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What You Don’t Know About me! My Recent Story Of Illness & Recovery

Body pH, and its relationship to overall health, must not be underestimated.  Here is my personal story.  I trust you will find it, inspirational.  To learn more, read on.

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Every Dog Has Their Day

Baking Soda To The Rescue? Not Exactly!

And, You Are Wondering…?

Roller Coaster Ride & Then Some

The Balance Of My Story

Acidity & pH Are Not the Same Thing

Benefits You Can Look Forward To

Acidity: Everyone’s Dilemma

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Every Dog Has Their Day

Two weeks before Christmas [2016], I noticed something was going on.  My system was talking to me, but I had no idea of the storm I would enter on Christmas Eve.  Nor did I have any idea of the blessings that would come from the experience.  Here is my story.

[Up front, I want everyone to know John Thomas does his best to live his life according to the principles and lifestyle he writes about.  Regardless, every dog has their day and every day offers a lesson.  This lesson is the story of how the Terrain pH Protocol came to be.]

When acid waste builds-up in the body’s terrain, it provides the perfect environment for illness and dis-ease to express.  For me, it began as the worst ‘cold’ in 40 years; a cold with all the typical symptoms, except fever.  I was sick, but NOT from a viral or bacterial condition!

Readers must understand the Young Again Club concept called, THE TERRAIN.  For example, bacteria and viruses only take over AFTER fungi have weakened and inflamed the, terrain.  Bacteria and viruses are NOT root causes; they are effects!  MEDICINE HAS IT BACKWARDS!

After four days of misery, and while doing research on another topic, I came across the letters, pH and decided to check mine to see where it was at.

I used pH strips to test my urine, only to discover I was approaching pH 4.0.  No wonder I felt horrible; no wonder nothing helped!  [FYI: below pH 5.0 is cancer territory!]

Insight:  CANCER IS A FUNGUS and fungi need three things to grow and spread: 1. low pH, 2. high acidity, and 3. fermentation of glucose sugars.  Know, the longer one remains below pH 5.0, the sooner cancer will come knocking at your door!  It’s as simple as that!

Insight: pH 7.0 is neutral.  pH 6.0 is 10 times more acid than is 7.0,.  At pH 4.0, I was 1000 X too acid!  At pH 5.0, Candida yeast [a fungus!] takes over, producing MASSIVE amounts of acidic mycotoxins that drive pH into a death spiral.  [That was my condition!]

Once I determined my pH, it was obvious what was going on!  The question, of course, was “What was I going to do about it?”

Baking Soda To The Rescue?  Not Exactly!

So, I reached for bicarbonate [baking soda] and began dosing it in a large glass of water every three hours to raise my pH.  Nothing changed!  [The problem was acidity, not pH!]

[Bicarbonate therapy is not new, but no one ever compiled a procedural protocol that is easy to follow and MOST IMPORTANTLY, explains bicarbonate chemistry as it relates to body physiology.  Thus was born, the Young Again Club Terrain pH Protocol.]

After 24 hours, I realized something was missing.  That something was common, vitamin-C tablets.  [Vitamin-C tablets are crushed in the mouth prior to drinking water and bicarbonate.  I will explain why, below.  Read on.]

Now, the party was on!  My body released large amounts of acid waste in my urine.  You could tell by smell and color!  My pH began to rise, but it took a week to damp the yeast and get my pH above 5.0; and another week to reach pH 6.0.  [In total, it took a month to reach pH, 7.0 neutral.]

And You Are Wondering…?

How could this be happening to John Thomas [Mr. Health?]  The answer goes back 72 years; meaning, too much sugar and antibiotics for 30 years, followed by decades of ongoing, leaky-gut issues; and of course, the older you are, the more acidic your body.

I was LOADED with acid waste!  Not the type of waste that clogs your liver, but the type that is stored in the body’s TERRAIN and sooner or later, every dog has their day! 

For John Thomas, December 24, 2016 was the day.  I was the dog, and it was time to pay!  It seemed to be the beginning of my worst cold in 40 years.  Wrong!  [I had no idea of the benefits that would come from my misery for those who are open to this message.]

Roller Coaster Ride & Then Some

Two weeks after the onset of my so-called cold, I began to feel better, but my pH would only stay elevated for a few hours, before it would fall again.  Up it went, and down it came!

Why does pH rise and fall?  The answer involves simple chemistry and physiology.

FYI: bicarbonates are the body’s primary buffer for neutralizing acid waste; waste circulating in body fluids [as measured by urine pH] and waste BURIED in tissues.  Restore your bicarbonate reserves and health improves because you have given the body has a way to neutralize acidity.

FYI: pH rises when bicarbonate and vitamin-C are taken together, and pH declines following meals [and as the body releases acid waste from the tissues.]  When vitamin-C reacts with bicarbonate, the ascorbate is neutralized and carbon dioxide [CO2] enters the blood stream.

CO2 boosts hemoglobin’s ability to transport and deliver oxygen to the cells.  Disease cannot tolerate oxygen and pH above 7.0.  [For example: inside cancer cells and tumors, bicarbonate dis-associates and raises oxygen levels and pH.  This is the physiology of repair and healing.]

So, how long will your pH roller coaster up and down?  That depends on YOU, the amount of acid bound in your tissues, your diet, digestion, water consumption and stress levels.  [BTW: the sooner you curtail your intake of carbohydrates, the faster acidity improves!]

To release acid waste from the tissues, you MUST continually push your pH up to 8.0; then, let it fall below 7.0 and repeat the process.  The process is repeated over and over! [Ask for guidance.]

It is a MISTAKE to assume you are fine because your pH is 7.0.  You are not fine!  Everyone is at risk!  Health oriented people suffer cancer and degenerative dis-ease because of acids STORED in their tissues.  YOU MUST ACT!  That is the point of this message.

You will be drinking lots of water, so expect to urinate, often.  If circumstances do not allow for interruptions, then do the Terrain pH protocol on weekends or on your days off.

Sound like too much trouble?  You will think otherwise when faced with the expense and misery of the sick-care system and premature old age.  You must take action!

NO MATTER how well you care for yourself, by age 50 the body is LOADED with acid waste as bicarbonate reserves become exhausted.  Worse, older bodies produce more waste, causing the terrain to grow ever more acidic.  Aging is an ongoing process.

[John Thomas learned his lesson the hard way!  Now that the pH/acidity riddle has been solved, there is no reason for others to suffer and age prematurely.]

Acidity & pH Are Not The Same Thing

As the acidity level of your terrain falls, oxygen levels and energy rise, setting the stage for improved health and disappearance of age related symptoms of degenerative dis-ease.

Acidity is often confused with pH, but they are NOT the same thing.  pH infers acidity/alkalinity levels, but it does NOT measure them.  pH is a GUIDE only.  pH is NOT your goal!

pH is how you monitor terrain acidity  today, and for as long as you wish to be truly healthy.  pH helps you associate how you feel with lifestyle and diet.  pH is your personal guide for evaluating the doctor’s opinion and bogus test results.  pH gives you control of your life!

The Balance Of My Story

It took a month for me to recover from my 40 year, ‘cold!’  I don’t visit doctors and I refuse antibiotics, except for life or death situations.  Doctors should not prescribe antibiotics [except under dire circumstances] and people should not use them.  There are better and safer choices.

Ninety-nine percent (99%) of symptoms associated with dis-ease have little to do with bacteria, viruses, genes or DNA.  These are foolish myths!  Bacteria and viruses are NOT cause!  [Symptoms are fungus driven and drugs and antibiotics only make matters, worse.]

I am happy to report wonderful results!  Acid levels have greatly diminished.  The Terrain pH Protocol did exactly what it is designed to do.  I feel [and look] the best I have in many years!

Now, my pH ‘low’ is 6.5–7.0, but I continue to take bicarbonate daily to further reduce systemic acids.  The past three months required commitment.  It was well worth the effort.

Benefits Of The Terrain pH Protocol

  1. Skin glows and texture improves. Part of response comes from the Bath Protocol, and part comes from the Oral Protocol.  [Below, I provided a link for details you will need.]
  1. Sleep improves as INFLAMMATION from acid waste in the tissues is reduced. Over many months, sleep becomes absolutely, wonderful!  [BTW: reduction of acid waste does more for sleep than a special pillow or a new bed.  Poor sleep means: INFLAMMATION!]
  1. Bowel activity improves; and bowels issues normalize. Gas and bloat settle-down as leaky-gut issues, diminish!  [FYI: bicarbonate boost production of digestive enzymes, pancreatic juices and liver secretions.  You MUST rebuild your bicarbonate reserves.]
  1. Arthritis and teeth and gum issues moderate. And as blood oxygen levels improve, so do stamina and that feeling of youth.  [Athletes need oxygen for more endurance!]
  1. Obesity and weight issues resolve themselves when acidic waste is cleared from the system. [Inch and pound reductions are the effects of efficient metabolism!]
  1. Cancer and diabetes need an acidic terrain. Contrary to medical myth, both are fungal conditions and neither has anything to do with bacteria or viruses.  Clean-up your terrain you can delete the words: cancer and diabetes from your vocabulary.
  1. Blood and oxygen to the brain increases, ears and eyes improve. Bicarbonate dissolves waste and reduces head congestion while removes heavy metals.  [Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia are terrain issues, not brain dis-eases.]

To feel better, live longer and avoid the sick-care system, you must reduce your body’s acidity levels.  The Terrain pH Protocol is how you do it.  It is FREE!

Details of the Terrain pH Protocol are available from  Everyone can afford this protocol because it is FREE!  The Protocol is my gift to you.

This Special Insights tells how the Terrain pH Protocol was developed, what it did for John Thomas and what it can do for YOU!  These links [here and here] will help you understand more.

Acidity: Everyone’s Dilemma

Acidity is everyone’s dilemma; pH management is how you solve your dilemma.  Aging and an acidic terrain go hand in hand.  So, act now if you wish to avoid seeing them in the mirror.

Young Again Club’s solution to terrain acidity is called, TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL  It is easy to follow and helpful for hundreds of syndromes, disorders and health challenges.

For more information about TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL, call for assistance.  There is no cost of any kind for guidance.  You will need instruction.

John Thomas (509) 465-4154 or email:  

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