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Jet Lag, Travel & Food Issues Analysis & Solutions

Contrary to urban legend, jetlag has nothing to do with time zones and everything to do with how your terrain copes with stress and change!  Read on to learn more.

Jet lag and food related travel illness have perplexed millions of people since air travel became common.  Popular beliefs about these issues are misconceptions.  Here is the other side of the story and some suggestions to ease travel frustrations.

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Here are some common beliefs for which jetlag and travel related food reactions are blamed: crossing time zones, altitude and solar radiation, bad food, contaminated air, unclean workers, sickly passengers, dirty rest rooms, poor ventilation and unhealthy water.

The above list is heavily influenced by travel related stress, fatigue and toxic bodies that react and succumb to the challenges of traveling.

Air travel amplifies physical and emotional stress, especially when combined with changes in diet and routine.  Food is a stressor in and of itself, be it healthy, clean or contaminated.  Add stress and stir and you have the recipe for travel related issues.

Under Hydration & Terrain Stress

The NUMBER ONE cause of jet lag and travel related illness is under hydration, period!

People do NOT drink enough water at home and particularly when traveling.  How much should water should you drink?  Answer: eight glasses throughout the day for a normal day, and much more when traveling.

Water intake does NOT include milk, juice or alcohol.  Water is H2O; everything else burdens the system.  Regardless of water quality, however, any water is better than not enough water.  First, drink enough; then we can discuss: good vs. bad water, healthy vs. unhealthy water, etc.

Water is the body’s primary solvent.  Water has a job to do, but it cannot do its job if you are under hydrated and short bio-active electrolytes to operate your nervous system.  You can order them here.

Your Built-in Hydration Gauge

When home, drink enough water to trigger urination every 2 hours.  If you have bladder problems, you should read Special Insights, Bladder Infections & Prostate Issues, as well as Pre-Diabetes & Premature Aging.  Click hyperlinks to access them.

When airborne, you must triple water intake to avoid dehydration at high elevations.  Think urination and water!  If you are not urinating every 1-2 hours, drink more water!

Pilots are REQUIRED to drink water regularly for safety reasons.  Dehydration in flight is a known threat for aviation crews because insufficient water intake affects mental faculties!

Passengers should do the same by loading-up on bottled water before boarding to avoid fatigue, illness and jet lag.  As for electrolytes, it is easy to add them to each bottle of water.

The body is 75% water when fully hydrated and 90% of body waste exits via the bowels.  Under hydration causes the bowels to slow, waste levels to rise and immune function to overload.  Frequent urination and three bowel movements daily should be everyone’s story.

Sweets, Fruits, Waste & Inflammation

 Under-hydrated bodies are toxic, waste-filled bodies that offer perfect breeding grounds for pathogenic organisms.  Contrary to the Germ Theory of Disease, microbes do NOT cause dis-ease, but a toxic, inflamed terrain allows illness and dis-ease to manifest.

Sweets (including fruit) inflame the body and should be avoided, especially when traveling.  Alcohol has an affinity for water, compounding dehydration related travel stress.

Sweets, inflammation and under hydration interfere with sleep and bowel activity and compound jet lag.  They also encourage the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™ to take control of your life.

Food Cravings, Yeast & Digestion When Traveling (or at home!)

Food cravings are common, both at home and when traveling.  Cravings are confirmation of malnourishment and Insulin/leptin resistance.  Your best solution for food cravings is to consume more dietary fat.  Be sure and read Special Insights, Eat Fats To Be Healthy & Happy.

Yes, fat—as in lots of coconut oil and butter.  Fats curve the appetite.  Lauric acid curbs hunger, gas and bloating, whether traveling or at home.

Lauric acid is the active component in ReSet.  Read about it here.  Dietary fat boosts energy, but you need bio-active bile to properly assimilate fats after age 35.   You can order both, here.

Encapsulated Lauric acid is an effective way to stop food cravings, yeast overgrowth and enjoy more energy.  It will help you drop those extra inches and pounds, settle your intestinal track and improve bowel issues.  Use it to break-away from carbohydrate dependence.

Poor digestion and travel are a bad mix.  Add fruit, juices, snacks, fast food, alcohol, under hydration and sluggish bowels and you have the recipe for jet lag, fatigue, illness and weight gain.

Poor digestion burdens the body’s terrain.  It also drives body odor, gas, bloating, yeast and bladder issues.  Bio-active digestive products from Young Again Club surpass common digestive enzymes.  Use them at home and when traveling.  You will like them!

Your liver which should be in top condition before travel is undertaken because the liver is central to all body functions.  To learn how to restore liver and gallbladder efficiency and maintaining your terrain, click here.

Blood sugar swings are common, especially when traveling.  To level your energy and appetite, be sure and read, Overweight, Underweight & Unaware [coming in September, 2016].

Sleep Deeply Regardless of Where You Are

If you wish to sleep like you did when you were 20 years of age, look into the ReVive Protocol.  Poor sleep is confirmation of low-grade, systemic inflammation which is just one side effect of pre-diabetes and insulin, leptin and adrenaline resistance.

Stress, poor digestion and poor circulation also make for poor sleep—much more than your mattress and pillow regardless if traveling or at home.

Food Reactions vs. Food Poisoning

Travelers are famous for blaming illness on food.  Food poisoning does occur, but 95% of food reactions have little to do with actual food poisoning and everything to do with a toxic terrain and poor digestion.

For example, food reactions are confirmation of inability to process proteins, regardless if the proteins derive from clean food, contaminated food, parasites or bacteria.

Proteins process in the stomach, and if they reach the intestinal tract before digestion is complete, the gut treats them as foreign proteins, driving the body into an autoimmune frenzy.

That is why I am want people to take powerful digestive supports, just prior to meals, especially when traveling and eating out.  Food related illness is lessened IF you use powerful digestive supports like those offered by Young Again Club.  Common multi-enzymes are diluted; it takes 3 different pills items to do the job.  Read about them here.

In other words, proteins, regardless if they are pathogenic in nature or parasites or simply undigested food, can set-off autoimmune reactions when they enter the blood stream via a porous, leaky gut wall.  Food reactions often manifest as illness even when food is perfectly good.

Food protein reactions are very common, while clinical food poisoning is uncommon by comparison.  Protein reactions provoke the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™.  For your information, proteins are composed of chains of amino acids that must be broken while in the stomach PRIOR to entering the small intestinal gut.

If possible, eat ONLY two meals a day, keeping portions small and fat intake high, especially when traveling.  Traveling upsets body rhythms and excess food stresses the system and constipates.

Travel Suggestions

When away from home or uncertain about food sanitation, begin meals by eating the pulp of four lemon wedges and taking YAC bio-active digestive supports.  Fresh lemon destroys incoming parasitic and pathogenic proteins.  Lastly, avoid cold liquids with meals.

Saliva secretion is problematic for many people.  Swallowing and digestion are functions of adequate hydration between meals so you can secrete saliva during meals.  If you need liquids to swallow, know you are UNDER hydrated and probably, pre-diabetic.

This discussion would not be complete without discussing FIBER!  Perhaps the best source of fiber, as well as dietary fat, is olives.  Eat them with every meal for more energy better bowel activity.  Avoid fruit as a source of fiber; it is loaded with fructose which increases appetite!

Always carry charcoal (tablets or capsules) when traveling in case of actual food poisoning.  Use them to buy time while in route to the emergency room.  Take four tablets at first sign of trouble and assume the worst.  Often, you will not know for sure until after things get out of hand.

Lastly, travel with a small containers of grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano and DMSO.  Should you need them, you will be grateful you have them with you.

Two Travel Companions You Can Count On!

Believe it or not, your best traveling companion is your own personal, reusable enema bag.  Take it with you everywhere and you will discover a whole different side of travel.  I am speaking of a special type of enema bag you will NOT find in stores.  They last for many years!

Sluggish, backed-up bowels are part of travel illness and food related issues. The Enema Protocol™ trains the body to release often.  The long term benefits are astounding, regardless of your age or state of health.

When preparing for travel, your enema bag should be the FIRST thing you pack!  For many, this is a squeamish topic, but it should not be.  An enema is simple to perform (takes only 3 minutes) and is MORE sanitary than normal toilet activity.  Click here to learn more.

Your other travel companion is the Biogenic wooden neck and spine roller.  Pack it in your luggage and use it to decompress neck and shoulder tension.  Of all the tools and gadgets I own, I TREASURE my roller most.  Click here to read about it.

Summary & Conclusions

Food reactions and travel related illness are brought on by: bad diet, poor digestion, leaky gut, a toxic terrain, sluggish bowels, pre-diabetes, a fragile immune system, systemic inflammation and under hydration.

Follow the above suggestions for enjoyable and healthy traveling.

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