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Announcement! Mold & Fungus Protocols I & II  

Invasion by mold and fungus spores is universal.  You cannot avoid them; they are in food, water and air.

It is not spores that wreak havoc in the body.  Rather, once spores hatch, they spread and immune function begins to fail as fungi take control of the body.  Now, there is a way to reverse the problem!

Mold and fungal infestation produces one notable characteristic: INFLAMMATION! 

Inflammation and misery go together.  They are side effects of mycotoxin made by fungi.  Mycotoxin are chemicals these organisms use to SEIZE CONTROL OF VITAL ORGANS responsible for regulating metabolism and hormones.  If you have a health issue, think fungal infestation.  Infestation is your problem!

Candida albicans is a yeast, but it is also a fungus and a mold.  We are born with candida, however, candida is not a threat until the fungus is stimulated by drugs and chemicals, such as: 

Antibiotics wipe-out competing organisms that keep candida in check.  It only takes ONE EXPOSURE, at any age, for dormant fungal spores to grow and assume a life of their own.  Probiotics CANNOT undo the damage, once fungi spread and merge with our DNA, making them INVISIBLE to our immune system.

Birth control pills stimulate fungal overgrowth.  Candida MANIPULATES hormones for its own benefit. Women know bladder infections; men know swollen prostate.  Both are fungal infections; NOT bacterial. 

Steroids and Corticosteroids cause big problems.  Add sugar and sweets, alcohol and fruit and you have the recipe for a life of misery.  [Once stimulated, fungal overgrowth progresses and we suffer, accordingly.] 

Here is a short list of SYMPTOMS caused by mycotoxin!  If you suffer a CHRONIC condition of UNKNOWN origin, know you suffer from fungal infestation.  Mycotoxin mimic symptoms of disease!  [Never ignore symptoms; they have meaning and they worsen with age.  Instead, deal with fungal overgrowth, now!] 

The Mold & Fungus Protocols I & II address chronic issues, such as:

  • Reduction of inflammation in the body.
  • Easing of cardiovascular symptoms.
  • Helps the body recognize cancer, naturally.
  • Stops arthritis & eases adrenal fatigue.
  • Offers a life free of chronic illness.
  • Restores immune function & good health.
  • Settles diabetes and high blood sugar.
  • Restores hearing & ends ringing ears.
  • Eases and reverses neuropathy & gout
  • Eliminates mental confusion & brain fog.
  • Corrects thyroid & menstrual problems.
  • Restores skin, hair & youthfulness.
  • Improves sleep and eases sleep apnea.
  • Stops acid reflux, asthma & bowel issues.
  • Solves bladder & prostate challenges.
  • Ends gas/bloat and gluten issues.
  • Improves both male & female hormones.
  • Solves moodiness & stops depression. 

Mold & Fungus Protocols I & II are now available.  Ask about the introductory offer for HUGE savings! 

John Thomas, Author (509) 465-4154 or email: 

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