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An Inspirational Story of Self-Help Crisis, Recovery & Regeneration

Everything is perfect!  Exciting words for a man who, 2 years before, was fighting for his life.  This Special Insight is a call-to-action with an inspirational message.  I trust you will find it rewarding.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be mocked. My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and virtual medicine [medicine devoid of the human factor] is the new standard of care!  Medicine is rigged against the patient and corruption rules!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines become longer and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

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The Big Picture

Q. How do you lose your health?  A. Slowly at first, and then all at once!

Medicine and science are considered safety nets because they come to the rescue in times of crisis, buy-time and provide opportunity to change one’s ways.  But, they also have a mesmerizing effect, causing people to assume when their time comes, medicine and science will save them.  Perhaps. Perhaps, not?

A good dose of the sick-care system brings new understanding to the word risk [as in misdiagnosis!] along with the hassle of office visits, questionable lab tests and of course, medications.

An accidental injury is an event, degenerative disease and aging a process.  They are not the same thing.  And, while surgery and medications can make the difference between life and death, after the crisis is over is when we get the opportunity to separate the SYMPTOMS from the CA– USES that precipitated the crisis.

Q.  How do you comprehend doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis when needed information is withheld, and your skill set for making an accurate assessment of your circumstance is lacking?  A. You don’t!

Doctors and emergency rooms deal in signs, symptoms, medications and band-aids.  That’s what they do. Whatever information the patient gathers during the process is always incomplete and usually spiked with assumptions, misconceptions and medical myths.

The sick-care system [especially now that it is going virtual] lacks meaningful interaction between doctor and patient.  It is dehumanized!  From my perspective, the best way to remedy the situation is to restore some humanity with knowledge and guidance so people can advocate for themselves with valid information!

Like it or not, the patient is on their own!  It’s the patient’s responsibility to know. Information from doctor, family and the internet have limited value if patients have neither the experience nor the knowledge needed to assess and to make good decisions.  [Oddly, medical professionals suffer the same fate as their patients. I wonder if it’s because they believe their own press releases or if it’s the myths they were taught in school?]

How we care for ourselves tells the tale when crisis, strikes.  After a crisis passes is when guidance takes on perspective.  After is when we become our own, best advocate.

There are FOUR TENETS that everyone [whether patient, health zealot or practitioner] must accept and embrace if they wish to enjoy good health and escape the clutches of the sick-care system.  They are:

ASSUME your immune system is compromised.  ASSUME your body is invaded by fungal yeast. ASSUME low-grade inflammation is a factor in you story.  RECOGNIZE that inflammation is the effect, never the cause!

People have only a cursory understanding of the long term effects and damage ANTIBIOTICS inflict upon the body.   [And one round anytime in in your life is all it takes to perturb your system.]

Few people realize that loss of primal immunity and invasion by fungal yeast automatically follows use of antibiotics.  Few understand that EVERY disease, disorder and syndrome is an autoimmune response, and that behind everything autoimmune is loss of primal immunity, a dysfunctional microbiota, fungal control of hormones and leaky-gut issues.  INFLAMMATION IS A SYMPTOM OF UNDERLYING ISSUES!

Now, it’s time for Dave’s, inspiring story.  Note: This story could just as easily be Sue’s story, Bill’s story, Carol’s story or YOUR story.  Lots of lessons, here!

Dave’s Reality Check

Dave wasn’t paying attention to his body’s signals, and when it could tolerate no more, crisis struck!  He experienced cardiac and prostate complications at the same time!  The chicken had come home to roost!

Dave thought things were fine, but things were NOT fine!  Low grade inflammation and a dysfunctional immune system went unnoticed.  Dave’s metabolism was sub-clinical, meaning it functioned below the threshold of medical radar.  No one, including doctor, saw Dave’ problems coming.

Medically speaking, Dave’s immune system was normal!  So, when crisis struck, Dave had no idea and no compass with which to navigate.  Worse, he did not realize health is lost slowly at first, and then all at once! He thought he would get along and then one day, just fall over. Instead it came all at once. [Lab tests do not identify low-grade inflammation that always accompanies autoimmune issues, and medicine can’t be bothered.]

Following emergency intervention, Dave stabilized.  Then, he started asking questions like, “How did this happen?  Is it lifestyle or genetics?  Could my problems have been avoided?  Can reoccurrence be prevented?  At my age, can the damage be reversed?”

Good questions!  Dave was thinking deeply and he was following his instincts.  He wanted answers.  He realized medications were a bad-trip that would only make matters worse.  So, he politely, demurred.

When crisis struck, Dave was 70 years of age.  His prostate was causing bladder and kidney problems.  It was obvious, inflammation was a big factor in his story.  Life had taken its toll.

Dave underwent heart bypass and prostate surgery.  It was do or die!  He was given intravenous, broad-spectrum ANTIBIOTICS with both surgeries for fear of secondary infection. Choice was not an option!

The surgeon’s job was done!  The prognosis: “You will live, but you will live your life on the margin, dependent on medications and medical oversight.   Doctor offered no guarantees. Dave was to take his meds, walk the line and be a good boy.

Dave was glad to be alive, but he DID NOT LIKE his marching orders!  In search of answers, he picked up the phone and asked for guidance.  The conversation was challenging!  Dave was NOT young, and odds were against him.  He understood the game: do your part and the body will do its part.

Understandably, Dave had scar tissue complications from both surgeries, along with other things such as hardened arteries, systemic inflammation, dysfunctional liver, elevated blood pressure, poor immunity, A-fib, arrhythmia, pre-diabetes, fluid retention, sleep irregularities, poor energy, vision and hearing problems.

Dave Was A Mess & He Knew It!

The difference, however, between Dave and most patients was, Dave had made a pledge and he was willing to follow the yellow brick road of health and rejuvenation.   What he needed most was guidance and someone to talk to along the path of recovery.

In the months that followed, Dave’s body, transformed!  As the miracle of regeneration expressed itself, the inflammation slowly subsided.  Then, his progress accelerated.

Dave had to contend with doctor pushing medications [for his own good, mind you!]  But, he politely maneuvered around the problem.  Doctor could not argue with Dave’s progress, his overall well-being or the lab results.  [Dave kept doctor out of harm’s way with results, so doc would not be criticized.]  As the months passed, doctor no longer pushed medications.  In fact, he withdrawn them because he could not justify them.

Dave never caved to medical pressure.  Instead, he played the game, gave doctor credit and did not challenge the doctor or their medications.  He quietly did his own thing and let his body take care of the rest.  Only once did Dave have to play the God-Card.  Doctor said Dave was the perfect patient.

Today, Dave’s lab numbers are perfect!  More importantly, he has plenty of energy, good health and better sense of well-being than before his problems had begun.  Dave has a new life. He did his part.  He got his wish.

Dave’s Story Could [And Should Be] Everyone’s Story

A crisis is a WAKE-UP call!  Few people recognize the symptoms until a crisis arrives with a bang!

Do you want a life without symptoms, medications and doctor appointments?  A life where you feel good and can’t remember doctor’s name because you don’t have a doctor?  Or, would you rather report for your FREE physicals and undergo colonoscopy, mammogram, endoscopy, biopsy, etc.?

Your answer will determine your medical future.  Who cares who pays for office calls and medications when you have no need for either one of them?  Should you decide to pay doctor a visit, all you want to hear is what Dave heard from his doctor: “Your numbers are perfect!  Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!  See you next year!”

Dollars & Sense?

So, what’s it going to be, dear reader?  Care for yourself or get-in-line for FREE sick-care?

Know, that Dave had a limited budget.  But with guidance, he made his money, count.  He took advantage of every suggestion, and personal responsibility for himself.  He did not carp, he did not whine! He did his part.

Dave is now approaching 73 years of age and he is a happy camper!  Primal immunity has been restored and his body is no longer burdened by fungus manipulating his cardiovascular system and prostate.

It’s Time To Choose

Q. What if medicine is a just a high-class racket?  What if popular medical jargon is just mumbo-jumbo?  What if Big-Pharma and drugs are your enemy? What if medicine has no idea what’s behind your troubles?  What if those warm, fuzzy TV ads are carefully, crafted lies? What if you are better off on your own?

Do you believe medicine and science will save you when your crisis comes, knocking?  Hoping makes no sense!  Prevention is better than free admission to the sick-care system.

Never forget, sick-care is NOT your friend and the patient is always the, patsy!  Why put yourself in harm’s way by allowing others to seize control of your life with drugs and fear?  Nothing good comes of either one!

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis are the BIG FOUR.  But, there are hundreds of other health issues haunting people. Behind all of them is inflammation.  How you spell the diagnosis doesn’t matter.

Conclusions & Solutions

Know, if you have health challenges, your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is provided without cost.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

Ask for guidance.

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