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Fundamentals Of A Healthy Future Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

If you are unhappy with your present health status and you wish to avoid chronic dis-ease in the years ahead, give this report the attention it deserves.  To learn more, read on.

This Special Insights is a review of core issues central to health and longevity; issues and topics that are fundamental in nature and forever timely.

In This Issue:


Five Fundamentals of Personal Healthcare

Iodine: The Most Misunderstood Element

Blood Sugar Management

Magnesium Ion Insufficiency

Autoimmunity & Gut Inflammation

Iron Overload: The Silent Elephant

Recommendations & Conclusions

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth always prevails and readers deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

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You can have your cake and eat it too IF you choose your cake carefully and exercise discipline in your habits and choice of lifestyle.

Understand, your genes and DNA are not fixed as popularly believed; rather, they are malleable and controlled by your epigenome.  Inheritance has little to do with dis-ease and aging; people’s health issues are mostly, self-imposed.

Understand, diet and lifestyle control.  Choices made each day determine outcome.  And, while everyone is free to believe as they wish; invalid information has consequences.

People suffer and die prematurely because they do not UNDERSTAND!  Human physiology is what it is.  Yesterday’s science is today’s superstition.  Reality matters.

So, who do you believe?  How does one separate truth from noise?  Is formal training necessary to learn how to care for self, family and friends?  Is formalized thinking and training a hindrance or asset?  Lastly, from where will the knowledge and guidance come?

Let me assure you, clinicians and experts do not have the answers you seek!  Their thinking is faulty and their models questionable.  They suffer just like their patients.

For your information, the sick-care system is collapsing, and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is the only option.  Sadly, our [good] doctors are shackled; they will be in short supply and the lines long.  Personal knowledge will make the difference!

[This Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur captures the essence of the sick-care system under which we live.  Literally, it means: “The thing speaks for itself!”]

Be aware, metabolic slowdown accelerates after age 35.  The process is called premature aging, and it has everything to do with (1) lack of bio-active iodine, (2) elevated, normal blood sugar, (3) shortage of magnesium ions, (4) excess ferritin [blood iron] and, (5) an inflamed intestinal wall.

Woe be unto anyone who relinquishes control to experts educated beyond their intelligence.

Five Fundamentals of Personal Healthcare

These fundamentals are preventative and restorative in nature.  Study them carefully.


If ever there was an element that can improve health, iodine is it!

The iodine story is extremely important.   There is much to UNDERSTAND about iodine and what it can do for health, hormones, regeneration and neurological disorders.

I am not speaking of common potassium iodide formulations or food sources such as kelp and seaweed. While helpful, they are GROSSLY INADEQUATE for the job at hand.

Rather, I am speaking of single-atom, stabilized, bio-active iodine now available for anyone wishing to take control of their health and their future.

Important Background Information

In 1947, Big-Pharma controlled medical schools made sure doctors would be ignorant of iodine!

First, they fabricated a bogus iodine study and removed iodine physiology from medical curriculums.  Students were told iodine is toxic! Worse, they were told that using iodine was irresponsible and malpractice!  They knew if students knew the truth about iodine, it would be game over and today’s sick-care industry could not be, grown!  So, they schemed!

They put skull and cross bones on bottle labels to frighten people!  They wanted the public on antibiotics and toxic drugs, not iodine!  They knew antibiotics, vaccinations, and toxic agricultural chemicals would yield an ENDLESS HARVEST!  Then, they schemed, more!

They perverted public perception of iodine with news and pictures of mushroom clouds, Japan and children suffering from RADIOACTIVE iodine fallout from atom bombs.  They peddled fear!

What the public did not know then, and does not realize now is: bio-active iodine dislodges and prevents toxic halides, such as fluorine, bromine, chlorine and per chlorates from occupying and taking control of the receptors that regulate the vital organs.  [Iodine also prevents radioactive iodine based dyes used in diagnostic procedures from damaging people’s thyroid glands!]

[Looking back: in the 1950s, 60s & 70’s, new therapies for [the growing] cancer industry] were in; pesticide/herbicide usage was, in; mercury amalgam dental fillings were, in; and, fluoridated everything, [medications, tooth paste and drinking water] were, in!] 

 Oddly, the iodine black-out of 1947 has morphed into the opioid crisis of today!  More people today are addicted to opioid pain killers than cigarettes!  Opioids damp inflammation and pain, but ignore cause; iodine restores the terrain so cause of inflammation and pain goes away.

Did you know, tumors of all kinds shrink and disappear when bio-active iodine ions are supplied daily?  And, that breast, uterine and ovarian fibroids and cysts resolve themselves?  And that problematic menstrual issues settle down?  And painful breasts and prostates, soften?

Did you know, hair loss and thinning hair [and eyebrows] is CONFIRMATION of a poorly functioning thyroid?  Did you know, iodine ions resurrect thyroid function and grow hair?

Did you know, thyroid tests [TSH, T-3 and T-4] are worthless, misleading metrics?  Proof is epidemic in the female population who are medication dependent.  Women bodies REQUIRE multiple [XXXX] times more iodine than male counterparts.  Especially the breasts!

Did you know, the body stores iodine in the thyroid, followed by breasts [male and female], ovaries, prostate and testicles.  Without iodine, youthfulness and perpetual health are impossible!  Without iodine to regulate things, cancer has its way and grows unchecked!

Did you know, hormonal and metabolic slowdown called, menopause and andropause are side effects of iodine insufficiency?  Do you realize, loss of sex drive and male and female issues [flashes, sweats, ED and prostate] settle down when bio-active iodine is supplied?

Did you know, when iodine ions are available, BOTH children and adult intelligence rises and growth and repair takes-off?  Did you know toxic bromines from fire retardants BLOCK vital organ receptors [in children and adults], preventing them from regulating healthy physiology?

Did you know, EVERYONE IS LOADED with bromine from off-gassing of insulation, fire retardants, beds, pillows, cribs, carpet and toys?  And, locked-up receptors means: illness and dis-ease!

Did you know, bio-active iodine works naturally without risk of medications [natural or synthetic] and unnecessary] surgical interventions for nodule and fibroid growths?  And, that they DO NOT occur except for severe lack of available iodine?  [The cause and solution are the same!]

The Dilemma

Doctors and clinicians do not understand iodine or its benefits.  Their ignorance deprives everybody of the knowledge they need to care for themselves.  Spread the word; people must learn how to care for themselves.  Self-care is better and safer than sick-care!

Those with thyroid disorders [hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, Graves, goiter] have not been told the truth about their dilemma.  Instead, they are put on medications.

It is no coincidence thyroid problems skyrocketed when bromine replaced iodine in flour and fire retardants became ubiquitous.  The THYROID CRISIS turned epidemic in the 1970s, 80s and 90’s exactly as planned in 1947 when the iodine black-out was initiated!  Women suffered most.

Bottom line, thyroid disorders are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is taught and believed.  This will be covered in more detail next month.  [For now, try and connect the dots:  sluggish thyroid is the flipside of pre-diabetes; BOTH are epidemic and BOTH are totally misunderstood.]

Next month’s Special Insights is devoted to iodine physiology and how you can use stabilized, single-atom, bio-active iodine to improve health, boost energy, boost intelligence, settle hormones, reduce inflammation and slow and reverse aging.

It is the patient’s responsibility to UNDERSTAND the benefits of bio-active iodine.


 Sooner or later, blood sugar management becomes an issue for everyone.  No exceptions!

The reason blood sugar problems are so pervasive is because poor diet and lifestyle FORCE the body to operate in SURVIVAL MODE called, Insulin and leptin resistance; and it is epidemic!

Insulin/leptin resistance fuels inflammation in people of all ages.  Inflammation, in turn, drives suffering and premature old age.  Pain is a symptom of inflammation; everyone suffers from low-grade inflammation whether they realize it or not.

No other single factor influences health and longevity more than insulin/leptin resistance.  Get this one wrong and nothing else matters; get it right and the possibilities are endless.

Understand, if you are not diabetic, then you are pre-diabetic.  It is true!  So-called normal blood sugar levels are grossly elevated; meaning, people cross the line years BEFORE blood sugar reaches 130, the line for official, pre-diabetes.  Healthy blood sugar is 70-75.

Conventional [and alternative] approaches to blood sugar management are a mess!  Typically, they focus on medications and diet.  Problem is, so-called normal, healthy blood sugar levels are neither normal nor healthy.

Pre-diabetes rules the population and people’s health more than they have any idea.  Perpetual, normal blood sugar is the UNKNOWN driving Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia [their correct name is, diabetes type 3!]; along with cardiovascular, arthritis, kidney and cancer issues.  Pre-diabetes backgrounds all CHRONIC suffering; people genes have nothing to do with it!

People associate low blood sugar with brain fog, fatigue, food cravings, lightheadedness and low energy.  Problem is, all of these are symptoms of insulin and leptin resistance, NOT low blood sugar.  Experts chase symptoms; patients think symptoms; symptoms are not cause.

For better understanding, read Special Insight: Pre-Diabetes & Premature Aging.  You might also review the ReVive Protocol [another important tool for blood sugar management].

It is the patient’s responsibility to UNDERSTAND blood sugar dynamics.


Everyone suffers from magnesium ion insufficiency and everyone’s health improves when the body is supplied with bio-active magnesium ions every, single day.  Otherwise, calcium becomes dominant and suffering, aging and inflammation become reality.

Calcium dominance is a very real issue for females over age 35 as osteoporosis accelerates, and for men by age 45.  So-called, loss of bone density is a magnesium/waste issue, NOT a calcium shortfall as commonly believed.  Cancer and cardiovascular issues confirm calcium overload!

Magnesium pill supplements simply do not get the job done!  Pill chemistry is inefficient and absorption poor.  Skin application of bio-active magnesium ions is the most efficient [+ – 90%] way to get magnesium ions directly into your blood for distribution where needed.

However, BORON must be in solution with magnesium ions for efficient absorption.  A shortfall of magnesium sabotages thousands of body functions while driving suffering and premature aging.  [R/MgO Spray [from Young Again Club] contains bio-active boron.]

As for magnesium tests, save your money!  They are misleading and generally useless.  Normal does not mean, normal!  The game of sick-care is: test, test; treat the test, never the patient.

Besides, experts who interpret most test results do not understand human physiology.  If the did, they would not be ordering endless tests and prescribing risky medications.  These days, they are captive agents of the sick-care system, and they MUST comply.

Medical compliance is called standard of care; it has nothing to do with well-beingStandard of care is a disaster for patients.  Use caution when making decisions based on test results and expert opinions.  Never assume, they really know what they are doing!

To learn how charged, magnesium ions can improve your life, click here.

It is the patient’s responsibility to UNDERSTAND the benefits bio-active magnesium ions offer.


The small intestine [the gut] is command central for all things autoimmune.

Ninety-nine percent [99%] of ALL health issues are autoimmune in nature; meaning, your body is attacking itself and you have become the enemy.

When your gut is inflamed, you will suffer and you will age.  Here is a short list of symptoms: Crohn’s, leaky gut, yeast, allergies, thyroid, arthritis, sinus/bronchial, gas and bloat, bowel/prostate/bladder disorders, hypertension, kidneys, poor sleep and skin disorders.

Probiotic bacteria play an important role in intestinal disorders.  What people do not understand is probiotic bacteria cannot, and do not, rebuild the gut wall; that is not their job.  Their job is that of middle men acting between food and the wall itself.

To maintain a healthy intestinal wall, whether damaged by antibiotics, gluten, alcohol or drugs, check out the ReStore Protocol and the Gut Protocol.

Antibiotics and stress damage the intestinal tract, and the damage imposed does NOT repair by itself.  Also, understand poor digestion is epidemic among those over age 35, and digestion issues burden the immune system and antagonize an already inflamed gut wall.

Gas and bloat are symptoms of gut problems; so are bladder and prostate infections [so called].  These flare-ups are not infections; they are autoimmune responses from an inflamed intestinal tract and yeast overgrowth due to a toxic terrain.

Antibiotics perpetuate bladder, prostate and yeast cycles.  If you wish to end these cycles of misery [and avoid them in the future] reach out and ask for help.

If you have health issues, know you have autoimmune issues and your intestinal wall in involved.  See Special Insights, Change your Diet; Change Your Life; read about the Digestive Protocol.

It is the patient’s responsibility to UNDERSTAND the meaning of autoimmune.


Accumulation of EXCESS elemental iron occurs over many years.  Men begin accumulating iron by age 19, women at menopause.  Men over age 40 have the problem; women, after age 50.

Clinicians carelessly use the terms: iron, ferritin iron, low iron, low energy, low red blood cell count, low hemoglobin, anemia and iron deficiency anemia, as if they are the same thing.  Patients do likewise.  Fact is, they are NOT the same thing.

Woe be unto anyone who does not know the meaning of and difference between FERRITIN IRON and the others.  Experts seldom test for ferritin levels because they do not understand its meaning. [Besides, 99% of the population is considered, normal!]

According to experts and clinicians, normal ferritin blood iron range is somewhere between 11-450.  Explain please, how can you be normal at 11 and normal at 450?  Not possible!

As FERRITIN IRON level rises, so does systemic inflammation which contributes to progressive development of diabetes, cardiovascular issues, cancer, arthritis, kidney problems and neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia.

Iron overload is the nice way of describing, iron poisoning.  Officially, the experts call it, hemochromatosis [Latin for iron poisoning!].  If you depend on experts to inform you of elevated excess ferritin iron in your blood, good luck!

Elevated ferritin iron fuels chronic, low-grade inflammation, and inflammation fuels symptoms people associate with disease, such as arthritis, hypertension, brain disorders and neuropathy.

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites have the ability to extract iron from excess ferritin in blood.  After, inflammation weakens the body; they attack!  NOT vise-versa.  Think, terrain!

Know, pathogenic organisms REQUIRE iron to grow and multiply.  They obtain the iron they need from your own blood and use it to launch an assault on the body.  MRSA infection is an example.

To learn more about iron overload and what can be done about it, email, call John Thomas.  Also, read Special Insights, How Iron Toxicity Affects Your Health.

It is the patient’s responsibility to UNDERSTAND the dynamics of iron toxicity.

Recommendations & Conclusions

Understand these Five Fundamentals of Health and you will enjoy a long and heathy life without the suffering and misery associated with premature aging.

For a free consultation with John Thomas, reach-out by email or phone 509 465-4154.

John Thomas wrote the above assuming readers already:   Eat healthy food, consume coconut oil, butter and olive oil, use multiple digestive supports, do not eat sweets, junk or snack, limit eating to 3x/day, space meals 6 hours apart, limit carbohydrate intake, move bowels 3x/day, drink 3 quarts of water w/electrolytes daily and get eight hours of good, deep sleep, nightly.  If these assumptions are incorrect, perhaps a conversation is in order?

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