Sweets (sugar, carbohydrates, fructose, etc.)

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Sweets: carbohydrates, as in sugar, fructose, fruit, fruit juices, agave, and honey.

Fructose: is a monosaccharide fruit sugar molecule; sucrose is a disaccharide sugar.


Sweets fuel the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle™ causing horrible, long-term side effects otherwise known as aging and dis-ease. Sweets interfere with the sleep cycle and prevents deep sleep and they destroy the body’s ‘terrain’.

Fructose (and fruit juices and soft drinks) are absorbed directly into the blood stream causing wild gyrations and imbalance between leptin and insulin.

Fresh fruit has many good things going for it, but fructose is NOT one of them and it completely overshadows the good. Whether it is fresh or dried fruit or juice, avoid it!

As you grow older, the body over reacts to fructose and sweets in general PROVOKING the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle destroying hormonal balance.

Please read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life here for a better understanding of the effects of fructose on your regulatory hormones: Leptin, insulin.

Most of the population is already in a state of hormone resistance with 35% diabetic and the other 65% close behind. After age 35, fruit and fructose, wine and sugar will destroy you because the body can no longer take the abuse.

Fructose comprises one-half of the disaccharide sugar ‘sucrose’ (table sugar). Fructose poisons the body and fruit juices, even natural ones, destroy people’s and children’s hormonal systems.

Seeets and fructose alters the gut microbiome; provokes gut wall reactions and triggers autoimmune reactions like diabetes.  HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) brings on severe health issues by all who consume it.

Fructose does NOT provide energy but instead causes the body to make fat. Morbid obesity is epidemic among the population partly because of the ubiquity of fructose (natural and refined) in the food chain and because of disruption of the regulatory hormone system.

Wine is bad news partly because it is HIGH in alcohol as compared to beer, and partly because it is fruit derived. Fructose escalates the feeling of ‘hunger’ by those who consume it, causing the body to feel hungry and malnourishment.

Sweets increase urination during the night in both sexes because it is inflames the bladder and prostate. Fructose fuels restlessness and blood sugar swings; consumption of dietary fats like butter and coconut oil help cut cravings associated with fructose and the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle.

Sweets destroy the body and drive aging and disease.  They are the fuel behind the hundreds of syndromes and disorders plaguing the population. Please read, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life by clicking hyperlink.

See Special Insights, Eat Fats To Be Healthy & Happy here.


  1. Change your lifestyle and diet.
  2. Follow Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

Ask for help if you would like to end dependence on sweets and carbohydrates and avoid becoming diabetic.

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