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Teeth & Gums: Things You Should Know! Causes, Effects & Dental Hygiene

Teeth and gum problems are common.  Ultimately, they are slow-motion medical problems in disguise and low-grade inflammation is behind them.  To learn more, read on.

This Special Insight explores what you can do to avoid the misery and expense of teeth and gum challenges.  Conventional thinking, as taught, ignores many factors, leaving the public at the mercy of themselves and the dental industry.

Dental hygiene is defensive; terrain management is offensive.  One without the other does not work and the dental industry is proof of it.  Systemic inflammation is epidemic in youth and adults alike, and insulin/leptin resistance is the deciding factor.  Click link to read about it.

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Some Background Information

In the late 1930’s, Weston Price, a forward thinking dentist, scoured the world for insights on dental carries (cavities) and malformation of the dental arch in western societies compared to primitive cultures.  His conclusions were ignored, but his observations were valid.

Price concluded that diet makes the difference and a good diet can reverse so-called genetic carry-over from parent to offspring in as little as two generations.  In other words, genes and DNA are a reflection of terrain issues, not the cause of them.  His conclusions were totally counter to the dental industry which adopted the fallacious Germ Theory of Disease.

Price observed that proteins play a huge part in gestational development of teeth and the dental arch, that breast and unpasteurized milk are superior to baby formula and pasteurized milk, and lastly, carbohydrate consumption negatively affects teeth and gums!

And I would add: carbohydrate dependence affects 99.9% of the population.  So-called normal blood sugar levels are 20-40 points too high.  Elevated blood sugar inflames the body, feeds insulin/leptin resistance, drives prediabetes and creates inflammation of gums and teeth.

Weston Price predated today’s bogus theories about fluoride in tooth paste and drinking water.  Cavity prevention and fluoride is a bogus claim.  Fluoride is the wildcat of halogens; wildly unstable and always seeking a bond in the body.  (Read Chapter 16, Wildcats, in Young Again!)

Fluoride hardens teeth, along with the brain and body.  Fluoride dumbs you down; it is the stuff of old age.  Worse, fluoride attaches to thyroid receptors causing interference with body metabolism and hormonal balance, particularly in females.

Fluoride promotes calcification of the pineal gland, loss of flexibility in soft tissues and promotes plaque and scar tissue formation.  Purging fluoride requires skill and guidance and bio-active iodine; you can order it, here.  (Note:  Lugol’s solution is toxic (potassium iodide); AVOID IT!)

Another theory appeared at the same time fluoride came along, only this one vilified eggs, butter and animal fats.  It was based on the Cholesterol Theory of DiseaseBOTH theories were bald-face lies; one dental, the other medical.  Sadly, most medical theories are misleading.

Factors That Influence Teeth & Gums

The human body is designed to operate on healthy fats, modest consumption of protein and little if any carbohydratesSweets, sugar, fruit, alcohol and especially juices and wine are inflammatory carbohydrates.  Read Special Insights, Fruit Sugar Blues and Food Cravings.

Sweets are reactive foods that destroy the gut microbiome and lining of the small intestine.  Carbohydrates drive the Alcohol/Sugar Cycle™, acidify the terrain and fuel the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™.  Both cycles play a BIG part in dental challenges from teeth formation and cavities, to root canals and periodontal issues.

Protein derived from meat, fish and eggs is superior to protein from vegetable sources because of the weak energy footprint of the latter.  Without animal protein, body maintenance suffers.  Ask people who do hard manual labor, such as loggers, cement workers and brick masons; they require animal protein to maintain their bodies.

Good digestion is critical for proper nutrition.  Eating protein does NOT necessarily mean you benefit from its potential.  This is particularly true for assimilation of dietary fats.  Eating them is not enough; you must absorb and process them!

After age 35, digestion suffers and the older you are, the more it is true.  My solution is Young Again Club activated digestive supports with every meal.  Their effectiveness is far beyond common digestive aids.  To order, click here.

When protein digestion fails in the stomach, putrefaction takes over in the intestinal tract.  Undigested proteins leaking into the blood stream, causes your immune system to ATTACK tissues and organs, including your teeth and gums.

An inflamed gut triggers bladder and prostate issues, asthma, irritable bowel and gluten intolerance.  Add insulin/leptin resistance and you have the recipe for celiac and Crohn’s along with hundreds of other maladies and miseries.  To learn more, click this link.

Autoimmune problems has everything to do with a compromised intestinal wall and insulin/leptin resistance.  Dental issues, allergies, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy, gas and bloat, prostatitis, tinnitus, and sinusitis are  examples of autoimmune inflammation.

Fact is, ALL degenerative disease, from cancer and diabetes to cardiovascular and hundreds of lesser conditions are inflammatory expressions!  Dysfunctional blood sugar and hormone imbalances drive ALL major diseases; so does stress and anxiety.  For help, click here.

Labels & More Labels

Please realize, symptoms are not disease and labels are meaningless!  At best, they are a summary of symptoms and etiology of the ailment.  Labels confuse and mislead.

For example, when food proteins leak into the blood steam through a porous intestinal wall, the diagnosis is anything but leaky gut.  When food regurgitates, the diagnosis is acid reflux instead of poor digestion, a backed-up, sluggish bowel and insulin/leptin resistance.

When food putrefies in the intestinal tract, poisons flood the system and the diagnosis is halitosis, body odor, gas and bloat, cavities, gingivitis, periodontal dis-ease and loose, dying teeth.

Long before hypothyroidism, neuropathy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are diagnosable, you can bet insulin/leptin resistance was in play.  Degenerative, neurological disorders are not gene/DNA driven; they are type 3 diabetes in disguise and insulin/leptin resistance is behind them.

Type 2 diabetics were prediabetics for YEARS BEFORE diagnosis; type 2’s eventually become type 1’s.  There are ONLY two classes of people today: predibetics and diabetics.  Avoid both of them!

Dietary Issues Affect Teeth & Gums

Think of teeth and gum issues in terms of diet, digestion, hygiene and terrain.  These factors control what occurs in your mouth, as well as, aging of the jaw line and loss of bone in facial structure.  Osteoporosis is NOT loss of bone density; rather, it is a failure to build new bone.  Bone formation is anabolic (growth); loss of bone mass is catabolic (degeneration).

A sagging face and hollowing of the cheeks are symptoms of a toxic terrain, a liver that is in trouble and progressive insulin/leptin resistance.  Medical tests only measure changes in body physiology AFTER they occur, but they fail to answer why?  Aging is the effect!

Healthy fats are necessary for growth and repair of teeth and gums.  Fats provide up to 80% of the body’s total energy needs, but only if you can process and assimilate them!  After age 35, you should supplement with bio-active bile, available here.

Carbohydrates and excess protein destroy the terrain, teeth and gums.  Water is needed for healthy saliva secretion and fats keep saliva from turning acidic and attacking teeth and gums.

Teeth & Gum Care

Teeth Issues: cavities, plaque, yellowing, loose and dying teeth.

Solutions: brush within 5 minutes of eating, avoid harsh brushing, avoid sweets and carbohydrates, floss after each meal, use magnetic dental irrigation when possible, wipe teeth surfaces with a dry towel after brushing, rinse mouth with hot water after meals and practice oil-pulling daily.  Lastly, have your teeth checked and cleaned regularly.

 Gum Issues: bleeding, receding, inflamed, infected.

Solutions: change your diet, use bio-active digestive supports (available here), rinse mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide nightly.  Follow the YAC Enema Protocol™ to speed dumping of internal waste and use bio-active Vitamin C available hereReVive is the ultimate in terrain control.

Everyone should use a magnetic dental irrigator, practice oil-pulling, de-acidify their terrain (see Tissue & Liver Protocol), avoid aggressive brushing, drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day, use activated sea mineral electrolytes in drinking water and reduce inflammation of teeth and gums with ReViveAsk for guidance!

Things You Will Likely NOT Hear From Your Dentist & Hygienist

Know inflammation of the gums is a symptom of insulin/leptin resistance, a toxic terrain and poor circulation.  Infection follows neglect and abuse; infection is never the cause!

Know fluoride is a POISON.  Do not use fluoridated tooth paste or mouth wash and do not drink fluoridated water.  Fluoride accelerates aging of the body.  Know fluoride destroys the intestinal microbiome and with it, your health.  Know complete digestion of healthy food is critical for avoidance of acidic saliva and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.

Know your bowels should move three times a day, every day, and if they do not, your body will have no alternative but to store waste and your teeth and gums will suffer.  Know gum grafts are a scam (tissue from the roof of the mouth is NOT the same type of tissue as your gums).

Know healthy gums and saliva are key for avoiding infection from tooth implants. Do drink plenty of water with activated electrolytes for increased secretion of saliva.  Insufficient secretion is a HUGE factor in dental dis-ease.  Saliva volume affects your ability to swallow and digest food!

Know loose teeth are a serious condition with implications beyond the mouth.  Loose teeth and bleeding gums should not be ignored and are easily reversed. Ask for guidance.

Know the less often you eat, the less dental issues will have.  Know lauric acid capsules curb food cravings, ease gas and bloat, address yeast overgrowth and satisfy hunger cravings.

Know by practicing the Enema Protocol you will: feel and look better, sleep soundly, have more energy and suffer less.  Stagnant waste is acidic and acid waste attacks and inflames teeth and gums.  Move your bowels three times a day, every day!

Know plain 3% hydrogen peroxide is a great teeth whitener that also kills mouth bacteria feeding on the margins of the teeth and gums.  Know x-rays damage teeth, particularly in children.  X-rays, like antibiotics, should be avoided and only used when justified.

Know root canals can be avoided by improving circulation to the roots of teeth and by having teeth cleaned and fillings checked yearly.  Poor circulation, deep cavities, leaky fillings, a toxic terrain and insulin/leptin resistance cause teeth to die.  Inflammation is always involved.

Know there are highly effective things you can do to reduce tooth pain, AVOID a root canal and help dying teeth survive.  Ask for guidance.  Know most dental problems are the result of either neglect or abuse.

Know teeth and gums are an indicator of the condition of your terrain.  Cavities, gum recession, periodontal issues and dying teeth paint a picture.  Know amalgam dental fillings (so-called, silver fillings!) are 60% mercury.  Get them OUT of your head before senility and Alzheimer’s take control of your future.  Ask for guidance before acting!

Know mercury is an EXTREMELY toxic environmental poison.  Do not allow a dentist to put mercury into your head and never allow a dentist who is not a genuine, holistic practitioner to remove your mercury dental fillings.  Improper removal of mercury/amalgam fillings is dangerous with consequences that can take YEARS to resolve.  First, ask for guidance.

Know if you have dental and gum issues, you have a highly compromised LIVER and you should do the Tissue & Liver Protocol and get your system in order.  For help, click here.

Conclusions & Solutions

Avoid dental practitioners who: promote fluoride, use mercury amalgam, promote amalgam replacement for the WRONG reasons; who are not holistically trained and quick to recommend root canals and implants and who push x-rays and promote gum graftsKnow when to say NO!

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