ReVive Dietary Protocol Guidelines & Answers To Your Questions.

  1. During the first 3 weeks of the ReVive Protocol, body metabolism shifts from the ‘pre-diabetic state’ of carbohydrate dependence, followed by 3-5 weeks additional transition.
  1. As carbohydrate dependence diminishes, dietary fat and excess body fat become your primary energy sources, whether you are diabetic or pre-diabetic—and everyone is either one or the other!
  1. Initially, your diet should consist of ZERO The faster you eliminate the carbs, the faster the adjustment and better the results.  You will be able to have small amounts of carbohydrates later, AFTER your system has adjusted.  For now, no carbs and no wheat products!
  1. Eating carbohydrates during the first 4-8 weeks SABOTAGES the ReVive Protocol and causes the body to revert into hormone resistance [insulin, leptin, adrenaline] and pre-diabetes. Avoid carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates include: sugar, dates, honey, agave, bread, potatoes, grains, rice, flour, yogurt, low-fat milk, all fruit [fresh or dried including bananas], fruit juices of any kind, alcohol, beer, wine, yams, yogurt, milk and excess protein [the body converts excess protein to glucose and burdens the system].

As metabolism shifts to fat as the primary fuel source, appetite [cravings!] and desire for carbohydrates diminishes.  In the beginning, however, it may be very challenging.  Please follow these guidelines.

Foods you should eat:

Coconut oil: one large teaspoon at the beginning of each meal.  If you do not like coconut oil [taste or texture] or you have an issue with yeast, take two capsules of ReSet instead.

Avocado: as often as you like with or between meal due to its fat profile.

Salt: any kind of healthy salt and plenty of it.

Water: drink water in am and regularly; the GOAL is urination every 2 hours.  Water is CRITICAL to the adjustment process.  P.S. no lemon in water in the am!

Protein: meat, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts (walnuts, pecans, sunflower, pecans, cashews, macadamia).  Avoid protein powders commonly used in smoothies and juice drinks as they are loaded with heavy metals.  Protein consumption should be modest, for example: 1-2 eggs or ¼ lb. of ground beef.  Note: excess protein converts to glucose and raises blood sugar the same as if you ate carbohydrates.

Meat: beef, pork, lamb, fish (wild only).  Eat organic meat if possible.

Fats & Oils:  Coconut oil, butter, olive oil, red palm oil, raw nuts and animal fat.  Please think in terms of 75-80% of your total caloric intake should derive from fats.  Ending carbohydrate dependence requires sufficient dietary fat intake.  Note: coconut fat buffers food metabolism and provides basis of hormone production.

Vegetables: eat all the veggies you want, such as salads, green beans, kale, collards, broccoli, celery, cucumber and olives, while avoiding starchy vegetables.  The crucifers [kale, collards, broccoli, etc.] should be gently cooked; ditto for asparagus.

Olives: are an excellent source of fat, bulk and fiber.  Eat 6-12 whole olives of any variety at every meal.  Sliced black olives are very inexpensive if bought in a gallon can.  Eat 2-3 tablespoons of them with every meal for wonderful effects on bowels and appetite.

Coffee: is fine, but no junk creamer or sugar.  Stevia is acceptable, but it should be liquid [Sweet Leaf brand] stevia that avoids the additives in powdered formulas.

  1. After 3 weeks, begin taking a second dose each of ReVive & ReNew in early afternoon [with water]. This is in addition to the morning dose taken with meal or water. Avoid taking ReVive after 4 pm.  The afternoon dose of ReVive/ReNew is CRITICAL to the transition process; don’t skip it.
  1. Separate meals by 6 HOURS [except for water and coconut oil/ReSet, if needed!]. If you must SNACK or EAT during the ‘no food,’ 6 hour window, either take a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil or 2 ReSet capsules and a glass of water, wait 10 minutes and your craving will ease and energy will improve.
  1. If you must begin with 4 hour meal spacing [assuming you have been a ‘grazer’ or usually eat often to keep your system going] okay, but increase to 6 hours as soon as possible!
  1. Eating during the 6 hour ‘no food’ window SABOTAGES the process of ending carbohydrate dependence causing the body to revert to carbohydrate reliance. Dietary fats should be your primary energy source, NOT carbohydrates.  Know9% of the population exists on carbohydrates which drives aging, suffering and early death.  Know as the medical system overloads and collapses, things are going to get very ugly.  Prevention is your safest and best defense.  Please choose to care for yourself!
  1. If you are worried about fats and coronary health, relax. Little, if anything, you have ever been told about cardiovascular health, cholesterol and coronary health disease [so-called] is true.  Fact is, the Cholesterol Theory of Disease is a bald face lie.  You can read about it on my website. Here is the link:
  1. The ReVive Protocol is about pancreatic overload and easing of insulin and leptin resistance; while, at the same time, clearing brain fog, boosting energy, curving appetite, improving sleep and normalization of adrenal and thyroid metabolism.
  1. You may experience passing dizziness, brain fog, edema and low blood sugar during initial 6 weeks of the protocol. If needed, take either 2 ReSet or a large teaspoon of coconut oil and water between meals to support your system during your escape from insulin/leptin/adrenaline resistance.
  1. The ReVive Protocol is a PROCESS and it takes time for the body to adjust. Gas, bloating and constipation are common.  Enemas provide relief; movement of waste is important.  Click hyperlink to learn more–low—high-.html
  1. For proper absorption of dietary fats, take 1 Pro-Ox with every meal. Digestive capability diminishes after age 35; so address this issue by taking 2 each of DiSorb Aid #3 and R/BHCI at the BEGINNING of meals along with 1 Pro-Ox.  Know fats are critical for hormone production, male and female!
  1. It is very helpful to take the following items for metabolic support: 1 each of Pantothenic Acid, chelated Zinc, Selenium and 2 fish oil capsules [or a spoonful of cod liver oil, if you can stand it!] at the BEGINNING of each meal.  These items are commonly available.
  1. Yes, you can dilute a tbsp. of apple cider vinegar in water and take between meals. Those with sluggish or fatty livers, should take ‘standardized’ milk thistle with this Protocol.  Call, if you need guidance.
  1. Try eating only 2 meals a day [with 6 hours between them] to rest your pancreas. You will need ReVive & ReNew and coconut oil and/or ReSet to end snacking and comfortably get-by on less food.
  1. A high fat diet in the face of modest carbohydrate and good digestion is a form of controlled starvation where the body learns to function on clean-burning, energy dense, dietary fats for energy instead of dependence on a dirty-burning carbohydrates.

Fats are critical to restoration and maintenance of good health.  Very few people have ever experienced the wonders fat metabolism offers.  Once you achieve the healthy ‘state of being’ that fat metabolism offers, you will understand.  For now, please follow these instructions.  Feel free to call or email, as needed.

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