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Icelandic Magic Questions, Answers & Overview ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Icelandic Magic [ICE] is a powerful, food-cofactor formulation that BOOSTS immunity with key elements of the traditional Icelandic diet without having to eat dried fish and sour, butter.  The Viking diet gave Icelanders superior health and immunity for over 1,000 YEARS until, they abandoned their heritage and embraced poor dietary habits [like we are doing today!]  [Here’s the whole story in case you missed it.]

Icelandic Magic [ICE] promotes healthy physiology such as: digestion, hormones, heart, brain and bowel function.  Icelandic Magic boosts immunity and protectsagainst disease, especially colon cancer which is cancer #1.  When your colon is messed-up and you are unable to ferment your food and MAKE YOUR OWN VITAMINS!  Polyps are the symptom, not the problem!  Bowel disorders are terrain issues; ICE manages your bowels.

Why subject yourself to colonoscopy and still suffer and die of colon cancer, when you could create healthy colon physiology and enjoy peak health?  The bowel affects EVERYTHING, but bowel regularity will NOT save you from colon cancer.  Icelandic Magic contains unique FOOD cofactors that the body needs to care for itself.

Q.  What does ICE do?  It lets you MAINTAIN your health simply and effectively in a way never before possible.

Q.  How does ICE work?  Colon bacteria use ICE to make your own VITAMINS and short-chain fatty acids [SCFAs] to boost immunity and improve health.  [ICE is taken orally and/or it can be used as a suppository.]

Q.  Does ICE change the conventional/alternative models?  Yes!  ICE is a bottom-up approach to health.  Use it for: weight management, leaky-gut, irritable bowel, gas and bloat, constipation, inflammation, arthritis, bowel disorders, fatty liver, neuropathy, thyroid, sinus and bronchial, support.  ICE is a game changer!

Q.  What do SCFAs do?  The body uses short-chain fatty acids to repair and regenerate brain, heart and kidneys by improving metabolism and down-regulating symptoms such as metabolic syndrome and glucose/insulin resistance.  Also, SCFAs boost mitochondrial production of ATP needed for repair and maintenance and energy. 

Q.  What are some other benefits from regular use of ICE?  Reduced inflammation, better heart/brain function, better digestion, hormone management, weight control and connective tissue repair [muscle, ligaments, tendon, gums and cartilage.]  Short-chain-fatty-acids gave Icelandic Vikings superb health for 1,000 years.

Q.  Does ICE duplicate other supplements?  No!  Icelandic Magic is in a class by, itself!  It is NOT a vitamin, mineral or herbal, but it does address dozens of seemingly unrelated problems.  Icelandic Magic is a winner that changes the rules of engagement for health minded, people.

Q. What is ICE’s nutrient profile?  Icelandic Magic is not a nutrient.  It is a food CATALYST of cofactors and substrates that colon bacteria  [such as Bacteroides fragilis] use to make, SCFAs and ferment food in the colon.

Q.  Is ICE a prebiotic or a probiotic?  Neither!  Icelandic Magic replaces both and helps COLON bacteria ferment food as we were designed to do!  [Tend to your colon and everything else takes care of itself!]

Q.  Can you explain how colon bacteria, functionSure!  Think, facultative anaerobes that can work for you or against you, based on your terrainIcelandic Magic makes sure bacteria are happy and you are healthy.

Q. What’s are the ingredients in ICE?  Fermentable, digestion-resistant fructo-oligo-saccharide substrates with activated metabolites of butanoic acid for catalytic effect.   ICE provides unlimited benefits.  Use ICE to restore colon health, AVOID entanglements with doctors and [if you choose] end dependence on medications.

Q.  How long should you take ICE?  For as long as you want to stay healthy.  And know this: Icelandic Magic helps minimize low-grade inflammation and promotes well-being.  ICE offers a path heretofore, unavailable!

Q.  Will ICE help me?  Find out for yourself!  1,000 years of superb, Icelandic dietary health speaks for itself.


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I am thrilled readers enjoyed the 25th Anniversary edition of Special Insights on the health secrets of post-Viking, Iceland, and their exciting legacy.  If you haven’t read it, you should.

The Icelandic Magic story and development took 200 YEARS to come, together!

It’s a great story with priceless, information you will find nowhere, else!  Information that will make your life better and help you avoid involvement with sick-care, medicine.  Learn, more.

Here are a few topics covered in the, report: cellphone radiation, drug resistance, medical misdiagnosis, gene expression, vaccinations, wasting syndrome, statin drugs, heart disease [arrhythmia, A-fib, blood pressure and mitral valve], dementia, brain tumors, cholesterol, heart attack, diabetes, Lyme disease, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, MTHFR, epigenetics, DNA, methylation and a lot, more.  Read the whole story, here.

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Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.
To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.   To Good Health,  

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The Icelandic Medical Phenomenon How The Icelandic Dietary Mystery Of 1820 Paved The Way For Better Health & A Longer Life Today! 25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

This edition of Special Insights marks 25 years since the book, Young Again! first appeared.  To celebrate, John Thomas is giving away his exciting, new product, ICELANDIC MAGIC!  To learn more, read on.

Iceland’s saga, 200 years ago, was a dietary paradox with medieval, overtones.  It’s a powerful story packed with insights and valuable information for restoration and maintenance of health and a long, pain-free, life.

Iceland’s story is a dietary tragedy that could have been avoided.  If Icelanders had understood what was at stake, they would have clung to their dietary roots, roots that had served them well since their Viking ancestors settled Iceland 1,000 years before. 

Iceland’s sojourn into the dietary unknown is a lesson for everyone in, 2019.   What happened to Viking Iceland in 1820 is happening all over, again.  We just don’t recognize the symptoms. 

Medicine has ZERO understanding of the mess we are in or how we got here!  We must solve our own problems, and we, will!  Doctor cannot do it for us.  Once, we recognize the symptoms we call, degenerative disease is the morphed, 2019 version of Icelandic paradox, the mystery dissolves and the solution becomes, obvious.  

Iceland’s break from its dietary roots and the tragic events that followed is a story that took 200 years to ferment and ripen, before it could be solved and told.  The pieces appear disparate, but they fit together, perfectly. 

Sewed into Iceland’s Viking past is a message of hope and a NEW-OLD-WAY to restore and maintain health in a toxic, world.  No longer must we forfeit our health and age prematurely for lack of, knowledge.

John Thomas hopes everyone will try ICELANDIC MAGIC!  The introductory bottle, a month’s supply, is FREE! 


ICELANDIC MAGIC will improve your health and dietary landscape in dozens of subtle ways, and now is your opportunity to experience it for yourself!  Rejuvenation is a process, and a FREE BOTTLE of Icelandic Magic is an exciting way to begin the process!  [Details of the FREE OFFER will arrive in a few days.  Watch your email.] 

Piecing Together A Medical Paradox

Medicalpuzzles are challenging, but not as challenging as drawing useful observations from the, pieces.  At the same time, salvaging a legacy from the trash heap of medical history is also, exciting!  But know this: unsolicited observations from outside a profession or field of inquiry generates hostility and is usually considered, meddling particularly, when the contributor lacks, official standing in the field of inquiry.  [So be it!]

There is much to learn from the Icelandic puzzle of 1820 and John Thomas is excited to contribute insights to expand the reader’s experience.  John Thomas trusts readers will use the information in this report to improve their health and avoid future entanglement in system called, sick-care medicine.

What happened in Iceland 200 years ago was MUCH MORE than a medical anomaly with genetic overtones.  The arrival of Iceland’s crisis was preceded by years of dietary change, and when the crisis arrived, it drug-on for generations.  Iceland’s paradox baffled medical experts of the time, and it continues to baffle experts, today because they have ZERO understanding of epigenetics and the effects food exerts upon, genes.

Iceland’s sojourn provided much more than a snapshot of a cardiovascular, anomaly.  It was a multi-generational, dietary train-wreck!  A collage of misunderstood and misinterpreted SYMPTOMS that beguiled experts then, and, now.  The reasons will become painfully, obvious as this story unfolds.

Pull up a chair and settle-in as we dissect Iceland’s, saga.  The warning signs of 1820 Iceland are eerily similar to what is happening to us in, 2019.  Believe your author when he says, “It’s not over!”

Icelandic Paradox: 1820

Beginning in 1820, Iceland displayed the symptoms of a health crisis.  Prior to 1820, stroke and heart attack among Iceland’s young was, irrelevant.  Icelanders lived long lives and enjoyed good health.  But in 1820, Icelandic families began losing their young to stroke and heart attack, and the experts had no idea, why!

The Icelandic paradox persisted for generations.  Not every member of affected families died early, but if you were afflicted, death by stroke/heart attack was your, fate!  Wasting syndrome and accelerated aging preceded death, by years.  Medicine insisted the problem was bloodline inheritance even though it was obvious the brain and heart were the focal points.

Not much has changed!  Conjure a label that describes the symptoms, and then blame the symptoms.  That’s how the game is played!  Modern-day examples are dry eye disease, itchy skin disease and toenail fungus disease.  Today, it’s fashionable to add a diagnostic twist for added, effect.  For example: crystal arthritis, eosinic asthma, psoriatic arthritis and XYZIOU cancer. 

Doctors love to slice and dice stuff, especially, cancer, as if it matters, considering the remedy is always the same: surgery, chemo and radiation!  The twist helps doctor establish VENUE and JURISDICTION and makes patients feel, special!  THE REAL PURPOSE: up the fear, offer safe harbor, and get patients to ‘jump’ before they can engage their brain and play the most powerful card in their hand: THE GOD CARD

Today, fake medicine and fake diagnosis perpetuates the charade, like it did in 1820 Iceland.  Symptoms are not, disease!  Elevated blood sugar is not, diabetes.  Cholesterol is not, cardiovascular disease.  Cancer is not, cancer. [Cancer is fungus, and SYMPTOM of metabolic dysfunction, which has NOTHING to do with your DNA or genes. 

Blaming DNA and family history is what experts did in Iceland in 1820, and it’s what they continue to do so in America in, 2019!  Blaming patient’s DNA and family history is medical theater!  Practitioner’s use this trick because it’s placates vulnerable, scared, patients.  The point: any boogeyman is better than no boogeyman, so give the patient something to blame.  Translation: you are on your own!  [Better to care for yourself!]

Medicine was primitive in the 19th Century.  Understanding of human physiology had not changed in 1600, YEARS!  Today, it’s medicine, version 2.0 with whistles and bells and smoke and mirrors.  Medical understanding is still, primitive, and MISDIAGNOSIS is beyond, epidemic!  Practitioners [both allopathic and naturopathic] are working with faulty models made worse by Big Pharma and government meddling, inflated credentials and misleading/misinterpreted lab tests that GAME THE SYSTEM against the patient.Do you understand? 

Until the 20th Century, medicine operated under the spell of miasmic myths rooted in Claudius Galen’s absurd teachings of the Four Humors.  They were the foundation of medicine, and they were dogma for 1600, YEARS! 

SIDEBAR! Myths behind the cause of bubonic plague in medieval Europe and myths behind the Icelandic paradox share common themes.  Historical explanations we accept as fact are really MEDICAL FABRICATIONS retrofitted to fit the story, and laundered long after events occur.  Imagination and ignorance distort, perception!

Official versions of historical, medical tragedies are always based on the vacuous Germ Theory of Disease, the holy grail of modern medicine, today.  Bubonic plague was a terrain and mal-nutrition problem.  Rats and fleas were the vectors and bacteria, participants.  They did not cause, plague, and for your information vaccination did NOT eliminate polio, measles and smallpox.  Can you say, fake medicine?

The Icelandic paradox [like plague] was a terrain and a dietary, calamity!  Looking back, it’s obvious Antione Bechamp’s struggle with Louis Pasteur over germ theory was purposely sidelined and certainly, misunderstood.  Pasteur was wrong, and yes, history goes to the victor, but not forever!  Truth will prevail!  In the meantime, this report should cause astute readers to ask: “Are we being manipulated and systematically misled by medical mafia, government and Big Pharma?”  [Hint!  The answer is, YES!]

Cardiovascular Disease & Fake Disease

Had Icelanders not deserted their dietary roots, the tragedy would never have occurred.  But it did occur!  Loss of 30-50 YEARS of lifespan to unknown causes was a BIG DEAL in 19th Century Iceland, and the present-day epidemic of degenerative disease, today is a bigger, BIG DEAL!! 

Instead of stroke/heart attack as in the young of Iceland, today, we suffer from wasting syndrome and slow-motion aging.  Instead of blaming inheritance as they did in Iceland, today’s experts simply CONJURE a descriptive, MISDIAGNOSIS and use drugs and surgery to sooth our symptoms, so they can proclaim, victory, cure, whatever!  Medicine is mad, and putting faith in their delusional pronouncements is equally, mad! 

Iceland’s medical crisis was blamed on inheritance, even though it was obvious the focus of the mystery was: brain and heart.  Medicine officially labeled Icelandic paradox:  HCAA [hereditary cystatin-C amyloid angiopathy].  Translation: brain hemorrhage/stroke caused by a genetic, blood disorder….and, I will add: …accompanied by amyloid deposits, brain degeneration, and erosion of vision and hearing.  Can you say: brain tumor, dementia and Alzheimer’s?  ONGOING LOW-GRADE INFLAMMATION is 100% with these disorders, but it’s a symptom, NOT the cause.  [Medicine does not care about, cause.  The patients had better, care!]

THE POINT: neurologic brain disorders are epidemic in, 2019!  Wasting syndrome is behind the deterioration of people’s, brain and heart.  Wasting syndrome is slow motion aging, similar to having a stroke or heart attack WITHOUT THE EVENT!  Wasting syndrome occurs over many YEARS, and it is happening to everyone today, young and old, alike.  [Read on to learn how to PREVENT wasting syndrome.]

Medicine today wants people to believe the Icelandic mystery was caused by, inheritance, but they are ignorant and, misguided.  Dietary shortfalls caused people’s genes to, mal-express!  Families with the so-called, blood disorder did NOT suffer symptoms of HCAA before, 1820.  Then, everything, changed!  [Sounds like, today!]

[The traditional Icelandic diet prevented symptoms of HCAA from presenting, which should tell any thinking person that the problem is a dietary anomaly, NOT a genetic, blood disorder.  And yet, medical experts [then and now] will tell you HCAA is a blood, disorder!  The point: food influences epigenetic expression of genes.  [Icelandic Magic contains food factors that prevent expression of symptoms of autoimmune, disorders.]

Few people know the details of the pellagra epidemic that ravaged the world from the late 1800s to the early 1930s.  Medical experts of the time believed pellagra was a disease.  Theories abounded, and all of them were, WRONG!  Pellagra never was a, disease; it was a vitamin B-3 food, deficiency. 

THE POINT: pellagra caused massive suffering for 50 YEARS, yet it had nothing to do with disease or genes!  But you couldn’t convince credentialed experts of the. era.  What happened in Iceland and it is happening again, today.  [We don’t call it pellagra or HCAA, because the symptoms have, morphed!  Instead, we call it: Lyme disease, MTHFR and mitochondrial disease. [People’s symptoms are real, but the, diagnoses are, bogus!]

In Iceland, last-stage symptoms of HCAA were stroke and heart attack.  Today, medicine calls this, ‘cardiovascular disease’, which is neither accurate no helpful.  ‘Events’ called stroke and heart attack are SYMPTOMS of shortfalls of circulating sulfates, cholesterol and short-chain-fatty-acids.  In other words, deficits of critically important food cofactors caused Icelandic genes to mal-express, which is exactly what is going on in 2019!  [Wasting syndrome PRECEDES stroke and heart attack by years!  Read on, to learn how to avoid it.]

Today, heart attack and stroke are called, ‘cardiovascular disease’

[an umbrella label]

, but there is NO SUCH THING!  Cardiovascular disease, like cancer is fraudulent, medical diagnosis that is based on bad theory and medical blunder!  If you are interested in preventing these problems, or rebuilding your body in the wake of an ‘event,’ focus on sulfates [available from YAC], cholesterol [made by your liver] and short-chain-fatty-acids [made by anaerobic bacteria in the COLON from food substrates in Icelandic Magic!  [That’s the, recipe!]

Older people emaciate because they cannot maintain their bodies.  And, it happens for lack of the three factors just mentioned.  Wasting syndrome is a more descriptive label than, malnutritionMetabolic syndrome is EPIDEMIC today for the same reasons that Icelandic paradox, occurred.    [BTW: diabetes, pre-diabetes [blood sugar over 90] and obesity are metabolic syndrome, in-progress!  [Don’t forget it!]

First, comes wasting syndrome and loss of muscle, then comes loss of fat.  When body evaporate and turn to skin and bone, these the final stages of sulfate depletion and cholesterol/liver dysfunction.  Cancer always follow this, path.  [Now you know why it’s called, wasting syndrome.  You literally, waste-away!]  Got it?


Statin Drugs, Wasting Syndrome, Inflammation & Your Liver

The official definition of Wasting syndrome is ill-defined: acute malnutrition with by loss of muscle and fat.  Medicine has NO IDEA of the etiology driving, wasting syndrome.  Let’s redefine it and add, etiology: progressive, inflammation and deterioration of brain and muscle tissue caused by insufficient circulating sulfates, and cholesterol, and short-chain-fatty-acids.  [Deterioration refers to shrinking brain mass and hallows in brain tissue common to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  Implied is ongoing, LOW-GRADE INFLAMMATION, poor blood, lymph and cerebral circulation, elevated ferritin iron and heavy metal poisoning from food, fluoride, vaccinations, medications and diagnostic procedures [colonoscopy, dyes, etc.]

FYI: 90% of your brain is, cholesterol!  Babies nourish and grow their brain and body with breast milk that is 80% fat!  Chole is Latin for liver and sterol means a natural steroid made by your, LIVER!  Q. Doctor prescribes steroid to do what?  Can you say: reduce inflammation, pain and suffering?  So far so good.  So, why do you want to reduce your cholesterol and take statin drugs, if statins drive-up, INFLAMMATION?  [Bingo!  Read it again!]   

Statin drugs are a PHYSIOLOGIC DISASTER for the human body!  Here’s what doctors don’t tell patients.  Statin drugs INCREASE inflammation by depriving the body of circulating cholesterol needed for transport of sulfates needed to keep heart/brain tissue alive, and INFLAMMATION, down!  Inflammation is central to all disease.  When circulating sulfates are in deficit, the body robs sulfates from your PERIPHERAL MUSCLES to supply the heart/brain. [Can you say: wasting syndrome of your vital organs?  Without sulfates, mitochondria can’t make energy to meet the needs of the brain, heart, liver and kidneys.  Can you say, stroke/heart attack/renal issues?]

Sulfate and cholesterol deficits fuel INFLAMMATION, causing vital organ tissue to degenerate and, die!  It’s no coincidence kidney clinics are popping-up like, weeds.  Can you say: statin drugs?  They are killing, people, and 50% of the population is on them!  Statin are behind the epidemic rise of NAFLD [non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] in the young and old, alike.  know this: statins ACCELERATE wasting syndrome and if you are foolish enough to use them, you will literally, waste-away!  [Word to the wise!]

Cardiologists are ignorant of these facts.  Big Pharma controls practitioners and regulates them indirectly by enforcement of Standard of Care, rules.  And, like their Icelandic brethren of 1820, practitioners today blame the SYMPTOM [cardiovascular disease] and ignore, CA– USE!  BTW: they always add a dash of germ theory and genetics for added effect because they know patients don’t have a clue!  [Institutional quackery is causing the very problems it claims to, prevent.  Go figure!  [Icelandic Magic and sulfates can help you enjoy a better, life.]

Failure to build muscle is the flip-side of wasting syndrome that becomes noticeable in our middle years.  Consider it a sign of slowing metabolism, toxicity and compromised thyroid function.  Wasting syndrome is NOT normal, no matter your age!  [FYI: Wasting syndrome in 1820 is the same in, 2019.  Got it?

Wasting syndrome is obvious in the elderly.  When you see it, think lack of ‘circulating’ sulfates and cholesterol and depletion of muscle sulfates.  Heart attack/stroke are FINAL SYMPTOMS of sulfate exhaustion and shut-down of vital organs.  [If you have any kind of major problem, do something about it!]

Fatty liver disease is epidemic because of the widespread use of statin drugs!  Also, people are consuming large amounts of high fructose corns syrup [HFCS] in prepared foods.  It is critical that you must prepare your own food and avoid ALL PREPARED AND PACKAGED, food.  HFCS stops your liver from releasing cholesterol for sulfate transported to the heart/brain.  Statin drugs indirectly SHUT-DOWN critical body functions.  [Doctors must comply with Standard of Care rules and ADVISE PATIENTS to use statin drugs.  Avoid, both!]

Fatty liver disease was once the province of, alcoholics.  Now, everyone either has it, or soon will have it, regardless of age.  Make sure your name does not get on the list, and if it is, ask for guidance so you can get, off!  Without sulfates and cholesterol to transport them, your heart /brain will, deteriorate!  Got it?

Symptoms of wasting syndrome and sulfate depletion are loss of muscle, increased body fat, poor balance and gate, loss of flexibility, and INABILITY TO GROW MUSCLE and maintain size, shape and tone!  [Males think loss of muscle and tone are for lack of, testosterone.  Females blame lack of estrogen.  Both are mistaken.  Muscle mass shrinks as body fat, increases.  Extra fat says, slowing metabolism, slowing thyroid, low-grade inflammation, insulin resistance and pre-diabetic glucose over 90.  [Ask for guidance if this describes, you?]

Notice the word, statin in HCAA [hereditary cystatin-C amyloid angiopathy], the Icelandic mystery disease?  Statin is code for the effects of: WASING SYNDROME!  At least, 50% of the population takes statin drugs, PPIs [proton pump inhibitors!], beta blockers, blood thinners and blood pressure medications. People take them because they are fearful and under the delusion that drugs fix things, and because they don’t think they have viable choices.  Emergency is the only justifiable use of medications; long term is, suicide!

SIDEBAR: the solution for the medication pickle is to help your doctor.  Doctor will TAKE YOU OFF OF DRUGS when there is no justification for keeping you on drugs.  Normalize your lab results and with DOCTOR’S BLESSING, doctor will wean you off of them.  Do you understand!  [Ask for guidance.]


Arrhythmia, A-fib, blood pressure and mitral valve issues are symptoms of metabolic dysfunction, fungal dominance and INFLAMMATION, and these symptoms and more are because of depletion of short-chain-fatty-acids, sulfates and cholesterol.  This is what went on in Iceland 200 years ago, and this is what is going on, now!

YAC model: Young Again Club offers personal, cost-free guidance, niche products, novel solutions and specialized protocols for things alternative and allopathic medicine have neglected or have no solutions. 

Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words. Feel free to forward, Special Insights to people you care about.

Mission: “I write because what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock the sick care system because it deserves to be, mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family, well-being.”

Observations:  Sick-care medicine is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only, choice.  Good doctors are shackled by technology and system mandates.  Medicine has turned, virtual and the system is rigged against patients.  The human element has all but, disappeared!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well, as lines lengthen and medicine becomes ever, more sterile.

Life Expectancy In Iceland After 1820

After 1820, life expectancy of HCAA afflicted individuals in Iceland dropped by 30-50 YEARS!  Mal-expression of genes FOR LACK OF lack of short-chain-fatty-acids and depletion of muscle sulfates is what drove stroke/heart attack in young Icelanders.  These same deficits are DRIVING our symptoms, today.  Masking symptoms with drugs and calling it, cure, is insane!  Add cholesterol obsession, poor diet and glyphosate contamination of the food chain, and you have Iceland, version 2.0 in year, 2019.  [We are living the tragedy of 1820 Iceland all over again, but this time in, slow motion as degenerative disease and autoimmune disorders.  [Think about, it!] 

Medicine ignored the Icelandic paradox for 200 YEARS, and it will be another 100 years before it is FORCED to acknowledge that diet orchestrates gene expression and manifestation of disease through the biologic effect called, epigenetics!  Q. If myths of bubonic plague still circulate after 500 YEARS, and people have yet to wake-up to the BIG FRAUD called, vaccination, what makes you think sick-care medicine is such a great, thing?

The effects of Icelandic paradox are now, worldwide, but in muted form!  Our bodies are breaking-down under environmental assault and lifestyle insult!  Medicine and pharma will NEVER admit culpability.  Why should they?  They continue, with impunity, to propagate their BIG FAT LIE that cancer is a virus of genetic, origin, and people believe them!  [THEY HAVE KNOWN SINCE 1931 THAT CANCER IS A FUNGUS!]  Do you get the message?]

[Icelandic Magic is available NOW, because people need help, NOW!  We don’t have 10, 20, 50 years to wait for medicine and pharma to admit their sins, come clean and do the right, thing.]

Medicine today is asleep at the switch just like it was in Iceland, 200 years ago!  People don’t realize it because we are distracted by the siren song of technology, DNA medicine, surgery, stem cells, body-parts replacement and ‘promising’ new, medications.  Doctor: “We have promising advances in medicine to cure your rare [very rare!] disease!”  Good luck fellow, traveler!  [Official definition for ‘cure’: alleviation of signs and symptoms, aka: palliation.  ‘Cure’ is not what you think.  ‘Cure’ is a medical, hoax.]

Epigenetics In Action

EPIGENETICS:  the study of heritable changes in genes not involving alterations [mutation] in structure of DNA sequence.  Translation: the biologic effects of food and environment on, genes.  EPIGENOME: the historical, record of chemical changes to DNA and histone proteins that regulate gene expression.

The Icelandic saga is the story of epigenetics and dietary abandonment; a real-life confirmation that food affects genes and how genes, express.  Icelandic Magic contains concentrated dietary cofactors straight out of Viking Iceland’s, heritage.  Icelandic Magic is everyone’s get-out-of-jail-card with free a ticket home, all in one!  Epigenetics is the invisible force behind gene function, primal immunity and the microbiota and microbiome. 

Icelandic Magic helps your body function as it was designed to, function.  Epigenetics manages the TERRAIN, so mal-expression of genes cannot happen and health is, preserved.  Epigenetics oversees, immune function.

Now, you know why John Thomas is so, excited.  Icelandic Magic a game changer!

DNA Mutation vs. Gene Mal-Expression In 1820 & 2019

Prior to emergence of Icelandic paradox, families with HCAA genes had NO symptoms of the disorder in their histories.  Symptoms appeared about 40 years AFTER traditional diet was, forfeited.  [Think junk food, today!]

Gene mal-expression is not a defect in the structure of DNA sequence.  Rather, it is a variant in how a gene, expresses.  A variant is a temporary and reversible expression.  A mutation of DNA sequence is considered, permanent, where gene mal-expression is not.  DNA sequence is considered, incorruptible, unless exposed to IONIZING RADIATION, such as: x-rays and cat scans.  These procedures damage DNA, but it’s years before effects, manifest.  [MRIs use non-ionizing radiation, like cellphones, but far more powerful.  [Avoid MRI where possible.]

Do you remember the fluoroscope used in shoe stores back in 1954?  The machine kids used to see their wiggling toes in their new, shoes?  Ever wonder why the fluoroscope disappeared?  Wonder no more, and instead think, cellphone radiation! 

Cellphone signal technology inflicts GENETIC DAMAGE over the entirety of the body, where the fluoroscope affects only the, feet.  But wait, there’s more!  5G technology is radiation on steroids and it will be here, soon!  You cannot escape exposure to wi-fi, microwave radiation!  We are surrounded by it no matter where you live!  [BTW: John Thomas recently discovered a simple way to NEUTRALIZE the negative influence of non-ionizing cellphone and wi-fi radiation. And it helps with many other health issues, at the same time.]

We are bathed by EMF radiation 24/7/365; sick-care medicine dominates our choices; and, vaccination insanity and Big Pharma medications are killing us.  For example: Vioxx, a drug that doctors prescribed for OVER 10 YEARS, killed 60,000 innocent souls who heard these words, “Oh! This is a very safe drug, and it’s well documented by data, and studies, too!  I only prescribe medications that are proven to be safe and meet the Standard of Care!”  BALONEY! 

Big Pharma knew about Vioxx all along, and ignorant practitioners were their stooges!  Pharma knows of more drugs just like Vioxx, but you will NOT learn of them until, after the fact!  One day, people taking STATINS, BETA BLOCKERS, BLOOD THINNERS, PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS AND BLOOD PRESSUE MEDICATIONS will wish they had identified the CA– USES of their suffering and found safer and better, alternatives!  [Icelandic Magic is a great alternative because it supplies the dietary cofactors the body needs to, function.]  Do you understand?

DNA sequence is stable, gene expression is, responsive!  How genes express [switch ON and OFF] is influenced by diet, toxicity, immune function, and chemical and radiation exposure. Since, we cannot avoid these antagonists, we must find a way to insure healthy, gene expression through epigenetic function and, methylation.  [Methylation, gene expression and epigenetics is the essence of Icelandic Magic.]

The DNA molecule was discovered in 1954 and was not mapped early in the 21st Century.  Some experts theorized human DNA contained 100,000 genes, but turned out to be only, 23,000 genes.  Plants have up 400,000 genes.  Humans genes and plant genes are EASILY CORRUPTED by noxious chemicals like glyphosate and non-ionizing cellphone and wi-fi radiation. 

Do you know what happens when human genes are subjected to EMF, microwave radiation?  You guessed, it!  Gene expression is negatively affected because radiation warps epigenetic influence.  [What happened to humans in 1820 Iceland was low-tech compared to what’s happening to us, today.]  A word to the wise!

Microbes & Gene Adaptation

Life finds a way, and life will need thousands of years to undo the consequences of man playing, God.  What happened in Iceland is child’s play compared to what we face, now!  If you want to enjoy good health and longevity, you must undo damage already imposed upon your genes and immune system.  Icelandic Magic and the YAC Immune Protocol make restoration of primal immunity, reality!  Take advantage of both BEFORE you need them.  [BTW:  mandatory vaccinations are just around the corner and there will be NO EXEMPTIONS!  To avoid damage, ask for guidance before you get in a jam!  Also, read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

We are under electronic, assault, and we are invaded by: antibiotics, agricultural chemicals, and unfriendly organisms.  Survival demands that our genes FUNCTION AS DESIGNED and our terrains, be defended.  When diet is lacking essential cofactors, our genes, MORPH!  When we are exposed to toxic chemicals and assaulted by errant radiation, our genes, MORPH!  The body must adapt if it is to survive.  Organisms that adapt [including humans] are examples of evolutionary biology, in action.  The body evolves, constantly.

Readers should not freak-out over the word, evolution as used, here.   The word best describes the process by which organisms, adapt.  The process is REAL, but mindless evolution does not rule god’s creation.  Adaptation is what antibiotic drug resistance is about.  Gene EXPRESSION is the effect of, adaptation.  Adaption drives evolutionary biology for all organisms on, Earth.  [Icelandic Magic is about healthy, adaptation!]  Understand?

[Medical schools are NOT the founts of knowledge people think they are, and practitioners are rarely, if ever, functionally knowledgeable in biochemistry, evolutionary biology and biochemistry.  What medical schools teach is outdated before students enroll and curriculums are carefully, ‘managed!’  Big Pharma, controls! 

Discoveries take 20 years before they reach main street and big discoveries don’t happen at your local, doctor’s office because good doctors are chained-down by the rules of Standard of Care.  Big advances are usually the product of war, or they are made outside bureaucratic oversite where genius can express itself.]

[Linus Pauling was a genius who shared the Nobel Prize for discovery of DNA.  He was also maligned by so-called, peers for his pioneering work with vitamin-C.  I enjoyed many wonderful conversations with Dr. Pauling while writing, Young Again!  He was a nice man and a great researcher.  I have utmost respect for who he was and what he did in his life.  [FYI: Dr. Pauling was still teaching at Stanford at age 90!  He buried his critics!  Universities ride the coattails of geniuses by hiring them, but they don’t grow any geniuses of their own!  Enough, said!]

Secrets Of Iceland’s Medieval, Viking Diet

Until the late 19th Century [1780 + -], Icelanders consumed large quantities of dried fish, fermented vegetables and putrid-smelling, butter.  Then, industrial and societal pressures changed Icelandic dietary habits.  By 1820, the effects of altered diet had influenced people’s epigenetics enough to cause genes to, mal-express!  

Icelandic adoption of mainstream European fare was sufficiently powerful to cause, Icelandic paradox.  In LESS THAN ONE GENERATION, dietary changes were powerful enough to alter how people’s genes, expressed.  Diet influences epigenetics and methylation, and together they determine if genes switch ON or OFF.  Gene modulation is a function of, epigenetics.  [Metabolic syndrome, today, is an example of gene, dysfunction.]

PLEASE REPEAT AFTER ME!  CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE AND STROKE OCCUR FOR LACK OF CIRCULATING SULFATES, CHOLESTEROL AND SHORT CHAIN FATTY ACIDS.  Dietary shortfalls of these cofactors [or the substrates from which anaerobic bacteria make them, causes inflammation, capillary invasion of compromised tissue and fibrous deposits seen in ENLARGED HEARTS and DEGENERATING BRAINS.  Amyloid plaque deposits and tangles are common in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia patients, and people suffering from congestive heart failure and COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.]  Now you know!

Traditional, Icelandic life was harsh and demanding and when dietary habits changed, people’s genes could no longer express, correctly.  Icelanders had evolved and adapted to superior, food cofactors in dried fish, putrid-smelling, fermented butter and fermented vegetables.] These foods supply histones needed for methylationof genes and healthy gene, expression.  [For more on histones, click here.]

Viking Iceland

Iceland was colonized by the Vikings in the 9th Century, but with political demise in the motherland and emergence of a mini ice age around year 1,000, Viking ships came no more.  Survival demanded colonists adapt to available food supplies and find ways to, survive. 

Fermentation of food and high levels of healthy fats in dried fish and putrid-smelling butter produced POSITIVE EPIGENETIC EFFECTS on colonist’s genes.  Diet determined, survival!  Icelandic genes evolved until about 1780 when new dietary habits altered people’s epigenetics and a down-spiral in health and longevity, expressed itself.  Stroke and heart attack in young people became the Icelandic saga of 1820, and Iceland’s new, reality.

SIDEBAR!  When I was a boy, a German neighbor related a story about an old Lutheran hymn he had heard as a child in, Germany.  The words were, “…and save us from the Vikings…”. 

The Vikings were GIANTS by German standards.  Six to seven feet tall was common and only possible because of superior, dietary cofactors that enhanced gene-expression, positively.  Fast forward to 1820 Iceland and forfeiture of traditional, medieval diet, and it’s easy to understand why Icelandic paradox expressed with genetic, overtones.  [Medicine today has yet to comprehend the paradox called, FOOD!]

Provide the body with powerful FOOD and it will regenerate through the power of, epigenetics and methylation of genes.  Icelandic Magic supplies these missing links the mitochondria need to fuel the regeneration, process.  [IF YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE A VIKING, YOU MUST SUPPLEMENT LIKE A VIKING!]

[Icelandic Magic mitigates the side-effects of poor diet [past and present] and mal-expression of genes.  Eating organic, healthy food does NOT equal the superior effects of the substrates and cofactors in, Icelandic Magic.  [Icelandic Magic is epigenetics in a, capsule!]

Methylation, Epigenetics & Diet

EPIGENETICS:  the study of heritable changes in genes not involving alterations [mutation] in the structure of DNA sequence.  Translation: biologic effects of food and environment on an organism’s, genes. 

EPIGENOME: the historical, chemical record of changes to DNA and histone proteins responsible for regulating gene expression.

It is critical readers understand the connection between food, methylation and gene expression.  What happened in Iceland was 100% epigenetic and 100% dietary in nature.  Afflicted Icelanders could no longer methylate their formerly, ‘healthy’ genes, as they had for over 1,000 YEARS!  Their genes no longer switched ON and OFF!  Degenerative disorders soon, followed.  [THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON IN 2019.]

METHYLATION: controls gene expression.  Methylation is the foundation of how epigenetics influences gene, expression.  Methylation is the addition or removal of a CH3 methyl [a CH3 molecule with one carbon and three hydrogen atoms.]  When a methyl is added or removed from a gene, gene expression, changes. 

Methyls switch genes ON and OFF.  Methylation controls metabolism and how organs, tissues and cells respond to commands issued by DNA sequence.  Methylation is central to millions of reactions from enzyme synthesis and digestion, to tissue repair and ROS [reactive oxygen species] neutralization, every minute of every day. 

When you read of a genetic disorder, think DYSFUNCTIONAL EXPRESSION OF GENES, rather than a mutation of DNA, sequence.  Gene mal-expression is not the same as a mutation of DNA, sequence.

The human personality is a good analogy for gene, expression.  Do we express in a sweet, cordial, kind way, or with vitriol, anger and hostility?  How we express produces different effects.  Food affects personality, gene expression and methylation, and humans are happier when they properly, methylate.  [Icelandic Magic is a kind of food, happy pill because of the enhanced, food cofactors it supplies!  Do you understand? 

Fail to supply your body with the dietary cofactors it needs, and your genes will, mal-express.  The Icelandic paradox was a saga of gene mal-expression and dietary deficit!  Ditto for what is occurring worldwide, today!  [“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”, said Socrates.]

MTHFR: True Or False?

Trendy, practitioners believe MTHFR affects every patient darkening their doorway.  They are, misguided.  MTHFR stands for methyl-tetra-hydro-folate.  Translation: mal-expression of the MTHFR gene and interference with formation of folate [vitamin B-9.]  These same practitioners think MTFHR is the new boogeyman, similar to the Lyme disease [non-epidemic] epidemic afflicting every patient coming in their office!  [More on Lyme, here.]

MTHFR is alternative medicine’s version of mainstream medicine’s DNA hoax that trendy physicians are eager to exploit and so they can create the next [cash cow!] crisis!  Know this: lab tests for so-called, genetic disorders are NOT, definitive.  When tests imply a problem, doctor must interpret the results and divine a, disease.  Sound familiar?  [Can you say, disease de jure?] 

Instead of fretting over MTHFR or chasing after Frankenstein DNA manipulation, take your lessons from Viking Iceland, and let your body solve your health, issues with substrates in, Icelandic Magic.  Mal-expression of genes is common to degenerative disorders and autoimmune problems.  They respond favorably to natural, food cofactors and substrates in, Icelandic Magic.  These are the same factors that were the bedrock of Icelandic diet for 1,000 years.  [Try a FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic and discover the benefits for, yourself.]

BTW: elevated homocysteine level says you have a methylation problem!  Elevated homocysteine promotes degeneration of heart/brain tissue, drives-up low-grade INFLAMMATION and it increases risk associated with blood clot, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. 

Inability to methylate homocysteine INTO methionine for conversion into folate (vitamin B-9) spells big trouble!  Pregnant women without enough folate produce offspring with spinal cord defects, vision problems and cognitive issues.  You can test for homocysteine, but why bother when you can use Icelandic Magic to assist methylation of your whole body. [BTW: vitamin B-12 requires methylation; YAC offers transdermal B-12 cream.]

Methylation is a BIG DEAL, regardless of your age.  Problems related to stroke and brain, folate deficiency and chromosome replication instability can be managed, naturally by PUTTING OF SULFATES IN EVERY GLASS OF WATER and using Icelandic Magic food cofactors from Iceland’s, medieval, Viking diet.

Anaerobic Bacteria [IN YOUR COLON]

Icelandic Magic supplies substrates that anaerobic bacteria [IN YOUR COLON, NOT YOUR GUT] need to make short-chain-fatty-acids.  These bacteria are commensal, FACULTATIVE ANAEROBES, like Bacteroides fragilis, that all of us humans naturally carry in our colons.  [All they need to make dietary ‘magic’ is the cofactor, food substrates contained in Icelandic Magic. Factors you cannot obtain from a normal, healthy, diet.] 

Due to ignorance, Icelanders voluntarily forfeited their dietary roots after 1,000 years of perpetual, good health.  It took 40 years for them to discover their, mistake!  Today, 200 years later, we are finding ourselves in a similar, jam, but this time, thanks to Iceland’s legacy, we have the remedy available in capsule, form without the taste and smell of the Icelandic, diet of old.

Despite dedicated effort by health-minded people to care for themselves [meaning, diet and lifestyle], we age and we die like everybody else, just more, slowly.  WE CAN AND MUST FIND A BETTER WAY and Icelandic Magic is my, answer.  [Icelandic Magic was developed to supply the missing links we need.] 

Fermented Food OR Icelandic Magic?

Fermented foods are extremely good for you.  Eat all you want!  Problem: you can’t eat enough of them to fuel your body’s need for SCFAs [short chain fatty acids] like Viking Icelanders did through their superior diet. 

Eating putrid-smelling, fermented butter has little appeal to most people.  And, as for DRIED FISH, you can have my share, thank you!  Fermented [organic] food is expensive, and making your own is a, hassle! 

John Thomas’ solution to the fermentation dilemma is simple: take two capsules of Icelandic Magic twice a day, with or without food, and get on with your life.  [Fermented vegetables DO NOT duplicate the benefits you get from, Icelandic Magic.  The substrates and cofactors are NOT the same.]

SIDEBAR: we don’t live in Iceland, this is not 1820, and dried fish and putrid-smelling, fermented butter are NOT on the, menu.  BTW: contrary to urban myth, fermented foods are eaten for their epigenetic effects on metabolism, NOT FOR BACTERIA THEY CONTAIN.  [Icelandic Magic is a food, cofactor, dietary, approach, unlike any food-supplement you have every used.  Try it and find out for yourself.]

Bacteria do not survive [and are not supposed to survive] passage through the stomach.  Even where stomach acid is low [and if you are over age 35, it is!] and so-called, probiotic bacteria somehow manage to survive the stomach, THEY ARE NOT ENDOSPERIC BACTERIA MASTER BACTERIA and they cannot restore, primal immunity.  Endospheres are dormant, master bacteria; they are not common ‘probiotic’ strains!  [Learn more, here.]

Icelandic Magic has magical effects on sleep, anxiety, brain fog, leaky-gut, asthma, gluten issues, temperament, stress, digestion and bowel disorders.  The body corrects these metabolic issues if provided substrates, cofactors and bioactive sulfates.  [YAC offers guidance and superior supplements unique to the industry.]

Lastly, your vagus nerve is hard wired to your vital organs [liver, heart, pancreas, brain and kidneys].  The vagus is the MAJOR COMMUNICATION LINK BETWEEN YOUR BRAIN AND YOUR VITAL ORGANS.  Methylation and expression of genes is MONITORED by the vagus nerve and epigenetics orchestrates the signaling, process.  [If you have issues with your vital organs, perhaps a FREE consultation is in order?]

Icelandic Magic is about, methylation.   Methylate your genes and nice things happen to the bowels, stomach, breasts, ovaries, prostate, testicles, thyroid, throat, lungs, sinuses, eyes, ears and brain.  [Ask for help.]

Icelandic Magic is a unique formulation of bioactive food substrates common to the medieval, Viking, diet.   It the only formulation with bioactive, fermentable, non-digestible, fructo-oligo-saccharide substrates, plus enhanced, metabolites of butanoic acid.  Anaerobic bacteria in the colon use these substrates and cofactors to make SCFAs [short chain fatty acids] for superior repair and maintenance of the body.  SCFAs are not the same thing as MCTs [medium chain triglycerides.]  BTW: Icelandic Magic contains no fish and does not, stink!


Conclusions, Suggestions & Free Offer

Icelandic Magic fills a BIG VOID in human nutrition and modern, dietary thinking.  It’s in a class all by, itself!

Icelandic Magic is NOT a probiotic, vitamin, mineral or herbal.  It is a superb, food-cofactor substrate formulation.  Now, get the benefits of the Viking diet WITHOUT the taste and smell of dried fish and fermented butter.  [Icelandic Magic is John Thomas’ answer to a deteriorating food chain and a toxic, world.]

Nutritional factors in Icelandic Magic parallel naturally occurring elements of the medieval, Icelandic diet of old; a diet that gave rise to Viking culture, and its uniquely, situated colony, Iceland.  Thank you, Iceland, for the beautiful legacy of health and longevity we need so dearly in this year of, 2019 A.D.

Order your FREE BOTTLE of Icelandic Magic and discover why John Thomas is so, excited!

Watch your email for DETAILS of this amazing, offering.  The offer will post in a few days. 

John Thomas hopes readers found this report, enlightening!  Thanks for 25 YEARS, and good health to all!

BTW: Young Again Club now offers BIOACTIVE SULFATES discussed in this report.  They are amazing, and they neutralize the damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation from cellphones and wi-fi; a very, BIG DEAL!

John Thomas is available for guidance without a fee of any kind.  Contact John Thomas.

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25 Year Anniversary Gift The Icelandic Medical Phenomenon

How The Icelandic Dietary Mystery of 1820

Paved The Way For Better Health &

A Longer Life Today!

Order a FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic and find out why John Thomas is so, excited!

Soon, you will receive the amazing saga of Viking Iceland and the story behind, Icelandic Magic!

What happened in Iceland in the 19th Century is a fascinating story of forfeited health and truncated longevity among people who had previously lived in good health for 1,000 years!

Iceland has a unique dietary history with a legacy to benefit millions of people in the 21st Century.  Strangely, the cause of Iceland’s demise in 1820 provided a remedy for improved health and longevity for humans, today.

Symptoms of Iceland’s saga are with us in disguised and muted form, but we have a new way to protect ourselves and our families.  Who would have guessed Viking Iceland held a powerful, medical legacy?

Iceland’s story is a medieval puzzle spiked with medical blunders!  The story merges seamlessly with modern, medical, ignorance and arrogance so prevalent, today.   And, of course, big pharma lurks in the shadows.

Iceland’s fall from health to disease was hard to understand, until now!  Please share it with friends and family so they, too, can learn how to care for themselves and avoid suffering and disease.

Iceland’s mystery needed 100 years to ferment and ripen.  Below is a brief list of topics to be examined and knitted together in this exciting report.  Topics may appear disparate, but I can assure you, they fit together perfectly!  These topics have everything to do with Viking Iceland of old and a disease-free life, today!

Food, cellphones, stroke, anaerobic bacteria, radiation, Vikings, homocysteine, drug resistance, misdiagnosis, cellphones, mal-expression of genes, vaccinations, wasting disease, statin drugs, heart disease [arrhythmia, A-fib, blood pressure and mitral valve], cholesterol, sulfates, dementia, brain tumors, heart attack, diabetes, MTHFR, Lyme disease, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, medications, organic chemistry, cardiovascular disease, germ theory, epigenetics, DNA, evolutionary biology, methylation, dietary habits, and a lot more.

The upcoming report on Icelandic Phenomenon took years to compile and piece together.  John Thomas trusts readers will print it and read it in its entirety.  Your author did his best to simplify the content, smooth the flow of information and provide links for inquiry.  The importance of maintaining good health cannot be overemphasized, and knowing how to care for self and family outside of the system is, priceless.

Icelandic Magic is a game changer!  Find out for yourself!

Watch your email.  Details of John Thomas’ 25 Year Anniversary offer for a FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic follows close behind your receipt of: The Icelandic Medical Phenomenon.  Enjoy!

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.
To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.   To Good Health,  

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