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Symptoms, Labels & Delusions The Other Side of Diagnosis

The medical system is about sick-care; it has never been about health and prevention.  Learn to decipher symptoms and you can skip the oxymoron called health-care.  To learn more, read on.

Symptoms are a reflection of the body’s terrain and premature aging and poor health are reflections of neglect and abuse, not one’s DNA.  DNA morphs according to the terrain and choices we make.  DNA is not fixed, but it is regulated by epigenetics and the epigenome.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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“To Whose Benefit?” 

Why do people put faith in a medical system that is untrustworthy [and underserving], when they could care for themselves and avoid the fear and drama of sick-care?

Answer: because early on we are told a big lie and it goes like this: “Medical science is too complicated for lay people to understand.  Only fools play their own doctor.  Besides, Germ Theory of disease, DNA and genes dictate individual predisposition, so let us help you!”

Help, as in contraindications and adverse warnings of medications?  Help, as in doing everything possible to prevent the body from healing itself?  Help, as in fear and uncertainty?  No thanks!

The Roman question, “cui bono” comes to mind.  It translates: “to whose benefit?”

Explain please:  To whose benefit is the sick-care system?  How does sick-care make sick bodies healthy?  How do drugs [by definition, a drug must have the potential to kill you to be classified a, drug] heal?  Please explain WARNINGS and CONTRAINDICATIONS that come with medications?  Why do the ads tell listeners to ask doctor if [xxxxxx] is right for you?

Answers: Sick-care and health-care are not the same thing.  Drugs do not heal; they make you sick and keep you sick and eventually, kill.  Sick-care is a racket and blessed is anyone who avoids the need to seek, care!

The medical exception to “cui bono” is the emergency room where choice is not an option and time is of essence.  As for the balance, better options are available!

And Your Test Results Show…

“We don’t know!”  Is an honest answer is a better answer than, misdiagnosis?  Maybe, maybe not.  So, think about this: diagnosis that ignores causative factors is itself, misdiagnosis.  Sick-care system is rigged against patients because of, The Missing Diagnosis.

Since when is a thorough examination and asking questions less important than ordering “tests.”  Misinterpretation of test results is common; so is five minutes spent with doctor [who is preoccupied with his computer and taking notes] instead of being, doctor. 

Practitioners know the body heals itself, so why treat test results instead of patients?  Because tests are theater; tests pacify, tests show, action!

Patients should take test results, lightly.  Patients should slow down, instead of embracing fa;se diagnosis.  Patients do not have to rollover to diagnosis; choice and responsibility is theirs.  So, why do patients forfeit in favor of false diagnosis?

Labels, Diseases, Syndromes & Disorders 

Words are powerful, especially when coming from authority.  Dramatizing diagnosis with words such as, syndrome, disorder and disease is extremely, misleading, but it captures the patient’s attention.  Dramatic sounding labels encourage submission by neutralizing, doubt.

Here are a few questions and examples.  Why do they call systemic infestation by mold and fungus, cancer?  And, why is indigestion called, acid reflux [GERD]?  And, why is inflammatory of the feet and legs, called, neuropathy [disorder]?  And, why are bowel problems called, Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  And lastly, why is elevated blood sugar called, diabetes [disease?]

Behind 99% of diagnostic labels you will find always these factors in play: systemic inflammation, restricted circulation and chronic indigestion.  And behind those, you will find mold and fungus infestation and mycotoxin dominance of hormones and metabolism.

Young Again Club helps people decipher between labels and causes.  Equally important, unique programs and protocols are available for dealing with misleading symptoms.  The Mold & Fungus Protocol and the Tissue & Liver Protocol are two very popular approaches.  Check them out.

Examples of Health & Aging Issues

Below is a list of common health issues and their symptoms. Also listed are factors that control the body’s ability or inability to deal with immune challenges and maintain good health.

Arthritis:  symptoms are pain, swelling, limited mobility, discomfort, stiffness, and misery.  Behind these symptoms are inflammation caused by mycotoxins from yeast infestation, restricted circulation, dietary sweets and fructose, poor sleep, acidic pH, leaky-gut and poor indigestion.  Arthritis is a label, but it is called, dis-ease.  Click here for assistance.

Diabetes: symptoms are fungal control of metabolism, elevated blood sugar, thirst and urination issues, skin ulcers, infections, vision problems and kidney dysfunction.  Behind diabetes [Types 1, 2 or 3] is bad diet, chronic indigestion, yeast infestation, lack of exercise, restricted circulation, dietary sweets and fructose, compromised liver and gallbladder, electrolyte depletion, poor sleep, sluggish bowels and inability to metabolize dietary fats.  Diabetes is a label, but it is called, dis-ease.  Click here for assistance.

Macular Degeneration [MD]: symptoms are loss of vison in the center of the visual field accompanied by secondary vision issues.  Behind MD is poor oxygen supply to the head; systemic inflammation and poor circulation in tissues servicing the eyes; sweets and fructose, scar tissue and plaque formation; sinus congestion, poor sleep; yeast infestation, chronic indigestion and a porous gut wall.  MD is a label, but it is called, disease.  Click here for assistance.

Hearing: symptoms are poor hearing and ringing in ears.  Behind hearing issues is inflammation of the head and sinuses; restricted microcirculation to ears, capillary congestion, dietary sweets and fructose, plaque formation, poor digestion and scar tissue. Systemic invasion by fungus and yeast is a major contributor to loss of hearing and tinnitus [ringing in ears.]  Hearing loss is a label, but it is called, disease.  Click here for assistance.

Neuropathy(s): symptoms are burning, swelling, and pain in extremities.  Behind these symptoms is fungus invasion of the body, chronic mycotoxin dominance, restricted circulation, poor diet and liver function, dietary sweets and fructose, leaky gut, acidic terrain, chronic indigestion and bowel issues.  Neuropathy is a label, but they call it, disease.  Click here for assistance.

Allergies/Sinus:  symptoms are skin issues, congested lungs, poor sleep, swelling and edema.  Behind these problems is poor diet[?], chronic indigestion; stressed liver and gallbladder, autoimmune attacks, dietary sweets and fructose, leaky gut, sluggish bowel and a compromised liver, and most importantly, systemic yeast infestation.  Allergies/sinus issues are labels disguised as disease.  Click here for assistance.

Indigestion:  symptoms are gas and bloat, indigestion, acid reflux and bowel disorders (colitis, diverticulitis, IBS). Contributing factors are: poor hydration, chronic inflammation of gut wall, poor diet, sluggish bowels, autoimmune attacks, inability to digest proteins and poor absorption of absorb dietary fats, antibiotic usage, dietary sweets and fructose, yeast infestation, compromised liver function and limited bile production.  Indigestion is a label, but they call it, disease.  Click here for assistance. 

Avoid Those Delusions

Why accept diagnosis when your symptoms have little or nothing to do with the diagnostic label given?  Why worry and fret when simpler, better solutions are available?

You incur less risk caring for yourself than sheepishly accepting false diagnosis based on misleading test results from experts, who can’t even help themselves.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and ignore diagnoses that include the words rare and very rare, as in “Your condition is rare, very rare!”  Those words are distractions; they confuse and instill fear and most importantly, cause patients to disarm and stop thinking.

Ask For Assistance!

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to endure?

Reach-out by calling or emailing or (509) 465-4154.  Assistance is provided without cost.

Ask John Thomas for guidance here.


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