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Growth Is The Answer To Everything! Outgrowing Your Medical Challenges

Doing nothing is a poor option in matters of health and well-being.  Either embrace new ideas or stagnate and suffer the consequences.  To learn more, read on.

In my field of work, I spend a lot of time discussing the nature and causes of people’s health problems, always seeking to separate reality from fiction.

So, what if we could wave a magic wand and make our health problems go away or never occur?

We can!  And we do not need for a magic wand either!  And, there is no need for medical labels or incantations by experts.

All we need is GROWTH!  Growth creates a better future.  This Special Insights addresses the issue of growth.  I trust readers will embrace the message.

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Growth: A Better Choice!

When we are in the growth mode, things improve because the body is healing and repairing.

The BIG FOUR health challenges called cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and arthritis are conditions of deterioration, not growth.  And, they are completely avoidable and reversible, too!  But, they are not my primary concern.

My primary concern is helping people to get their bodies into GROWTH MODE.  Growth is the best way to improve lives AND address the “big four” conditions of misery and premature aging, along with all of the lesser conditions haunting people.

Fact is, suffering and deterioration are default conditions; meaning, when the body is given no choice but to deteriorate, it deteriorates!

And behind suffering and deterioration is a common issue that affects EVERYONE! It is called leptin and insulin resistance.  Leptin and insulin are your primary regulatory hormones.

Hormone resistance drives inflammation which shuts-down growth and regeneration, and it affects everyone, regardless of age.

I have great concern because people are embracing medical myths and believing medical experts and false TV ads about their health challenges, instead of identifying causes and reducing risk.  My concern is based on live conversation, not theory.

It started with my book, Young Again! 23 years ago.  Back then, no one believed me when is said, “The body can regenerate if you get out of the way and change your lifestyle and diet.”  It was true then, and it is true today.  All people need is good guidance and an open mind.

Today’s syndromes and disorders carry medical sounding names that are designed to instill fear and uncertainty upon trusting people.  The experts love to make mountains of mole hills.

Today’s common, ordinary health issues are yesterday’s little problems.  Today, everything is a big deal; everything is a DISEASE!  Baloney!

By definition, dis-ease is degenerative.  Meaning, the body breaks-down and wears-out because we sabotage growth and healing.  Embracing false ideas and grabbing hold of medical myths is a recipe for unnecessary suffering in the face of NO GROWTH.

Systemic Inflammation

And behind lack of growth and regeneration is systemic inflammation.  Yes, INFLAMMATION backgrounds everything!  And behind inflammation is insulin and leptin resistance.

Inflammation is hormone driven.  Autoimmune problems are hormone and gut driven.  So if you suffer, you should ask for help.  By the way, a tell-tale sign of hormone resistance is belly fat.  Brain fog and constant food cravings are two common symptoms.

Hormonal resistance is why people age.  It is the PRIMARY DRIVER behind high blood pressure (hypertension), cancer, diabetes, pre-diabetes, arthritis, COPD, renal (kidney) and cardiovascular problems of all types.  Serious problems follow dozens of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

If you would like to enjoy better health and reverse the process called aging, we should talk.  It is amazing how fast the body revives itself and energy increases when you have proper guidance.  Best of all, Young Again Protocols have no side effects like medications.

Grow Your Future – Step by Step!

Compromised Liver:  the liver controls all aspects of metabolism and is the most vital of the vital organs.  As liver function slips, so does healing, sleep, repair, digestion and growth.  Routine liver tests DO NOT detect subclinical changes preceding diagnosis of liver dis-ease.  Restore your liver function with the Tissue & Liver Protocol.

Inflammation:  is a hormone and autoimmune effect, never a cause.  Inflammation says there is stress in the body and liver.  Cardiovascular issues, PRE-DIABETES, poor circulation, congestion, peripheral neuropathy, sleep apnea and snoring are symptoms of inflammation.  Use ReVive™ and the Tissue & Liver Protocol™ to address inflammation and systemic toxicity.

Hormonal Rhythm: is absolutely CRITICAL for restoration of the growth process.  Insulin and leptin are the body’s master switches that control the process.  Over 35% of the population is diabetic and the other 65% are pre-diabetic and close behind in young and old alike!  Young Again Club offers it members a simple solution to the problem.

Autoimmune Issues: are not about genes or DNA.  Autoimmune response says there is stress and inflammation in the system and you are the enemy.  Contributing factors are a compromised gut wall (leaky gut), poor digestion and poor diet, sluggish bowels and restricted circulation.

Congestion: is a classic inflammatory response.  Congestion is a symptom of waste overload and hormone resistance.  Congestion is a symptom, NOT a cause.

Sweets juices and fruit feed both inflammation and congestion.  They are the most inflammatory aspect of diet.  Sweets contain fructose!  Fructose grows belly fat, provides no energy, damages the liver, upsets hormone balance and aggravates food cravings.   Sweets aggravate snoring, sleep apnea and inflame the bladder and prostate.  Read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life by clicking link.

How to Revive Your Life & Your Health

Here is the way for everyone to JUMP START the path to better health, today, right now, no matter your age or your issues.  The product is called Re-Vive™.  You can read about it, here.


GROWTH is the alternative to aging.  GROWTH is forward looking.  GROWTH is better than suffering.

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A Better Way

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