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Aging & Regeneration

The body ages when: fluid circulation stalls, waste accumulates and oxygen levels are insufficient to maintain health and vitality. To learn more, read on.

What are the factors that influence aging? How does the body actually reverse the aging process? Why is the reversal process so elusive and difficult to achieve?

The body ages by default forfeiting its regenerative capabilities when left no alternative. The diagnosis from the doctor and the image in the mirror are mere confirmations. Yet, given the opportunity, the body regenerates and sense of well-being returns regardless of your age.

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Body Fluid Dynamics

In my book, “Young Again!” I used the concept of bio-electric age metaphorically; meaning, the age of the body in terms of energy, rather than age in terms of years.

Reversing your bio-electric age requires an understanding of body fluid dynamics; meaning, the flow of blood, lymph and spinal fluids throughout the joints, tissues and organs. Body fluids are the medium of exchange for all things energy related.

The body needs life-force energy™ to operate, grow and repair. Life-force energy manifests when fluid circulation and oxygen levels are at optimum levels, like that of a 20 year old athlete.

Peak oxygen levels and good circulation are why 20 years olds are healthy and strong. Beyond age 20, the words pain, suffering and inflammation become everyone’s dilemma. Pain-filled words describe aging’s effects not why we age.

Improve your body’s circulation and raise your blood oxygen levels and regeneration occurs automatically; and the words: pain, suffering and inflammation lose their meaning.

Ailments, fear and killer dis-eases lose their meaning as well! Better to embrace the well-being of a 20 year old than suffer needlessly.

The most advanced technology for boosting circulation and oxygen levels is called Dynamic Circulation Therapy™. Use it to settle your health issues and improve your sense of well-being.

Dynamic Circulation Therapy allows you to take control of your health and future in only 8 minutes a day, in the comfort of your home, using your own system to boost your life-force. Sessions require little effort; and results are meaningful.

Aging & Regeneration Factors

Food: eat good food and make sure you fully digest the food you eat. Failure to digest and assimilate food accelerates aging, especially after age 35. Inflammation, allergies and autoimmune issues are products of incomplete digestion manifesting as the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™. Restricted circulation magnifies all health issues. To learn more, click here.

Cravings: people suffer food cravings because they are “hungry”, as in malnourished! To end cravings, you MUST completely digest food and you MUST consume plenty of healthy fats. Fats supply up to 80% of total energy needs and reduce cravings if you use bio-active bile for assimilation. Also, fats speed metabolism and burn-off excess body fat! Undigested proteins drive cravings and they trigger systemic inflammation. If your body is inflamed, know that you have poor digestion and restricted circulation. If you suffer from bloat or gas, know you have poor digestion. Click here to learn more about the Young Again Club Digestive Protocol.

Bowels: the bowels control both aging and regeneration. Poorly digested food and slow transit time ages the body severely. The bowels should move three times a day. The colon is where dis-ease and cancer originate and enemas train the body to release often! Colon cancer is #1, yet totally avoidable as are various bowel disorders.   Click here to learn more.

Liver: the liver controls all aspects of body physiology and is the most vital of all vital organs. As liver function diminishes, so does your ability to heal, sleep, repair and grow. The liver is central to good health and vitality. Click here to learn more about the Tissue & Liver Protocol.

Water: a simple idea with profound implications. You must drink body-friendly water regularly throughout the day if you want to enjoy good health and longevity. Water is a solvent and it transports waste from your tissues. Drink water each time you urinate and use activated, sea-mineral electrolytes in every glass for more energy and better health. Click here to learn more.

Autoimmune: inflammation accompanies all aging and dis-ease. Inflammation is the side effect not the cause of suffering. Restore your gut wall and your immune system will cease attacking your body. Autoimmune conditions have NOTHING to do with your genes or DNA. Six factors control immune response: gut wall, digestion, diet, bowels, circulation of body fluids and a compromised gut microbiome. Click here to learn more.

Sweets: avoid them! Sweets are the most inflammatory food you can put into your body and fructose (refined or from fresh fruit) and wine (fruit sugar alcohol) are the most inflammatory of all sugars. Fructose goes 100% to fat, destroys the liver, weakens the connectives tissues and aggravates cravings for more of the same. Avoid it! Click here to learn more.

Sleep: inflammation is the root cause of poor sleep. Sleep apnea is the latest “fad” in sleep deprivation, but it is not what it appears. Sleep apnea screams INFLAMMATION, RESTRICTED CIRCULATION and EXCESS WASTE in the sinuses and head. Challenges involving ears, eyes, smell and memory occur for the exactly same reasons. Medical labels are names on a problem and nothing more. Labels are seldom what they appear; and labels disappear when circulation issues are corrected. Snoring and mouth breathing are the effects, not the cause of sleep deprivation. Deep sleep reverses premature aging. Click here and here to learn more.

Exercise: exercise counts because it circulates the body’s fluids. Use the Biogenic™ Lymph and Body Rollers to tone tissues and move waste. Dynamic Circulation Therapy is the ultimate way to boost fluid circulation throughout the body so you can feel age 20 once more!

Terrain: pathogenic microbes love a waste-filled, toxic body. Candida albicans (yeast) is a good example. These organisms torment the body and make life difficult. Instead, create a hostile environment where they cannot thrive. Click here to learn how.

Correct Choices Count

If you are suffering, know you are inflamed! If you are inflamed, know you have poor circulation. Dynamic Circulation Therapy boosts fluid circulation to that of a 20 year old, so you look and feel 20 years young! It is that simple.

The regeneration process is not complicated, but it requires understanding and guidance. Young Again Club offers both without cost or obligation. Click here for assistance.

A Better Way

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