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Cause, Unknown!” Diagnostic Roulette

When the CA– USE is unknown, treatment of symptoms is all a patient can expect because that is all the sick-care system has to offer.  There is a better way.  To learn more, read on.

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Roller Coaster Medicine

Diagnostic Charades & A Secret

Confusion Reigns

Don’t blame, doctor!

We Don’t Know?” (But, the patient should!)

Real Solutions For A Healthy Future

Woe be unto patients who cannot discern between symptoms and cause.  Ignorance is the basis of fear, and understanding is the basis of health and happiness.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Rollercoaster Medicine

Nothing is more frightening than a false medical diagnosis except, of course, treatment for a condition that does not even exist.

The best defense against false diagnosis, unnecessary surgery and dangerous medications is a clear understanding of what is wrong, how it came to be and what can be done about it.  [Understanding the problem is the responsibility of the patient, not the doctor.]

Understanding requires guidance and discernment of human physiology [how the body actually works!]  Without guidance, self-directed care disappoints and alternative approaches fail.  Without guidance, patients have no choice but to submit to the sick-care system!

Think about this.  When intelligent, credentialed people suffer like their patients, it’s obvious their model is defective and they don’t understand the problem.  Lack of guidance is the layman’s dilemma.  Guidance is one reason why exists.

Diagnostic Charades & Secrets

Everything about cancer is a delusion!  Cancer is NOT what people think it is and cancer is NOT what the experts [both conventional and alternative] say it is, either.  Proof is $60,000,000,000 [BILLION] squandered dollars and 67 years LOOKING for the cure.

We are trained, by repetition, to think of symptoms, never CA– USE.  But, you can’t find the CURE when you don’t know the CA– USE.  The experts do not understand because their model is defective.  How else can you explain zero progress and billions of dollars looking for a cure?

Want to know a secret?  They tell us, “First, cancer weakens the body and immune system, then, it is followed by “secondary” fungal infections.  Dead wrong!  Symptoms are NOT cause!

Cancer is a fungal condition that has NOTHING to do with viruses and bacteria and EVERYTHING to do with your terrain and your lifestyle.  The microbes follow fungal takeover.

First, we become systemically infested with mold [and fungus], then chemotherapy and radiation destroy our immune system and finally, the body dies!  Cancer therapy is a total disaster because cancer is a systemic fungal takeover NOT a disease!  The experts have it backwards!

Cancer [and cardiovascular dis-ease] kills most of us, preceded, of course, by an endless string of degenerative problems.  And, the search for the CURE drags-onThis is lunacy!

Fact is, the words disease and cancer are misnomers; they do not belong in the same sentence!  Cancer is a coup and MOLD is the agent.  This applies to most, if not all, health challenges.

When doctor says, “You condition is rare, very rare!” don’t believe it!  You may have symptoms, and your test results may confirm diagnosis, but your problem is your, terrain!

How about diabetes?  Same story!  Symptoms are not cause!  People suffering with diabetes makes up 35% of the population, with the remaining 65% categorically, pre-diabetic.  Diabetes and cancer have the exact, same cause.  MOLD!

How about cardiovascular problems.  Same story!  Cardiovascular symptoms are NOT what people think and most certainly, not what they have been told.  Symptoms are not cause!

What about men tricked into prostate biopsy?  Or, women who are told mammograms deter breast cancer?  And, what about those gallbladder surgeries when the problem is the liver?  And, what of hearing aids when the problem is head/sinus inflammation from MOLD?

What if sick-care is nothing more than an elaborate charade?  What if those wonderful studies are bogus and based on myths disguised as truth?  What if, indeed?

Confusion Reigns

Confusion reigns throughout the sick-care system because people have little understanding of body physiology.  People need guidance so they can separate facts from medical myths.

People blindly accept diagnosis.  They respect their doctor and trust the system because they do not understand the nature of the racket called, sick-care.

What you don’t know you don’t know is a huge disadvantage!  Often, doctor does not know either, or is gagged by the rules called ‘standards of care’ that prohibit doctor from speaking out or offering better alternatives.  Don’t blame, doctor!

Doctor’s job is to diagnose a condition of disease.  Then, doctor is REQUIRED to prescribe drugs and recommend surgery REGARDLESS of what is best for patients.  The sick-care system is a self-perpetuating racket and both patients and doctors are held hostage by it!

Failure to inform patients of all their options is a sorry state of affairs.  Misleading patients with bogus options adds insult to injury.  Either way, patients suffer and die for lack of knowledge and lack of choice and understanding.  It does not have to be this way.

With sick-care, cause is of not the issue.  Doctor knows symptoms, not cause!  Diagnosis based on symptoms is a disaster for patients.  It is the patient’s responsibility to understand the causative factors behind their dilemma.  Symptoms are NOT cause!

Professionals believe what they are taught.  But what if doctor is not taught the whole story?   How else do you explain 1400 years of arrogance and medical ignorance by the best and brightest from Galen to Pasteur?  [Claudius Galen’s absurd teachings RULED medical thinking for 1400 years and everyone went along with it because of peer pressure and human nature.]

Pasteur’s Germ Theory of Disease replaced Galen’s fantasies.  Today, we delude ourselves with technology and accept degenerative dis-ease as genetic.  We have it wrong, again!

To protect yourself, first, you must understand and then learn how to measure and maintain the integrity of your body’s terrain so you never assume the role of, PATIENT!

“We Don’t know!” (But, you, the patient should know!)

Lucky is the person denied diagnosis and told, “We don’t know!” or sent home to die.  Freedom of choice allows patients to discover the CA– USES behind their problems.  Only then can patients end their misery and resume their lives.

Incorrect diagnosis is rampant; surgical error is rampant, and iatrogenic death [doctor/medication induced] is responsible for 150,000 dead people a year!  I trust the reader gets the point?

Poor health and dis-ease have NOTHING to do with your genes.  Inheritance is convenient cover for the sick-care racket!  Manage your terrain and correct your lifestyle you will see your so-called genetic predisposition disappear!  The ancestor blame-game is a tragedy!

Behind chronic inflammation and suffering is, systemic mold infestation.  The population is infected with MOLD, and most people, systemically.  Did you know mold DNA is a very close facsimile of human DNA?  And, when two different species of DNA merge, the body malfunctions and the immune system malfunctions and we assume a hybrid existence?

Meaning, your immune system sees mold DNA as ‘you’ because mold has merged with ‘your’ DNA.  The word AUTOIMMUNE should come to mind.  Symptoms of dis-ease are autoimmune effects of a body systemically infected by, MOLD and the mycotoxins they secrete.

A leaky-gut wall and immune system failure are at the very center of people’s health issues.  Symptoms are wrongly used for diagnosis of heart, pancreas, kidneys, brain, thyroid, bowels and bladder problems.  Symptoms are not cause!

By the way, gluten intolerance, acne, chemical sensitivities and candidiasis [chronic Candida] are confirmations of systemic mold infestation!  Candida diets help manage the misery, but when a DNA merger has occurred on a systemic level, the usual, faddish Candida approaches fail miserably.  [See the link for Mold & Fungus Protocol at the end.]

When the immune system cannot detect a take-over by a foreign agent [such as Candida albicans yeast], these foreign agents continue to grow and spread!  The havoc they wreak is called, degenerative dis-ease.  [Mold infestation is generally invisible to your immune system and the perfect Trojan horse for systemic take-over!] 

Cancer is a Trojan horse condition, as are most, if not all symptoms, syndromes and disorders, and MOLD is central to all of them!

Questions?  What if you cleared your terrain of acid waste and shut-down mold and fungus secretion of mycotoxins?  Do you think you would stand a better chance than foolishly DESTROYING your immune system with chemotherapy and radiation based on fear of the non-disease called, cancer?  Do you think the fear would ease?  What if skin cancer would go-away by using a simple bathing protocol?  [Just thinking out loud, mind you.]

Today, humans exist mostly as a HYBRID specie.  Understanding how fungi shift normal body functions and produce symptoms of dis-ease is a game changer for everyone!

Candida yeast, the curse of women (bladder infections) and men (prostate issues) is driven by MOLD infestation.   Mold likes an acidic terrain and molds control the body by making acid waste and mycotoxins to create an environment favorable to their growth!

Everyone’s body terrain is, acidic; that is why everyone is aging.  You may wish to know that you can correct your terrain acidity problem by following the Terrain pH Protocol.

Real Solutions For A Healthy Future

Cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity and arthritis are epidemic, but there are hundreds of degenerative ailments haunting people, and mold infestation is central to all of them.

You will not hear these things from doctor because doctor was not schooled in mycology [the study of molds and fungi].  Mycology was REMOVED from curriculums almost 70 years ago!

It was NO ACCIDENT that antibiotics appeared and mycology simultaneously disappeared from medical curriculums in the very early 1950s.  [Antibiotics were supposed to be a leap forward, but instead they became our undoing.]

Today, steroids are used as band-aids to ease suffering and hide patient symptoms without addressing the CA– USE.  And, just like antibiotics, steroids promote systemic growth of mold and fungus [think, Candida!] making matters perpetually worse for those who use them.  [Ditto for use of birth control pills and acne medications

Soon, Special Insights will explore the mold dilemma facing all of us.  The format will use real life examples, so readers will better understand.  You will like the new platform.

In the meantime, peruse the Mold & Fungus Protocol.

And remember, your first step, regardless of age or condition, is to implement the Terrain pH Protocol.  You can read about it here, here, and here.

Call for guidance as needed.  There is no cost of any kind.

When the CA– USE is unknown, treatment of symptoms is all a patient can expect because that is all the sick-care system has to offer.  There is a better way.  To learn more, read on.

A Better Way

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