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Cell Phones & Tissue Memory

Cell phone signals imprint on the brain and tissues of the body; disruptive electronic footprints that influence health negatively until they are erased or neutralized. To learn more, read on.

This Special Insight discusses Negative Tissue Memory™; why it occurs, its effects on well-being and how to address health issues related to electronic devices such as cell phones.

This complex subject is VITALLY IMPORTANT to your long term health and happiness. I hope you will study it carefully and act upon the information provided.

Strange Words & Meanings

The word energy has many connotations. We understand when we hear, “I have lots of energy!” But the word “energy” takes on a different feel and texture when used to describe: health, thoughts, sickness, food, water, electronics and unhappy experiences.

Energy has both tangible and intangible attributes. For example, electrical vs. food energy; lightning vs. petroleum; a “living” human vs. a corpse; emotional vs. physical trauma.

Energy has personality and the body is seriously affected by energy’s “personality.”

To my knowledge, this is the first time anyone has seriously tackled health issues related to modern electronics and Negative Tissue Memory.

But first, let’s establish a foundation of important word definitions used in this Special Insight.

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Important Definitions

Negative Energy: disruptive energy vibrating at unhealthy frequencies that invades tissue.

Tissue Memory: unhealthy vibrations of negative energy stored in body tissues.

Energy Footprint: electronic patterns that imprint and influence body organs and tissues.

Angry Tissue: inflamed tissue; tissue that refuses to heal; tissue imprinted by negative energy.

Vibrational Noise: disruptive electronic signals that create chaos in otherwise healthy tissue.

Signals & Vibrations: electronic personality(s) or signature(s) that alter cellular frequency.

Frequency: vibrations/signals per second (nerve signals, cell phone signals, alternating current).

Tissue Memory & Unfriendly Technology

It is common for deep tissue massage therapists to witness emotional “releases” when working on muscles and tissues of patients. Displays of bound emotion manifest when the memory of negative energy is released from angry, inflamed tissue.

The more toxic your system, the more you ABSORB negative energy no matter the source. So called healing and cleansing reactions are actually negative energy release responses.

When negative energy signals imprint on healthy tissue, the result is angry tissue vibrating at unhealthy frequencies. Conversely, when negative energy is neutralized, angry tissue settles and returns to a healthy vibrational state of being.

Brain and tissue memory are electronic recordings of our experiences imprinted on our tissues, similar to electronic signatures imprinted on a DVD disc. When recordings are similar, as in healthy/happy, tissues vibrate harmoniously and sense of well-being is experienced.

But when vibrations are dissimilar, as when dark/ugly is imposed on healthy/happy, well-being suffers, “noise” dominates and chaos rules. Dissimilar electronic signatures and footprints cause healthy tissue to become inflamed and angry; as in TISSUE THAT REF– USES TO HEAL!

Electronic “noise” bombards people 24/7/365 and the effects are cumulative sabotaging the body’s ability to heal and maintain. Electronic signals radiating from cell phones and towers are everywhere; you cannot escape them, but you can neutralize their effects on your body.

Friendly Technology

Dynamic Circulation Therapy™ (DCT) is a wonderful example of friendly technology solving problems associated with unfriendly technology.

Dynamic Circulation Therapy neutralizes the effects of disruptive energy signals radiating from cell phones, microwave towers and ovens, computers and routers. DCT dismantles disharmonious electronic footprints that accompany suffering and premature aging.

Use Dynamic Circulation Therapy to boost circulation and reduce inflammation throughout every part of the body. Use DCT to improve assimilation of food and supplements. Use DCT to lose weight. Use DCT to control your medical future. Use DCT to grow younger regardless of age.

Merging Footprints & Tissue Entrainment!

Entrainment is a physics concept with important implications for health. In the body, entrainment occurs when conflicting energy signals merge!  Negative signals emanate from sweets, food, water, electronic devices and cell phones. All things have an energy footprint.

Negative entrainment masks with “physical” symptoms. If you suffer from chronic health issues, know that your system is “entrained!” Chronic back/joint problems are good examples; as are cancer, diabetes, prostate issues, cataract, loss of memory and hearing problems.

Sir Isaac Newton said, “Energy is never lost; it merely changes form.” Please understand, all things physical are expressions of energy “vibrating” at frequencies we can see and touch; but…..

Electronic signals are invisible; they imbed and use the body as a surrogate by imposing their footprint(s) on healthy tissue. Disruptive electronic signals must be neutralized each and every day or the negative energy will morph and take PHYSICAL form in the tissues.

Illness is the expression of negative energy on the physical level. Negative events and emotions DO imprint their vibrations on body tissues. Negative energy entrainment is a FACT OF LIFE!

Mindfulness & Deep Sleep – States of Being

Mindfulness: a state of being; awareness of what is going on around us without passing judgement on ourselves, our circumstances or our thoughts; a conscious, meditative state.

Deep sleep: a state of being where negative energy, imprinted on body tissues, is released. Release of bound negative energy unites body, mind and spirit and avoids burnout!

Both deep sleep and mindfulness negotiate the release of negative tissue memory. The former uses blood oxygen and circulation to get the job done; the latter harnesses the power of deep meditation and awareness. Dynamic Circulation Therapy accesses both.

Dynamic Circulation Therapy (DCT) gives the equivalent of eight hours of deep “rem” sleep on-demand in only 20 minutes! Remember, circulation and oxygen delivery are every 20 year old’s advantage! Use DCT to restore your circulation, deep sleep and oxygen delivery.

Fundamental Observations

The older and sicker you are, the more deep sleep you need! Deep sleep and improved circulation control every aspect of your medical future. Believe it!

Dreams are important; especially full color, detailed dreams. Powerful dreams are a sign of youthfulness. Deep sleep is “rem” sleep; during deep sleep the body discharges noxious electronic footprints and releases bound tissue memory. Learn more here.

A toxic terrain is a weak terrain and weak terrains vibrate at sick frequencies regardless if the disruptive signals came from food, water, emotion or electronics.

Everything you put into the body has an energy signal! Good food imparts friendly energy; bad foods, like sweets, alcohol and bio-junk impart unfriendly energy.

All food burdens the body, so eat only two meals a day. Failure to fully digest food drives overeating which is a symptom of malnourishment! Poor digestion increases toxicity and promotes negative tissue memory. Know that Microwaved food and water enslave the body!

Premature aging and suffering are linked to poor bile production. Bile transports waste out of the body via the liver and bowels and everyone over age 35 has a bile problem.

Bile is needed for processing of both dietary fats and excess body fat. Dietary fats are critical for hormone production and management. Read Eat fats To Be Healthy & Happy.

The Tissue & Liver Protocol™ is the program of choice for resurrecting liver function, boosting bile production and elimination of excess waste from the system. Learn about it here.

At 20 years of age, circulation is 100%; by age 50 it drops to 15% or less! For perpetual good health, practice Dynamic Circulation Therapy and you will feel young again. Learn more here.


People assume aging and suffering are inevitable, but it’s not true. People believe degeneration is preprogramed, but it’s also not true. People think DNA dictates, but that’s not true either.

Dis-ease is not the product of aging or invasion by pathogenic organisms. Rather, it is the product of poor circulation, waste accumulation and an inflamed terrain. Fatigue and poor sense of well-being are symptoms, not causes. Illness is a “state of being”.

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