Immunity (primal)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Primal Immunity: the non-compromised, foundational immune substrate humans are presumed to possess at birth and which is supposed by mother.  Primal immunity develops into natural, robust humoral immunity during the first two years of life.

Natural immunity is called humoral immunity, where vaccination induced responses do not yield equivalent immune response and do not provide desired lifetime immunity.


All children born since 1935 were born with compromised immunity because:

  1. Mom is/was infested with mold and yeast during pregnancy.
  2. Mom has used  antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs during pregnancy.
  3. Mom’s DNA was merged with or influenced by fungal DNA before or during pregnancy.
  4. Mom’s dietary intake during pregnancy was heavy in sugar, fruit and carbohydrates.

Subjection of newborns [and young children] to vaccination upon birth and during the first two years of life destroys whatever semblance of primal immunity the child may have received from mom.

Vaccinations destroy the microbiota and microbiome [as born] and causes the developing immune system become perturbed.

Both antibiotics and vaccinations DESTROYS the intestinal gut wall and subject the child to a life of allergies, food sensitivities, illness and disease.  Primal immunity and a non-compromised, intestinal mucosa are twin issues and of upmost importance for a healthy life.

These principals apply to older children and young adults as well, and particularly to females entering puberty and adolescence.  Of particular importance is use of hormonal contraceptives, particularly when used during adolescence.

NOTE: Children who are born vaginally [as opposed to C-section delivery] do not develop healthy immune function.  Ditto for children who are not breast fed and who are forced to survive on formulas or who are given animal milk, particularly, pasteurized milk.

Contrary to urban myth and popular belief, probiotics do NOT and CANNOT restore loss of primal immunity.  This can only be accomplished through use of endospheric, MASTER BACTERIA with support from substrates that feed mucin-producing bacteria make mucous to protect the intestinal gut wall [prevent autoimmune problems and leaky-gut.]

Probiotics do NOT survive passage through the stomach and they DO NOT contain endospheric bacteria.

To learn more, read  EndoSpheric Enhanced Immunity, and Immune System Overview.

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  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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