. Muscle is a sign of youth. Notice, people over age 35 make fat, not muscle!

The less you eat, the better you will look and feel. People eat too much food; and excess food overloads and poisons the system, causing your metabolism to slow and fat to accumulate.

Gram for gram, fats pack more energy than proteins and carbohydrates. Dietary fats helps you burn-off excess inches, including cellulite. Cellulite is different than common adipose tissue (fat). Cellulite looks strange because it is loaded with toxic waste.

Versatility of Fats, 90 Days, My Story & Sir Isaac Newton

Fats are versatile. For example, oil ‘pulling’ with coconut fat kills oral bacteria and reduces inflammation of the gums by pulling toxins from the tissues of the mouth. Chronic fatigue and arthritis ease when more fats are consumed. Give your dog coconut fat and his coat and body will improve greatly. Fats help troubled bowels, as well!

Poorly processed proteins function as ‘foreign’ proteins and excess carbohydrates poison the body and trigger the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™ when they wrongly access the blood stream.

Your ability to assimilate fats is the crucial to your life story. For example, John Thomas lost 50 lbs. of muscle in less than 90 days following a minor surgical repair when his immune system reacted to anesthesia. He then grew-back 50 lbs. of muscle and regenerated his body in less than six months at age 68 on a 50% fat diet, sleeping 12-14 hours a day—just like a baby in a crib!

John Thomas discovered how to ‘stop’ the Autoimmune Attack Cycle using newly developed protocols, eating lots of dietary fats and correcting digestion shortfalls.

Sir Isaac Newton said, “Energy is never lost; it merely changes form.” Dis-ease is good energy that changes form and returns in a ‘bad’ costume. Alleviation of signs and symptoms is not a ‘cure’. The terrain of the body must be corrected before dis-ease and aging go bye, bye!

Dietary fats must be ‘transformed’ to access the energy they contain. Concentrated, bio-active lauric acid, from coconut fat, is now available in capsules. Lauric acid is a powerful tool for maintaining good health. Use it to keep viruses, yeast and non-friendly bacteria from taking control of your gut and terrain. To learn more, click here for a personal reply.

You can plead ignorance and claim you did not know the importance of dietary fats, but your body will age and you will suffer, nonetheless.

To enjoy good health, change your thinking and take personal responsibility for your life.

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