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Food [Without] Flavor & Lifeforce
Malnourishment In The 21st Century
∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Food doesn’t taste like food anymore! It’s flavorless and worse, it has no lifeforce with which to nourish the body. As Tom Hanks famously said in the movie Apollo 13 “Houston, we have a problem!” To learn more, read on.
Malnourishment On A Full Belly
Malnourishment drives aging and dis-ease more than any other factor. Food lacks essential ions and compromised digestion is sabotaging nutrient uptake from both food and food supplements.
Pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance are nourishment and digestion issues, but neither practitioners nor patients understand the insidious risk they pose for people living in the 21st Century. “Houston, we have a problem!”
Did you know insulin/leptin-resistance PRECEDES the onset of arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer? People with these killer conditions do not necessarily ever get diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Instead, think diabetes in-the-making. This problem affects most of the populace.
Insulin/leptin-resistance is a sleeper condition that is generally ignored by practitioners if your A1c score is under 7.0. Blood sugar over 90 is a very big deal. “Houston, we have a problem!”
Compromised digestion and lack of essential ions seeds insulin/leptin-resistance; a condition that falls-short of clinical diabetes, but it’s dis-ease just the same. The condition haunts humans and animals and eventually shows-up as dental/gum problems.
Cribbing is the horse version of ion depletion. Cribbing refers to horses that eat their stalls in desperate attempt to get essential ions. In dogs, the tell-tale-symptom is licking of paws. In humans, practitioners issue misdiagnoses and treat patients with drugs for things they don’t have.
The label Metabolic Syndrome describes what’s really going on beneath the surface of human physiology in the 21st Century. FOOD WITHOUT FLAVOR IS THE CLUE that our food is devitalized and devoid of essential elements and lifeforce. [More below.]
Organic Food, Glyphosate & Lifeforce
Food without ions is not food! Crops and soils exposed to glyphosate [Roundup] go into ion gridlock where plants lose the ability to uptake ions even when the microbe/root interface is functional.
Essential Elements are UNEQUALLY distributed in the earth’s crust. Soil, like the body, must be supplemented or chronic dis-ease becomes the norm.
Plants and animals need essential ions to sustain health and growth. Without a full spectrum of all 15 essential ions, health is impossible. Dis-ease is ion depletion in disguise.
Eating organic food is woke, but truth-be-told organic food lacks essential ions which MUST be gotten through supplementation.
The term ‘organic’ implies food is healthier for the pesticides it supposedly does not contain. The real issue [ion depletion] and loss of flavor go unnoticed and get no respect. This report is about our 21st Century food dilemma.
Ion depleted soil and glyphosate contaminated food are huge problems. Glyphosate residues accumulate in the body and are universal to everyone. You must get glyphosate OUT OF YOUR BODY or you will forfeit your health no matter what kind of food you eat! [More below.]
Organic food is grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers under the misconception that these inputs are evil and cause malnourishment. However, glyphosate is an herbicide that interferes with ion uptake. Organic food, like sick-care medicine, has been taken-over by big-ag and big-pharma and we the people are paying for it with our health and lives.
Lifeforce describes food’s energy footprint and unique ability to grow healthy bodies free of dis-ease. Without essential ions the meaning of the graveyard adage “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” escapes our understanding. Ashes are mineral ions that came from soil. Modern food is the equivalent of medicine’s Standard of Care. Empty calories and medical hype without substance.
Organic food does NOT guarantee health. Oddly, people who do not eat organic are no worse-off than those who do! COMMON TO BOTH GROUPS IS MALNOURISHMENT AND COMPROMISED DIGESTION. Lack of flavor, ion depletion and glyphosate are driving the 21st Century food crisis.
Plants use the microbe/root interface to capture and offer-up essential ions so animals and humans can have health and strong bodies. Without ions, proteins, carbohydrates become empty calories.
Without the ability to absorb dietary fats, humans can’t make hormones. Without ions and proper digestion, malnourishment rules. The label Metabolic Syndrome comes to mind.
Metabolic Syndrome & Supplements
Metabolic Syndrome and ion depletion are parallel issues. The symptoms are: cardiovascular dis-ease, insulin/leptin resistance, diabetes, kidney and pancreas dysfunctions, belly-fat, high serum triglycerides and excess weight [10 pounds over high school weight]. These symptoms are the backbone of the sick-care industry and dis-ease as we know it.
Food supplements are supposed to make-up-for nutrient deficient food. Most supplements fail because either they don’t contain biologically-active ions, or because of poor nutrient assimilation and faulty digestion, or because vital organs can’t do their job [think: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, thyroid, adrenals, kidneys, heart, spleen, brain, bowel and gut.]
Faulty Digestion, Bowel Issues, Polyps & Cancer
Faulty digestion is EXTREMELY COMMON! So is depletion of essential elements. BOTH conditions drive aging and chronic dis-ease because both sabotage health.
After 35 years of age faulty digestion and dysfunctional bowel are givens. Few recognize these problems and assume wrongly that their digestion is ‘just fine!’ because they poop regularly! Sorry, digestion declines with age and malnourishment escalates without a daily supply of essential ions.
Pooping appears to be a volume-in/volume-out thing, but it’s heavily influenced by liver and pancreas function, insulin/leptin-resistance and the inability to ferment food and make B-vitamins.
The bowels should move three to five times/day! Waste should be free-flowing and resemble a cow-pie in the pasture. Formed stools are neither desirable nor good. Contrary to popular myth, a free-flowing bowel is NOT diarrhea. Sadly, bowel physiology is a socially taboo topic
Undigested food in waste says digestion is a mess! However, lack of undigested food in waste is NOT confirmation that all is well. Don’t confuse them! Regularity is wrongly construed to be a measure of digestive efficiency. It’s not! Please read it again!
The vagas nerve is the largest nerve in the body. The vagas communicates and coordinates vital organ function between the brain and organs of the peritoneal cavity [belly]. The vagas nerve a two-way information highway that controls heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, gut, spleen and bowel. The bowels affect metabolism and physiology more than people realize. Please read it again!
Colon polyps and colon cancer are predictable effects of faulty digestion, sluggish bowels and inability to ferment food in the colon. Icelandic Magic is about food fermentation and healthy bowel. Gas, bloat and belly-fat are indicative of compromised bowel that eventually manifests as prostate and bladder dysfunction.
Digestion goes south after age 35, followed by sexual dysfunction in its many forms. By age 45, the metabolic shift is confirmed by onset of menopause and andropause. Hormone issues are linked to inability to process dietary FATS [coconut and butter]. Hormonea are a digestion issue NOT a hormone issue! Please read it again!
Vanity & Malnourishment
Vanity issues [hair, skin, belly fat, breast sag, obesity, loss of muscle mass and slowing sex drive] are symptomatic of ion depletion, compromised digestion, hormone imbalance, bowel dysfunction, malnourishment and compromised liver and pancreas.
If starved of nourishment, the body will STEAL essential elements from the vital organs and bones will fail to grow and renew. [Here‘s the real story on the osteoporosis scam.]
Nutrient theft accelerates after age thirty-five and by fifty the chicken comes home to roost! You can steal elemental reserves from your vital organs until you can’t! When that day arrives, the word dis-ease gains new meaning. Please read it again!
Our choices determine how fast we age and how much we suffer! Variables are faulty digestion, inability to absorb and assimilate food and supplemental nutrients and depletion of essential ions. Food and food supplements are USELESS without the ability to process and metabolize them!
Few readers realize that vitamins are cofactors that REQUIRE elemental ions to become biologically active. By themselves, vitamins are useless!
Humans are supposed to make B-vitamins in their colon, but it doesn’t happen unless you can ferment your food. Icelandic Magic is about making your own B-vitamins! Fermentation of food is how you manage and prevent cancer! [BTW: cancer has nothing to do with genes, family history or viruses. Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize for proving that cancer is a fungal condition in 1931! It’s also a condition of neglect and abuse Never forget it!
Grow Your Food or Have Someone Grow It For You
Food grown outside the market system should be EVERYONE’S ABSOLUTE TOP PRIORITY considering the deplorable state of the food chain. Growing your own food gives you control over your health and provides a way to by-pass environmental pollutants.
Few people have the time, experience and energy needed to grow food, BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DO KNOW HOW TO GROW FOOD. So, hire them and put-up food for winter by freezing it in zip bags. Whatever healthy food costs, the price-is-cheap!
You can buy food at farmer’s markets, but hiring someone to grow food for you is more predictable and less expensive. Growing real food is hard work! Be grateful and don’t complain of the cost.
[FYI: John Thomas knows a thing or two about hard work and growing real food! He personally tends every aspect of a one-acre garden/farm/orchard and he does it without power equipment, by-hand at age 77 years of age.
The home page shows what John Thomas looks like at 77 years of age. The photo was taken on June 20, 2021 while helping his daughter with her garden and irrigation system.
To grow food, you need land, sunshine, equipment and knowhow! So, hire someone to grow your food. Ask around, call friends and local garden clubs. People who know how to grow food love to do it and they need income like everyone else. Most are seniors with time on their hands, years of experience and slim budgets.
Food Is No Longer food
ARTIFICIAL, GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOOD IS POISON, NOT FOOD! Commercial food robs your body of lifeforce and it is loaded with the herbicide, glyphosate [Roundup]. Glyphosate is unlike other agricultural poisons! It accumulates in the tissues and sets-the-stage for immune collapse and dis-ease! [BTW: glyphosate is behind the COVID fiasco and adverse aspects of vaxx madness.]
[Note: John Thomas discovered how to rid the body of glyphosate residues, prevent accumulation and reverse metabolic collapse that accompanies it! The process is simple and effective with no downside. Use it to boost immunity, offset autoimmune issues and address digestive shortfalls.]
Poisoned, ion-depleted food is the recipe of premature aging and entrapment in the sick-care system. Locate a source of real food and STOP EATING COMMERCAILLY GROWN NON-FOOD that lacks flavor and lifeforce. Your health and life depend on it. Food is your medicine!
Solving The Digestion Dilemma
Common digestive aids DO NOT have the energy profile needed to correct faulty digestion, and all the sick and aging people are living-proof of digestive malnourishment! Probiotics are nice, but they DO NOT correct age-related digestive shortfalls. Please read it again!
The Young Again Club Digestive Trio includes three different formulas and energy profiles plus multiple co-factors for optimum digestion of food. The Trio is highly effective, universally applicable and absolutely central to managing health, regardless of your age or circumstance.
By age 50, digestive capacity is HALF of what it was at age 24. For each additional 5 years after fifty, digestive efficiency drops by half. By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of what it was at age 24. After age fifty, malnourishment is 100% predictable and the problem gets worse each passing year. Note: when sewage workers pump septic tanks, they find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and food supplements. [Learn more here.]

Essential Elemental ions are critical components of digestion because digestion DEPENDS on healthy vital organ function. Without bioactive elemental ions, organs lose their vitality. Essential ions restore vital organ function, promote digestion, elevate lifeforce and reverse aging and dis-ease.
There is no way for reader’s to get viable, elemental ions from food or common supplements! Worse, faulty digestion sabotages absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Health and vitality are impossible without a daily supply of liquid, bioactive, elemental ions that are exclusive to Young Again Club. YAC supplements and protocols are unique. Make your food and supplements count with the YAC Digestive Protocol.
Sidebar! [Physicians are smart people, but they DO NOT understand nutritional physiology and dis-ease! And if practitioners have limited understanding, what chance does the average person have? What [tell me!] makes people think they understand human physiology when they have little or no academic foundation or exposure to clinical dis-ease or training in the core sciences of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology and biology]? Point: the internet offers information without understanding. Ignorance is not knowing what you don’t know! Instead, seek guidance and expand your understanding with the Young Again Club ColorSmart Learning System. It is a great way to develop foundation, avoid internet misinformation and rise above limitations inherent in formal schooling. Instead, get understanding so you can decipher medical misinformation and avoid entrapment in the sick-care system. Understanding allows you to appreciate clinical research and make good observations without confusion or getting misled. Ask John Thomas for details.]
Final Thoughts
Your body is made to live and it knows what to do to renew itself! Your job is to get out of the way and provide it what it needs. The body ages and dies when depleted of essential ions and deprived of lifeforce through progressive, digestive malnourishment! Do your part and your body will handle the rest. Ask for guidance.
[As promised above, here is the story of Iceland’s 1,000-year health phenomenon. Make it your story and you will be glad you did!]
Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth. I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked. My mission is to offer perspective and solutions on matters of health and longevity. People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being.

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence! People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option. Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma and licensing boards. Virtual medicine is a faceless system! It is turning sick-care medicine ever more sterile.
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Reclaim Your Energy & Vitality, Now!!

Reclaim Your Energy & Vitality, Now!

The Baking Soda pH Challenge

[Low Energy & Sodium Invasion]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

As we age, sodium invades our cells setting-the-stage for degenerative dis-ease.  Sodium invasion is universal to everyone regardless of lifestyle or diet.  Here is story for the very first time.

Get your FREE BOTTLE of Vitality Complex WITHOUT a purchase.  To learn more, read on.

Sodium Invasion & Loss of Energy & Vitality

The report is about sodium invasion of tissues and cells and how to prevent and reverse the dilemma.  It’s also about restoration and maintenance of body pH, de-acidification of your terrain [as measured by urine pH] and boosting energy production and immune defenses.     

Sodium invasion occurs simultaneous with accumulation of acid waste, low pH and depletion of essential elements.  These three factors accelerate around age 40 and must be addressed if you want to maintain your health and turn-back your biological clock.  This report provides important details.  Study it carefully.

Baking soda [sodium bicarbonate] is very effective for reducing acid waste as measured by urine pH.  However, soda is 65% sodium and too much sodium causes edema in people with elemental ion depletion.  Edema comes with belly fat and metabolic syndrome and both are poorly understood.

Edema is about retention of excess fluid in tissues and the cardiovascular system.  Use of diuretics intensifies sodium invasion and shuts-down mitochondrial production of ATP.  Avoid diuretics!

Diuretics weaken the protective electrical grid surrounding cells in people with  compromised terrains.  So do statin drugs and monoclonal-antibodies, blood thinners, beta blockers and proton-pump inhibitors.  Restore your terrain and you will have NO NEED for medications.

Ion depletion allows sodium to INVADE cells and a bicarbonate deficit sets the stage.  Vitamin-C tablets [not powder] taken with baking soda releases bicarbonates in soda.  [So-called medical lab tests ignore these factors and so does sick-care medicine.  Like it or not, you are on your own.]

Jekyll & Hyde Sodium

Sodium is your body’s primary electrolyte, but sodium has a dual personality.  Sodium conducts ELECTRICITY in blood as well as extracellular fluids outside cell membranes in the interstitial spaces BETWEEN cells.  Extracellular fluid is NOT lymphatic fluid.  Do not confuse them.

Sodium invasion alters the electrical state of your cells, especially when ion depletion is involved.   Ion depletion is a key element as to why 5-G signals harm some people worse than others.  Heat stroke also involved ion depletion. It occurs when there is insufficient sodium in extracellular fluids at the same time there are insufficient essential ions guarding the inner cell membrane. 

Excess sodium inside cells shuts-down mitochondrial production of ATP, fueling metabolic chaos and accelerated aging.  Failure to understand human physiology increases your vulnerability to sick-care medicine and puts your life on the line.  Lack of knowledge has a high price.

Mitochondria dis-ease is about sodium invasion and diminished cellular ATP production.  As ATP falls, aging accelerates.  All so-called dis-ease involves dysfunctional mitochondria.  Those suffering from chronic or degenerative issues define mitochondrial dysfunction.  Don’t ignore it!

Falling ATP production sets-the-stage for cancer and cell apoptosis due to waste-burdened tissues and organs.  DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER IS CONFIRMATION of disturbed cellular respiration, abnormal glycolysis and citric acid cycle dysfunction.  Sodium invasion affects all physiology!

FYI: sodium ions line the outside of cell membranes; potassium ions line inner cell membranes creating an electrical differential that keeps excess sodium OUT of cells.  Ion depletion, lack of bicarbonates and low pH occur simultaneously.  Read it again!

pH, Vitamin-C & Germ Theory

pH 7.0 is neutral; not much going on at pH 7.0.  Raise pH to 8.0 and metabolic activity takes-off as tissues release acid-bound waste.  Bicarbonates [in soda] RELEASE tissue-bound waste and NEUTRALIZE metabolic acids.  Urine pH rises and falls according to circulating waste levels; blood pH is very stable.  Labs do not measure tissue-bound waste.  Assume waste is there because it is!

Upon rising, pH should be 6.5 [+ -].  If pH is in low 6’s, 5’s or 4’s, UGLY THINGS are going-on.  Low pH precedes and accompanies clinical onset of dis-ease and misery.  If you suffer from chronic or degenerative dis-ease it’s time to rid your body of acid-bound waste and restore your terrain.

Forget pH labs tests; they are USELESS!  Practitioners suffer the same issues as patients.  The problem with sick-care medicine is mal-training, Germ Theory, ignorance of mycology, failure to listen to patients, misdiagnosis, incompetence and adherence to the Rules of Standard of Care

Rare is the practitioner [or patient] who does not believe in the Germ Theory of DiseaseVirology is a germ theory knockoff and the basis of the fraudulent Corona pandemic and vaxxes.

Baking soda  restores pH.  Soda should be taken with 2,000 mgs. of vitamin-C to release bicarbonates in the soda.  Do not mix them in water or carbon dioxide will be lost.  Soda neutralizes vitamin-C so don’t count the ‘C’ as part of your daily vitamin-C intake of 5-10 thousand milligrams/day.  [Loose bowel is caused by release of waste from liver, not  excess ‘C’ as wrongly believed.]

When vitamin-C reacts with soda [in your stomach] carbon dioxide enters your blood stream and red blood corpuscles can transport MORE OXYGEN to your cells.  [Note: Corona patients die for lack of oxygen, acidic terrain, invasion by fungal-molds, activation of latent tuberculosis spores, UNDIAGNOSED clinical scurvy and sepsis.  Sepsis ends the game, but sepsis is NEVER the cause of death regardless of what doctors tell patients.  Instead, think fungal mold.]  Read it again!

Game Changer

Now you can avoid sodium invasion of your cells, boost your energy and restore pH all at the same time with Vitality Complex!

Vitality Complex is easy to use.  With each dose of soda take 2 caps of Vitality [when pH is less than 7.0] or take 2 caps when you need an energy boost.  [Details of the Terrain pH Protocol here].

Vitality Complex is about avoiding sodium invasion and increasing cellular ATP naturally.  If you are sickly or old, you need plenty of cellular energy to stage a comeback.  Read it again!

Vitality Complex is a proprietary formulation of hydrogen chloride, silica and bicarbonate.  Use this unique formulation to boost your health.  Also, use it to boost age-related energy loss.  Try a FREE bottle and feel the difference! 


FREE is a great offer!  To get your FREE bottle of Vitality Complex [without a purchase], ask.  Shipping in [USA] is $20 for 200 caps.  Capsules can be opened and taken in water or juice.

Regardless if you are following the Young Again Club Terrain pH Protocol or you just want more zip, in your life Vitality Complex is up to the challenge! or 509 465-4154

Final Thoughts

Your body is made to live; it dies when you kill it!  Avoid sodium invasion restore your terrain’s pH and boost your ATP!  Do your part and the body will take care of everything else.  Ask for guidance.

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Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

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